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Paradoxes for Heidi Larson: The Vaccine Confidence Lady

By John Stone

In an interview for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine website, Heidi Larson, founder of the Vaccine Confidence Project housed at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:

Yes, there are potential risks—there will always be potential risks with any medical treatment. And we don’t talk enough about that.

Heidi, it is funny you should say that, because no one is stopping you from talking about it. For the rest of us there are people like you trying to stop us. For instance, Seth Berkley – director of GAVI – back in June was calling for so-called anti-vaxxers to be banned from social media. Now, I am sure you would not dissent from viewpoint that an anti-vaxxer is a blanket label for anyone at all who questions the vaccine program, its safety, the wider project of the vaccine lobby. Meanwhile, the program just expands – vaccines for diseases which may either not be mostly very serious, diseases which may be more serious but which you are relatively unlikely to get. But administered in gigantic clumps to infants who are increasingly diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

And people like us – who are often people who have experienced the harms of vaccines – are really just the people you should be keen to listen to, instead of treating us like scientific specimens, or the objects of loathing to be wiped out as voices on the web. You cannot have a conversation without having a conversation, you cannot put yourself up as some kind of honest broker when what you are really doing is just trying to annihilate dissent.

We have seen this gambit so many times before, but what it comes down to is preparedness to listen to citizens with respect, preparedness to actively monitor, insistence on proper trials with genuine placebos, where are you? I do not see at any point where your theoretical acknowledgment of harm becomes real or compassionate, not just a convenient posture. Why should we trust the products? Why should we trust governments? Why should we trust hard-nosed public relations exercises on behalf of people who just want to extract ever more power for themselves while promoting their merchandise? I do not see any point at which the deeds of the industry or its public relations machine earns confidence.

The British Government has failed to award a single vaccine damage case in seven years, while perhaps hundreds of millions of products have been administered. It created a Catch 22 when it was at risk of becoming liable for narcolepsy cases caused by Pandemrix. No doctor in the UK would normally dare implicate a vaccine in the harm or death of a patient. The WHO has attempted to massage out of existence cases of vaccine mortality. The industry has a dirty record, and it has a hyper-aggressive bureaucracy supporting it.

This may be the path of heavy-fisted, all conquering empires, but it is not the path of trust.

John Stone is UK Editor of Age of Autism



The problem is the problem? -Very interesting lecture by Sir Roy Anderson and [Prion Diseases]
Freeview video. The Epidemic of Mad Cow Disease [BSE] IN The UK Roy Anderson-A Royal Institution Discourse by the Vega Science Trust .
People in The Highlands and Islands did eat sheep with scrapie with no problems short or long term , But only the best cuts of the beast were used including for the dogs dinners . It was only the very poorest people in the southern city slums who had to resort to making sheeps head broth to feed their families . No wonder the "Best Interests Brigade " wish to change the terminology away from "Herd Immunity" to "Community Immunity " as too much of "A big step for a hint" as to what it is exactly that's getting herded,/ guided,/ and manipulated perhaps?
Your lovely Aberdeen Angus steak might never have been in Aberdeenshire It's the breed of the beast not the actual steak itself perhaps that's on the menu . Don't get sold a donkey burger a silly sausage or a strawberry on top of a dollop of sheep's droppings . Hairy Hamish Haggis still banned from USA Menu apparently ?


Great comments! I would like to register a vote of no confidence in the Vaccine Confidence lady.


I am not anti vaccine, I am now an exvaxxer whose daughter became ill straight after having the HPV vaccine, along with thousands of others world wide. I have no confidence in any of the big organisations who are meant to be there for safety issues and feel it is all about profit and not Health

Hans Litten

Posted by: Elizabeth Hart | December 06, 2017 at 05:02 AM

Brilliant Article by JDS
And brilliant comment Elizabeth .

Where is the student resistance in Oxbridge ? Why are we the only ones ?

Elizabeth Hart

Anthropologist Heidi Larson heads the Vaccine Confidence Project whose purpose is "to monitor public confidence in immunisation programmes by building an information surveillance system for early detection of public concerns around vaccines..." The project seeks to "monitor public confidence in immunisation programs by listening for early signals of public distrust and questioning and providing a risk analysis and guidance to engage the public early and pre-empting potential programme disruptions".[1]

In other words the Vaccine Confidence Project is a sinister 'Big Brother' organisation working to promote and protect the vaccine industry, under the funding umbrella of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation.

According to The State of Vaccine Confidence 2015 report[2], top of the list of members of the Vaccine Confidence Project International Advisory Board is Professor Sir Roy Anderson, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Public Health and Primary Care, Imperial College London.

There's no mention of the fact that Anderson, among other roles, is also a non-executive director of GlaxoSmithKline.[3]

Anderson is also a member of the International Advisory Board of Hakluyt and Company Ltd[3], a London business intelligence bureau founded in 1995 by former members of the British foreign secret service that "fills a niche in the intelligence sector by specializing in upmarket business". The Public Interest Investigations powerbase website notes: "In its brochure, Hakluyt promises to find information for its clients which they 'will not receive by the usual government, media and commercial routes'".[4]

It's chilling to consider the influence the industry-associated Vaccine Confidence Project is exerting on international vaccination policy, including in countries such as Australia, the USA, Italy, Germany, France etc whose governments are implementing coercive vaccination policies, and pressing citizens and their children to be compliant to a tsunami of lucrative vaccine products, including repeated revaccinations with failing products such as pertussis and flu vaccines

The exploitation of the international community with the gross over-use of vaccine products is a massive scandal. The global network facilitating this abuse of power in our liberal democracies, including the US CDC and NIH and other countries' vaccination bureaucracies, the Gavi Alliance, coercive vaccination lobby groups, a complicit media etc, must be investigated and exposed.

References (as accessed 6 December 2017):
1. The Vaccine Confidence Project - About:
2. The State of Vaccine Confidence 2015 report, downloaded at:
3. Professor Sir Roy Anderson FRS, FMEDSCI:
4. Hakluyt:


The problem is the problem .How to sort a big mess one small chunk at a time ?
Point[1] Systematic failure in vaccination health and safety risk assessment standards .
Point[2] Consent pre-vaccination ,what flavour of consent is getting offered exactly.
The Doctrine of Double Effect , gives an explanation of the ethical doctrine of double effect, which says bad results can be morally OK if they are only side effects of a good action?
Euthanasia implementation/vaccine implementation opposite sides of the same coinage perhaps in terms of ethical and moral" GOAL POST" confusion ,chaos and carnage .
Euthanasia and assisted suicide Raphael Cohen-Almagor Youtube excellent presentation about ethical /moral limits and boundaries of consent? ,informed consent,implied /presumed consent,
involuntary or nonvoluntary consent or good "BEST INTEREST " dictated directive and the doctrine of double effect with enforced mandates ,medicalised monstrosities in progress . If it's not getting mentioned on the tea-time news ,it most certainly is getting thrashed out and discussed despite official /unofficial verbal gagging guidelines , in the health and social care sectors canteens corridors ,cloakrooms and car-parks .


Faced with the Offit, Reiss, Pan, challenges, we HAVE made sure our science is robust, transparent, and accessible. Too bad the same can not be said for you dear Heidi. While Trump makes fools of us all, we eagerly await your response.


Kindly realize that the antivaxxer that is being sought after is someone who once believed in vaccines and often accepted them until it was too late for their loved one and developed "confidence" in their decision to never allow those chemicals into their body again-especially once they learned that the risk of harm from the vaccine is much greater than the risk of a one or two week illness.


I would take that point a step further.

For me, it was the crushing realization that not only did I expose my children to the harm of vaccines... I did it to them for nothing!

Because the propaganda doesn't fool me anymore. And now I know, that no vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

Jeannette Bishop

Somewhat more of the same attitude here ...

... after wasting more money trying to figure out why vaccine sales pitches fail (or backfire) with vaccine "skeptics," they seem to have found that pitching them around the concepts of "liberty" (Would that be like Pan's SB 277 "is about freedom, freedom from disease?") and "purity" might be worth trying.

susan welch

Wow, Shelley Tzorfas - you nailed it!


Oh dear people losing confidence in the holy grail of vaccines what on earth can be problematic with these toxic shots, very interesting to see what she comes up with perhaps a vacc/novacc health outcomes could be a start.

Shelley Tzorfas

There is no such thing as an "anti-vaxxer" but there are millions of Ex-Vaxxers out there. An "Ex-vaxxer" is someone who had a healthy baby, went to the pediatrician, received vaccines for the um "Well Visit" and the baby died that night. Before age 1 the death certificate said "SIDS." If the baby had her first birthday it got listed as "SUDS-Sudden UNEXPLAINED Death Syndrome." An "Ex-Vaxxer" is someone whose young love was saying Mama, Dada or 15 other words and suddenly the child lost eye contact or speech while lining up or spinning all of their toys while the world ceased to exist.If this were a first child the mother would then spend countless hours reading about vaccine ingredients and discover the neurotoxic Aluminum, Thimerosal/mercury, cancer promoting Formaldehyde, Human Fetal DNA from aborted fetuses, dangerous peanut oils, cells of animals and insects and more. She might find cow bovine serum with Leukemia cells Too small to be economically removed as her 3 or 5 year old goes for more Chemotherapy sessions in some Children's Hospital. She sometimes watches the multitude of seizures the child had starting within days or weeks of a well child visit.
Then perhaps came "SADS." Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" that her college age kid had after HPV, Flu, or meningitis shots-the meningitis shots are made with E-Coli Bacteria-something she was careful to avoid from foods. An"Ex-Vaxxer" might even be a father whose sister became paralyzed with Guillian-Barret after a flu shot that they just found out was only 10% effective. He might have read this weeks research showing that the Aluminum in the Brain from vaccines amongst Autistic kids might be 10 times higher than a person with Alzheimer's and realize that his child received thousands of MCG of it when injected. It might be the grandparent, close friend, neighbor, aunt, uncle, or others in the community that read the data and decided to forgo anymore risks or marketing. Kindly realize that the antivaxxer that is being sought after is someone who once believed in vaccines and often accepted them until it was too late for their loved one and developed "confidence" in their decision to never allow those chemicals into their body again-especially once they learned that the risk of harm from the vaccine is much greater than the risk of a one or two week illness.

Hans Litten

"Her particular interest is on risk and rumour management from clinical trials to delivery – and building public trust. "

Yeah I bet !
Ever seen the "three card trick" Heidi ?


Trust ? Trustworthiness? Respect? Integrity ? Vote of Confidence ?
Eyes to the left for "AYE" Nose to the right for "No" Is there a Lobby free, shoogly corridor available to have this mentioning the unmentionables urgent discussion of potential risks of "WHAT EXACTLY "
and what ratio of risk, One in a million perhaps?because so is their chances of informed consent without an adequate risk assessment certificate of individual vaccination implementation presentation.

bob moffit

" You cannot have a conversation without having a conversation, you cannot put yourself up as some kind of honest broker when what you are really doing is just trying to annihilate dissent."

THEY not only CAN have a conversation while annihilating all dissent ... THEY have been having that "non-conversation" for DECADES NOW.

susan welch

Great article, John. Hope she gets to read it and, even better, respond. (Not holding my breath)

Hans Litten

Two days ago Dr Heidi Larson published an article on Dangerous Liaisons citing Age of Autism's report by Jennifer Larson (no relation) of the meeting by members of our community with President-Elect Trump regarding the vaccine damage cover-up. Heidi Larson, who is a lynch-pin of the global vaccine complex, is not always open about the fact that she is employed by the great vaccine companies such as Merck and GSK. She writes in her new article "Faced with the Trump challenge we must make sure that our science is robust, transparent and accessible to all". A good place to begin would be by calling for Dr William Thompson to be subpoenaed to testify before Congress, which the vaccine lobby has steadfastly opposed for more than two years. And she could certainly be clearer about who is paying her.

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