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From Radium Girls to Mercury and Aluminum Kids



Yes of course one can blame so many who are responsible for injecting these known toxic poisins into our children, there are too many to mention, from fakemedia news through Big Pharma to the healthcare and finally our own family doctors. But hang on a minute....despite the fact that we now have social media with it’s daily heartbreaking stories of children being brain injured and dying from vaccines, more scientific and horrendous but peer reviewed papers with stats and proof than one can possibly absorb or need to prove how damaging vaccines are, powerful support groups and activists and alternative medicine and even a few brave Doctors for Informed Consent and yet.....people have a deep and it appears an abiding need to keep on trusting their doctors. God bless em.....lets hear it for the medical profession...they are getting away with murder day after day and yet parents still have faith in them. What does this fact have to tell us? I do not have an answer. I only know that those affected by injury finally come to their senses and traumatised by what has happened to their precious children, seek out the reality, too late.

Susan Welch

Tom Petrie. If only everyone could read your post, it would put an end to the tsunami of ill health being i injected every day. So well said!

Tom Petrie

What happened to Andrew Wakefield is thoroughly outrageous and disgusting. With all the talk of "fake news" out there, you would think the powers that be just LOVE "REAL" news. Well, nothing could be further than the truth and so-called alternative media is simply proof that the mainstream media just can't handle the truth on so many levels. (If you've not heard of the Censured News project, well, that's a good view of how the mainstream media ignores too many important stories.)

What's sad is that the whole Andrew Wakefield saga is the paradigm of how "difficult" subjects are handled in America: They're squashed in 'colorful' fashion, lest others think they too can "speak the truth."

Toxic things are bad, right? So why are toxic things in vaccines. injected into the bloodstream as they are, bypassing the "filter" known as the gut/intestinal tract, somehow "good"? It defies logic. So lets try some more logic and see where it gets us.

"Health nuts" avoid "Sodium Aluminum Sulfate" in baking powder for the "Aluminum Free" versions and yet, 99 percent of INGESTED aluminum is excreted! (Ninety-nine is a high number.) But, after baking this "wholesome," aluminum-free German Chocolate Cake--with no bad ingredients, I'm off to get my Flu Shot that contains high levels of aluminum--a toxic element! BUT the aluminum in this and other vaccines is 100 percent absorbed--after all, it's injected into your blood--and all the aluminum gets (sorry to say), into your brain!

I feel sad that the average American can't take a few seconds to ask WHY Autism was one in 10,000 forty years ago, BUT it's one in 68 (or worse) now. Occam's Razor says this: The most logical cause of an effect is the one most glaring (not in those words). Yup, that would mean vaccines--used as they have been in ever-increasing amounts/frequency, over many decades.

What we have now is, sorry to say, a disgust for truth. A disdain for people that speak the truth. I sure wish I had an answer, but toxic chemicals disturb our ability to think straight and aluminum is but one of many culprits.

Just the same, we must do everything we can to encourage folks everywhere to open their eyes and have the courage to accept basic truths: Vaccines Cause Autism and many other chronic ailments in our children. That's a fact. Deal with it.

Sharon Kistler

Hope this screening is coming to Fairfield County, CT soon?!


I saw the movie on Sat. in Minneapolis. Good presentation about the events surrounding Dr. Wakefield's research and the reaction of the government and the medical community. The audience had excellent questions and comments.

It's clear from the reaction to his study that officials will never recognize the damage from vaccines. It's also clear that children are suffering everywhere and we simply can't sustain this level of disability among our population and continue to prosper.

Very sobering realities.

Anne McElroy Dachel, Media

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