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From Radium Girls to Mercury and Aluminum Kids

Radium_DialBy Kim Rossi

Captain's Log. Stardate January 8, 2018. "We're exhausted. Trapped. Not sure we'll ever leave this planet called.... snowed in."

I'm loopy, friends. We had a Nor'Easter Blizzardy thing on Wednesday that closed everything here in Connecticut for two days. My car battery died on Saturday, a victim of low single digit temperatures inside my garage. We've watched so much Nick Jr. it's now Nick the XIV. 

Yesterday, I was poking around CNN and came across an interesting article that caught my eye because it jogged my memories of Dan and his (and Mark Blaxill's) tireless writing about mercury,  medicine and the man made epidemic so many of us live every day - snow day or not.. Titled, Radium Girls: The dark times of luminous watches. 

A century ago, glow-in-the-dark watches were an irresistible novelty. The dials, covered in a special luminous paint, shone all the time and didn't require charging in sunlight. It looked like magic.

One of the first factories to produce these watches opened in New Jersey in 1916. It hired about 70 women, the first of thousands to be employed in many such factories in the United States. It was a well-paid, glamorous job.

For the delicate task of applying the paint to the tiny dials, the women were instructed to point the brushes with their lips. But the paint made the watches glow because it contained radium, a radioactive element discovered less than 20 years earlier, its properties not yet fully understood. The women were ingesting it with nearly every brushstroke.
They became known as the "Radium Girls."

Radium became part of a health fad, according to the article after its discovery by Madame Marie Curie and its use in cancer treatments. It was a proper craze. Radium became an additive in a number of everyday products, from toothpaste to cosmetics and even food and drinks. 

Despite knowing the dangers of this radioactive substance, the worker were lied to and put in harm's way in order to create these popular time pieces. But the girls didn't embrace this technique blindly. "The first thing they asked was (whether) the paint was harmful, but the managers said it was safe, which was the obvious answer for a manager of a company whose very existence depended on radium paint."

Sounds a lot like the mercury and the Age of Autism, doesn't it?  Thimerosal is safe. Mercury is safe. Aluminum is safe. GMO foods are safe. Glyphosates are safe. Trust your corporate American Daddies - everything is safe. Especially profits.

You're living in your own Private Idaho
Where do I go from here to a better state than this
Well, don't be blind to the big surprise
Swimming round and round like the deadly hand
Of a radium clock, at the bottom of the pool
The B-52s

Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


Angus Files

what are we doing or using today that could be as dangerous?

One of the most striking things about the history of the radium girls is the cavalier way that radium was embraced by the whole world as a health tonic and beauty product. People merrily painted on radioactive eyeshadow and downed radium-water shots as we pop daily vitamins.

'Reading that today, we are shocked that such a dangerous substance could ever have been so carelessly handled. But it prompts the obvious question: what are we doing or using today that could be as dangerous?

Mollie Maggia's lower jawbone, riddled with holes and crumpled from the radium
'In an earlier era, the answer might have been cigarettes. So what will it be for our generation? Social media? Mobile phones? We don't know yet, but we should be vigilant.'


Pharma For Prison


Susan Welch

Last night I watched a BBC programme that highlighted the problem of pharmacists being under pressure (Boots in particular) and consequently making mistakes in prescriptions, Must admit I didn't finish watching it because I sat there in amazement while they reported (in depth) 2 older people who had, sadly and unfortunately, died because of being given the wrong prescription.

I thought of he tens of thousands of lives that have been lost or damaged by vaccines, that are NEVER reported by the BBC or anyone else, and could not watch any more. The hypocrisy of the BBC which will devote 30 minutes of scheduling time to the 'pharmacists under pressure' topic, but refuse to cover vaccine injury when they KNOW it is happening, is IMO criminal.


i want to tell You something
about the youthful brave
Their sacrifice unwitting
the million lives They save

i want to tell You something
of one such brave young boy
whom in His darkest hour
reached for life's bits of joy

i want to tell You something
of the "Brave New World"
one knows to stand with women
when one learns to stand with girls

i want to tell You something
of the purest hearts
the lessons that They bring
should only be the start

i want to tell You something
of hopes and dreams we sought
those youthful brave, those purest hearts
will NEVER be forgot.

Rest in peace beautiful Colton. My deepest condolences to the Berrett family.

Gary Ogden

bob moffit: You are absolutely right. The entire purpose of a corporation is to make profit. CEO's have fiduciary duties under the law. The entire blame for this holocaust rests squarely on the shoulders of the federal government, whose purpose is to regulate industry to minimize harm ("promote the general welfare"). Congress is fully bought by industry, and an even greater danger comes from the stupidity and perfidy of the unelected bureaucrats which legislation has brought into being. Congress can't possibly be paying any attention to what these people do, nor do they appear interested in any sort of oversight.. It is now clear that the DOJ is every bit as corrupt as HHS, and both have nearly the entire media on their side. Why bother voting?


No one around me knows when I give an "irony chuckle" when I hear something, in this case a story on NPR: A frozen water pipe burst in an airport terminal in New York shutting down operations. No one was hurt, no one died, (get your irony chuckle warmed up), but there will be a thorough investigation; those responsible, will be held accountable.

So how do we get a to get a thorough investigation into vaccines and those responsible for the injuries deaths, and the autism epidemic to be held accountable for the autism epidemic? I don't know freeze a bunch of water pipes?

Jeannette Bishop

More bad news... Prayers and deepest condolences for the Berrett family!



Angus Files

And when the Globalists tell us its global warming without any evidence were frozen - we could do with a lump of global warming here as well.-8 last night.

I am quite sure the human population is meant to be dead by now.

Pharma For Prion


Aimee Doyle

@Bob - I would suggest the greater danger to average citizens .. is not "corporate American daddies .. but ... the very "government officials" responsible for protecting us from harm.

Really, you don't hold corporations responsible for the harm they do? After all they are the ones that produce and market toxic products. Corporations are responsible for the toxins in vaccines, air, water, food, etc. Might be easier for government to protect people if the products weren't so toxic to begin with...and if corporations hadn't bought out the CDC, FDA, etc.

I agree the government should do more to protect citizens, but isn't that sort of tough when there's always a business push to get rid of regulations? Hard to enforce a regulation that doesn't exist.

cherry Misra

Thankyou Bob Moffit. This is an important point. Im pondering this now. What is a parent to do? Try to outwit the government officials / the pharmaceutical industry / or the medical industry? It boggles the mind, well at least it boggles my American Dental Association- mercury amalgam poisoned mind.

Frederic Chopin

The dose makes the poison.

david m burd

Bob, Well said.

When I frequently talk to people about the horrific carnage brought by vaccines, I always make the point it is our Government Health Authorities that are the foremost villains (and criminals) as it is their sworn duty TO NOT ALLOW "corporations/pharma" to foist their poisonous products upon a trusting public. Of course it's not only vaccines, as virtually all mass killings these last decades have been perpetrators on legally prescribed psychotropic drugs that literally cause murderous psychotic behavior, with these evil psychotropic drugs ALL OK'ed by the same Government Leaders.


I checked out the audio version of radium girls for my kindle from the library. It was so eerily similar to what we have been saying about vaccines, mercury and aluminum. These women suffered immensely, losing their jaws, teeth and for many, eventually their lives.

I have recommended to many and have been using the analogy of radium rather than smoking because it is more like what the establishment is saying about vaccines. Because of these women, we now have labor laws that protect us. I pray the same for future generations of children - that they will be safe from the dangers vaccines pose.

David Weiner

Investment analyst Michael Belkin, who lost an infant girl to vaccines, correctly described the current vaccine environment as a mania, a bubble. It too will burst, though not soon enough.

Sally Rubin

The Radium Girls got sick--Cancer. But, before they died (knowing they were dying), they worked to enact workplace laws to help prevent future occurances. A sad, but inspiring read.

Jenny Allan

Ah yes- These luminous radioactive dials were also on alarm clocks, sitting on bedside cabinets. I got one as a wedding present.

In the 1950s I was lined up with my siblings every April and August in a local shoe shop to buy our Summer sandals and winter school shoes. In those days every shoe shop had an x-ray machine, which ensured the foot bones were clear of tacks in the shoes. We loved this macabre machine and queued up for second (and third) turns.

Apparently, like the 'radium girls' most of the cancer casualties involved the shoe shop staff, just as mainly dentists and their assistants, suffered from mercury poisoning as a result of tooth fillings made of mercury amalgam.

bob moffit

" Trust your corporate American Daddies - everything is safe. Especially profits. Trust your corporate American Daddies - everything is safe. Especially profits."

Unfortunately .. I would suggest the greater danger to average citizens .. is not "corporate American daddies .. but ... the very "government officials" responsible for protecting us from harm.

Consider .. it wasn't "corporate American daddies" who claimed clear and convincing evidence .. including impressive satellite images .. that Saddam Hussein had a vast storage of "weapons of mass destruction" .. which by the way .. were never found after invading Iraq. It wasn't a "corporate CEO" .. it was Christie Whitman .. EPA chief .. who stood atop the smoldering collapsed Twin Towers building in the aftermath of 9/11 attack .. wearing a yellow hard hat .. calming all those heroic first responders that the "air" was safe to breathe. Indeed, more recently .. public officials were found guilty of failing to protect .. or .. even warn .. families in Detroit Michigan of high lead content in their water.

History is replete with examples of government regulatory agencies failing to protect citizens from exposures to harmful products and policies.

Such as .. a majority of the Supreme Court that denies a citizen's Constitutional Right to pursue legal redress in a civil court .. in order to "provide product liability protection" .. for a vaccine industry manufacturing an acknowledged "unavoidably unsafe" product ..

No doubt pharmaceutical CEO's cheered the Supreme Court ruling .. but .. remember .. it was the Supreme Court that failed to protect citizens from "unavoidably unsafe'" ... recommended and approved by other government regulatory bureaucracies .. in some cases .. mandated .. vaccines.

Who is failing the people more .. the pharmaceutical CEO's .. or .. the many government regulatory agencies that insist the "benefits of a one size fits all vaccine far outweighs the risks"?

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