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New Jersey 16 Year Old Held in Murder of Family Members

WeepNote: Below is a tragic American story of gun violence at the hands of a young male. Of interest to us is that the teen has been said to have autism by a neighbor, and one article in the Press Democrat has the following quote:

Jalen Walls, 18, a neighbor who went to school with Brittany Kologi, told NJ.com that he frequently went to the Kologi’s house. He said their 16-year-old son required special assistance and was cared for by his mother. The teen did not attend the same public schools as his siblings, he said. “But he was fully functional and comprehended what we were saying,” Walls said.

Many of us are intimately aware of the family violence that can take place when a loved one with autism rages. But shootings are in their own category of planning and a huge difference from punching walls or even people.  I think the majority of us would argue that our kids with autism are kind hearted and not prone to vindictive rages.  If medications were in use, could they have caused violent behavior? If medications had been stopped suddenly, could that have been a factor?  Pharma must be held accountable for the "side effects" that wreak havoc on our society.  Medtal illness is a scourge.   This is as sad story no matter the circumstances. We're sorry.

LONG BRANCH, N.J. — A 16-year-old New Jersey boy armed with a semi-automatic rifle shot and killed his parents, sister and a family friend inside the home where they lived, authorities said Monday.

Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni said the teen will be charged with four counts of murder and a weapons offense stemming from the shooting that occurred late Sunday night, less than 20 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve in the shore town of Long Branch.

A possible motive for the shooting has not been disclosed. The rifle used in the shooting was legally registered to a resident of the house, Gramiccioni said.

The teen’s name has not been disclosed, and it wasn’t known Monday if he’s retained an attorney.

The victims were identified as the boy’s parents, Steven Kologi, 44, and Linda Kologi, 42; his 18-year-old sister, Brittany, and 70-year-old Mary Schultz, who lived with the family.

Police responded to a 911 call of shots fired at the home just after 11:30 p.m. Sunday, Gramiccioni said. He described the shooting as an isolated domestic incident and said the teen was taken into custody without issue.

The teen’s grandfather and brother were not targeted and left the home unharmed.

“It’s a terribly tragic incident,” Gramiccioni said.  Read more here.

Charges were expected to be filed later Monday, he said.

The teen is expected to make an initial court appearance Tuesday, and prosecutors were considering whether they would seek to move the case to adult court.


midwest reader


Scott Kologi gets 150 years for killing family in Long Branch

The judge lacked any empathy: “He unleashed a fury on these individuals who did nothing but love him,’’ LeMieux said. ”These are not acts of a child. These are not acts of a juvenile. These are acts of a cold-blooded killer.’’

His defense attorney understood: 'Defense attorney Emeka Nkwuo asked the judge to impose a 30-year term, citing his client’s mental illness and young age at the time of the massacre.”He’s a mentally ill child who begged his mother for help and never got it,’’ Nkwuo said. Nkwuo was referring to trial testimony that Kologi’s mother forbade him to tell his therapist he was having thoughts of killing people for fear he would be institutionalized.'


to Rachel

Hmmm... mass killings without guns. Yeah, the ones with knives seem to kill the most. They get better
kill counts than the guns toters.
1) Dozens of people killed with knives
2) Terrorists attack with vehicles

For Rachel

As an ordinary citizen I have known four people who committed suicide on SSRIs, and another who began suicidal ideation after a single dose, while others became ultra aggressive, or grotesquely over-assertive and impossible to deal with. I have two thoughts about this. One is that even if they do benefit some, it looks like a disturbing gamble if it randomly and commonly makes life worse for others. The other is that I certainly should not know that many people on this type of medication, and I certainly should not know that many people who have committed suicide. Unfortunately, it is part of the texture of modern life..


David: I come to that conclusion from, like you, experience of family and friends, many of whom have been helped back from suicidal depression.

While your claim that SSRIs have been involved in murder sprees may have merit in a couple of cases, in 100% of murder "sprees", guns have been involved, almost always legally held.

With respect, you are talking out of your hat on this one.

david m burd


You say SSRI's are beneficial to the "vast majority" who take them. How in the world do you come to this conclusion?!

From family and friends' life experience I have seen incredible misery and death brought by these drugs, and it is well documented these drugs have been directly involved with terrible murder sprees these last several decades.

The evil of these drugs can only be matched by vast array of disabilities and deaths brought by our unbridled Immunization Schedule, instead of your misguided opinion about gun rights.

Jennifer R

I'm betting that this child was on multiple medications, including SSRIs and anti-psychotics, and that he had identified suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts previously but it was dismissed or considered treated with medications. My nephew, 21, recently intentionally drove the family car into traffic, killing himself and injuring people in the car he hit. He was on SSRIs at the time (Zoloft). These drugs don't work well.


Very thoughtful comments. For anyone interested in more views on SSRIs and other drugs used to treat "mental illnesses", I like the non-profit website Mad In America, which has a variety of contributors, most preferring non-drug methods. I think we need to revise our national laws so that jail time is a probable consequence of obfuscating -- or failing to disclose and address -- potentially deadly side effects of any product. Fines, when they do occur, are little more than slaps on the wrist (and sometimes, due to legal gray areas, companies may be able to use a portion as "business expense" tax deductions).


When ever a mass murder occurs, both the murderer's doctor and his access to his weapon of mass destruction should be thoroughly investigated. Shouldn't we be concerned if there are other potential murderers under that doctor's care? Perhaps if drug dealers (whoops I mean doctors) were put on notice that the burden of responsibility will also be theirs, fewer of these tragedies will occur.

Aimee Doyle

@Hans - I agree that the media (bought out by Pharma) and government agencies (staffed with Pharma execs - like HHS nominee Alex Azar) should be held accountable.

But Pharma should be held accountable too- and it never seems to get the blame that the government and media do on this site. Pharma sponsors (and profits exorbitantly from) the opiate epidemic, the autism epidemic, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimers, etc. Save some blame for them.

And how about bashing Congress and the President - they actually have the power to DO something, and they DO nothing.


While there are real issues with SSRIs in some cases, the only way to stop this is to tighten up massively on gun ownership laws. In almost all cases, these are legally held guns. Take those away, and the problem stops - or is at least massively reduced. Yes, someone bent on killing can use a knife, or a club, but not with the same efficiency. SSRIs can be hugely helpful - and in the vast majority of cases they are. They aren't the problem - easy access to weapons of mass murder are the problem.

Aimee Doyle

Maybe if he hadn't been armed with a semi-automatic rifle, they would still be alive. Pharma should be held accountable, but so should the gun lobby. The only purpose for semi-automatics is to kill people -lots of people, quickly.


Withdrawal of S.S.R.I is a bitch. It causes severe depression. My daughter said it was like someone close had died.

Withdrawal of ophoids prescribed by pain clinics is a bitch too; if you are lucky enough to get the pain clinic to stop prescribing. .

Jonathan Rose

Most news stories covering this don't mention that the boy is autistic, but his grandfather confirmed that in the New York Daily News:


Sharon Kistler

In 2011, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Yolande Lucire and Christopher Crotty, pharmacogenetisist, published important research linking genetic variations in the CYP450 pathway of individuals to associated homicidal-suicidal risks when taking SSRIs and anti-psychotics:

"The authors examined the relationship between genetic variants in the CYP450 family, the interaction of antidepressant-induced akathisia, and violence, including homicide in 129 forensic patients who had referred to Dr. Lucire by lawyers.

Of 138 persons tested for CYP450 genes, 129 had experienced adverse events, "mainly akathisia, due to psychiatric drugs, and nine were first degree relatives of those treated who also had a history of adversity on other drugs."

Of the 129 persons who experienced drug-induced adverse effects, 8 had committed homicide, 3 had committed suicide, and one had sleepwalked to her death."

Do conventional psychiatrists typically test individuals for these Cytochrome P450 pathway variations? No, they don't. We have the knowledge to understand ahead of time which people will adversely potentially experience neuro-toxicity due to their inability to metabolize these drugs. And we know that this neuro-toxicity can result in severe akathisia, resulting in homicide or suicide. Yet, psychiatrists don't routinely test patients before they prescribe. "First, do no Harm!" Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?

Caveat emptor!

And violent suicide is as disturbing as homicide -- note that Wendy Dolan took Glaxo Smith Kline to court over her former husband's violent suicide within a week of starting Paxil (SSRI) and won her case in 2017! The evidence is out there. And more victims or their families should be taking Pharma to court.

Yet, mainstream FAKE news never reports this evidence. And mainstream psychiatry never does its homework and only continues to harm and kill its patients through its ignorance.

bob moffit

This column begins .. rightfully so .. "American story of gun violence at the hands of a young male"

However .. my immediate thoughts upon hearing it .. I had the same concerns about medications as stated in article:

"If medications were in use, could they have caused violent behavior? If medications had been stopped suddenly, could that have been a factor?"

The reason I had immediate thoughts of medications being involved .. is because far too many who contribute to "American stories of gun violence".. are reported to have been prescribed SSRI's .. selective serotonin uptake inhibitors .. as reported in this NY Times article .. written over a DECADE AGO .. in 2005 .. regarding a teenager who blamed his medication .. Zoloft .. for causing him to kill his grandparents:


From the article .. again .. WRITTEN IN 2005:

"Four months ago, the Food and Drug Administration began requiring medications like Zoloft, known as S.S.R.I.'s, or selective serotonin uptake inhibitors, to carry a warning of increased risk of suicidal behavior among young people. In Canada, the drugs carry an additional warning of a potential increase in hostility, aggression and "harm to others."

"Bryant Haskins, a spokesman for Pfizer, said the company was aware of 14 criminal cases in which defendants blamed the drug for their actions. Last April, a state jury in Santa Cruz., Calif., found a man not liable for his actions because of a reaction to Zoloft.

"Mr. Haskins said the California case was the only one the company was aware of in which a Zoloft defense had worked.

"In a recent interview, a spokeswoman for Eli Lilly & Company, the manufacturer of Prozac, another antidepressant, said that a "Prozac defense" had been raised in 75 criminal cases over the past decade or so. She said she was unaware of any case where the defense had succeeded."
Unfortunately .. in every instance of "gun violence" .. we learn the make, model, ammunition, ownership of the gun used .. but .. we rarely if ever learn the name of the SSRI medication involved. Why should that be?

Especially considering, we know for a fact .. in 2005 .. Pfizer's drug Zoloft was named as a possible contributing factor in 14 criminal cases .. and .. that very same year ... Eli Lilly's Prozac was raised as a defense in 75 criminal cases.

The obvious question arises: .. How many "criminal cases" since 2005 .. 12 YEARS .. were committed by individuals who were medicated with Prozac or Zoloft?

I am sure it is the cynic in me .. but .. I suspect the true numbers of people tried and convicted of extremely violent actions while prescribed Prozac and Zoloft are .. just like vaccines .. grossly UNDER-REPORTED.

In any event .. we can expect the media coverage of autism will continue to focus exclusively on ANYTHING BUT VACCINES .. while at the same time .. the media will focus exclusively on the GUN involved .. never mentioning if SSRI's were involved .. let alone actually naming the SSRI involved.

Once again .. the greatest power of the press .. is their power to IGNORE.

Hans Litten

Many other countries have extensive and comprehensive gun ownership almost without issue .

But the industrial chemical poisoning of an entire generation of the peoples of western nations seems to be the difference.
The government supports & sponsors the opiate opidemic , the autism epidemic, diabetes , obesity , cancers, alzheimers and so on. Fluoride , Mercury Amalgams , GM Frankenfoods .

Violence comes in many forms apart from the gun .
Lets give Gerberding-Boyle a year to remember 2018

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