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LabCorp Patents Test for Autism

LapCorp patent
Note:  LabCorp has received a patent on a method for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. 

The invention generally relates to methods for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a method for diagnosing presence or increased risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder in a subject.

Type: Grant
Filed: March 17, 2014
Date of Patent: December 5, 2017
Assignee: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
Inventors: David Michael Margulies, Mark Firman Bear

Read about the patent here.

The method, invented by David Michael Margulies and Mark Firman Bear of Massachusetts, involves taking a tissue or body sample from a subject and then conducting a test to identify variant sequences in the subject’s genetic code, which may signify “the presence or an increased risk of developing autism spectrum disorders.” Testing can be done on children and fetuses, according to the patent.

The method is stated to aid in the diagnosis of five autism spectrum disorders, all of which fall under the umbrella of pervasive developmental disorders: autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, Rett’s disorder, and nonspecific pervasive developmental disorders.

The method claims to have multiple applications, each of which provides insight into the biological basis of autism spectrum disorders through different lenses.

First, the testing of a body sample and the finding of variant sequences could lead to comparison with known variant sequences linked to autism spectrum disorders, which could lead to a more definitive diagnosis. In similar cases, entirely new variant sequences may be found, and their link to autism spectrum disorders may be analyzed. Read more here.


The article below is from 2013 - SynapDx gets $2M for early autism test

Less than three months after SynapDx Corp. received $6 million in financing from venture capital firms, the Lexington diagnostics company has gotten another $2 million for a test to detect autism in children.

The funding, announced Friday, comes from Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (NYSE: LH), a $5.6 billion company based in Burlington, N.C. that operates a nationwide network of 38 primary testing locations and more than 1,500 patient service centers.

According to a statement from SynapDx, the investment will go toward clinical development of its blood-based autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnostic test, which is designed to identify children with autism by the age of 3, earlier than the current average of 4.5 years. The company said the test would be the first step toward SynapDx’s goal of building a broad range of pediatric neurodevelopment tests. The test measures the differences in RNA gene expression to distinguish between children with a higher risk for ASDs from those without.

In December, the company raised $6 million in funding from North Bridge Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners, also to support development of the diagnostic test. According to a federal filing, the company also received $9.4 million in equity investment in June 2010.




Planet earth has its own microbiome, the core of which is mother's defending their offspring. Wake up you stupid people - and by stupid people i meant the LabCorp patent seekers, and by patent seekers, i mean the most vile, unethical, jerks on the planet - that would be Planet Earth.


Wow. LabCorp is planning to analyze the tissue samples they get from fetuses and children to check those samples against normal versus abnormal samples from other children, both without and with autism. Doesn't sound like they have much confidence in their invention, does it? There is a known 1 in 300 chance of miscarriage for prenatal testing like chorionic villus sampling. Are all pregnant women going to be coerced into receiving this invasive test after being vaccinated with influenza and TDaP vaccines and whatever other vaccines are in development for them like RSV, and Group B Strep? Won't every single fetus eventually test positive for higher susceptibility for an eventual autism diagnosis? There is no way that this new LabCorp testing will be used for anything positive in the current climate of forced medicine.

Angus Files

What would they do if they indeed could diagnose Autism`s.Would the practice be as with down syndrome like a submarine being discovered beneath the waves and the commodore ordering dive dive abort abort.Everyone knows the test for down syndrome increases the chance of having a having a down syndrome baby and in most cases causes it...Just as the down syndrome test the autism test would no doubt increase the markers of telling and probably cause the autism....thats how mad the science is, well madder!If i pull the ring from this grenade what will happen!!

Wouldn't it be easier just to do a vaccinated v`s un-vaccinated study?

Pharma For Prison


Jonathan Rose

Crystal, it's an understatement to say this doesn't feel right. A nightmare we had long feared is now coming true. Clearly autism is caused by a combination of genetic susceptibility plus an environmental insult (vaccination), and if the insult is avoided, autism won't happen. So yes, if this test were used to provide vaccination exemptions, that would be great -- but that won't happen, because the medical establishment will never admit that vaccination can cause autism. Instead, whenever these prenatal tests prove positive, the mothers will be told that their children will likely develop autism regardless of what they do, and most of them will be aborted. And whatever our positions on the abortion issue, I think we all agree that expectant mothers should not be told that their babies are doomed to genetic diseases when that really isn't the case.

This is one point that we and the neurodiversity people always agreed upon: genetic research into autism would simply lead to this kind of genetic testing and the eugenic elimination of fetuses carrying autism genes. And there will be no way of stopping that -- unless we can persuade expectant parents they can avoid autism by avoiding vaccination.


I read through this post and all I see are dollar signs. Obviously there is huge money involved here. They would like to create a test that they can give to women during pregnancy. Make no mistake. The goal here is to help women abort more "defective" babies. Meanwhile, although there may be genetic susceptibility to autism, we also know for certain that the risk was 1 in 10,000 before 1990. So, the focus should be on what changed after 1990. The obvious answer, of course, is the vaccine program.

Another very sad day for the human race.


It will be good that the 5% that have genetic Autism will be found beforehand. That's very good. But my son would not be found with this test. He has been genetically tested, and the doctors have told us that there is no genetic reason for his Autism & Epilepsy.

Shelley Tzorfas

Here we go, a blood test to look for the presence of ASD which is a vaccine injury? Will they continue to get the fetus in Harm's Way by Vaccinating Pregnant women with Aluminum, Thimerosal/Mercury and other deadly concoctions before this blood test? Oh, how the industry obfuscates the package. How pervasive it is that Fragile X be and Rhett's Syndrome be perceived as Autism when most who know about Autism, know that it is not. This is how they get funding in the field of Genetics. They look for Genes that cause Autism and receive billions of dollars for it. Universities are guilty, doctors are guilty, Pharmaceutical companies are guilty, but children and parents are innocent as are their genes.. In a time when 1 in 10,000 children had Autism until today when 1 in 27 boys have Autism as 74 vaccines Exploded into being.


If they are able to use the future test on fetuses, sounds like what they do for Down syndrome which only increases abortion rates. I wish it felt like there was good intention behind this test, like reconsidering vaccination and such if marker is positive, but as it is, something doesn't feel right.


This sounds good but.....what about simple brain injury, vaccine damage.....

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