Why Progressives Don't Get Autism: 8 Years Later
The Guardian UK: Trump Appears to Have Abandonned Vaccine Safety Promise


Angus Files

Jonathan Emord, Attorney Takes On FDA, Psych Drugs! - ALEX JONES INFOWARS


Pharma For Prison



Black Box Thinking and casastrophic systematic failure, fly by night risk assessments by high flying "One Wingers" suffering from a hefty dose of "Black- Box- Pox- Syndrome " cause the regular ones are orange? Or perhaps a picture of current openess and tranparency from health and social care leadership ? It's "The Glory Hole " bottom drawer of the filing cabenet where the septic sceptics try burying and keep hidden from public view ,all the failed public health and safety risk assessments .
Grenfell Tower -High Flats Fire Disaster . Release of key documents blocked .Refusal of Freedom of Information requests of Fire Brigade Fire Prevention risk assessments . Department of regection decision maker states ."At this point in time ,it is our belief that the public interest in witholding the information outweighs the public interest in disclosure . "Oh What" sound the fire bell and ring the silent alarm .black box warnings /risk assessments being redacted with black felt tip pens ? sealed information?
Public respect for risk assessments, in health and social care leadership, haemorrhaging straight into the gutter down the storm drains and into the sewers . They can sell it by whistling to the sewer rats because the public are not buying it or tolerating it .
In the "People Herding" behaviourists view ,human beings are just like oversized sewer rats to be programmed and conditioned to behave the way they do by factors outside of their control .
Considered by medical marketing mandate departments as "The Stupid Untermenschen " Unproductive undesirables ,no will of their own, medically injured or damaged are not important and therefore do not matter . The masses of people are simply programmable body functions ,who can be conditioned and manipulated to want to buy all the cakes, sweeties, and lollipops in the confectioners shop window . ,


Peter Hotez is angry just like so many parents who have learned the hard way that vaccines do carry the risk of the kind of damage he see's in his daughter Rachel. His anger is misdirected. He needs to direct his anger and energy at those institutions who have betrayed the public's trust. He has turned his back on his vaccine-damaged daughter and thousands of other children to continue down the only road he knows.


Donald Trump said this week; Mental Illness.

Please jog my memory, has any other president said mental illness, and what did they say about it?

I can' remember?

Robin Miles-McLean

I was going thru my desk recently and found this 2008 article squirreled away. Not sure why I kept it since while I was researching autoimmunity, allergies, learning disabilities (i.e. all the things plaguing my children) I most certainly was not "woke" regarding vaccines nor autism at the time (although I was definitely becoming alarmed at the sky rocketing increases in all types of childhood illnesses). Maybe what caught my eye was that Hotez's wife believed vaccines caused their daughter's autism - until Hotez "changed her mind"? (not even his family members are safe from his bullying.) Or maybe it was that he's convinced his oldest to study the genetic causes of autism. In any case, a creepy blast from the past given his current crusade - in one of the recent articles he's quoted he declares the vaccine - autism connection ridiculous because "we know autism begins in the womb....."

Jeannette Bishop

@Greg, one of the most apt "unrelated" posts I've seen... from greyone's link: "the first lecture of the Victor J. Dzau Global Health Lecture Fund Series, established by Dzau in 2017, as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Matching Grant..."

I'm trying to get psyched up to read beyond Mary Holland much appreciated reply...


How many times has Dr Offit been asked to debate his pro-vaccine gobblygook .. only to have him decline without explanation

But Bob, of course they will say debating the 'antivaxx quacks' amounts to giving false balance. Besides -- why should a rational discussion get in the way of some old-fashioned slander and name-callings!

Jeannette Bishop

Boy, I was slow to get it. I was trying to get my computer/browser working right for a few minutes so I could see the "pictoral essay," maybe not unlike my effort to recognize what I had for "healthcare" for years of my life.

Consider making this into a "meme" to share on Facebook, etc...people might get it ...maybe it might even impact more if people have to think about for a while to get it (hopefully not for years though)...

bob moffit

@ Greg and greyone

In Prof Mary Holland's well reasoned .. well informed response to the "smear merchant" Peter Hotez .. she writes:

"I would welcome the opportunity to debate these questions with you in an open, respectful, academic setting. I would be pleased to invite you to come to the NYU School of Law, where I am on the faculty, or I would be pleased to come to Baylor or Duke or any place else to engage in such discourse."

I think we all know that Prof Holland's invitation to "debate" this issue .. on the science research available .. will receive NO RESPONSE .. which is precisely what happens whenever these "hate-mongers" posing as serious "scientists" always do ... in fact ... the "pro-vaccine" activists NEVER accept the challenge to publicly debate their position.

How many times has Dr Offit been asked to debate his pro-vaccine gobblygook .. only to have him decline without explanation?

Unfortunately, Prof Holland's invitation will disappear down that "black hole" that Kim pictured as "The State of Pediatric Wellness in the United States". Indeed, black hole appears bottomless.


Mary Hollands response to Hotez diatribe


Link I gave isn't working, hopefully this does...



Great post! On an unrelated note (but really -- is any of this trully unrelated?!), prolific vaccines defender, Peter Hotez, lecturing a group had this to say about 'antivaxxers'...

Anti-vaccine organizations] camouflage themselves as a political group, but I call them for what they really are: a hate group,” Hotez said. “They are a hate group that hates their family and hates their children.”

They hate their family and children?! I am tempted to file this one under: 'Surely He Didn't Say Such A Thing. He Couldn't Have. Only Spineless Provaxx Trolls Would Say Such A Thing!'


Angus Files

C`mon folks! Pick any color you want, each color has a different treatment with it for your illness- oh !surprise,surprise, you got Black and Pharma again...Move along folks next please..

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

Image calls to mind that old axiom .. "One picture is worth a thousand words".

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