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Stopping Tics with Fecal Transplant

Brain gutBy Teresa Conrick

This recent article appeared in my inbox - Boy, 9, with Tourette's syndrome sees his involuntary tics halted after undergoing a POO TRANSPLANT

A schoolboy with Tourette's syndrome no longer endured involuntary tics after he underwent a poo transplant.

The nine-year-old, from China, suffered bouts of headshaking, shrugging and the urge to shout out words for nearly three years.

But the unnamed patient's tics were 'completely ameliorated' after undergoing the transplant, designed to rebalance his gut bacteria.

The bizarre report, published in an obscure medical journal, adds to the mounting evidence that poo transplants can treat other conditions....eight weeks after the transplant, which originated in China nearly 1,700 years ago, the boys tic severity score dropped from 31 to five.

His parents revealed the severity of his tic symptoms had 'clearly ameliorated', the doctors, led by Dr Huijun Zhao, wrote in the journal.

'They reported that involuntary phonation (making sounds) had disappeared, and involuntary shrugging now occurred only occasionally.'

Some studies have shown benefits from taking probiotics in treating Tourette's syndrome, among other neurological conditions.

And a University of Arizona study published last January claimed that FMT could treat behavioural symptoms in autism patients.

The scientists discovered that children with autism are lacking in bacterial diversity in their gut - and fecal transplants could help rebalance it.

The study, Case Report- The Effect of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation on a Child with Tourette Syndrome is one I had mentioned recently when discussing hopeful treatments for 2018 .

I can't stress enough the importance of this research. I am hoping that we see these transplants available SOON for so many affected children and young adults, with autism, PANDAS, & PANS.

Teresa Conrick is Science Editor for Age of Autism.



Angus Files


We did the same and the GcMAF retrospectively.Looking back and with the only degree I have to help me along hindsight, we thought we should have done the GcMaf before and not after also but the latter never came along until after StemCells. Then again with the aluminum being highlighted in AOA as such a nasty it makes me wonder whether even with proceeding in the following manner at least Diet,Mercury ,GcMAF then stem cells for us it would in our case left the Al in to compromise the stem cells.I Live and learn and share.

God Bless Dr Geoffrey Bradstreet paid for the better outcome of mankind with his life.

Pharma For Prison



Excellent report, Teresa. Thank you for sharing it. Like you, I am eager to see some large-scale clinical trials using fecal transplants to treat autism. It seems like the government is our best bet for this. How to make it happen is the question of the hour. I would be happy to help with the effort in any way I could.

Loraine Fishel

We got relief of tics from pluripotent stem cell infusion with neurotropic growth factor in Keiv Ukrane. I stayed home to work my husband took Kevin. Kevin's language and thinking also improved. I think if he had been on GcMaf at that time he could have retained these more of these gains. Kevin and 80 percent of those with Autism have a RNA retro virus. This is determined by finding Nagalase in the blood. Nagalase produced by virus stops macrophages from fighting the virus. GcMaf activates the macrophages. Vaccine is full of impurities. Look at Teresa Deishur information as well as Judy Mikovitz. Our kids have gotten Rna retroviruses for free along with their vaccinations. How Special!! Dr Bradstreet paid dearly with his life for knowing this. Rest in peace earthly savior.


Wow. The Chinese were solving the problem 1700 years ago and western medicine *may* figure it out in our lifetime. More than ever, we need the freedom to choose healing modalities without having to go through this backward system. Great reporting, Teresa.

Alan V. Schmukler

Fecal implants were used successfully for clostridium difficile infections. However one can often accomplish the same thing with prebiotics and probiotics used orally or even rectally. It's a lot easier to arrange. I also agree with Rebecca, that detox should be part of the program. Neurotransmitters are manufactured in the gut as well as the brain, so this approach makes sense.

Patricia pratt

China was doing fecal transplants 1700 years ago......that is truly awesome. I believe we humans are all just one big chemical lab. Like snowflakes, every one different. Miraculous.


Who knew?
This is really amazing. I look back at my 2 dogs, one was eating my babies diapers, and the other one
was eating its own poo. This is natures way of balancing the gut? Dogs look for bacteria instinctively.

Rebecca Lee

Yes. But all those symptoms are mercury symptoms. Those kids with the tics and so forth are mercury toxic. YOu need to get the Mercury out of them and then you can rebalance their flora and it will stay rebalanced. Until then it is going to be an ongoing struggle.

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