The 12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing Day 6 The Environmental & Genetic Causes of Autism
John Stone Presents Written Evidence to UK Parliament

JB Handley: Did British scientists just solve the autism puzzle?

Britian doorNOTE: We've excerpted this from JB Handley's blog. 

Five clear, replicable, and related discoveries explaining how autism is triggered have formed an undeniably clear picture of autism’s causation, and possibly ways to alleviate the symptoms, too. Most of the research that has created this understanding has been published in the last 36 months, and largely from international scientists in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Israel, and China. The U.S. media? Silent.

STAFFORDSHIRE, England — Of course there’s great irony that scientists emanating from Great Britian may have provided a final piece of data explaining how, exactly, autism is being triggered in at least some children. Students of this debate know that in 1998 another British doctor — Dr. Andrew Wakefield — sounded an alarm based on a case series report he and twelve of his colleagues published describing a novel bowel condition in children with autism. In the case of Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues, they chose to disclose in their study that the majority of the parents of the children in their study had reported regression into autism after a single vaccine: the MMR.

Dr. Wakefield’s recommendation for how to deal with the regression into autism some parents saw after the MMR was pretty modest: he recommended the MMR vaccine be broken up into three separate shots. Wait until you hear what a different British scientist, this one the world’s leading expert on the neurotoxicity of aluminum, just said last week about children’s vaccines.

Read the full piece here.




Even China didn’t remain silent on this mass, modern, worldwide decimation of human beings, now starting in utero.

The U.S. (whose at least 54% of all youth now have a disability or chronic illness/mental illness) and its “progressive’ media don’t want us to see the ugly truth about autism.

If the U.S. cannot stop the decimation of its own population, the U.S. won’t be able to pay literal trillions of dollars -in autism costs alone- which the U.S. media romanticizes aluminum-induced brain injury as “quirky, talented and unique”.

Susan Welch Excellent blog from Professor Exley re the 'Din of Silence' following his (and his team) recent findings of huge amounts of aluminium in brains of deceased individuals. Says it all about the cover up by mainstream media.

cia parker


Except that the most common cause of serious vaccine reactions is caused by the vaccination process itself and how the immune system reacts to its provocation by producing excessive inflammation, which can result in hundreds of different types of vaccine damage. And one commonality is that all three sorts of MMR in the UK have the live viruses, so the immune system is going to be alarmed by them and react in alarm to them no matter what the additional vaccine ingredients are.

Angus Files

Macrophagic Myofascitis, or MMF,

Just half way through this but V.G.

In the early 90s, a mysterious muscular disease with symptoms that included severe muscle and joint pain began to surface among multiple patients in France. A team of doctors in Paris discovered that these patients had developed a new disease called Macrophagic Myofascitis, or MMF, which occurs when the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant from a vaccine remains embedded in the muscle tissue. What the pharmaceutical companies don't make public is that the aluminum adjuvant was never rigorously tested* before going on the market and there are alternative, much less toxic, adjuvants available. Featuring interviews with patients, doctors, scientists, and influential politicians, Injecting Aluminum examines aluminum's devastating effects on the human body and calls into question the public health policies around aluminum in vaccines. Featuring: Dr. Romain Gherardi, Dr. Jerome Authier, Professor Christopher Exley, Michèle Rivasi (Member of European Parliament), journalist Stephane Foucart (Le Monde), Didier Lambert (President, E3M)

Pharma for Prison


Angus Files

Countess Mar has run with this.

https://www. 2017-12-19.HL4315.h&s=speaker% 3A12904#gHL4315.q0

Superb videos on You Tube from Professor Exley alos I see he has linked up with Acilis by Spritzer producing mineral water rich in Silica.

Pharma For Prison

Angus Files

Your more than welcome Benedetta .

Info Wars have an article on the study today ..

Pharma For Prison



Thanks Angus for the link.

Angus Files

How to remove Aluminium from your body

Dr. Chris Exley of Keele Univerrsity discusses in this snippet from a langer presentation how drinking mineral water high in silican can bring down our alumuminum levels in our bodies. Aluminum is a neuro-toxin when inhaled, ingested, absorbed or injected. Primary sources of aluminum are from cooking. Vaccines, industrial pollution, etc.

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Angus Files

Thanks Wendy I always try remembering that about the 3 different types of MMR.

Also the vit K shot 100mcg of Aluminium in it.I can empathise with this brave couple in the video link below.They the hospital staff get you when your most vulnerable.This is despite you filling in NO VACCINES OR K NOTHING.They still ask you and use mind games such as we know its your husband that dosent want the vaccines but are you sure(wash spin repeat) ???and parent roles reversed...pricks the whole lot of them.You have to be very strong and stand up to them and I dont think you can tell anyone to be that strong minded at that particular moment straight after birth as this brave couple explain.

From the vaxxed bus

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Wendy Stephen

It needs to be remembered that the UK implemented three very different brands of MMR vaccine, (MMR II, Pluserix and Immravax) all with different manufacturers, component parts, dosages, excipients and manufacturing methods. It has long been mistakenly implied that the UK had “an” MMR vaccine and that all manner of data, information and reported side effects collated since it was introduced, can visited on to “the” MMR.

A visit to the Product Licences for each of the three brands granted in the UK at the time when MMR vaccine was introduced, immediately provides a very obvious difference between the three component parts for measles, mumps and rubella virus and the dosages used, but also in the list of lyophilisation excipients and stabilisers.

For example, the Product Licence (PL) for MMR II (Pl 0025/0292) lists Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate where the PL’s for Pluserix and Immravax do not. Likewise Pluserix (PL 0002/0166) lists Casein Hydrolysate and Dextran 10 but Immravax and MMR II do not.
Immravax (PL 06745/0050) contains Kanamycin but I see no mention of it in the PL’s for MMR II and Pluserix.

There is absolutely no legitimate way to visit any commonality re adverse events, data generated, usage feedback, defects, advantages and problems collectively on to all three brands of MMR used in the UK. They were three very different products, albeit, they were all brands of MMR vaccine.

It is therefore impossible to attribute any aspect of MMR vaccine usage in the UK on to “the” MMR vaccine.

Angus Files

Heres the Prof explaining it in humanoid language for un-scientific persons like me..

Des doses importantes d'aluminium retrouvées dans des cerveaux d'autistes

Pharma For Priosn


Hans Litten

Shusssh ….Dont mention the aluminium

As explained by aluminum toxicology expert Professor Chris Exley, once the vaccine is injected, the aluminum salts release aluminum cation A13+. This aluminum release causes cell death and tissue damage at the site of injection. The toxicity of cation A13+ is often experienced as pain and swelling at the injection site, but the toxicity doesn’t end there. The aluminum is embedded into the muscles and gets into the blood, where it can circulate in the body and even cross the blood-brain barrier. At the injection site, immune responsive cells congregate; their cell cytoplasm is inundated with antigen and aluminum adjuvant.

The immune responsive cells, with their cytoplasm loaded with aluminum, can be found in lymph nodes and elsewhere throughout the body — even in the brain. Enclosed in membrane-bound vesicles, the aluminum salts remain viable in the short and long term. When the vesicles undergo acidification, they will dissolve the enclosed aluminum salt. Biologically reactive A13+ aluminum cations rupture the membrane, entering the cell cytoplasm and causing cell death. Wherever these immune responsive cells have traveled in the body, they will now release aluminum, causing unpredictable damage throughout the individual. This is why people experience different health problems after vaccination and why some problems do not show up right away.


or maybe I am all mixed up there is silicone too isn't there, with lots of carbon and hydrogen thrown in.


I had an aunt that had really big breast, and a tiny waist. She hated them. She had them removed and they were replaced with silicon filled sacs. They did not reduce them, they removed them and replaced them. I was surprised by that.
Silicon is number 14 on the periodic chart, Aluminium is number 13..
My aunt was making up the bed one day when she became paralyzed, and that is how they found her. They rushed her to the hospital and found the breast implants had leaked. Silicon had gone to her spinal column right at the top of her neck. They cleaned it all out and she got better for a while.

Then she developed ALS. She had a slow painful death as she choked on her saliva.

Dow Chemical that made the implants, isolated that part of the company and called it Dow Corning, so only that part of the company could be sued,

Do you think if she had drank pop in aluminium cans or took a bunch of aluminium filled vaccines she could have gotten rid of the silicon.


This pdf gives some good takes on aluminum, it mentions mir-155. I had connected mir-155 with this a good while back Mir-155 is a part of the inflammatory chain in at least some Autism, Down syndrome, arthritis, migraines and more. Mir-155 also has involvement as a regulator in angiogenesis. with Angiotensin via the angiotensin 1 receptor. This may be a rehash.

The putative role of environmental aluminium in the development of chronic neuropathology in adults and children. How strong is the evidence and what could be the mechanisms involved?

Gerwyn Morris
1 & Basant K. Puri
2 & Richard E. Frye


Aluminum nanoparticles have never been tested for safety in placebo controlled trials.

As far as I know the past 30 years, almost no vaccine study compared aluminum containing adjuvants vs. placebos. The placebo group usually got aluminum adjuvants too.

This tells us where we need to look.

Also as far as I know patients suffering from autoimmune disease are excluded from trials. They are studying a population that is not vulnerable/sensitive.

$CIENCE has shown vaccines are safe!



I generally agree with you as one problem feeds another and often another. The amount of issues and degree varies for different groups with ASD and other conditions are also brought about by aspects of what causes much ASD. In the end we found recovery with out any direct dealing with the Aluminum though some inflammation persists it is not mainly effecting the brain. Mostly arthritic concerns though subdued. I am still how much Aluminum is able to be removed when you abate the inflammation and restore nutritive needs and also restore blood and lymph flow. It does seem that if the Aluminum has helped trigger the process it alone either does not facilitate is persistence or its amount is lowered with the right treatment{s}.


Think I should have written "pooh-pooh." Oops.

Angus Files

I think the late Dr Bradstreet was onto it as well with GcMAF and MAF and was managing to cross the blood brain barrier.

Pharma For Prison



It seems logical to me that infants with weaker methylation systems and/or higher than average androgen hormones would be more inclined to retain both mercury and aluminum (and lead, for that matter). Thus, early exposure to any one or all of these metals could put the child at risk for some type of immune dysregulation. The fact that researchers have found large quantities of aluminum in the brains of deceased autistic people does not by itself mean that this metal alone is causing autism. It simply means they are retaining that metal more than the average person for some reason. As a teacher, I do see less severe autism in the classroom today -- specifically, less stimming behavior and better overall communication. This could be the direct result of less exposure to mercury in the first six months. But, as noted, children today are still getting lots of aluminum exposure. I think it is very likely we will find that the aluminum contributes more directly to memory and processing disorders, as well as auto-immune illness, while the mercury is/was responsible for more classic ASD.


Mr. Handley and I (I found out) briefly shared a pediatrician. My daughter was born in 2001 in a foreign country. Before her arrival here in 2002 I interviewed said ped and asked him about vaccines and autism. He said that it wasn't caused by MMR because some children develop autism before they get that vaccine. He said it could be Hep B or Hib and that babies and children should not get the Hep B vaccine. He also said that vaccines were less important here than on the dark continent of Africa. We left it that we would do titers when she arrived and go from there. I had expected him to poo-poo the connection between vaccines and autism so I had a lot to think about and I knew I had a lot of reading to do.

I was still reading when my daughter got here. I didn't immediately do titers. On a visit for a minor problem of some kind, the good doctor brought me into his office and sat behind his desk. He turned his body in profile to me and addressed himself to the shoe of his crossed leg. He told me that if I wasn't going to vaccinate, I couldn't be in his practice. He said we should redo all the vaccinations she'd gotten in her birth country (because maybe they hadn't been good) and then do all the others on the schedule. I was so taken aback I don't think I said a single word. I got up and left. And never went back.

Over the years I've thought about why I went to see him in the first place. All I knew about him was that he'd been the doctor of a girl who died in school at the age of 14 from an aneurysm (for which I don't hold him responsible) and was the current doctor of a baby who was on a nebulizer from the age of 6 months (for which I do). Given that information, my decision seems kind of crazy. Still, he essentially told me to get out while the getting was good. For that I'm thankful.

bob moffit

"Vaccine critics including me argue that the safety of injected aluminum adjuvant can only be tested using injected aluminum adjuvant, not ingested aluminum salts like AlCl3 or Al lactate. This should be common sense."

It is no accident .. it is purposeful .. that public health bureaucracies and the vaccine industry .. routinely conduct faux "research" .. deliberately comparing apples to oranges .. rather than comparing apples to apples. Such as .....

Consider .. common sense dictates the "safety of injected aluminum adjuvant can only be tested using INJECTED aluminum adjuvant, not INGESTED aluminum salts like AlC13 or Al lactate". The very same faux comparison of a vaccine "placebo" that is anything but a "placebo" .. having all the ADJUVANTS in the "placebo".

Apples to oranges comparison's are NOT SCIENCE .. they are a SCIENTIFIC SHAM.

Hans Litten

JB , question for you ? please (superb article and website sir)

I hadn't heard of Dr. Patterson until just now , but I had heard of those explanations regarding activation of the microglial through a peprpetual immune system stimulation from Russell Blaylock in various YouTube videos of his (which seem quite old now). And I have to say Russell Blaylock is thoroughly convincing and confident to me , so much so , I always believed in him.
Blaylock was the first I recall talking about cytokine Storms and interleukin and the like.

My question is did Dr Patterson propose these explanations first ?
Were Patterson & Blaylock ever in contact ?
Are there any Patterson recordings available out there ?

Professor Exley is a genius and man of honour. A true scientist.


Discovery #4: Hepatitis B vaccine induces IL-6 in postnatal rats

"When this paper was published in China, no one I knew in the autism community mentioned it, I’m guessing because it was hard to patch together its significance. You had to appreciate all of Patterson’s work. You had to understand the IL-6 connection to autism. You had to appreciate the brand new insights about aluminum adjuvant toxicity, the low dose implications, and that aluminum adjuvant was ending up in the brain. And, you had to read a paper from China that covered a lot of other ground, as well as providing a missing link in the aluminum adjuvant-cytokine (IL-6)-autism hypothesis that it helped fortify."

Search for the title of the paper you cited in the page linked below. I posted about it the day it went online. But, it is true you didn't know me though ironically it was posted to AoA.

Neonatal vaccination with bacillus Calmette-Guérin and hepatitis B vaccines modulates hippocampal synaptic plasticity in rats.
hippocampal synaptic plasticity in rats.

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