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John Stone

The big irony is surely that in nearly a century of its existence Time never lifted a finger to report such things.


Which is not to say that these offenses didn't happen (well, some of them may not have) and shouldn't be dealt with, but, do we need to have our collective consciousness immersed in this "news" 24/7 for months until the next distraction takes it's place? Should men (or women) be stripped of their reputation, career and power because someone comes forward to tell a story about them? Should these women really be named "persons of the year" or is this reality show news?

Meanwhile, I recently found out that many Americans are eating off of and cooking with high lead leaching cookware, appliances and dishes - not necessarily from overseas - made right here - major brands. That's right. You didn't know this either? Of course you didn't. Your life isn't important.

For anyone interested in being depressed about lead (site has much more than about this one blender that I own and have used for almost a decade - bastards):


At least in this country, prices are soaring, the wealthy are becoming obscenely wealthier while the ranks of the dirt poor and homeless grows. We are periodically reminded of the homeless in news stories - to warn - if you don't cooperate, this can happen to you in a heartbeat. That's why and how the media is so tightly controlled. Survival.

cherry Misra

@ Linda 1 - Right on ! Right from the time the current witch hunt began, I knew something was fishy that so many people began poppping up all of a sudden for a person who had been known for decades by EVERYONE to be harassing women. I think we can all predict now that the witch hunt will wend its way right and left and then take a strike at Trump. Was that not the plan from day one ?
Like Linda, I think the media should be ashamed, at this time in history, for putting issues like this ahead of the Red Giant suns - toxic food global warming ecological collapse sick children and more. Dont any of those journalists have children of their own? Dont they worry about their future. Dont they see the connections? Are they delusional ? Are they uneducated ? Im trying to understand this.

cherry Misra

@ Carol- You dont have to guess- You can be sure that most Somali immigrants' children would be vaccinated at least twice and sometimes three times.
They have so many health problems in Somalia that they dont notice autism? Totally absurd, but of course any kind of illogical reason takes flight in the world of today. This particular fairly tale would appeal to those who believe the stories about people "dying like flies " in third world countries. Well, I live in India and I have yet to see people dying like flies. (I have been here nearly 50 years) And you might notice that India has a huge and growing population. How did that happen if people died like flies. ? Tragically, I now hear more stories about children dying after vaccines than I ever heard of other kinds of death. It is to be remembered that the causes of death of kids in India would be accidents and diarrheas, . We still have no vaccines for either accidents or most kinds of diarrhea, so it puzzles me that Bill Gates imagined that giving Indian babies more vaccines was going to save lives.
And about not noticing autistic children- A couple living in Delhi had an autistic girl of about six and they took her with them on a visit to the fathers village. The visit did not go well. The child was upset by the change and large numbers to people in the village came to stare at the child. They would say to the parents, " We have heard that you have a child that is very different"


Tempest Fugit and all that .so it has already happened! and just because it's not on the teatime news to indicate same . " That it's all over bar the shouting to the medicalised monstrosities that are out of time with" Times up . Games a bogie!"
A Future for the past 1854 Public Statement . We have no country to fight for,as our glens and straths are laid desolate ,and we have no wives nor children to defend as we are forbidden to have them . We are not allowed to mary without the consent of the factor ,the ground officer being always ready to report every case of marriage ,and the result would be banishment from the country . Our lands have been taken from us and given to sheep farmers and we are denied any portion of them and when we apply for such,or even a site for a house ,we are told we should leave the country .We are resolved that there shall be no volunteers or recruits from Sutherlandshire ,
"As long as grass grows and water runs "
2018" A song for" Runrig The highest apple with English translation accompanied by the Glasgow Gaelic Choir and compact community groups workshops atalso at Runrig in Harlem New York at The Bethany Church youtube .

david m burd

Barry says "Of course it isn't. Their ownership of the media, is THE reason why we all have vaccine disabled children."

I would add to vaccine disabled children "our terribly vaccine-disabled senior citizens, an example being the onslaught of Alzheimer's that has emerged and skyrocketed starting some 30 years ago (just like autism) exactly in tandem with CDC's pushing mercury-laden vaccines, and particularly flu shots injected every year, year after year after year after year after year, on and on."

Dan and Mark's book Age of Autism published 7 years ago clearly indicts such toxicities, as do so many new books up to what is now being cited here on AoA. Any one of these many books is an ideal Christmas-time gift -- if you don't mind making friends/relatives mad at you!


"Current and recent use of hormonal contraceptives was associated with a 20 percent increased risk of breast cancer. Risk increased with longer use, from a 9 percent increase in risk with less than a year of contraceptive use to a 38 percent increase after more than 10 years of use.

Researchers analyzed the health records of 1.8 million women, ages 15 to 49, in Denmark.

“This is an important study because WE HAD NO IDEA HOW THE MODERN-DAY PILLS COMPARED TO THE OLD-FASHIONED PILLS IN TERMS OF BREAST CANCER RISK, AND WE DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT I.U.D.'S,” said Dr. Marisa Weiss told The New York Times. Weiss was not involved in the study."


THIS IS ABUSE. How do they have the nerve to admit that they have sold these devices for decades, telling patients that they are safe, without having any idea of what they will do to women?

And look at the headline "Birth control pills linked to SMALL increase in breast cancer study shows". Is 9% in less than a year of use and 38% in more than 10 years of use, SMALL? And the misleading headline omits what is revealed in the text - that is is not only BCP, but any hormonal birth control device, including IUDs. So all the girls and women who have IUDs might not even read the article thinking it doesn't apply to them.


And, in 21 states, minors can have IUDs implanted without parental consent - in some states as young as 11 years old. Thanks to these idiot criminal senators enabling an out of control incompetent irresponsible medical profession. The fallout? According to the American Cancer Society:

"Among US women in 2017, there will be an estimated 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer, 63,410 new cases of breast carcinoma in situ, and 40,610 breast cancer deaths."

But don't worry. American women are safe from abuse now that Al Franken has been removed from office.


I guess the only way for the millions of mothers (worldwide) of vaccine-injured children to be heard is to be coerced into Harvey Weinstein's room.

I guess the only way for the thousands of "Gaurdasil Girl" victims to be heard is to be asked out on a date by Roy Moore.

God Bless America! God Bless Fox News! God Bless MSNBC! God Bless CNN! God Bless Democracy Now! God Bless the New York Times! God Bless the Washington Post!

I stand behind thee,
Womyn of Light
And bow in honor
of Your righteous might!

Gary Ogden

Linda 1: There are indeed dirty deeds going on here. A form of cannibalism, encouraged every step of the way by the deep state. Distract the sheep from the horrors they are perpetrating.


"If there is any hidden place where violence against women, vulnerable women such as mothers and girls, takes place, it is in vaccine policies.
World wide:

fraudulent research,

industry-driven profit-oriented research,
not listening to mothers (with vaccine injured) children,
dismissing their observations worldwide
dismissing their intelligence

Vilifying and ridiculing mothers on a large scale
who have seen
who have observed
who have done their research
who speak up
who ask questions about
vaccine safety

Mistreated and dismissed
by medical professionals
with conflict of interest
by (industry-tainted) scientists
by (conflicted) public health authorities
by school boards
by teachers
by courts
by politicians
by journalists
by mass media
on TV, radio and mainstream newspapers

Mistreated and dismissed
by ignorance
by not wanting to listen
by not wanting to know
by holding on to what they believe

Mothers, and their children,
suffering the burden
of life-changing
vaccine injuries
damaged for life
all suffering

Women, mothers, need
people to listen
men to listen
institutions to listen
medical professionals
to pay attention
to take it seriously

Violence against women
is happening much more
and in many more places
than most people know
or want to acknowledge

Because it makes people feel
to listen
to acknowledge
to see.

This is also about ethics
In science
in the medical world
In industry
In politics
In policies
in day-to-day life

Listening and
acknowledgment means:
Coming out of your comfort zone

Acknowledge the possibility of your own cognitive dissonance - not wanting to see, not wanting to hear- because it conflicts with what you have always believed in."
--By Margreet van den Berg


Unfortunately .. the possibility that TIME would even consider such a cover .. is NEVER going to happen. NEVER.


Of course it isn't. Their ownership of the media, is THE reason why we all have vaccine disabled children.

These people are sociopaths, who pray only to the god of making money. They couldn't care a less that vaccines are harming seniors, toddlers & infants. And trying to rationalize their sociopathy in the context of what you or I would do, is a complete waste of time.

All they care is that ones who survive have immune systems so disabled, that their only path to a tolerable existence is through lifelong prescriptions to pharmaceutical drugs

Exposing that fact on a grand scale, is the only thing that will ever stop this madness.


That makes Franken like all the rest of them, except most of them wouldn't bother to fight for autism funding. I'm not defending his effectiveness. If the people do not like his performance, this is not the way to oust him. Not over a hyped up dog and pony show bought-media fueled fake scandal. This is not how a democracy works. If anything, all the rest of them should be fired because they have no sense of priority, while the nation continues in sharp decline, they waste time over nonsense. That is a lot worse than Franken's once misplaced kisses and roving hands. While he was once inappropriate, they are now committing treason, engaged in intentionally disrupting our government to gang up on and get rid of a sitting senator.

Autism Investigated

May I respectfully ask what is misogynist about using the term "anti-vaxxer" when many of us consider ourselves anti-vaxxers? I understand that many claim they're just "vaccine safety advocates" who are only for "safe vaccines," but none of them can ever describe exactly what a safe vaccine is.

The vaccine people ask us that question a lot to trip us up and "prove" we're all secretly anti-vaccine, but we should really be asking ourselves that question. What is a safe vaccine? And if we can't answer that question, then why don't we just oppose vaccines until that question can be satisfactorily answered if indeed such a thing is a possibility?

For Linda1

Amen Linda! This whole attack on maleness is getting very disturbing.


I've read that the policy for Somali refugees is that unless you have a certain type of documentation, you are considered unvaccinated. I'm guessing that a fair number of Somali children are double-vaccinated.

The official line appears to be that there are so many health problems in Somalia, the people there just don't notice autism. Once they get to the land of plenty, they notice and since their health care providers can't tell them what causes it, they are easy prey for evil anti-vaxxers.

Wayne Rohde

A few of us here in Minnesota have met with Franken's staff. He will fight for as much funding as possible to deal with services related to autism. But do not bring up vaccine policy. We got shot down and meetings terminated because of this topic.


I would love to know what Sen. Franken thinks about the Somali autism crisis right in his own backyard. What does he know, and does he even care? What, if anything, did he do to try to help them? So many questions for the Senator, and no answers. If he did nothing, and did not care enough in his elected position to help that constituent population, then good riddance to him, and shame on him.

Jonathan Rose

The New York Times has published quite a through (and shocking) expose about how Harvey Weinstein was able to seduce and threaten the media and cover up his misdeeds for 30 years:

Though Weinstein was very powerful in Hollywood, he was a penny ante player compared to Big Pharma, which has vastly more wealth and has used it to buy off many more media outlets and politicians. But the methods were basically the same.


I don't claim to understand the entire meaning of this new male witch hunt, but my spidey sense continues to tell me there's something else going on here. Is this more disempowering of the American male? A new warning not to be too aggressive?

I think what is happening to Franken is ridiculous. What kind of a democracy is this? He's being pushed out by his colleagues, for what? I don't want to get started again, so please, don't answer. I'm just saying, something stinks, as usual.

They KNOW that Americans are being poisoned and ripped off every which way and they KNOW that this country that they lead is exporting poisonous vaccines to the third world's children. All this nonsense about whose ass Franken touched and who he kissed (REALLY, A KISS IS NOW RAPE?) is just a giant load of BS. I know it is not socially acceptable to grab and kiss someone, but they are acting like he committed murder.


I watched Dr. Mercola's recent interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and among the many things I learned is that since the 1990's Chinese women have had to wear an EMF shielding apron at all times during pregnancy - BY LAW. Dr. Klinghardt said that pregnant women are stopped in the streets of Beijing to make sure they are wearing their protective garment. And HERE? Not only is no one shielded from the devices and cell towers looming in every corner of our society, but the FCC'S EXPOSURE LIMITS ARE 1000 TIMES LESS PROTECTIVE THAN CHINA'S OR RUSSIA'S GUIDELINES.

While our government assaults our population with installing the IoT that involves irradiating us and all living things into extinction (WILL make future generations STERILE), our lawmakers are concerned with ass grabbing that happened over a decade ago and our Mob funded media feigns sympathy and respect for victims of their choosing, the ones that they carefully calculate won't hurt and will possibly help, business. To hell with the children and everyone and everything else.

The hypocrisy is sickening.

Excerpt from above mention interview:

Complete interview:

cherry Misra

Amen II -

Angus Files

And the misandry against males who speak out -cant think of any(wink) but..just say`n..

Pharma For Prison


Sally Rubin


Mark Wax

When greed is mollified by aspirations that are limited to "the greater good", a society will never find it's true moral compass. America long ago stopped in it's quest to be the bright shining city on the hill. The handful of idealists that are left are slowing dying away. America will ultimately be a place where the highest premium is paid for mediocrity, since the fall of the Roman Empire. Our collective shame can never be known, as our thirst for virtue has vanished and been replaced by a few moments of meaningless pleasures. Moses, Jesus and Mohamed would be mortified.

bob moffit

Enthusiastically joining your call for TIME to show images of "The Silence Breakers" who spoke out against the powerful .. pharma-vaccine-political-media-academic-medical organizations .. CARTEL that has protected .. by any means necessary .. the increasingly dangerous mandatory .. recommended and approved ... GLOBAL vaccine policies .. that has seen dramatic, inexplicable .. increase in childhood development problems .. that were far less common in all previous .. LESS VACCINATED GENERATIONS.

Personally .. my own suggestions for TIME cover .. representing vaccine-pharma "silence breakers" would be those .. men as well as women .. responsible for producing and promoting the movie .. "VAXXED".

Unfortunately .. the possibility that TIME would even consider such a cover .. is NEVER going to happen. NEVER.

go Trump

Perhaps Senator Fraken will tell the truth about the Autism issue and a few other things on his way out of DC today...

I am sure he could expose a number of issues.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

There is a risk of the perversion of science becoming entangled with every other issue of the age. The medical establishment has shown no prejudice to sex, race, religion, age, or anything else in its refusal to hear evidence of vaccine harm from mothers, fathers, children, the elderly, soldiers, nurses, doctors, scientists, or anybody else.

The problem is the problem.

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