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Note: On Thursday, Mary Romaniec moderated a panel for Vaccine Choice Massachusetts featuring Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the movie The Pathological Optimist. One of the topics covered during the Q&A was standing orders.  We're running Mary's article  again to revisit this important topic.

By Mary Romaniec

State and local health departments, along with large medical practices, are poised to increase adult immunization rates by implementing policies and procedures that support a program known as “Standing Orders.” 

At a recent event held in Boston, a small group of demonstrators stood outside the Westin Copley hotel where the Take A Stand™: Use Standing Orders to Improve Adult Immunization Rates workshop was taking place.  The workshop is described as “a unique national program being conducted for a limited time by the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), supported by a sponsorship from Pfizer”.

If IAC sounds familiar it is because they are the group that boasted how they used their listserv to get “Vaxxed” banned from Tribeca Film Festival.

Demonstrators explained the problem is that Standing Orders is a form of collusion and corruption to push pharmaceutical interests, spreading it out across the country via the kind of workshops held in Boston.  In other words, they are going straight to health departments and doctor practices to show them how to increase adult immunizations rates via on file Standing Orders to vaccinate according to the CDC adult schedule (flu, shingles, boosters).  The move essentially shuts down public knowledge and discourse on the subject by going around state legislators or open forums for discussion. 

According to Dr. L.J. Tan from IAC, “Our challenge is adult immunization rates are very poor.  Standing Orders allow a practice to routinize administration of vaccines,” Tan said. 

By routinize, Tan clarified that it meant the practitioner, or someone on staff, can have a conversation about the need for boosters or other adult vaccines.  However, the caveat in the details is that it means your personal physician can write in your medical charts a “standing order”, which can then be done against your knowledge or will in any hospital setting. 

What happens in hospitals?

When you enter any hospital for an emergency or surgery, you sign a bunch of forms prior to them treating you or a loved one.  One of the things you consent to is to be treated with “biologics”, which is a code word for a wide range of products including vaccines.  So if your regular physician has in the chart a standing order (even if you don’t know they wrote it) you could be given a vaccine against your will or knowledge.  Informed patients may write “No vaccines” on any admittance form, but what happens if there are contradictory standing orders from your physician?  Who would be accountable if they vaccinate an unconscious patient who had objected in writing? Truthfully, probably no one. 

What medical professionals know that legislators don’t

 I first heard about this program when Boston area nurses notified me their offices received a flyer via fax for the four-hour workshop.    They were the demonstrators at the hotel, one of whom recognized her office colleagues as they headed into the event.  According to them, there is very real potential harm from Standing Orders as they have witnessed or knew about patients who were vaccinated while unconscious. 

I text messaged a state representative to ask if he knew the event was going on just across town, and he messaged back he knew nothing about it nor was there anything on the docket that covered adult immunization rates.  Now perhaps the reason why state legislators are not involved in any discussion on the Standing Orders program is because it falls under the umbrella and in the jurisdiction of Public Health solely.  Clearly they are not currently involved with the CDC vaccine schedule for infants except to regulate how personal beliefs, medical and religious waivers are determined as a school requirement. 

But look what happened in West Virginia when state lawmakers had no say when the State Health Department moved to mandate vaccines for school admittance.  Legislators were not involved, and therefore neither was public discourse.  On the extreme end for discourse was California’s foray into vaccine mandates via SB277 and the huge public outcry which exposed pharmaceutical nepotism at the highest levels.  

Is it just the adults that are the target?

There is not a shred of doubt other states are looking at the debacle that happened in California as an example of what they want to avoid, taking cue from the seamless nature of the process by going through the State health departments.  To be clear, even though “Standing Orders” is geared to increasing adult immunization rates, nothing within it defines how children will be excluded from a similar program.  HPV and flu shots could easily become a standing order from a pediatrician for a minor.  With health records now electronic, the ramifications of a standing order program have yet to be fully understood or realized.   

In a private conversation with a Public Health Pediatrician, he lamented what former Texas Governor Rick Perry did when he mandated HPV for school aged children.  As the pediatrician explained, the move spotlighted HPV nationally for greater scrutiny, which then led to public outcry and pushback.  Perry reneged on the mandate after the outcry, but the damage to “Public Health” was done, according to the pediatrician.  Instead he would have preferred a more nuanced approach, to keep it as a conversation between health professionals and their patients, so that the public would not be squeamish about HPV: enter “Standing Orders” to routinize the conversation.

Avoiding public discussion 

The concept of health departments mandating health policy is nothing new.  What is new is how the vaccine schedule is increasing along with public awareness of potential harm from any and all of them. 

At another Massachusetts health event sponsored by area hospitals, a crowd of 300 or so medical professionals and community leaders gathered to hear how a comprehensive health initiative was improving the quality of health in the county.  Conspicuously missing from the 73 page handout and hour long presentation was any mention of increasing immunization rates.  In its place were the words “access to fresh produce”.

It was confusing to witness the push for increasing vaccine rates potentially coming from State Health Departments (albeit not publicly), in contrast to how the local communities have identified nutrition as a better answer.  Then again, it could be that a public forum with the word “immunizations” would stigmatize the whole program, which brings it back to what the pediatrician pointed out.  The more the public knows about and discusses how vaccine politics encroach in our lives, the greater the pushback.

So then from their perspective it may be better to avoid publicly talking about immunization rates, and instead just implement the backdoor approach: Standing Orders.

Mary Romaniec is a reporter who lives in Massachusetts. She is the author of Victory over Autism: Practical Steps and Wisdom toward Recovery for the Whole Family.  She writes, speaks and advocates for families of special needs children.


Donna L.

Thank you so much, Hera! I will try to get his medical records from the hospital as soon as I can walk again (broken feet). I used to work in medical records (actually loved that job!) many years ago.

I think I'm afraid to find out the truth about what they did to my son. The heparin injections were always given in his stomach and left bruised areas, which I know is natural, but on one occasion, the nurse gave my son an injection in his arm, never said what it was, and it left no bruising. It all just seemed odd, but I'd been awake for over 70 hours at that point and of course, when your kid is already very upset, you can't really ask questions.

I guess the bottom line is we all need to get the legality of all of this figured out before our kids wind up in the hospital, because once they're admitted, there's no telling what these people will do. Informed consent becomes a joke and distraught parents trying to calm autistic kids are not in the ideal position to negotiate with medical staff.
Thank you again for taking the time to help, Hera!


Hi Donna L,
If you want to know exactly what medical treatment he was given while he was in the hospital, you can go to medical records and ask for his copy. You can take them home and read them if you want; it is not that unusual for patients to want a copy to keep for their records, or so they can hand carry them to another doctor. if the nurse took a medication out of the cart to give to a patient, she/he would need a doctors order, which should be in the chart.
Depending on his age, either he or you should be able to get them without any fuss.

Generally, vaccines can't be given into IV's ( which go direct to the vein) and mostly heparin shots are sq (just below the skin, into the fat,) while most vaccines are IM ( intra muscular, a bigger needle that goes further down, ) or given orally, so most vaccines would not have looked like a heparin injection.

In the link, IM is in the muscle, subcut is a smaller needle, heparin size ( you can see in the picture the difference at the bottom of the link.

Hope this is useful.

Donna L.

Thank you for that link, Michael. Looking it over, it appears that all hospitals/clinics are still required to give the patient or parent/guardian a VIS (vaccine information statement) before administering any vaccine, so that would be the time to hightail it out of the medical facility before any damage is done.

The reason I ask is because my son was recently hospitalized for 3 days for a serious condition and as standard hospital protocol for any patient confined to a bed due to IV, he was given Heparin injections every 12 hours. The nurses could have easily slipped in one or more vaccines without telling me -- something that I am still suspicious of now -- but if I am reading the IAC Standing Orders documents correctly, it would have been illegal for them to do this without first providing a VIS. Wondering if Mary R. or anyone else could confirm this? Thanks!


Thank you Hans for the Exley link. I've been reading JB's articles, but today made the time for the 1:03:00 video. Just staggers whats left of the area of my mind not already allotted to this man-made on going colossal catastrophe.

Standing Orders reminds me of the Adriana Gamondes article where she discusses the Pinochet's military vaccine (should I call them death squads) grabbing and stabbing kids off the street. Yes Angus, back door;front door it means do not let anyone you love out of sight when anywhere a place that practices medicine.

Here is the link for the IAC Standing Orders.

Angus Files

Grace that`s an even better price.My nearest Sainsbury is 98 miles away but I`m going to Glasgow this week,so en- route I will stock up with some thanks for that.

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

Angus, you can get six of those bottles for £2.50 at Sainsbury!

cia parker

I read at NVIC that when you signed forms to check in at the hospital (to have a baby in my case) you sign something giving them permission do give you whatever the hell they want (the hep-B vaccine, for example, who cares how many it has killed or disabled, no permission needed). And I read, also at NVIC a few months ago, that state or national laws requiring consent to vaccines DO NOT APPLY when it comes to standing orders at hospitals. I hope the day comes when we can deplete the bank accounts of every last hospital and medical practice and then nuke them.

Angus Files

"Standing orders" forced vaccination via a the back door.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files


Certainly the videos I have watched give you the WOW factor several times and I always watch over them again.He`s a Hero for sure along with Dr Wakefield and Boyd to name a couple.

Were all on Volvic water in the house now .Booker cash and carry are selling it for 60p for a 1.5ltr bottle.

One bottle a day each, consumed within one hour if possible.It doesn't get any easier than that and I still have room for all my cups of tea...of course!

Pharma For Prison



David Weiner

Just who do these tyrants (public health officials, doctors, etc.) think they are, issuing "standing orders"?

Is it not obvious that medicine has turned into a dictatorship, rather than a service to a customer-king?

Han Litten

This Professor Chris Exley must be one of the greatest men alive .
The punk band the Stranglers wrote "No more Heroes Anymore" .
They were completely and outrageously wrong .

This video is simply astounding , throughout .

Angus Files

go Trump looks like it

Pharma For Prison

go Trump

Does anyone know where I can get the most recent copy of

the "American CDC Shithole" vaccine schedule for Adults ???


Available to read at.
Pulse GP Magazine UK 11 January 2018

states GP 's asked to prescribe antivirals to "Well" Patients in Care Homes, to Prevent Flu .
11 January 2018
GP'Sin the south east of England are being asked to prescribe TAMIFLU to "WEll" patients in nursing homes, with GP leaders saying the task is "Taking them away from more important work"this winter.

Medicalised treatments performed without consent let alone informed consent are considered criminal assault and battery?surely ! because if not NHS basic standards definately are not using the right "TWEETMENTS" they need to get back to basics with their "OINKMENTS "
Current ethical and moral goal posts presentation of NHS leadership could't "Faff ,Fondle or Fry Ham! "

bob moffit

The last time I sought information on the National Adult immunization Plan (NAIP) .. probably two-three years ago .. this is what I found:

"The NAIP is intended to facilitate coordinated action by federal and nonfederal partners to protect public health and achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their consequences through vaccination of adults. The NAIP includes indicators to draw attention to and track progress against core goals. These indicators will measure progress against set standards and inform future implementation and quality improvement methods."

To accomplish the stated goals of the 2010-2020 National Vaccine Plan .. the National Vaccine Advisory Committee was created .. members of the Committee are listed in Appendix #1 .. they include:

CDC, FDA, HHS, IOM, NIH along with many other .. lesser known .. federal public health agencies .. various federal bureaucracies .. including but by no means limited to .. the US Dept of Defense, Homeland Security, Dept of Veterans Affairs, Dept of Justice .. State, Federal and local public health agencies and governments.

Non-governmental "stakeholders" listed on the NVAC are ..

"Vaccine industry, academia/research organizations, health care providers, health care systems, community immunizers, professional associations, payers and plans, employers, foundations, community and patient advocacy organizations, philanthropic organizations and the general public"
At that time the following vaccines were approved and recommended for ADULTS:

TDaP .. 2 doses .. then 1 every 10 years. 6 doses
Varicella .. 2 doses 2 doses
HPV (males) .. 3 doses .. bet 19 and 26 .. if indicated. 3 doses
HPV (females) .. 3 doses between 19 and 26 yrs of age. 3 doses
Zoster .. 1 dose .. bet 60 and 65 years of age. 1 dose
MMR .. 1 or 2 doses .. bet 19 and 55 years of age. 2 doses
Pneumococcal 13 (PCV) .. 1 dose .. 65 years of age. 1 dose
Prevnar-polysaccharide .. 1 or 2 doses .. 19 to 60 years. 2 doses
Prevnar-polysaccharide .. 1 dose .. 65 years of age. 1 dose
HEP A .. 2 doses .. bet 19 and 65 years of age. 2 doses
HEP B .. 3 doses .. between 19 and 65 years of age. 3 doses
HiB .. 1 or 3 doses .. between 19 and 65 years of age. 3 doses
Influenza .. 1 dose .. annually. 45 doses


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