American Teens Eating A Big Bowl of Stupid: Laundry Detergent
The Advisory Committee On Childhood Vaccines Votes NO To Tics As Vaccine Injury

HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights, holds livestream today, Jan 18th at 10:30am EST.

by Ginger Taylor

Screen-shot-2017-07-06-at-9-08-46-pm4HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights, holds livestream today, Jan 18th at 10:30am EST. The religious rights of families in Mississippi, California and West Virginia, along with health care workers and military members, have been violated by demands that they be vaccinated against the conscience of those who hold a pro-life view, and do not want to receive vaccines made from aborted fetal cell lines.

Today HHS gives us an official channel to protest this violation of the 1st Amendment.

"HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights (OCR) specializing in enforcement of and compliance with laws that protect conscience and the free exercise of religion, and that prohibit coercion and religious discrimination."

WATCH LIVE 10:30 am EST: The #HHS Office of Civil Rights announces new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division to address religious discrimination

"Filing a Conscience or Religious Freedom Complaint If you believe that a covered entity discriminated against you (or someone else) on the basis of conscience or religious freedom, coerced you to violate your conscience or religious beliefs, or burdened your free exercise of religion, you may file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). You may file a complaint for yourself, your organization, or for someone else."

It is time to organize a formal complaint process for those who have both been forced into injecting these products, and for those who have been tricked into receiving these products, because they were not given informed consent.


James Harrison

I have a sincere belief that taking the soon to be mandatory vaccine will be forcing me to bear false witness as does the now ( for all intent and purpose ) mandatory weary of masks. And there is really no law other than the force of an artificially produced government sponsored Covid 19 fear that is forcing me to do bear a false witness to the truth.

Jim Harrison


"I was agreeing with you and enjoying the absurdity, because if I don't laugh then I'll cry. It is so beyond ridiculous. All these people and their policies are completely FOS. If there is to be no freedom of conscience and religion in educational institutions (where the children and young adults are), then this whole exercise is just another dog and pony show."

Well, okay then. I was wondering there for a moment.

Frankly, I think this whole HHS issue is going to be yet one of those dangling carrots they put in front of us, making us believe that they care and that they have remedies to 'fix' some of this absurdity, but the reality is it's just going to be another dog and pony show...nothing to see here.

I will say this: Please - to those of you who are writing about this new HHS issue (and not necessarily over on this blog), please make sure before you wrote some of your articles that you've actually read the statutes and don't unintentionally misguide your faithful readers into believing that this new HHS deal is going to be some sort of remedy for (as an example) our kids here in CA.

I have been reading, with sinking heart, many comments from parents who are now under the mistaken belief that they can now write to this new division with HHS and seem remedy re SB277 issues here in CA.

Even still, for those who may be able to seek remedy via this new division, you still have to file a complaint, someone within this division has to read and JUDGE that complaint and the end result may not be the desired outcome for whom that complaint was filed.

Actually, the more I think about this new HHS issue, the more heated I get because I can feel that it's just going to be another red herring.

It's infuriating.


That bears repeating -

They're saying that Americans should be free to believe what they want to believe, but NOT THE CHILDREN.



"Not sure what your reply means, actually?"

I was agreeing with you and enjoying the absurdity, because if I don't laugh then I'll cry. It is so beyond ridiculous. All these people and their policies are completely FOS. If there is to be no freedom of conscience and religion in educational institutions (where the children and young adults are), then this whole exercise is just another dog and pony show.



"Ha ha, Bayareamom,

Because there is to be no guarantee of freedom of conscience or religion in American educational institutions?"

Not sure what your reply means, actually?

This was the response that a friend of mine received re her query about the statutes and the language regarding the new division in HHS. That was HHS' reply to her. Unfortunately, HHS states that this new division is not creating a forum within which to file complaints against educational institutions.

Didn't say I agreed w/this (and I don't). Just saying what the LANGUAGE IN THE STATUTES reads. Folks need to learn to read the statutes and not just make assumptions based on abstracts and/or what someone else thinks on blogs, etc. You have to actually read what the statutes say when interpreting the language behind these new laws.

This new division is certainly a good start, but not perfect. Additionally, filing a complaint with this new division may not equal the desired resolution.

I have learned to view anything the government says with a wary eye. People are jumping for joy with this new HHS deal, but when you read the states, as my friend found out, and as HHS states, this isn't the cherry on the top that we've all wanted (exactly).

But again - it's a start. Myself, I would love to see some sort of Congressional MANDATE outlawing any sort of medical mandate, be it vaccination or any type medical procedure...period. Therefore, no need for exemptions. A simple 'no thank you' will do.

In a truly free/democratic society, that's what you'd have. Hopefully, some day, that'll be the reality...


Ha ha, Bayareamom,

Because there is to be no guarantee of freedom of conscience or religion in American educational institutions?

Imagine what George Carlin would have done with that policy?
Beyond ludicrous.


A friend of mine received the following response from HHS regarding her inquiry re the new division. It stated as follows:

..."Please note that the statutes state that complaints may be filed against health care or social service providers, not educational institutions. Health care and social service providers include:

• Hospitals and health clinics
• Medicaid and Medicare agencies
• Alcohol and drug treatment centers
• Extended care facilities
• Public assistance programs
• Nursing homes
• Adoption agencies
• Day care, mental health and senior citizen centers..."

*Please note re the above that complaints may NOT be filed against EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.


Thanks John,very good ,and they all look perfectly normal as well. Difficult to work out from this presentation, who is away with the faries, Iolanthe fashion . We are still very fortunate to have them ,good bad, and indifferent to support, advise, and warn about this that and the next thing .
No issues with LGBT people at all. either . Peoples sexuality is only a small part of who they are as a whole human being . Children ,animals, and vulnerable people need safeguarding from any type of sexual predators behaviour that has crossed the clear limits and boundaries lines into forensic abuse .
If the church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn and any other type of pastoral /non pastoral paed-ophiphile .paedos, think its ok for paedos as long as they are not practising paedos ? Oh help! Don't shout Help! Shout Fire!
Invisible predators are getting their cap badges itentified along with their back bumper registration numbers . their bolt holes of hiding places are blocked off . spot checks are undrerway .
See Scottish Police sense of humor youtube Alcohol breathalysers sketch

bob moffit

"HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights"

Just read a heartbreaking description of a seven year old child .. who died from cancer .. after battling the disease for five years .. after undergoing numerous debilitating "treatments" with "recommended and approved" chemo-radiation.

The family was desperately trying to obtain "medical marijuana" .. in New Jersey .. which the family believed would be of great benefit to lessen their son's painful .. years long suffering ordeal.

Apparently .. public health bureaucracy in New Jersey ... (HHS?) ... refused to provide the "oil" derived from marijuana .. instead .. only provided the marijuana "flower" .. requiring the family to "extract the oil" from the "flower" themselves.

Why would they deliberately DENY this family the chance to utilize that "medical marijuana oil" upon the family's request for MERCY? MONEY?

How do these people sleep at night .. doesn't their CONSCIENCE BOTHER THEM?

John Stone

Hi Morag

Yes, Iolanthe still rings pretty true 135 years on, although some of the constitutional arrangements may have changed - their lordships are of course all obsessessed with under-age girls.

You may like the version on you tube of the March of the Peers as interpreted by the Southampton Opera Society. It is remarkable how skilful many of these amateur productions are.



Also see Winterbourne view youtube "Forensic monsters at work in 2011"
Aye Jenny ,when Fire Brigade Headquarters were told about what happened to us in 2013 their initial response was "Oh What!"
Ombudsmans service has had a scoping exercise done of their policy and procedure manuals as well "Presentation of same not fit for purpose"
Implementation of a morphine pump set up without an assessment or plan of action or consent is called "attemted murd'rr" The paperwork exercise is completed 2012-2015 Not for if it's going to be required but definately when!
"Loudly bray the trumpet ,bang the brasses ! Tantantara !Tzing! Boom !"

Jenny Allan

Vaccine advocate threatens mass murder "suicide mission" shooting at public autism event

Where the HELL are the police?

Angus Files


Vaccine advocate threatens mass murder "suicide mission" shooting at public autism event

Pharma For Prison



The ONLY protection the "minority" has to protect themselves from the medical tyranny of government public health bureaucracies ... is INFORMED CONSENT .. that was an outgrowth of the Nuremburg Trials exposure of the horrors of Hitler's Holocaust.


From what I've read, the other significant outcome of the Nunemburg trials, was 19 convictions of the 22 defendants who were on trial. Twelve received the death penalty, three received sentences of life imprisonment, and the remaining four convictions resulted in sentences of 10 to 20 years.

In my opinion,vaccine injury is no less horrific. On some levels, I would even argue that it's more horrific. Since the majority of the targeted victims have been toddlers and infants!

An honest, properly functioning judicial system is another protection that appears to have gone missing. A protection that should have long ago recognized, and put a stop to this insanity.

John Stone


Worth noting in this was that Grimes was not a medical doctor or scientist - not pointed out by the Mail - so there was no professional accountability for his statements. Also notice the carefully worded ambiguity of the statements of the public agencies.


Jenny Allan

Hi John
US readers might be interested in the Melinda Messenger HPV vaccine controversy, for which both Melinda and The Mail got vilified. Yes, the dreaded Doc Grimes got to put in his patronising tuppence worth, predictably spouting dodgy statistics and bringing up yet again the 18 year old Wakefield MMR vaccine controversy-which had NOTHING TO DO with Melinda's decision to refuse the HPV vaccine for her daughter. However, Melinda stood her ground and the comments below the second Mail article are mostly fully supportive of Melinda's decision. Some persons reported their daughters reacted badly to the vaccine. Of course in the UK young persons over the age of 12 can consent themselves. There's huge peer and other pressures piled on in schools where the vaccine is administered. Children are told the vaccine will prevent cancer. As yet there's NO PROOF of this, although some disturbing evidence is emerging some cancer causing HPV strains not included in the vaccine are now taking over.
From above:-
"Why I stopped my little girl from having the cervical cancer jab" : TV presenter Melinda Messenger is one of a number of mothers worried about the possible side effects of the HPV vaccination
By Melissa Messenger For The Daily Mail
PUBLISHED: 23:47, 29 November 2016 | UPDATED: 19:14, 1 December 2016
From above:-
"Row erupts on This Morning sofas as Melinda Messenger is accused of scare-mongering over her decision NOT to give her teenage daughter the HPV vaccine."

"A spokesperson for Public Health England said: 'The HPV vaccine is the most effective way for young girls and women to protect themselves against cervical cancer - the most common cancer among women under the age of 35.
'The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is clear that the evidence does not support a link between HPV vaccination and any of the chronic illnesses it is being linked to.
'We would strongly urge any eligible teenagers, aged 12 to 13, not to be deterred from getting vaccinated at the right time because of any misleading information – delaying the vaccination reduces the protection given.
'This very effective vaccine could save their lives."

John Stone


There is little doubt that the modern psychiatric professions in our countries are almost as oppressive as in the dark past, while evading the openly barbaric, graphic horrors of the things you describe - also the media agencies I mentioned are at the forefront of denying the massive harms of modern psychiatric medications just as they are there with vaccines. Raise a red flag, as for instance David Healy has done, and the pack will be after you for endangering ‘the vast majority of patients’ who ‘benefit’. Those that don’t may not be heard, and for those the commit suicide the coroner’s court is there to clear up the mess. And if the drugs are implicated in incidents of mass shooting then the trail will go cold. As with the vaccines it is a whole vast tyranny. No mainstream journalist will touch it.

It is an ugly picture.


bob moffit

@ jenny & John

I am re-reading "Mad In America .. bad science, bad medicine and the enduring mistreatment of the mentally ill" .. by Robert Whitaker .. which offers a frightening historical review of treating mental illness in the United States .. explaining in vivid language the often inhuman "treatments" (shackled to beds in total isolation, immersion in icy cold baths for days on end, electric shock, lobotomy) .. routinely sanctioned and widely practiced in asylums throughout the 1800-1900's.

Most of these inhumane "treatments" were proclaimed great success by psychiatry's leading voices. Unfortunately .. "success" was measured by these witchdoctors by rendering their "patients" totally incapacitated .. making them easier to control ..

There is much to learn from the sordid history of "treating mental illness" .. because .. there are many eerily similar conditions regarding the increasing government mandates to "vaccinate" everyone from cradle to grave .. using the same "scientific" reasoning .. better known as "eugenics" .. where the government recommends, approves and mandates .. vaccines .. for the "benefit of the herd" .. (majority) .. at the known RISKS .. including death and life-long disorders .. to the smaller minority.

The ONLY protection the "minority" has to protect themselves from the medical tyranny of government public health bureaucracies ... is INFORMED CONSENT .. that was an outgrowth of the Nuremburg Trials exposure of the horrors of Hitler's Holocaust.

John Stone

Hi Jenny

It is an interesting point about pharma funding of the media, which is much less significant in the UK than in the US where the Clinton administration de-restricted advertising in the mid-1990s. In the UK it is done more through the snarling dog pharma/government agencies of Sense About Science and Science Media Centre. The Mail haven’t done much latterly - back in late 2016 they highlighted the case of Melinda Messenger’s daughter and HPV vaccine - but even there they brought in SAS’s expert in BS David Robert Grimes to comment. And they have plenty of jounalists standing by ready to do Andrew Wakefield a bad turn. Even so it is hard not to prefer the paper’s light-weight attitude to the smug, hypocritical rectitude of something like the Guardian.

Jenny Allan

For those US folks who have never heard of this wonderful UK method of getting rid of demented old folks taking up beds in NHS hospitals, the Liverpool Care Pathway, ( called the Liverpool DEATH Pathway by 'survivors 'and victims' relatives), meant withdrawal of ALL food and drinks and administering strong sedatives to prevent the patient from complaining. The lucky ones died quick, but some lingered for weeks. This was supposed to 'ease the passing' of terminally ill patients, but scandalously could be administered by just about any nurse or doctor in a hospital, without proper investigation or supervision. Relatives were never informed this was happening and following the deaths of patients, were told their relatives had consented to be 'killed' -some say 'murdered' -by the NHS.

A few 'Whistleblowing' nurses and doctors predictably got disciplined or lost their jobs. It was left to a member of the public, visiting her Mum in a Staffordshire hospital to expose the conditions in our hospitals, likened to 'bedlam' with elderly patients screaming and drinking the water out of flower vases. The NHS predictably went into cover up and damage limitation mode, but it was too late to prevent huge widespread public outrage. The Liverpool 'Care' pathway was eventually banned by the Government Health Minister, although like Morag, I suspect such things are still happening in our hospitals.

That horrific scandal was exposed by both the National and local press and media. I only wish newspaper editors could be brave enough to at least publish both sides of the vaccine debate. At the moment the Daily Mail is the only newspaper prepared to expose scandals involving public figures and corporations, but this press outlet still needs pharma advertising to remain profitable.


Just wondering.

Is it ok to inject aborted fetal cells that scientists have linked to leukemia and autism into people as long as they aren't "religious"?

Does the CDC Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) for these drugs list the ingredients? Does the VIS say that the vaccines are made from aborted fetal cells and that foreign human DNA remains in the final product?

Are vaccines ok as long as they aren't made using aborted fetal cells?


How about an Office of Protection From Pharmaceutical Assault? Oh, we already have one - the FDA. What reason do we have to believe that this Office of Religious whatever will be any better than the FDA?

Is this a first step in moving vaccine jurisdiction from state to federal?


The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster [FSM] is apparently legally recognised as a religion in some countries. Darwin called it "Natural selection" Herbert Spencer 1820- 1903 daddy of the mechanical term "Survival of the fittest "from book. Principles of biology [1864]
Eugenics coined by Francis Galton 1883 -half cousin of Charles Darwin .
Euthanasia being one of the appendiges of eugenics . Progressive medical eugenics ."A new era of eugenics different from Nazi eugenics /euthanasia indicating current "Abuse of Power " forced vaccination conscription with failure of basic health and safety of product and VAERS reporting system not fit for purpose . Available to read at BBC Ethics Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide explains different types and forms of euthanasia . current mandates and consent abuses of forced consumer consumption through market driven ideology .survival of the fittest "new model"
The word" murd'rr" Herbert Spencer style "Getting Herbied tae death" using a butterfly syringe to administer a morphine cocktail using a sage pump delivery system . Same consent chaos with doctors still using banned Liverpool Care pathway without consent ?

Laura Hayes

Linda1 seems to have hit the nail on the head...i.e. that this is nothing more than a disingenuous ploy to try to placate the growing numbers of Americans who have figured out that vaccines do nothing other than harm and prematurely kill recipients, and should be eliminated from use immediately. Reminds me of the inane "we need more studies" argument that is regularly touted, including by those on "our" side. We don't need more studies, the evidence is in, and it supports the immediate elimination of vaccines.


Why do they need complaints filed to a special department? Did they lose all the thousands of complaints filed with the government so far? Do they lack internet access to see the first hand testimonies of thousands of people and online state congressional hearings on religious exemption to vaccination? They can't see the online SB277 hearings where thousands of Californians showed up to object? They need it spelled out for them AGAIN? SEPARATELY?

How about the CDC whistle blowers that came forward years ago claiming that the CDC was committing fraud in the vaccine program? What did they do about that? How about the researchers that found glyphosate and nonbiologically compatible contaminants in all human vaccines tested? How about that they aggressively market a flu vaccine that is not only not effective, but leads to more severe illness and is completely experimental in that researchers admit that long term studies are needed to find out what the long term effects are of yearly flu vaccination - while they push the vaccine in pregnancy and starting at 6 months of age?

This is just more BS to add to the giant stinking pile.


"My gut tells me another micro managing bureaucracy to go up against/file complaints to, is not the answer. We just need the freedom to say no."


KP Stoller, MD

This is a copy of my complaint. It is imperative that as many similar complaints as possible be sent to the OCR:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Office for Civil Rights – Division of Conscience & Religious Freedom

[email protected]

Complaint filed by Kenneth Stoller, MD

Work: 415 563-3800

1545 Broadway suite 1-A

San Francisco CA 94109

RE: Religion/Conscience discrimination

In 2015, a law was enacted in the State of California that eliminated Personal Belief Exemptions for vaccines and anyone with a religious objection was affected as well as that was the only option those with religious objections to vaccine could utilize.

So, as on 1/1/2016, child with a religious objection to vaccines were denied access to a public education, which may be in conflict with the constitutional but that is a separate issue.

The reason this complaint is being filed with DHHS and not the Department of Education is that it is DHHS that approves and recommends vaccines in the first place and it would be logical for DHHS to let the states know they can’t discriminate against those that don’t want an intervention DHHS is recommending if they find it morally or religiously objectionable.

There are those that find having biologics injected into human bodies that were created from and contain remnants thereof of aborted human fetal cell (lines) to be a violation of their religious beliefs, and should not be discriminated against by not being allowed access to a public education because of that objection. Most vaccines have the MRC-5 cell line - some have RA 27/3 and WI-38 cell line as well.

Now, this is not exclusively about any particular religion or belief system but this link: … takes you to position paper written by the Pontifical Academy for Life (PONTIFICIA ACADEMIA PRO VITA) in 2005 on this issue. With the exception of the vaccine for German measles, the position of the Vatican on this issue is for parents to object to vaccines that have these aborted fetal cells and that parents should not be coerced to act against their conscience. And that everything possible should be done to create vaccines that do not have these moral issues.

Well, coercion is what is taking place in California, because children can’t enroll in school without these vaccines unless they have a medical exemption, which is not an option for everyone with objections of conscience or religion. Nor are there alternative vaccines that do not have these moral objections. While outside of the scope of this complaint, the elimination of the Personal Belief Exemption in California also eliminated informed consent if for no other reason you can’t have informed consent while there is coercion.

Therefore, I am asking the OCR, at the very least, issue a policy statement (even if it can’t override state laws), that admonishes States to honor the conscientious or religious objections families may have to vaccines that are derived from and may contain contaminants from aborted fetal cell lines, and not discriminate against them in any way.

Thank you for your consideration


My gut tells me another micro managing bureaucracy to go up against/file complaints to, is not the answer. We just need the freedom to say no.

Angus Files

Nice one! Let the complaining begin...pharma trolls need not bother!

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

Dr. Neustaedter discusses religious exemptions in his book The Vaccine Guide, and gives a lot of case law which establishes that it is NOT necessary to belong to a group which opposes vaccination, that personal conviction is sufficient, and it doesn't even require belief in a deity. Fundamentally the same as the philosophical exemption.

I've gotten the religious exemption three times here, and it was easy, no questions asked, and if I had wanted to, I could have picked and chosen, it was not necessary to oppose all vaccines categorically. At least here in Missouri. In 2005 the forms were available in the school office, and were valid for as long as the child was in school. I took C out of school for a while, and had to do it again when she went back to school, going to the county health department to get the form since a new law was passed. And then once more when she started high school.

bob moffit

"HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights (OCR) specializing in enforcement of and compliance with laws that protect conscience and the free exercise of religion, and that prohibit coercion and religious discrimination."

The pharma/public health bureaucracies/bought and paid for politicians of the SWAMP .. cannot be happy about the new HHS Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within it's office for Civil Rights!


Michael S.

Thanks for posting this. I was lucky enough to catch the last few speakers. Dr. Everett Piper's talk was powerful and long overdue. You might be able to replay the live feed by manipulating the buffer lever. Good luck.

David Weiner

This is a good idea, though certainly there are many whose moral sense and conscience have been violated through vaccination for reasons other than the presence of fetal tissue in some of the vaccines.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for this update. Hoping that religious exemptions to vaccines will not be limited to those which contain aborted human fetal material, as that is but one of an endless number of reasons. Religious exemptions to vaccinations should in no way be restricted, eliminated, or challenged. Better yet, no formal exemption of any sort should be required, as vaccine mandates should be immediately banned. In an ethical and free society, a simple "no thank you" should always suffice when one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one's child.

John Gilmore

This is a very important step forward. Anyone in CA, NY, WV, MS or the military who was denied and education for their religious beliefs about vaccines need to file complaints. Likewise anyone who has been kicked out of a medical practice for their religious beliefs about vaccines.

john andrews

looking forward to live feed.

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