Hep B Vaccination at Birth May Not be Necessary in India, Says Study
American Teens Eating A Big Bowl of Stupid: Laundry Detergent

James Lyons-Weiler PhD "New York Times Has Lost It"

James Lyons WeilerNote: Vaccination rights continue to be a major issue facing Americans - despite most having no inkling or care about the topic. Until someone they love is vaccine injured. Thanks to James Lyons-Weiler for this article on the state of the Golden State.

Clearly, The New York Times has lost it.

STATES ACROSS THE US are working to secure patient’s – and parents’ rights to informed consent.  Rights are assured in 49/50 states.  Since mandates first came into existence, over 90 years ago, state legislatures found it wise to respect religious and philosophical exemptions for waivers for school attendance.

I won’t name which states are finding it necessary to work on legislation to re-assert patient rights because those who need to know are working on it, and I won’t broadcast these initiatives and give opponents information that can use to curb these developments.

In one state, state legislators are demanding that they, not the health department, have the final say on which vaccines are approved for use on patients in their states.  Why?  Because they, not appointed officials, answer to the electorate – and their constituents are taking up a lot of time in their offices educating them on vaccine risk.

In another state, a bill is being drafted to ban any vaccine containing thimerosal, and limit the amount of aluminum injected per day to enforce compliance with the federal regulations limiting aluminum exposure.

Finally, PA Senator Mike Folmor is calling on Congress to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and to respect every person’s rights to informed consent, guaranteed by Federal Law and Regulations:

The ability to make decisions about what goes into our bodies is a basic human right. This personal autonomy is challenged whenever government requires mandatory vaccinations. Indeed, sticking needles into a human body is the very definition of intrusive.

California is the worst possible example for other states to follow.  The New York Times has lost their collective minds.  Mandates without exemptions create a situation where those who are destined to be injured by vaccines will be found, and injured, with mathematical certainty.

Mandates for vaccines are, for some,

Mandatory death sentences, for having the wrong genes.

Mandated Guillan Barre Syndrome.

Mandated lifetime paralysis.

Mandated lifetime autoimmunity.

Mandated food allergies.  Read more here.


Leslie Manookian


You argued that deaths in the 1800’s are justification for vaccines. I wanted to share a few items with you.

The following 3 quotes are from Guyer, et al’s Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: Trends in the Health of Americans During the 20th Century, published in Pediatrics in the year 2000.

“The major declines in child mortality that occurred in the first third of the 20th century have been attributable to a combination of improved socioeconomic conditions and the public health strategies to protect the health of Americans…health departments implements these public health measures including water treatment, food safety, organized solid waste disposal, and public education about hygienic practices.”

“Once again, nearly 90% of the decline in factious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccines were available.”

“Thus Vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century.”

The decline in mortality from diphtheria had very little, if anything, to do with the vaccine, which was not widely used till after WWII. This similar pattern holds true for other diseases such as measles, typhoid, TB, scarlet fever, influenza, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pneumonia. See charts at end of study at the link:

But that’s only mortality, so what about disease incidence?

According to US data found in “Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970,” the incidence of diphtheria per hundred thousand was as follows (for brevity, I’ve only provided the data point every 5 years beginning with the first year of the data set):

1912: 139
1917: 133
1922: 156
1927: 89.8
1932: 48
1937: 22.2
1942: 12.1
1947: 8.5

Polio, which saw mostly single digit levels per hundred thousand from the turn of the century for about 40 years, skyrocketed commensurate with the use of neurotoxic pesticides such as DDT and arsenic in the 1940s. These toxins either caused polio type symptoms or exacerbated polio but countries that never used the vaccine saw polio decline so we can’t credit the vaccine. In addition, given that there were only 3.75 cases per hundred thousand from 1012-1915 and through most decades till the 1940’s, one must ask what happened in the late 1940’s to cause such a jump to 28-37 cases per hundred thousand? Most importantly, contrary to your assertions, the change in diagnostic criteria had a huge impact on the numbers diagnosed before and after introduction of the vaccine but I won’t go into all that here.

The bottom line is roughly 90% of the decline in disease mortality occurred BEFORE the widespread use of vaccines. While disease incidence is not as clear-cut of a picture, in the case of diphtheria, which you mentioned, the declines were dramatic and preceded the wide spread use of the vaccine. In fact, between 1912 and 1947 disease incidence fell over 93% and that is NOT attributable to the vaccine.

Let’s be clear, as long as there is sewage in the streets, lack of clean drinking water and fresh food, crowded living conditions, and ignorance of basic hygiene, there is going to be abundant infectious disease. The answer to these problems, however, is NOT vaccination.

Lastly, in your comment you wrote that most people you know have gotten vaccines and are healthy but I have a hard time reconciling your statement with the fact that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lives, obesity/diabetes is at epidemic levels, ditto that for chronic disease, allergies, autoimmune disease, mental health, etc. The state of health of the average US adult is anything but healthy, though there are relatively healthier pockets, and there is clear science linking this epidemic of chronic illness to vaccination.

Given that we all know mercury, aluminum, and all the other adventitious ingredients in vaccines are poisonous to all, why would anyone defend them?

Han Litten

Dane Wigington speaking out :


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 20, 2018, #128 ( Dane Wigington )


Dr. James Lyons-Weiler,
I greatly appreciate your work and dedication. But you really missed the mark on this one. Of course, it is not a genetic minority that is damaged by vaccines or who carry all the risk. You know there are glyphosate and biologically incompatible nanoparticles (and who knows what else) in these drugs. Having great genes (whatever that means) will not protect against these contaminants. Then there is the damage done by artificial man made immune system stimulation and all the crap in these drugs that genes have nothing to do with. Your thesis is oversimplified and just incorrect and that isn't like you. I hope you rethink your position.


"Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray" Durham Savoyards rehersal of the Peers Entrance Iolanthe. youtube.
Who,Why,What ,Where,When ?
BBC News 12 February 2015 Girl given MMR vaccine against family wishes .
Julie Rowed's story of Daughter 15 yrs experience of Medical consent ?
www.nhs.uk conditions/consent -to-treatment.
NHS Choices website states Your Health, Your Choices ?
Medical consent/ medical ethics /moral goalposts? Present position demonstrates by it's behavioural actions that professional skills and competencies and guideline criteria in chaos,carnage from catastrophic failure in public health and safety risk assessments of all vaccine products and consent ethics . How to fudge a nudge to change the consent landscape .fuzzy wuzzie guidelines and criteri tic box questionaires make it easily possible!

Angus Files

Very well said Sylvia.

I always note that most with regressive autism are the big babies,kids,adults male and female.The ones who would probably have had great sporting ability if it weren't for the vaccine poisons they received.

Same here no disabilities in the history of both sides of our family-one thing indoctrinated into is is the mantra its nothing to do with vaccines thats for sure-beam me up!

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

Genetic testing for known vulnerabilities to vaccines would be a good thing. Just more information to consider. Of course vaccines should be voluntary, always, and we're on the way to making them that way all across the US.

Dawn Winkler

There are still people in these circles who believe vaccines eradicated polio? Really? Colton Barrett was dragging around the equivalent of an iron lung because of his Gardasil vaccine up until January 5th of this year when he opted to take his own life just shy of 18 so as not to be a burden on his family.

Ever heard of DDT? This is the information age.

Do you really believe some genetic test is going to accurately determine who is and isn't going to have a negative outcome from any given vaccine? I'd say that's beyond overly optimistic. Verging on extremely naive and possibly even just plain stupid. How on earth is a test going to determine how every different individual is going to react to the myriad of poisons contained in the 72 vaccines we give kids these days? Ridiculous. I for one would never have that kind of faith in a test.

But you know what I do have faith in? Mother's intuition. Mothers know what happened to their children. They know if vaccines harmed them. I know vaccines killed my daughter and the sick thing is, my intuition tried to warn me and I didn't listen. Because societal conditioning and lying doctors succeeded in pushing me to go against it.

Vaccines do not benefit anyone, ever. If you believe that, you clearly haven't done nearly enough research and don't understand the immune system. I can't make up for the gaping hole in your knowledge here but I can suggest you read the book Vaccine Illusion by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD. And that you learn about Th2 vs Th1 response.

We will never get anywhere with vaccine freedom as long as people in our camp think vaccines benefit anyone or that a genetic test can be relied on to predict harm. As Sylvia said, Poppycock.

cia parker

My family is also very healthy before we get the vaccines we react to. The problem is that if you have a really alert immune system, then it is going to react with more inflammation than most to the incursion of a vaccine. It means that it is a SUPERIOR immune system, honed over millions of years to protect you from harm. But when it gets a vaccine injected straight into the body, the immune system goes berserk trying to figure out how to neutralize it, and it often causes severe autoimmune reactions and swelling of the brain (encephalitis). So the superior immune system winds up disabling you.

And everyone,
Autism is horrible, and it is caused by vaccines. Agreed. But look at videos and read books about how awful it was to have children struck down by polio, never to walk again. Or choke to death from diphtheria. Or spasm to death from tetanus. In the UK in 1880, there were 18,000 deaths from pertussis, the peak. In one year. Pertussis evolved to become much milder, but the point is that the VPDs at one time were truly horrifying. In 1866 in the UK, there were 34,000 deaths from scarlet fever (not a VPD, just a stunning figure of mostly child deaths from contagious disease). There were 8,000 deaths a year from diphtheria in 1900, again in the UK. Thousands and thousands of precious lives lost every year. It wouldn't be THAT bad now (probably), because of improved nutrition, and antibiotics to treat diphtheria and strep throat/scarlet fever, but it might be very bad if everyone stopped vaccinating. And I don't think that will happen, I think most people if they have the choice will pick and choose, maybe choose homeopathic nosodes. Do we have any examples of someone who got only the DT series at two years old and got autism as a result?


My family tree is full of hearty 90+ olds who were chopping wood and tending their farm and families with strength and vigor till the very end. Death before 80 was unheard of, and disability wasn't known. Yet these same genetics made both of my children regress into disability before age 2 because they have crappy genes that don't do well with vaccines? POPPPPPPY COCK!

Heather Kovac

If you continue to promote the idea that some benefit from vaccines (an idea I find completely incorrect) and that just a minority are harmed, you can kiss health freedom goodbye forever. In this climate, the "health" of the many will always win over the minority. Vaccine mandates are an evil that will only be conquered by destroying the "Vaccine Theory!" Injecting disease and chemicals directly into the body, bypassing every miraculous part of the immune system (that has developed over thousands of years) does not protect but does exactly the opposite - weakens every system in the body. It is no surprise to me that a mainstream news outlet is in the pocket of Big Pharma. I don't recall a time when the New York Times was ever interested in presenting a fair article on the issue of vaccines.

Kathy Sincere

I sit and read James Lyons-Weiler article over and over again to make sense of it. I cannot. Then I read the commentaries which I can make more sense of, especially the ones by Laura Hayes and Cherry Misra - and of course, by Bob Moffit, AoA commenter extraordinaire.

Genetic testing for vaccine vulnerability will only open the door for such mandated testing by the government and then more mandated vaccines for the "majority". Such as the 300 new ones in the pipeline…..

I am most disturbed by Lyons-Weiler’s own comment on his blog, responding to a reader: ‘I’ve shared a ton of information on limitations of individual vaccines here, and elsewhere. It does no good to generalize about “vaccines”. There are no studies so far on association of some vaccines w/autism, so generalizing about safety on specific injuries/adverse events is counter- productive as well.”

The mothers I personally know whose children suffered regressive autism as toddlers following a particular vaccine would vehemently disagree with the above statement. I personally take offense with that statement; studies be damned! I watched my daughter’s hands swell within months of her MMR booster at 12 and she continues to suffer with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis today at 40. It is not speculative nor generalizing to say that her illness was caused by the MMR. I witnessed my son suffer seizures and tics within weeks of his DPT booster at 13 which then developed into severe intractable bi-polar which took his life at 28. It is not speculative or generalizing to say that the DPT booster took his life. My 44 year old son’s Asperger’s is harder to pin on a particular vaccine and so I would say ALL OF THEM! Every single frickin’ one of them that caused him to run 105 degree fever for days and be treated with lots of Tylenol. Oh yes, I WILL SPECULATE because the truth must be spoken; it is not “counter-productive”. And then there are the myriad of health problems my 4th born has endured; a list too long to enumerate. Vaccine injury has irreparably damaged my family and affected our lives forever.

When I’m asked about my stance on vaccines, my go to line is from Laura Hayes - “Vaccines: What’s there to be ‘Pro’ about”?!! Really nothing, James.

Angus Files

Belluz’s Vox article being the perfect illustration of this, the medical mafia wants everyone to now believe that so-called “autism genetics” is the most likely cause of the current autism epidemic, and that nobody should ever worry about mercury-laden vaccines.


Pharma For Prison


cia parker

Sorry, I hit preview rather than post accidentally, and a lot of extra text was the result.

cia parker


"First you write: "I think it is clear that there are genes which predispose to vaccine damage, and also clear that when the MTHFR gene (one of many possible predisposing genes) is present in about half of children, vaccine damage is not rare."

Then you write: "Most people seem to get vaccines and have no visible reaction, and usually do not get the VPD. "

These 2 statements of yours seem to me to contradict one another."

They do not contradict each other. Why do you think I chose the words "no visible reaction," rather than say "they have no adverse reaction"? I am totally aware that every vaccine does at least some harm on some level, even though it may not be readily visible. But I'm also aware that vaccines have almost completely wiped out polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and Hib meningitis in the developed world. Measles too, but that's a bad thing, not a good one. Rates of polio paralysis in the early '50s were high. Some cases were misdiagnosed, but most were not. They really were polio and there were many thousands of cases of both incidence, crippling, and death. Tens of thousands of cases every year in the nineteenth and early twentieth century of diphtheria, close to two thousand a year in the US of tetanus, thousands a year of severe cases of Hib meningitis, with 1/5 mortality, and some disabled for life. We should not forget these cases either: it is not that if it were not for vaccines, everyone would be healthy and happy. Some would, some wouldn't.

Everyone I know has gotten many vaccines, and nearly all of them are healthy and happy, living normal lives. Some have allergies, but most do not. Maybe one or more of the vaccines chipped five years off of their life or reduced their energy, or their immune resistance. I know someone whose whole family got a bad case of the H3N2 flu, and she says she knows someone who got it, got pneumonia from it, and died of it. My daughter had a 100 degree fever on Sunday, threw up on Saturday night, and I thought she was getting this flu. But by Monday morning it was completely gone. It may have been a mild, transient stomach flu, or it may have been the H3N2 flu, but because she was breast fed for so long, I've never reduced her fever when she had one, and didn't try to protect her from illnesses going around, also because she had pertussis and chicken pox, and the EV-68 polio look-alike, she has a healthy, strong immune system which, because she's young (17) just brushes off even this flu that everyone is so afraid of. How can anyone know which it is, except statistically? And will we ever know if some cancer twenty years from now occurs as a result of getting some vaccine now? Maybe it will be, or maybe there will be no connection.

As for polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and Hib disease, yes, it's true, most people used to get a subclinical case of them and got immunity to them, never a severe case of the diseases, and these people did not benefit when those like them got vaccines which they really would never have needed. But is it eugenics to say that everyone must NOT get these, or other, vaccines, because we'd be better off without the genetically weak ones in the gene pool? Because numerically the number of those who got severe cases and were disabled or killed by the diseases was very large. Is it not equally eugenics if the NYT suggests that it's OK to cripple or kill the weak with vaccines for the "greater good"?

We must give parents the most complete and accurate information we can, and direct him or her to the best books on the subject, and then let them decide. And then keep track of the results either way, to give future parents recent information to consider. Personally, if I had it to do over again, I'd give C the homeopathic nosodes for the diseases I thought were dangerous at each age. and never give her any vaccines. Pertussis from month one. Then in later months, each of the three types of meningitis there are vaccines for. At two, tetanus. I was not aware of them at that time, and would have had some trouble to get them (although it would have been worth it). Others as called for.

But I think it's very important to remember how devastating many of the VPDs were at one time, how much suffering and death they caused. That's why vaccines became so popular. And thousands of those who suffocated from diphtheria were not genetically weak, just unfortunate. You have to make intelligent decisions, considering all three sides (nothing and maybe natural disease, vaccines, homeopathic nosodes). But if you choose all or nothing, then this dogma may kill or disable your child.

As for getting the diseases vaccinated for, no one says that vaccines are always effective, and they took the oral polio vaccine off the market because in rare cases it caused crippling polio. But how many children die of diphtheria or tetanus who have been vaccinated for them? How many children get measles (again, measles is a beneficial disease to get for most healthy children)? In most cases, the vaccines DO protect against the diseases, and it's up to the parent to consider all the possible adverse reactions which are often caused by the vaccine. I cautiously recommend the Hib vaccine for babies between six and eighteen months old who are not breast fed and are in daycare. It's not that I'm not aware of the peanut allergy it causes in one in fifty, or the diabetes or autism it sometimes causes, among many other possibilities, but because Hib disease used to be more common and more devastating in that group. I would not force it on anyone, just tell them what I know. It's certainly always a roll of the dice.

Posted by: cia parker |

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I'm aware that every vaccine does some degree of harm to everyone who takes it. I agree with that. But it's also true that very few in developed societies die or are disabled by diphtheria, tetanus, polio, or Hib disease, and few babies are disabled by congenital rubella syndrome, and the reason for this is primarily vaccines. It's always a case of balancing risk and benefit.

I wrote a comment and hit Preview by accident, and there was no button available to post it. I don't know what happened to it.

Homeopathic nosodes are a good alternative: cheap, safe, and effective. But other than that, if everyone stopped taking any vaccines for anything, then we would once again see a lot of people die or be disabled by the diseases I mentioned above, a smaller number die from usually mild diseases like measles. Right now we don't see them, because nearly everyone has taken all or most of the vaccines. Of course I know how harmful the vaccines often are. You shouldn't just take all of them on your doctor's word.

Eugenics is an ugly word, and I don't think it's applicable here at all. But if it were, it would go both ways. If no child is vaccinated, the genetically weaker ones are going to die in larger numbers of the diseases. If most children are vaccinated, as now, then yes, a large number of the genetically vulnerable are damaged or killed by vaccines. If you go full throttle one way or the other, you're condoning massive loss of life. The only reasonable thing to do is to give parents all the information possible on both the diseases, their current risk, and what it would probably be if a lot of people didn't vax, both incidence, disability, and death. And information on all the many types of vaccine damage, how frequent it is believed to be for each vaccine. But it's not a cut-and-dried issue, that if no one vaxxes, we'll all be healthy and happy.

I gave passages from Dr. Moskowitz which said that he understands that many parents choose to give their children the DT and polio vaccines. Even though he understands how dangerous vaccines are, he recognizes that the vaccines are usually effective, they prevent death or disability from diphtheria, tetanus, and polio, and that is a good thing. If those were the only vaccines you gave, there would probably not be many cases of severe reaction, though there would be some. I think absolute dogma one way or the other is the enemy.


You have to wonder if the NYT ever had it to begin with.

Angus Files

a genetic minority of people..Pharmas own words - 10% of the flu vaccine at best worked and I think probably out of that 10% 8% never had it to start with the other 2% probably had a faulty vaccine genetics?genetics?where!

Pharma for Prison



..."I think it is clear that there are genes which predispose to vaccine damage, and also clear that when the MTHFR gene (one of many possible predisposing genes) is present in about half of children, vaccine damage is not rare..."

While the above statement is somewhat true, this statement misses the bigger picture. Vaccines harm ALL who receive them, not just a few with so-called genetic issues. It's just that those of whom have certain genetic variabilties seem to exhibit MORE overt injury, than others. Vaccines are not just poisonous to some, but poisonous to all who receive them. I've always likened this sort of statement to someone stating that giving arsenic to all is okay, even though there may be a few who react more strongly to it, than others - so justifying its use.

"There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good." "The manufacturers of these vaccines know they are worthless but they go on selling them anyway." - Dr J Anthony Morris, PhD (Former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and Research Virologist, US FDA)

“I found the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instances of these diseases you will realize that this is not so.” – Dr. Archivides Kalokerinos, MD

“The chief, if not the sole cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination.” – Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President, International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital

Laura Hayes


First you write: "I think it is clear that there are genes which predispose to vaccine damage, and also clear that when the MTHFR gene (one of many possible predisposing genes) is present in about half of children, vaccine damage is not rare."

Then you write: "Most people seem to get vaccines and have no visible reaction, and usually do not get the VPD. "

These 2 statements of yours seem to me to contradict one another.

With regard to your second statement that I cut and pasted above, I disagree. The visible reaction post-vaccination might not be immediate, but it's coming...be it an hour, a day, a month, a year, a couple of years, further down the line, or all of the above, before it manifests, and/or is recognized and attributed to the vaccine(s) previously received. As for most people not getting the diseases for which they were vaccinated...they often do (influenza would be but one powerful example of that), in addition to suffering that which is far worse and often lifelong.

cherry Misra

Friends, Is this some kind of new-age logic imparted by the NYT ? It seems to go like this "YOU get to have FREEDOM OF SPEECH and WE get to tell you what you must put into your child's body even if you think you may injure or kill your child" ... What do they teach them in those journalism schools now a days?
I began my boycott of NYT a long time ago when they ran a hit piece on the Geiers, who are very esteemed scientists who have suffered a lot for looking into vaccines and mercury as a cause of autism.
To add to what Laura has said, I would like to point out that just because you look at kids in elementary schools and they LOOK normal, does not mean that they are. See that class of kids walking back to school from the park ? One is wearing an insulin gun. Several have allergy or asthma meds at night. One is 11 years old but he has never made a friend. Another has melt downs (Did you ever see an 11 year old have a melt down when you were young - pre 1980's ? A couple are hyperactive and cant focus on what is taught- Some are on psychiatric meds. The list goes on I find it difficult to agree with anyone who imagines that vaccines are safe for most babies.
And remember, this is only the beginning - Will the rate of Alzheimers disease skyrocket further till nearly every one gets it because their brains are full of the aluminum put into them when they were young? and oops, we didnt know that the Krypto- Tripococcal vaccine contained stealth viruses, so everyone over 50 is at risk of X cancer . Who are these nitwits who expect us to think that vaccines are very safe when we have seen with our own eyes that they are not !
Am I wrong in guessing that whenever the NYT writes on vaccines, they will look for someone in their very early twenties? , who never studied biology ?

cia parker

Lyons-Weiler was saying that the pharmocracy should not deny that millions of children have been severely damaged by vaccines. He wasn't promoting or condoning any mandates, just recognizing that, for whatever reason, many children get vaccines and are damaged by them, and should not be forgotten. I think it is clear that there are genes which predispose to vaccine damage, and also clear that when the MTHFR gene (one of many possible predisposing genes) is present in about half of children, vaccine damage is not rare. Moskowitz and also the anthology Vaccines and Autoimmunity make clear that autoimmune reactions are always just part of the vaccination process. Most people seem to get vaccines and have no visible reaction, and usually do not get the VPD. But they, like everyone else, must be free to accept or reject the vaccines. I think we all agree (except the New York Times) that mandates are completely unfair and unacceptable.

"I would recommend not reading the New York Times until they retract their call for injury and death in a genetic minority of people who, through no fault of their own, are susceptible to vaccine injury.

The majority who benefits from the suffering of a minority should protect the minority, and lift them up as heroes, not toss them to the side and deny their suffering and mandate that more people be injured because vaccine injuries are causing “vaccine hesitancy”."

cia parker

This is also from Dr. Moskowitz' article in Mothering "Immunizations: The Other Side."

"The greatest favor we could do for our children would be to expose them all to the measles and mumps when they are young, which would not only protect them against contracting more serious forms of these diseases when they grow older, but would also greatly assist in their immunological maturation with minimal risk...The simplest and most effective way to prevent CRS (congenital rubella syndrome) would be to expose everybody to rubella in elementary school." (In Vaccination: The Issue of our Times, ed. Peggy O'Mara). The same certainly holds true for chickenpox, the vaccine for which was not yet given when Moskowitz wrote this article.

It would be desirable to offer (no coercion) to deliberately expose schoolchildren to one disease a year at the end of the school year. The community would be informed of this so everyone could get a vaccine for the diseases if that's what they chose to do, because the children would be contagious and it would reintroduce these usually very beneficial diseases into the community. Parents would have to sign a consent form which included mention of the possible risks of the natural diseases and how to nurse them. And then children could develop strong, healthy, competent immune systems again, with lifelong protection from the diseases and other diseases like cancer in many cases.

cia parker

Dr. Moskowitz has not given any vaccines in 35 years. He didn't mention homeopathic prophylaxis in this new book: I don't know if he offered it at his practice or not, but since he is also a homeopath, it seems likely. I think, though, that we should remember that some of the vaccine-preventable diseases can be very serious or fatal, and they used to be very common. Dr. Moskowitz said this in his article in Mothering many years ago, "Immunizations: The Other Side."

"The equation looks somewhat different for the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines. First of all, both diphtheria and tetanus are serious, sometimes fatal diseases, even with the best of treatment; this is especially true of tetanus, which still carries a fatality rate of close to 50%.

Furthermore, these vaccines are not made from living diphtheria and tetanus organisms, but only from certain toxins elaborated by them. These poisonous substances are still highly antigenic, even after being inactivated by heat. Diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, therefore, do not protect against infections per se, but only against the systemic action of the original poisons, in the absence of which both infections are of minor importance clinically.

Consequently, it is easy to understand why parents might want children protected against diphtheria and tetanus if safe and effective protection were available. Moreover, both vaccines have been in use for a long time, and the reported incidence of serious problems has remained very low, so there has never been very much public outcry against them. "

In his new book, p. 184, he says: "Developed in the 1920s, the diphtheria and tetanus toxoids were not meant to prevent infections by these bacteria, but simply to antidote the deadly poisons elaborated by them, both of which are proteins of high molecular weight, microgram-for-microgram among the most lethal substances known to man, and are responsible for the high mortality rate of these diseases, which even today, with the best treatment available, still approaches 10%. It is thus wholly understandable that most of the parents whose children I care for in my practice have welcomed whatever protection these toxoids can provide, many of whom opt for the DT, polio, and nothing else."

He discusses in other sections both of his article and his book factors like the aluminum in the DT vaccine, and the autoimmune reactions inherent in the vaccination process itself, and there are other dangers as well. But I think we need to recognize the need to protect against the diseases which present a current risk. Homeopathic prophylaxis is completely safe and usually effective. Its effectiveness rates are comparable or superior to vaccination, but neither is 100%. At this time it's uncertain how long protection from nosodes lasts. Sometimes it causes antibodies to be formed, especially if several doses in a progressive series are given, but its protection does not depend on antibodies.

Diphtheria is a terrible disease. It's true that, as in the case of most diseases, most people developed antibodies showing probable immunity with no vaccination received. But in the minority of cases which manifested clinically, it caused immense suffering, suffocation, sometimes heart or kidney failure. It came back in the former Soviet Union in the '80s and '90s, in a population which had been completely vaccinated. Hunger, cold, alcoholism, and homelessness were the main causes, but it's still true that it came back, affected many, killed many, and was brought under control by a massive vaccination campaign. These are just facts which parents should consider. It would probably be rare or not often fatal in well-nourished children who got antibiotic treatment at the hospital, but that wouldn't be true in every case.

Tetanus is an ever-present possibility, and also terrible in clinical cases. Also true that most people before the vaccine eventually got subclinical immunity to it, although my father saw a man die in agony of tetanus in his father's doctor's office in the '30s. Good wound care is very important, but about half of tetanus cases are caused by scratches or wounds the person was not even aware of getting. It probably can't be wiped out, since it's in the GI tract of many mammals, horses, cows, dogs, gerbils (I was bitten by one of our gerbils in 2005 and one of our books said they can carry it, so I went to get a tetanus booster, which I think will continue to protect me for the rest of my life.)

If polio comes back here, then all parents must research it and decide what to do. Again, most people got subclinical immunity, but a few people were crippled for life or even killed. The vaccines were effective and wiped out polio in developed countries. The SV-49 virus was tragic, and just something else to consider. It, at least, is no longer present in polio vaccines, though it may be that something else is which we don't yet know about.

Dr. Moskowitz didn't think any of the meningitis vaccines were worth the risk. I would have to say that parents need to research it and make a decision. Hib disease is the biggest danger in the absence of vaccination. A lot depends of your perspective. In the mid-'80s, one in 200 babies was getting a severe case of Hib disease, the highest number yet (it was rare before immunosuppression by the DPT, and usually treatable with antibiotics until the '80s and antibiotic resistance), and one in a thousand was dying of it even with the best of hospital treatment. Most people carry meningitis germs around in their respiratory tract most of the time with no problems. Most people get immunity to them by the age of five, or by adulthood. The vaccines are dangerous, but in the case of Hib, in my opinion, the disease is MORE dangerous for babies not breastfed and in daycare. The vaccine quickly wiped out Hib disease in the US. But it would be safer to breastfeed, keep young babies at home, and not give the vaccine. Give the nosode if you think it's a good idea, and it probably is. The nosodes for pneumo and meningococcal meningitis as well.

I think it's important to take both sides into consideration: some of the diseases were devastating, and would be again if a lot of people didn't vax and they came back. But homeopathic nosodes are effective, cheap, and safe, I'm just not positive how long protection lasts on average. Pertussis, measles, chickenpox, and mumps they ought to just let come back. Parents can give the nosodes if they think they're a good idea for young babies or immunocompromised children. Rubella they ought to let come back as well, but teach people that girls should take the homeopathic nosode for their protection before or during pregnancy (it's safe to take during pregnancy).

No hep-B for babies born to mothers negative for hep-B, and only to be considered if someone in the family has it. Also nosode available for that. No HPV vaccine: nosode in cases of special risk. No flu vaccine for routine use.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Gary Ogden | January 18, 2018 at 09:23 AM

Thanks Gary , sir , you got my attention. God help us all indeed.


I surely don't need to tell anyone, I agree with Laura Hayes also.

bob moffit

"The majority who benefits from the suffering of a minority should protect the minority, and lift them up as heroes, not toss them to the side and deny their suffering and mandate that more people be injured because vaccine injuries are causing “vaccine hesitancy”.

The sordid history of the "eugenics movement" in the United States .. is frighteningly described as the "willingness of the state to sacrifice the few to benefit the many" in author Robert Whitaker's book .. "Mad In America .. bad science, bad medicine and the enduring mistreatment of the mentally ill".

While Whitaker's book is written about the history of eugenics as it applied to massive state sponsored "sterilization programs of the mentally ill" .. that history is .. none-the-less .. eerily similar to today's state sponsored "mandated vaccine" programs .. and .. worth revisiting.

Consider .. in the United States .. between 1883 and 1930's .. the scientific community .. well-established foundations .. prestigious universities .. to benefit the "majority" .. had successfully promoted state sponsored "mass sterilization" programs of the "minority" .. who had been classified as mentally ill.

However .. it didn't take long .. 1913 to be precise .. when Iowa expanded the list of "mentally ill" in need of "mandatory" sterilization to include .. "criminals, rapists, idiots, feeble-minded, imbeciles, lunatics, drunkards, drug fiends, epileptics, syphilitics, moral and sexual perverts, and diseased and degenerate persons" .. a catchall description, in essence, any "minority" the "majority" in the state legislatures disapproved of.

Predictably .. during the time "eugenics" in the United States had prospered .. somewhere in the early 1930's .. the idea that the state has a right to "sacrifice of the few to benefit the many" .. was taken to a new level in Hitler's Germany .. where "eugenics catchalls" ..mainly millions of Jews but others simply deemed "useless eaters" .. became the guiding force leading to the creation of Hitler's crematoriums.

As eugenics was gaining support in the United States .. religious groups were among the loudest voices arguing that such laws violated constitutional safeguards against cruel and unusual punishment, due to the process of law, and equal protection of laws. And .. just as today .. the loud "anti-vaccine" voices protesting "mandatory vaccinations" .. are being largely ignored.

Again .. just like today .. those religious groups opposing "eugenics" received a major set back when the US Supreme Court in 1927 .. by an 8 to 1 majority in the case of Buck v Bell .. ruled sterilization by mandate of the state .. was constitutional. Esteemed Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes supported the decision noting .. "experience has shown that heredity plays an important part in the transmission of insanity, imbecility, etc" ... thereby setting the precedent that "bad science can become the foundation for bad law".

That precedent continues today .. as a majority of the Supreme Court denied the "minority" who have been seriously damaged .. including death of loved ones .. their constitutional right to seek justice in a civil court .. while claiming that "unavoidable unsafe" vaccines are too critical to protect the MAJORITY"S PUBLIC HEALTH.

Obviously ... those state legislatures creating "mandatory vaccine" policies have learned nothing from the tragic lessons the Holocaust taught mankind .. primary among those lessons is the sanctity of INFORMED CONSENT .. THE ONLY WAY A "MINORITY" CAN PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES FROM A "MAJORITY" THAT FOOLISHLY RELIES UPON BAD SCIENCE TO CREATE BAD LAWS.

Laura Hayes

I am greatly disappointed that AoA is condoning and promoting an article that includes the statement that only "a genetic minority of people...are susceptible to vaccine injury." Utter nonsense and dangerous propaganda, as is the author's other statement that "the majority who benefits from the suffering of a minority...". The majority of the vaccinated is not benefitting.

Furthermore, this author makes no call to immediately ban vaccine mandates. Rather, he uses the phrase "mandates without exemptions." No free or ethical society can have vaccine mandates, nor can there be the ethical medical practice of informed consent when mandates exist. A simple "no thank you" should always suffice when one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one's child.

An article such as this implies that genetic pre-screening can be used to determine who will be harmed by vaccines. Readers, beware! Think through the implications and consequences of that...i.e. your child fails to qualify for an exemption based on their genetic screening test, and as a result is mandated to be poisoned via vaccination, resulting in trauma, acute and/or chronic illness, developmental disabilities, impairment of fertility, DNA damage, and premature death, including the possibility of immediate death.

Hugely disappointed to see this article referring to "a genetic minority" condoned and promoted on AoA while at the same time the vast majority of America's children and young adults is now living with the deleterious results of having been vaccinated.

Hans Litten

Under Barack Obamas tenure (and his Kenyan ancestry)





Gary Ogden

Dr. Moskowitz explains in an easy-to-understand manner why vaccination prevents the development of a robust immune system and leads to autoimmunity in all, subclinical in most, but ever present. God help us.

Patricia pratt

Vaccines are lethal, for some
Vaccines are dangerous, for others
Vaccines are useless, for the majority
And nobody knows why or how.......

Genetic testing might provide a clue, but then we wouldn't need vaccines, just help for the body's own immunity. BUT.....there is no motivation for change. And I always thought science was curious and open to change.....

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