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The Martyrdom of St Brian

image from www.whale.toRumors abound (at 35 mins) that Brian Deer has an agent trying to sell the film rights of a book in Hollywood in which he portrays himself as the victim of the Wakefield affair. Just possibly he is: used by the British establishment to do their dirty work, protected as he was allowed to riffle through the confidential medical and legal documents of children which he did not have the remotest competence to understand or interpret. The end of this unsavoury episode should have come in March 2012 when a High Court judge completely exonerated the senior author and clinician of the Wakefield Lancet paper, Prof John Walker-Smith, having failed to find any evidence for the allegations which Deer had secretly laid before the United Kingdom General Medical Council (GMC) eight years before. Deer had deliberately or inadvertently manufactured the claim that the paper was based on the research protocol for a study commissioned by the United Kingdom Legal Aid Board. Deer alleged:

Application was made to the ethical practices committee of the Royal Free Hospital by Mr Wakefield, Professor Walker-Smith and Dr Murch, and was approved by the committee on November 13 1996. The reference is 172-96. The research is described as “A new paediatric syndrome, enteritis and disintegrative disorder following measles/rubella vaccination”…

But Mitting ruled (para 20):

Its conclusion that Professor Walker-Smith was guilty of serious professional misconduct in relation to the Lancet children was in part founded upon its conclusion that the investigations into them were carried out pursuant to Project 172-96. The only explanation given for that conclusion is that it was reached "in the light of all the available evidence". On any view, that was an inadequate explanation of the finding. As it may also have been reached upon the basis of two fundamental errors – that Professor Walker-Smith's intention was irrelevant and that it was not necessary to determine whether he had lied to the Ethics Committee, it is a determination which cannot stand unless it is justified by the detailed findings made in relation to the eleven relevant Lancet children.

Judge Mitting's decision was unopposed by the GMC. After the longest and most expensive hearing in history the entire central premise was found to be false. This should also have squashed the further allegations alleging fraud against Wakefield and colleagues made by Deer and the British Medical Journal. The paper was simply an early report of cases seen and treated on the basis of clinical need as stated. There was no evidence to support irregularities. None of this should ever have happened.

A detailed account of the issues by Vera Sharav can be found at AHRP



Yeah, except are you gong to go watch a film about MMR is alright, it is really all about the doctor?

I mean, really.

It works well for Dr. Wakefield cause we have a sea of people out here that are backing him cause - we all know the cause.
If your child is not hurt or you don't know if your child is hurt; are you going to take the time to listen to some film about a reporter that stuck up for vaccines. I mean really, between the choice of "Wonder Woman" or a documentary starring LOL - Brian Deer.

No talent there.

Compare him to Del Bigtree, or JB Handley, or Mark Blaxill, or handsome Wakefield, or Tommy Polly.
Let us just name a few, a very few.

It is laughable.


Dennis I think you are spot on. A self pitying bruised ego alone would not be sufficient for Deer to challenge AW in the arena of docu movie making. He has powerful backing without any doubt. My blood runs cold at the thought of malignant forces gathering together to push their pro vaccine, pro herd immunity, globalism and the greater good fallacy, plus of course the anti Wakefield agenda, in the direction of Hollywood.

Dennis Picknett

I doubt, as Linda1 suggests, that Deer's book-to-be-turned-into-a-film could be a 'confession' that he was just a hapless player manipulated by dark forces. Although I think that this could actually be in some part true, (and he is probably falling again into the same trap), the film will most certainly be a repost to the 'Pathological Optimist'. After all, if films have worked so well for Wakefield, the other side are going to want to get in on the act, and just need a handy vehicle. Brian Deer perfectly fits the role. The film will probably be well funded and a slick entertaining romp through the history of charlatans and the heroes who exposed them, ending with a frenzied Andy-bash with some new made up stuff thrown in to further muddy the water. I don't look forward to it.


Another courageous Dr who had to navigate their way through yon smelly stuff getting dropped on them from a great height .
A "Stasi" standard of rancid ,repulsive Institutional abuse that Dr Wakefield and many others have encountered .
Documentation available to read at .
Category My GMC Hearing -Dr Myhill -Dr Sarah Myhill Who questioned vaccinations ?
Rampant bullying and backstabbing equally evident at the Nursing Midwifery Council [NMC]
Standards are "Away tae Hell in a handbasket"
NHS staff getting offered Art Therapy sessions to reduce their stress levels . Here's hoping that the severly burnt out wee darlings start of with soft crayons before they are allowed to progress under supervision onto colouring in pencils and a potentially dangerous pencil sharpener !


Rumors abound (at 35 mins) that Brian Deer has an agent trying to sell the film rights of a book in Hollywood in which he portrays himself as the victim of the Wakefield affair. Just possibly he is:.....


Brian Deer was the poster child for fake news, before the world even knew what fake news was.

This narcissist fool is a fiction writer, who knowingly plied his trade to destroy the life a completely innocent man. And in so doing, single-handedly ensured that thousands more children would be harmed.

Brian Deer has gotten away with a horrific crime of slander.

The fact that he doesn't realize this, and is willing to draw the attention of an awakening world back to his crime... means he is also colossally stupid!


Deer has until now it appears, always been seemingly content with spewing his deluded vicious fantasies out on his own web page. I know his ego has been severely damaged recently by the Miranda Bailey exchange of emails, but was that enough to have persuaded him to write a book, portraying himself as a hapless misunderstood victim? A victim of whom or what? More and more I am coming round to the idea that he was pushed into this new venture, especially since it is being flogged in the Hollywood market as a film.

John Stone


That is one of the two main reasons I believe. It will remembered that at the time of the paper single vaccines were available on the UK National Health Service - people had been picking and choosing for decades, although mumps vaccination had never been thought advisable until the introduction of MMR vaccines in 1988. Then - in the weeks that followed the publication of the paper and the news conference where AW was put on the spot - these options were withdrawn by the industry and the government.

But the other thing which really I believe disturbed them was anyone investigating the possibility of vaccine damage at all. This was something for example which was tolerable in the US but in UK would generally lead to proceedings at the GMC, no doubt because it included both liability and the reputation of the program. Indeed, in the case for example of infant death we would see the courts send parents to jail rather than admit there was anything wrong with the vaccines: the famous Sally Clark case for example. Clark went to jail for the murder of her baby when he had died five hours after receiving five vaccines.

Elizabeth Hart

The ongoing persecution of Andrew Wakefield is remarkable.

What is this really about?

Is it because Wakefield challenged the emerging combination vaccine market with his call for the use of single vaccines?

Is this why he was demonised, to protect lucrative combination vaccine products, e.g. the hepB-DTPa-Hib-IPV, which are given repeatedly to babies and children?

go Trump

Of course, who could ever forget this classic Brian Deer / NBC clip with a few “professional biostitutes” ... who will make any medical statement as long as the money is flowing into their pay scale.

Peter Miles

Just reading through the comments and thinking how pervasive the whole lie is about Andrew Wakefield, it just never seems to die. . . . because there's still a whole phalanx of "editors" who will continually push the lie by whatever means. So we can assume that Mother Jones is not entirely independent, and also mighty Wikipedia who claim to be entirely independent and have even been soliciting donations from you and I so they can continue to be completely pure and without any influence. Just take a look at the editing history that goes on on AW's page, there must be someone on there full-time. Strangely enough, I also noticed that Wikipedia's major patron is none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, not under any external influence? . . . I don't think so!

Somebody must also be assigned to Brian Deer's page because, rather than a victim it seems to portray him as a saint.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for the periscope link, the discussion at around seven minutes ...we're frying our metal toxic cells with wifi (that's my addition to the conversation) and we're looking at an exhausted life expectancy loss of at least a decade maybe across the population, and Brian Deer might do best to think about who he wants to keep company with in the next life, possibly for eternity...but maybe the likes of RI and I. Lipkin will buy a documentary largely about him, maybe end up watching that with him, for eternity...

Patricia pratt

John and Allison

I know we don't agree on this point John but I do believe it is important to take into consideration the disturbed personality of Deer in this whole affair, simply because the damage he has wreaked upon Wakefield could only have been achieved by a man motivated not simply by money or a 'moment of fame', but by sheer envy and malice and a dogged determination to destroy AW who ( through no fault of his own but purely by the force of his own integrity and superior education and talents), putting it in simple terms, makes Deer feel inferior, a situation that enrages a narcissist beyond reason. IMO this narcissism is unquestionably sociopathic and influences at a deep level every word he writes.

John Stone


Of course, but it is the complex of officials, politicians and the industry. One journalist (Jeremy Laurance, at the Independent) reported two days after the Sunday Times allegations:

"At the Department of Health, which has striven for the past six
years to bolster public confidence in the vaccine, joy is unconfined at
the discrediting of Andrew Wakefield, as the researcher responsible for
the scare."

It just got them off the hook.

John Stone


Very likely, but in the end it does not matter - it is how he was put up to do something which the British establishment could not achieve by legitimate means. The Nukis, the Harrises, Tony Blair, Liam Donaldson...


Allison Edwards

In my opinion Deer has the traits of a narcissist

John Stone

One has to remember at the end of the day that whatever you think of the man, it is really the people who put him up to it. They want to get a paper retracted, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it that they can find, so they send for Deer....

Patricia pratt

As you say John, in your summing up.....'none of this should ever have happened'. But it did. There were then, there are now, forces at work intent upon vaccinating the whole population of the planet. The New World Order, isn't that what they call it?The question before us still is, was Deer a vital ingredient in this New World Plan? I think not. He was, correction - he IS, eaten up with malicious intent, of a highly personal nature which is plainly visible these days, a pathetic figure, eaten up with rage and envy, yes indeed. But a victim?? In your dreams Brian.

Peggy Jaeger

Does there need to be a retelling of the whole sordid maneuver..? If he, Deer,,was hired to pounce on Wakefield, it's more obvious that Wakefield was the victim chosen and Deer was the instrument the behind the scenes players chose to do that. And who was to benefitnthe most..? The Pharmaceutical industry.


On second thought, imagine if the book is a confession telling who put him up to it and trying to put the blame on someone else for his viciousness?

I know. Crazy.


Deer has been proven to be a criminal liar. He has two choices - to hide under a rock or to try to fight back. As human beings go, he really is a piece of work.

John Stone


It was obviously a critical part of the plan, with IOM reporting a week or two before with the Madsen/Thorsen paper and the DeStefano/Thompson paper.

Then the day after the Sunday Times published its allegations the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer moved to support them in the media (which was quite out of place).

Even today we find the nonsense repeated in Mother Jones:

"The doctors are supported by a movement of anti-vaccine parents, many of whom believe the MMR vaccine causes autism. That view is rooted in a 1998 paper that was later retracted by The Lancet and declared “an elaborate fraud” by the British Medical Journal."

Mind you, Ms Nix does not state it was a fraud herself, she just quotes BMJ. The belief, of course, does not depend on the paper but on the experience of countless families. And note these anti-vaccine families are people who did vaccinate their children. Classically, the founder of the pharma lobby organization Sense About Science, Lord (Dick) Taverne, alleged in BMJ that the MMR litigants in the UK were "strong believers in homeopathy".

Odd that!

Basically, there had to be a plan to save the pharmaceutical world order. Some like Ben Goldacre thought the Deer bit was too risky but were put on the spot when the GMC brought in its absurd verdict.

Patricia pratt


But Deer wants to be seen as the victim in this whole affair. He has said he loves the children. (???) So how could he achieve this victimization? The logic, if there is any, escapes me.


If he had any creativity about him; he must remember to grab the audience with something and then give it a twist to get to be talked about.

Twist here would be:

the meeting between him and the big guys to go after Dr. Wakefield.
How bought is he then?
Self employed, doing their dirty work and Murdoch would not even get him hired on for all the retirement benefits as the Sunday Times. How ungrateful. Pawn, Patsy yes.

Patricia pratt

I had that thought too John. He is an embarrassment. But now here's a thought....what if....this unknown hack journalist Brian Deer had never existed. Would there still be an 'anti vax/safer vax' world movement? Would there still be such a public awareness of the terrible toxic dangers of vaccines? AW would not have been dragged into the GMC melee were it not for Deer. Or would he...? Would AW still have been hounded to destruction by Pharma anyway? We have to have our protagonists in this life it seems..

John Stone


I think at this stage he is more of an embarrassment to the ptb. Perhaps AW and Del Bigtree ought to buy the rights.

Patricia pratt

This is a picture of a Patsy, a Pawn, and a loser. And ....a wanabee doctor!! He cannot stand the idea of Andy Wakefield being a successful movie producer and director as well as being a bona fide Doctor!! it has all gotten tooo tooo much to bear... So now...yeah he hits on the idea of becoming a 'victim' and Hollywood is calling. I too John believe there are certain powerful forces who would love to promote this idea and finance him. But is his film book movie going to be bought?? What does one do folks, laugh or cry?? That hat on Deer - unforgettable. oh deer oh deer oh deer.......

Angus Files

Never mind the #Me Too - with Deer its simply memememememememememememememememe memememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememe memememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememe memememememememememememememememMEEEEE!!!!

Pharma for Prison


Hans Litten

I also understand Colleen Boyle is about to make a film to correct the record in the William Thompson Brian Hooker affair. Also starring Gerberding , DeStefano & Allsop .

It wasn't a garbage bin , it was an Archive bin.
They didn't shred the data, they were indexing it and filing it.

Colleen has Agent Orange, Peanut butter and jelly on toast everyday for breakfast !

bob moffit

"Rumors abound (at 35 mins) that Brian Deer has an agent trying to sell the film rights of a book in Hollywood in which he portrays himself as the victim of the Wakefield affair"

Pray tell .. what is the title of the book this scoundrel is trying to peddle?

I suspect the scoundrel's "book" will not be well-received by Hollywood .. "after the longest and most expensive hearing in history the entire central premise was found to be false. This should also have squashed the further allegations alleging fraud against Wakefield and colleagues made by Deer and the British Medical Journal."

The scoundrel has outlived any usefulness to his puppet-masters ... and ... I suspect the absolutely LAST thing the puppet-masters want .. would be to have Hollywood recreate ANY connection with this proven FRAUD.

Karma .. as they say .. IS A BITCH.

Jenny Allan

This does have the ring of desperation on the part of Deer.

Benedetta - Deer has always been 'self employed'. No doubt he was well paid for his 'dirty work', as well as 'protected' by political and corporate vested interests which had a great deal to lose, but his living expenses and any future pension, were ultimately down to him alone. If he has failed to make provision for his old age. Too bad!! My heart bleeds!!

After that appalling Anderson Cooper interview, when Deer claimed to be employed by 'The Times of London', a disclaimer was immediately issued by Murdoch's lawyers:-

"It is quite clear that you do not understand English. Brian Deer is not a member of the Sunday Times staff. He is a freelance journalist who runs his own website and blog and is not under the control or direction of the Sunday Times. Mr. Deer should not represent himself as a Sunday Times journalist. He is not a member of staff, does NOT have a regular salary from us, is not on our pension scheme and pays his own tax as a freelance. If he says that he writes for the Sunday Times that would be correct. He is a contributor to The Sunday Times on an occasional basis but again we have no control over him ..."
- Alaistair Brett, Legal Manager, Sunday Times"

John Stone


It is strange that the powers that be still hide behind his long disproven allegations and yet he apparently feels hard done by. Who knows what his financial situation is, but what he perhaps cannot stand is that people still get to pose the questions that he cannot answer.


The man is for sale and was bought. Now that the big guys have finished with him ; have they given him long lasting severance pay, retirement plan and all that? .

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