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Student Violence Against Teachers Escalating

Angry kidOur Anne Dachel is cataloging the changes in schools from institutions of learning to.... institutions. Schools should not be war zones where teachers fear students. Nor should they be prisons where students fear teachers. The changes in behavior among "regular" ed students is as, or more, troubling than in the ever growing special ed population.  I have know several paraprofessionals who have been injured during the course of their work with students on the spectrum and who have had to take worker's comp as a result. I also know stories of kids being terribly harmed by staff - including my own daughter on her school bus 8 years ago. Children are in dire straits. Strait jacket straits. Wake up. We'll have many more stories from Anne. Her compendium grows daily as the reports pour in from local media. National media rarely covers these stories. But in the "it takes a village" world of TV and newspapers, the stories are non-stop. Lord save us all. How will these kids function as adults?

Jan 22, 2018, (Canada) CTV Kitchener: WRDSB teachers faced violence 1,300 times last year

The union representing public elementary school teachers in Waterloo Region says more resources are needed to halt a growing trend of classroom violence.

“We have teachers who are being bitten, who are being kicked, who are being punched on a daily basis,” Jeff Pelich, the vice-president of the local chapter of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, said Monday.

“It’s pretty bad, and it’s escalating.”

Statistics provided by the Waterloo Region District School Board show that there were approximately 1,300 incidents involving student-on-teacher violence in the last school year, up from about 900 the year before.

About two per cent of the 1,300 violent incidents resulted in one or more people needing medical attention, and one per cent led to a leave of absence. The school board says no injuries were reported in 75 per cent of the incidents.

Pelich says violent outbursts in classrooms affect not only the students and teachers directly involved, but also other students who witness the violence firsthand.

He says the problem comes down to a lack of educational assistants and other supports for students with special needs.

“When there is a child who’s presenting in a violent manner, there’s just no one there to help,” he said.

“The child (often) has significant mental health needs that are outside the scope of what teachers are trained to deal with.”

The solution, ETFO says, is for the province to make more funding available.

An additional $6.3 million was provided to the WRDSB this year for special education needs. The Ministry of Education says the money is enough for “about 74 teachers and education workers.”

According to the school board, violent incidents appear to be happening this year at about the same rate they did in 2016-17.

WRDSB spokesperson Nick Manning says issues of violence aren’t limited to special education, and school board data shows that they occur most often after lengthy breaks in the school year, “before we’ve really had an opportunity to put programming in place to support students who need it.”



Bob Moffitt raised a question above. My personal belief is that so-called "ADHD" is largely a scam and a fraud, - just an excuse to $ELL DRUG$, break down society, and increase gov't control. Also, many/most public schools are facing declining student populations due to demographics - fewer kids, smaller families, abortion, dropping fertility rates, etc.,.... Labelling a kid with "ADHD", or whatever, makes that a "special ed" kid, and that means more $$$$ for the schools. Yes, of course there ARE kids with legitimate special needs, so to speak. But much of what gets "diagnosed" is nothing more than normal human behaviour, in the TV/internet age. Kids generally respond to Adderall/Ritalin as if it's a sedative, but for an adult, it's *speed*. At what age, and *why* does that bodily change take place? They will NEVER find genes for "ADHD", because there's no such thing. And there are no lab/medical tests for it, either.
Just because a grown woman is prescribed "ADHD Meds", does NOT mean that she actually *has* "ADHD". I know colleg-age folks who use Ritalin/Adderall "recreationally". They buy it from their friends, who still get Rx.scripts from grade-school "ADHD diagnoses"....
I agree with Angus. PhRMA for prison....


What do children need to be in school for when they have access to the world's knowledge at their fingertips? Children know they are being warehoused. If there were no other factors, that alone would drive them to depression, violence, etc. Any merit that the old school system might have had is completely gone. The system is obsolete and NOT GOOD FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE AND IN FACT HARMFUL.

The most frustrating thing for me is to know that wireless radiation is known to cause mental illness and yet all the schools (and homes) have it. All these kids carry live cell phones and have all kinds of devices on them and they live in a cloud of electrosmog. I don't care if people don't like me for saying it, but I have no more patience for this. Americans are STUPID.

bob moffit

"The changes in behavior among "regular" ed students is AS, OR MORE, troubling than in the ever growing special ed population."

I don't know if this recent CDC report of a "344% rise in ADHD among women" is potentially responsible for the "changes in behavior among regular students" .. but .. the CDC reports the number of women who filed at least one prescription for ADHD medication climbed from almost 1 percent of the population in 2003 to 4 percent in 2015 .. in women between the ages of 15-44.

The full USA today article can be read here:

According to one professional who specializes in marriage counseling for relationship issues and ADHD, as children with ADHD age into adulthood, they take their prescriptions with them, citing her own daughter, who was diagnosed in 5th grade in 2001 and is still medicated at age 26.

This same professional stated "many women realize they have the condition (ADHD) after their child is diagnosed with it. According to her .. "doctors generally alert parents that ADHD IS INHERITED".

Jeepers ... if ADHD is inherited .. at what age should a parent with ADHD begin medicating their child .. and .. on whose advice would that parent rely upon .. doctors, teachers, family members, etc?

It's probably just the cynic in me .. but .. how bad must "childhood unruly behaviors" be .. before that child acquires a "life-long" diagnosis of ADHD? After all, ADHD is not something that can be identified by a blood test or MRI .. yet .. a diagnosis of ADHD will possibly require "medications" for the rest of the child's life? Are "medications" the ONLY "treatment" for ADHD?

Angus Files

Then they get them on to the opioid meds and Pharma completes its eternal customer for life rather than facing up to the vaccine holocaust.

Pharma For Prison


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