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The 12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing Day 2 Vaccines A Reappraisal

12 daysWe'd like to express our gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York City. Skyhorse is one of the fastest growing independent publishers in America and one of the few to tackle the toughest, most controversial topics in health and autism. For the next 12 days, we'll be creating a list of books that we hope will interest you. Some will be very familiar, like those from Dan, Mark and me (Kim) and others we hope will be new sources of information and stories to help you navigate your family's autism journey.

Day 2: Vaccines Richard Moskowitz Vaccines A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Drawing on fifty years of experience caring for children and adults, Dr. Moskowitz examines vaccines and our current policy regarding them. Weaving together a tapestry of observed facts, clinical and basic science research, news reports from the media, and actual cases from his own practice, he offers a systematic review of the subject as a whole. He provides scientific evidence for his clinical impression that the vaccination process, by its very nature, imposes substantial risks of disease, injury, and death that have been persistently denied and covered up by manufacturers, the CDC, and the coterie of doctors who speak for it.

With the aim of acknowledging these risks, taking them seriously, understanding them more holistically, and ultimately assessing them on a deeper level, he proposes a nationwide debate based on objective scientific research, including what we already know and what still needs to be investigated in the future. He argues that with no serious public health emergency to justify them, requiring vaccines of everyone deprives us all of genuinely informed consent, and prevents parents from making health-care decisions for our children, basic human rights that we still profess to hold dear.

For the present, given the legitimate controversy surrounding the mandates, he proposes that most vaccines simply be made optional and that further research into their risks and benefits be conducted by an independent agency in the public interest, untainted by industry funding, CDC sponsorship, and the quasi-religious sanctimony that is widely invoked on their behalf.

Cooking with leoDay 1: Cooking with Leo by Erica Daniels.

This heartfelt cookbook tells the story of a mother desperate to heal and connect with her hard-to-reach, severely autistic son, Leo, through the most vital everyday activity—cooking.

For many years, Erica Daniels had been out to find a successful dietary intervention for eleven-year-old Leo, who suffers from significant food allergies, gastrointestinal disease and autism. Through trial and error in her own kitchen, she finally hit her gastronomic stride of preparing nourishing meals for her entire family without gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, additives, or GMOS—with Leo by her side.

Part cookbook and part love story, Cooking with Leo takes you into the real life messy kitchen of a family affected by autism and food allergies. You will laugh and cry along with Erica and Leo as they cook, create, dance, act silly, and, most importantly, bond. A family-inspired collection of over 60 allergen-free and autism diet–friendly recipes to be prepared and shared together by your whole family, you will make meaningful connections with your child and nurture their passion for cooking with nutritious recipes.


noel thomas

"Vaccines - a reappraisal " is an invaluable 'Tract for our Times ' deserving as wide a readership as possible. It's well referenced content is sufficient to blow away the feeble self interested commercials of the vaccine lobby - but it will have no chance to do so unless it finds it's way into the hands of opinion formers who have some residual open-mindedness. ( there is a crack, a crack in everything, thats how the light gets in - L Cohen ) If every one who reads it were to send a copy to a potentially noisy neutral person , deserts might be greened. But here is the rub. On the pre dedication page, Skyhorse writes about 'special discounts ' for "..... educational purposes " . I enquired about buying up to 10 copies to send free to opinion makers, and possible discount, the Skyhorse email in response was polite but unhelpful. Read the book, recommend it to one and all, but you will have to put your money where your heart is !

Tim Lundeen

"Vaccines A Reappraisal" is an excellent book, 5 stars.

bob moffit

Presently reading "Vaccines A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz" .. and ... I highly recommend it to anyone interested in debunking the scientific "miracle" known as vaccines .. most importantly .. learning the RISKS associated with all vaccines .. is much higher than standard public health DOGMA .. the "benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks".

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