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You Can’t Handle the Truth: A Review of Vaccines A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Vaccines Richard MoskowitzBy Dr. William H. Gaunt, NMD

Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Richard Moskowitz, MD is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  People who are knowledgeable about the great harm being caused by vaccines will learn even more.  People who are staunchly pro-vaccine will ignore it.  They are the ones who can’t handle the truth. 

“A masterpiece and a must-read for anyone with concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines”- Stephanie Seneff, PhD, senior research scientist, MIT.  From the foreword: “Dr. Moskowitz sees our present vaccine policy as a vast, costly, and dangerous experiment that is out of control, obscenely profitable, and badly in need of independent regulation.”

Much of the CDC sponsored vaccine science is outright fraud.  The studies are either carefully designed to exonerate vaccines or the data is heavily manipulated or disappeared to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.  See the documentary “Vaxxed”(available from Netflix) for a detailed analysis of one of these fraudulent studies.

People should be able to trust our government, the CDC, the vaccine companies, and their pediatrician but all we get from these sources is a steady stream of lies about vaccines and denial when obvious vaccine injuries or deaths occur.  Our mainstream media are complicit.  A sizable portion of their ad revenues come from pharmaceutical companies, so they headline the fraudulent studies and ignore the mountains of solid evidence of serious problems caused by vaccines.

Let’s be clear.  Vaccines are the main cause of autism and a host of other neurodevelopmental conditions.  Vaccines are the main cause of sudden infant deaths.  It is cause and effect that the U.S. gives more vaccines in the first year of life and has the highest incidence of infant mortality of all developed countries.  We also have a drastic increase of autoimmune diseases caused by vaccines.  Pregnant women are now being given vaccines and this is causing an increase in fetal death and miscarriage.

Most of the public is unaware of the truth about vaccines.   It is up to all of us who are aware of this ongoing tragedy to keep pushing the truth and share it aggressively.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry and anatomy at the high school and college levels.  Google “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt on” to see his other articles.


The Hazards of Immunization

Sir Graham S Wilson, The Hazards of Immunization

Noel Thomas

This is an amazingly well referenced and potentially mind changing book, but it must reach a wider audience if it is to have the effect it deserves - and that children, globally, deserve.
In the UK, a half century ago, Sir Graham Wilson, formerly Director General of the Public Health laboratory Service for England and Wales, wrote " The Hazards of Immunization" ( Athlone Press 1967 ).
Many of his comments are prescient of what Moskowitz has written. Such is the power of the Vaccine Industry that it is difficult to imagine a similar book being published in the UK today.
No matter - we have RM !
Whatever the situation in the USA, after nearly fifty years in the medical profession in Wales, UK, and abroad, my impression is that docs are very ignorant of the side effects and serious problems associated with vaccines. Similarly most politicians, who rely on Public Health 'experts' for advice.
This is not a cheap book, ( although cheaper and much better value than many vaccines ) but if every one impressed by it were to send a copy to a politician/ opinion former/ their doc./ paediatrician, or to as many of these as they can afford to, we might be able to initiate change, or at least discussion about change. " Think globally, act locally ."


Oh, david m burd, the schools weed out the naysayers. I remember reading this comment once from a biotech student, and said he was getting great grades until he brought up GMO safety. Then he started getting bad grades for no good reason. So, yeah, corporations have complete control over our education system, and use it to weed out the naysayers.


I don't know of anywhere else to ask this, but I asked my doctor if I could see a neurologist to have a challenge test done to see what toxins, metals etc... I may have in my brain or nervous tissue. She said it would be hard to get medicaid to pay for it and that she was going to look into finding a neurologist who could do it and asked me to look around too.

But I am not sure what to look for or ask for in trying to get this done. I know great plain lab does this testing. I am not sure how to get a neurologist and medicaid to do it. Are there any neurologists near the Idaho area that deal with this sort of stuff (and are there ANY forums worth using to talk about this? I have seen the pro normalization forums, which I avoid, a.d the kind with no security on the passworr login in, which I avoid, but no good ones.)?

Hans Litten

For the subgroup born between 1994 and 2000, boys who received three doses of thimerosal-containing HepB vaccine were at a more than nine-fold significantly higher risk of receiving special education services compared to boys receiving no doses of HepB vaccine. Extrapolating to the US population as a whole, this means that almost 1.3 million US boys born from 1994-2000 received special education services directly attributable to receiving three doses of thimerosal-containing HepB vaccine—costing taxpayers over $180 billion. An earlier study by some of the same authors found that in the decade from 1991–2001, exposure to thimerosal-containing HepB vaccines in the first six months of life resulted in an estimated 0.5–1 million US children being diagnosed with learning disabilities, representing lifetime costs in excess of $1 trillion.

As noted, the WHO has strongly promoted universal HepB vaccination and particularly the initial birth dose. However, in India, which introduced the HepB vaccine around 2006, approximately three-fifths (61%) of women deliver at home rather than in a health facility, making it next to impossible for health providers to administer newborn vaccines. In recognition of these realities, the Indian government’s two-pronged policy is to give HepB vaccine at birth to the 39% of babies born in institutional settings but to otherwise administer the first dose at six weeks. About 45% of Indian children receive the birth dose (although the WHO wants to double that number); irrespective of timing, 86% of Indian children reportedly receive all three HepB doses.

However, India is home to an estimated one-third of the world’s unvaccinated children, meaning that many children still do not receive any HepB vaccine at all.

Flu shot strokes

My father spoke with a young woman the other day who told him a pharmacy up north stopped offering flu vaccine. Apparently there were so many next day strokes that it just couldn't be written off as coincidence. This is in Canada.


Health and safety risk assessments. Not fit for purpose.
What have we learned from Vioxx -NCBI-NIH at https// 1779871.
Mother Donalda nearly "Vioxxed tae death" in 2003/04 while on hip replacement waiting list developed aortic stenosis 88 mm hg after Sept 04 .Hip replacement of obliterated hip joint cancelled permanently in Jan 2005. Then strokes o6,07 and an extension of another in 2010.
Frank Sinatra .I've got you under my skin youtube .
She asked me to switch the radio off one day saying "I don't like that song anymore ,in fact I've gon right off it.
Vioxx left her physically "KAPUT" from several angles ,but still strong,determined and very capable otherwise. Thank the Lord for indigenous skills,knowledge, and experience


We also have a drastic increase of autoimmune diseases caused by vaccines.


For anyone who still believes that this drastic is increase is a coincidence....

This sales meeting was for just one drug treatment, for just one autoimmune disorder.

david m burd

cherry, thanks for your comment (and other previous ones); unfortunately it seems the vast majority of those 'most intelligent" are also most amenable (malleable) to the indoctrination of all their "Med School" teachers and their pro-vaccine ideology. The echoes of medical indoctrination have never been greater I'm afraid.

What is new is the complicity of Mainstream Media, paid off by Hundreds of $Billions of advertising dollars, such as the NY Times, Washington Post, and most all other media, including radio/TV broadcasting, public broadcasting I nominate "the worst of the worst."

cia parker

This really is an incredible book, one of the very best which has ever been written on vaccines. I typed out long passages from it for two comments this past week, I just loved the elegance of their expression and the facts expressed. One on how miraculously health-giving the process of the immune system gearing up to fight a measles infection is, and how it trains the immune system to give not only specific protection ever after against measles, but non-specific protection against any microbial invasion in the future, as well as protection against cancer in later life. The other with rejoinders to the conditions which Vaccine Court sets for purporting to determine if an injury were really caused by vaccines. Dr. Moskowitz' taking them apart one by one is so sharp, so well-reasoned, so devastating ("I'm not even sure what biological plausibility is"), that I took immense pleasure in it again and again every time I read it. I love his imploding the often-expressed notion that all vaccine injuries will fully manifest within a few days of the shot. He gives many examples, many of them from his own patients, of vaccine injury being subtle at first, but that is just the first step of what will become a cascade of horrifying symptoms building one upon the other, but outside the time limits fixed by Vaccine Court, limits fixed thirty years ago when very few had any idea what vaccines were going to be doing in the coming decades.

I LOVED his explanations of how autoimmune reaction is inherent in the vaccination process itself, both for good and ill. I've thought for a long time that vaccine damage comes in three forms: neurological (vaccine encephalitis), autoimmune (when vaccine ingredients sensitize the immune system to that and similar substances), and toxic reactions to specific ingredients in vaccines like mercury and aluminum. It was exciting for me to conflate the first two into one: the excessive inflammation which causes the encephalitis is a type of autoimmune reaction. I'll have to keep thinking about the toxicity. Since most people don't display the extreme reactions to them that my family members and many others do, does that mean we have something like an allergy to them or an impaired detoxification mechanism?

And, as I said before, I respect that, while he hasn't given vaccines himself in 35 years, he accepts that many of his patients have gotten their children the TD and polio series and nothing else. He said in his Mothering article that he can understand why parents would want their children to have protection from the toxins produced by the tetanus and diphtheria germs. The little boy who just died of rabies in Orlando because after a bat scratched (bit?) him, he didn't want the pain of the rabies shots and his parents didn't make him. Homeoopathic lyssin might have saved him. But would any of us in that case fail to get our child the rabies shots which would in all likelihood have saved his life?

Every chapter is fascinating and filled with facts new to me. I ordered Vaccines and Autoimmunity because he said that everyone interested in vaccines should read it. It was expensive and very dense, but also interesting, what I can understand of it. I also ordered Paul Offit's Vaccinated on his recommendation, which so far is a very interesting biography of Maurice Hilleman.

A book not only intelligent and informative, but imbued with a passion for the truth, which he offers on every page.

cia parker


I really don't think there is any medical professional ignorant of the harm often done by vaccines. It's been nearly twenty years that we've been saturated with news about it. I think it's the money, the prestige they're accustomed to, and the authority, the power which once accrued to the medical profession. They probably just try not to think about it too often, since it would make those who still had a conscience feel guilty. And, like nearly everybody, they think of vaccines as a bloc: all VPDs are potentially deadly, all vaccines are nearly always safe and effective, so it's a no-brainer. And it's easy to always think that there must be some other explanation when vaccines do their damage dramatically. But deep down, they know, but it's terrifying to leave the comfort of the traditional ideology. Which is basically what you said. Pride making them cling to accepted wisdom decades after they realized the truth.

cherry Misra

Could this be a problem? When a person thinks that he is very inteligent, admitting that there just might be some problems with vaccines, means admitting to himself that he has been gullible to believe everything he was taught about vaccines. Not easy to do. In this same vein, I doubt if many doctors go to see the documentary Vaxxed.
Thankyou Dr. Gaunt . You always put things in the right perspective and I too feel that the time has come for us to be more aggressive, with a carefully considered message(s)

Angus Files

Never trust a politician/vaccine.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Killer Series of Articles - Oh what a terrible accident all this is !! oh so sorry to everyone !

In 1974, the FDA convened a panel of experts to conduct a comprehensive review of the safety and effectiveness of over-the-counter medicines. One facet of the review was OTC drugs that contained mercury whose function was to kill bacteria to prevent infection. In 1980, the Advisory Review Panel submitted its report to the FDA, having reviewed 18 products containing mercury. It found the products either unsafe or ineffective. The report cited several studies demonstrating human hypersensitivity to thimerosal: (44 years ago)

Gary Ogden

This is indeed an excellent book. I now fully understand how all vaccinations damage all who receive them, and the earlier they are given the greater the damage. They have, for some infectious diseases, reduced incidence, but at a cost too great to bear. I am against bans, but I would make them difficult to get, with fully-informed consent. Safety testing would be done by an independent group with no conflicts of interest and supported by redirecting a substantial chunk of of the CDC's budget (which, for FY 2018, is $6,037,243,000, an obscene figure, but a 17% reduction from FY 2017). Essential, also, to overturn the NCVIA, and to make long-term monitoring and reporting of adverse reactions mandatory, with serious consequences, such as loss of license and steep fines, for failing to do so. This will require retraining nearly all the physicians in the U.S. to recognize and be on the lookout for vaccine injury. It will fall like a house of cards, this radical and dangerous medical experiment on all the world's population.

Hans Litten

Posted by: jessica | January 24, 2018 at 08:09 AM

"Unsafe & Defective"

Now repeat this mantra 5000 times a minute - NLP


Yes! "Push the TRUTH and share it aggressively" The great lie ever told that vaccines are safe and effective, destroying children and families every where.

bob moffit

An excellent book.

"People should be able to trust our government, the CDC, the vaccine companies, and their pediatrician but all we get from these sources is a steady stream of lies about vaccines and denial when obvious vaccine injuries or deaths occur."

Unfortunately .. in far too many instances .. in BOTH PARTIES .. the people who we elect to serve the highest offices in "governing" our great country .. specifically Congress and the Senate .. remain in those offices for decades .. and .. it seems the longer they serve ... the more personal wealth they acquire .. with more than a few actually becoming multi-millionaires. From what I read .. those who are career politicians .. beginning as interns in Washington or local politics .. their entire lives with the modest financial salaries of a "public servant" .. are also coincidently .. among the millionaires. Just lucky I guess.

If I could make just TWO changes today .. the first would be TERM LIMITS .. and .. the second would be .. guaranteeing every Senator and Congressman MUST be subject to the same laws they enact for the people they serve.

"Our mainstream media are complicit. A sizable portion of their ad revenues come from pharmaceutical companies, so they headline the fraudulent studies and ignore the mountains of solid evidence of serious problems caused by vaccines."

Unfortunately .. while ad revenues from pharmaceutical companies do serve to unduly influence the media .. I suspect a comparable problem are the individual "journalists" .. who are nothing more than PAID HACKS .. laboring under the pretense of being "independent investigative reporters" .. who seize every opportunity to publish what amounts to sheer pharmaceutical propaganda .. and .. if the opportunity arises .. smear the reputations and work of dedicated professionals seeking nothing more than "safe and effective vaccines .. and .. the polices by which they are recommended, approved, administered and monitored'".

Put them all together and we have a SWAMP that desperately needs draining.

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