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Vaccinated Flu Patients Might Shed Infectious Fine Particle Viral RNA More Than Others, New Data Suggests

InquisitrVaccinated Flu Patients Might Shed Infectious Fine Particle Viral RNA More Than Others, New Data Suggests

Excerpted from Inquisitr:

In one study, people infected with influenza A who'd been vaccinated against the flu two years in a row shed more virus in the fine particle aerosol than other people with influenza A or B.

Multiple media reports warned us that simply breathing the air around someone sick with the flu might cause us to become infected thanks to fine particle viral RNA. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Public Health reported in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences that fine aerosol particles collected from the air around patients infected with influenza contained detectable flu virus. Merely exhaling releases the virus into the air if someone is infected. This fascinating new research triggered social media alarm about the flu virus, but there might be even more to the story.

Masks May Provide Little Protection

Earlier this week, an Inquisitr author reported on the story that the flu virus can stay suspended in the air for hours. Though that author and multiple other news sources this week reported that “experts recommend wearing a mask especially in closed areas like an airplane,” it’s not actually as easy as strapping on a surgical mask to avoid becoming infected. The researchers, led by Prof. Donald K. Milton, showed that viral RNA is suspended in air in fine aerosol particles. Surgical masks can protect people from large particles, but don’t perform well against these fine particle aerosols.

“There’s not much evidence that any of that works very well,” Professor Milton told a Time Magazine reporter. “Surgical masks block mostly the large droplet spray, but the surgical masks don’t block the fine particle aerosols very well. The route of infection matters.”


Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

There is also evidence to suggest that anti pyretics (Tylenol or NSAIDS) may increase viral shedding:

bob moffit

I think its great the researchers from Maryland School of public health found that people vaccinated against the A virus .. for two years in a row .. "might shed infectious fine particle viral RNA More than others" .. but .. I think it has been well-established for decades that some vaccines are known to "shed" their contaminated virus.

Indeed .. major hospitals have posted warnings directed at recently vaccinated visitors seeking admittance to severely immuno-compromised wards .. their vaccination may pose a serious risk of "shedding" thereby posing a serious risk to those immuno-compromised patients.

In any event .. there is an advertisement on major television networks promoting a class action lawsuit by people who have been vaccinated with the shingles vaccine .. and .. either contracted shingles as a result or suffered other serious reactions.


From that site you can click on the information for the lawsuit .. which informs you of the following:

... "even though Merck knew Zostavax could cause shingles, it didn’t list this as a side effect until December 2014—years after the vaccine was approved by the FDA in 2006.

The FDA reports that Zostavax side effects can include the following:
. Hives
•Joint pain
•Muscle pain
•Eye disorders, including necrotizing retinitis

But some plaintiffs allege that Zostavax caused even more serious complications, like blindness, hearing loss, paralysis, brain damage, and fatal liver failure

This site also lists major lawsuits pending against vaccine manufacturers .. including Merck's "whistleblower" case that has been dragging out in the courts for years now.

As I said .. it's encouraging that Maryland's School of Public Health has research evidence that vaccination against flu for two years in a row .. increases risk of vaccinated "shedding" the virus to others .. and .. demanding surgical masks is not proven effective in stopping that "shedding" from occurring.

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