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Cancer Rates Drop Mostly Due To Smoking Cessation

ToeNote: I came across an article about cancer deaths and thought it worth sharing for your opinions. Cancer deaths are said to be down in America. Of course that's good news. Except that I know far too many young Moms in their 30s and 40s with breast and thyroid cancer, and brain cancer has taken several acquaintances over the last five years.

Now, imagine if the bulk of funding for cancer had been purely in genetics over the last several decades because the cigarette industry continued to win its battle to hide the facts about smoking safety.  Sound familiar? How bad would it be (hint, not at all) if we found the environmental cause(s) to what we call autism in 2018 and watched rates plummet? Would our kids never have been born? Of course not. They'd still likely have quirks we love, intelligence we respect and maybe even subtle traits we might identify as "spectrumy." But they wouldn't be disabled, like my girls.

See that photo? That's my Bella's painful, raw toe.  I noticed this wound on both of her feet on Sunday. I have no idea which shoes did this to her feet. Shoes that I have been putting on her feet every day.  She's had behaviors in school.  "Aggression." Ha ha.

Maybe her feet hurt like hell and she couldn't tell anyone?

How bad would it be to get rid of THAT?  Kim

Cancer deaths have fallen yet again, thanks mostly to huge declines in smoking, the American Cancer Society said Thursday.

More than 2.3 million people have not died of cancer since 1991 who otherwise would have if cancer rates had remained unchanged, the group said in its annual report on cancer.

Yet 4,700 Americans are diagnosed with cancer every day and cancer remains the No. 2 cause of death in the United States, right behind heart disease.

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“A decline in consumption of cigarettes is credited with being the most important factor in the drop in cancer death rates,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society.

“Strikingly though, tobacco remains by far the leading cause of cancer deaths today, responsible for nearly three in ten cancer deaths.”


Jeannette Bishop

I'm so cynical, I hear "cancer deaths down" and think, I guess fewer lethal treatments are in practice (or they're being "alternatively" avoided). But it seems like cancer diagnoses are everywhere now, whereas my childhood impressions were that it was pretty rare, a rather small, very unenvious but generally very highlighted club to belong to when one had cancer. I'm sure the carcinogenic industries would love people to believe we're simply better at diagnosing.


AH Lord Kim.
Hammer toe, it could be that.
My husband and his neurologist discussed it in depth on one of the appointment visits; several years ago; till my eyes crossed.

It seems that his neurologist also had a hammer toe too, and both her and his were the second from the big toe. She already had some kind of leather strap that she put her toes through to keep them from curling downward and hurting the top of the toe. She had hers made at a local shoe store. We ordered one for my husband off of

The toe wants to curl up. Something to do with the nerves and muscles, neurological damage, stroke - the neurologist said.
By the next visit, she had her's operated on, and my hubby had gone on to develop big knot right in the middle of his arch. She called it plantar fascia. and told him to go to the foot doctor.

The foot doctor want a contrasting dye and a CAT scan and I said "Hell no". See I am learning.

Plantar fascia has something to do with the thin layer of membrane that covers the muscle of the foot, all the way up the back of the lower leg. One big muscle needing stretching.
Homeopathy remedies says to stretch that foot and there were several exercises I told him to get busy and do. It worked. Oh, he still had the hammer toes though, but they have not been operated on. I wish I could remember what the neurologist's operation did? She told us in great detail- probably loosen up a muscle that is causing it to curl up.

Cancer rates are now falling?
Are they ?

Tim Lundeen

Mark Sloan's book, Cancer Cured, is quite good.

A friend of our just passed away from lung cancer. They blamed it on her smoking, but it turns out that her "health care system" gave her a diagnostic x-ray every year, and those are known to increase the risk. When they found a cancer, they biopsied it, and that is known to cause metastasis, which is what killed her. Basically, the medical system took years of healthy life from her; she died a slow death way before her time.d


Brain cancer has surpassed leukemia as the leading cancer killer of children. The rate of glioma is increasing worldwide, not decreasing.
Brain cancer used to be rare (like autism). Not anymore.
What causes glioma? and thyroid cancer?


Wi-fi, baby monitors, cell phones (especially held to the head, worn on the body or under the pillow - kids under 21 at much higher risk than adults although according to brain surgeon Charlie Teo, anyone who uses a cell phone enough WILL develop brain cancer), DECT wireless land lines, tablets, laptops, "smart" utility meters, cell towers, high tension wires, etc. etc. etc.

Metal worn on and implanted in the body attracts more exposure, like an antenna.

Loraine Fishel

Sorry Bela's feet are so sore. You could try crocs type shoes with the fuzz inside. Happy New Year!! Best wishes!!
I am also having a tough time myself...I live for the happy day they stop jabbing kids with toxins laced with dna fragments. Take a look at Teresa Deishur and Judy Mikovitz work I think these ladies have uncovered a lot. I am treating my now 22 year old son for an RNA retrovirus. Dr Bradstreet recommended the meds. I wish we could keep his name along side Dan Olmstead. He was one of the first to try to cure Autism. I owe him. He treated all of us in my family while he was treating my son. He identified that my amalgam teeth were making me sick. He also pointed out that my daughter was suffering from thyroid problems. All of us except my mostly unvaccinated daughter are on the spectrum. I tell myself on days like today when I am so sad that it is hard to live in the age of autism.


Cancer rates are up in children and very little funding goes to childhood cancer research because this population is not the money maker. Sound familiar? It's about money, not saving lives. My son was diagnosed with cancer September 12, 2017. What a new education this has been!! I used to blindly think it would have been better if my other son had got cancer instead of regressing into autism after his vaccines. I used to think most cancer was curable, but they are using mini adult protocols on children and if the cancer doesn't kill them, the chemo easily can. There's no talk of preventing cancer in our kids, or relapse, either. But maybe, the increase is due to better diagnoses??!!! I'm living in hell all over again.


I highly suspect that the revenue increasing dental office x-rays have something to do with the increase of thyroid problems.

As far as cancer, over the last 50+ years billions and billions of research dollars have been spent. WHERE'S THE CURE??????

Angus Files

Cough! Maurice cougHillieman!!

Looks like sore toes Kim.There is no guessing them my son went from being heavy on the left side of his shoe wearing it down on the left to wearing it down on the right after Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT).I have never even looked it up on the web to see what thats about, only so much you need to do.

Pharma For Prisson


bob moffit

"“Strikingly though, tobacco remains by far the leading cause of cancer deaths today, responsible for nearly three in ten cancer deaths"

I would suggest that sentence can just as easily read ..

"Strikingly though, vaccines remain by far the leading cause of chronic autoimmune disorders and death .. responsible for 1 in 36 boys being diagnosed autistic".

In any event only took unnecessary DECADES .. to FINALLY overcome the tobacco industry's powerful lobbying effort .. to "delay, deny and hope they die" .. before the evidence linking "tobacco and cancer" was insurmountable. Make no mistake .. the link between "tobacco and cancer" was well-known and the ONLY reason it went unreported was the MONEY the tobacco industry was willing to spend on corrupting researchers, corrupting medical professionals, corrupting media and politicians.

Today .. the vaccine industry is promoting the very same ... "delay, deny and hope they die" strategy .. after adding a whole new level to the strategy .. that being complete government cooperation and participation marketing their product .. by approving, recommending and administering vaccines .. while at the very same time .. guaranteeing the vaccine industry complete "liability free" protection.

Throughout history .. many powerful industries have successfully marketed their "unsafe products" for DECADES after associated risks were recognized as dangerous to the public's health. Such as .. "lead" in gasoline. I still find myself telling the attendant I want "unleaded" gas, even though lead has been removed for DECADES now.

Unfortunately .. in my memory .. vaccines are the ONLY product I know .. that has been guaranteed complete "liability protection" .. for what has been aptly described by a majority of the Supreme Court to be "unavoidably unsafe"?


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