1 in 36: ASD Rate Set a New Record High in 2016

It's Time to Believe Autism Mothers Too

Our turnBy Kim Rossi

Like everyone in America, I've been watching the sexual harassment scandal grow ever wider from politicians to actors and directors and now to include media stalwarts Matt Lauer of NBC and Charlie Rose, darling of PBS. Matt Lauer is said to have had a lock button installed under his desk so he could lock a door on a woman without her knowing it, and perhaps to avoid standing up and exposing his, er interest. (Paging Judy Blume!)  In autism we calling locking someone into a room a restraint. Matt called it privacy, I suppose.

At what point will politicians and the media start listening to mothers of autistic children who have been screaming, some for decades, that a vaccine caused their child's autism? When do we get to move from the "crazy, histrionic, too stupid to understand real science blaming mothers" category to the "holy crap, these women (and their kids) have been living a nightmare and we made it worse"?  When do pains in the ass who dare to threaten commerce and sacred cows become legitimate citizens with a message of dire discrimination and trauma? We need our turn.

I'm looking forward to our day of reckoning.  And if you're a female looking for a job in Hollywood or the media, today is a good day to apply. I wish my almost 23 year old and 22 year old vaccine injured daughters could take advantage of this female friendly climate.

Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


David Weiner


Most people are happy to live their own lives and mind their own business, but the folks who attain high positions in government have a different agenda.

In his magisterial work The City of God, Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430) contrasts the City of God with the City of Man. The Church is the City of God on pilgrimage through this age to the Eternal City. It is the divine commonwealth ruled by God and governed by the law of love.

By contrast, the City of Man is the secular order. It is the earthly city ruled by humans for their own gain using their own rules. Above all, says Augustine, it "is itself ruled by the lust of rule." "The lust of rule" is a translation of the Latin libido dominandi. As Richard John Neuhaus puts it, libido dominandi is "the lust for power, advantage, and glory." It shouts, "My way or no way!"


Hmmm, why, why, why-- we all ask and wonder and speculate.
I never thought part of it being an individual wanted to expand the power and reach of the government.
I think that is what John Stone and Angus are saying?

I have in my own life only one real example of such.
I know that forest rangers covet people's lands that lay within, or at the boundaries of the forest owned by the government.

They resent people invading their national forest. They are unashamed, and love to use low down tactics, of digging into tons of regulations, and using them if the land owner uses his land other than the land just sitting there unused. They are unashamed because they feel that they are doing this not for themselves, but for a greater good. It has set aside vast areas belonging to the government but when does it stop expanding?


Regarding jobs in Hollywood:
and I have no business speaking for the great Barbara Loe Fischer, or the great Kim Rossi, or the greatest of all Jenny McCarthy.

That said, i would like to challenge Samantha Bee, and Amanda Peet, and Kristen Bell to a debate with the aforementioned, concerning the scientific reality of what is getting injected into American infants in the 21st century.

Did i mention #BELIEVE ME TOO!!!!!!
(can you do exclamation points while hashtagging)

David Weiner

More generally, I think that Trump is a fairly typical conservative politician in that he doesn't like certain things that the government is doing, but he doesn't have any principled commitment to bringing about limited government. And with such politicians, it is generally the areas where they are most inclined toward expanding government where they have the most success.

David Weiner


Yes, I believe that both Democrats and Republicans have this agenda. In fact, I think that this is the tendency of virtually all parties and governments everywhere.

There may be some rare exceptions, like Ron Paul, who really want to reduce State power, but these people have little say in how the government operates. The ones who are given power are the people who have shown a commitment to and an ability to increase the size and scope of the government. And these same people are the ones who are feted by the mainstream media and historians.

I do actually believe that Trump wanted to do something to rein in the runaway vaccine program. He did try to establish a commission, but must have been stymied in getting it off the ground. He did not have the political acumen to make it happen. Though it is possible that nobody could have pulled it off under our current Doctatorship.

Aimee Doyle


"The government vaccine program is the ultimate means for governments to control their populations and to make them dependent and even grateful for "keeping them safe". It has done wonders in promoting the power and prestige of governments. It is their gateway drug to totalitarianism."

Just curious - do you think both the Republicans and the Democrats have this agenda? What about Trump?

Angus Files

Exactly John a bit like the UK Royal Navy still producing Navy Seamen but they have no boats to put them on.So they have them on shore tidying the flower beds around Porstsmouth Naval College..But the executive`s its more drugs more vaccines more of the same more profit..just more and more for pharma STOP! is sunning itself on a beach in the Bahamas along with SENSE and HUMANITY..

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

It is about “face” and power: as J.K. Galbraith put it the bureaucrats who control the capital stand to lose nothing, it is just a minor risk to the shareholder. They want to keep it out of the courts because they never want to admit error or liability but the executive itself is protected from risk. There may be some in this who actively want to mow down the population, but above all it is about pushing the bondaries out ever further.

One has heard of corporate employees who are held to account for failure, but I am not sure I ever noticed it with pharmaceutical manufacturers - certainly not related to general injury to the populace (which is obviously just good clean fun).

David Weiner


You are absolutely correct that this problem goes well beyond the "follow the money" heuristic.

The government vaccine program is the ultimate means for governments to control their populations and to make them dependent and even grateful for "keeping them safe". It has done wonders in promoting the power and prestige of governments. It is their gateway drug to totalitarianism.

People who think that it is ALL about the money are missing a very important dimension to this problem.


Would you believe it! anecdotal"ASS-- essment " claim refused ?.
VAERS [Vaccine] adverse event reporting system or[Vehicle] being a replaceable chunk of metal !
Hubby,ma Jimmy ran over a dead badger on a narrow,fast moving ,twisting,turning country road .
Couldn't brake and stop ,car too fast and close behind him , couldn't overtake ,car approaching towards him ,couldn't swerve would have gone straight into a field .No option but to go over the top of the poor big badger with crunch,crunch .crunch ,with the last crunch being the exhaust getting squashed . Car insurance people said sorry sir but that will not be considered as a claim ,because you can not prove that the damage to underneath the car wasn't there before you ran over the badger ?
Now if you had hit a sheep or a deer and there was visible damage to the bumper ,the bonnet or the windscreen ,well that,s different . Jimmy came off the phone aye right off it ,cussing the air blue . Garage repair bill £400 ,but still thankful and grateful that the badger did not cause a serious accident . VAERS reporting system -NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE .


"#" - are y'all catching my meta?

I want to start a hashtag, but there is something grossly unseemly about capitalizing, or trying to gain recognition, from some other peoples pain. Regardless, women have got to stop being dismissed, so here goes:

"imeanhashtag,imeanpoundsignBELIEVE ME TOO!!!

#believemetoo ; i mean"#"believemetoo


Thank You Kim!!!!


I shared this article and a friend asked me how this statistic compares with other countries. Is there a place where I can find that information that is recent? I was only coming up with listings with outdated statistics. Thanks.

Jeannette Bishop

I think if people come to understand that much of this (and worse) is the substance of a control file system, they will come to see how it's beyond "follow the money." People in "high places" haven't just been selling out (though that happens, probably often as part of the control file set up too), they've been entrapped and then motivated (often rather cheaply I think) to go along with unthinkable things, including unthinkable "health" policies.

Angus Files

We are winning - thats why the dead wood are being dumped by the globalists under the umbrella of sexual deviancy.Whether it be female male or children being abused the whole sexual predatory genera is present amongst the media and we all knew it.Just as planned by the globalists when a clean out is needed the puppets are all sexual predators and will be discarded as that.
If the going was still good for the media outlets and the Globalist agenda was still going to plan Rose et-al would still be free to prowl.

Thats why they are enforcing vaccination as people were refusing.The figures for uptake of vaccines were declining for years.The trusted Gates Murdochs et-al were losing it.All we have to do is find away to negate the threats not to vaccinate even when forced to.

Pharma For Prison


Pam Byrne

I have thought that parents of children with autism should take a note from the "Me, too" social media trend used by victims of sexual harassment/abuse. In response to the statement' "My child is a victim of vaccine injury," many of us can sadly but truthfully say, "Mine, too."

Joanie Calem

And way before the current epidemic, the few children with autism were believed to have gotten their condition because their mothers were "refrigerator" mothers. So throughout history women were usually blamed for most to the ills of society...back in the day when women used herbs to heal the sick they were burned for being witches.
The denigration of women and the autism epidemic are totally entwined, which is a good reminder to just keep talking, just keep speaking up, just don't back down.

Donna L.

Amen. I often wonder if this entire epidemic might have been avoided or nipped in the bud if it had been angry -- very, very angry -- fathers who'd confronted the medical establishment with their vaccine-injured children two decades ago. My guess is the rate today would NOT be 1 in 36.

David Weiner

Our day will come. And the change will happen fast, as it did here, after the tipping point is reached. The government vaccine program will fall into a well-deserved disrepute.


The problem is, decades of brilliantly-constructed propaganda have essentially hypnotized people into a knee-jerk reaction of thinking that anyone who even questions vaccine safety is A Threat, and must be attacked.

This includes mothers reporting obvious vaccine reactions. And if you actually CRITICIZE vaccine safety or policy, you are The Enemy.

Look at how we deal with perceived enemies within this country. We’ve enslaved them, trucked them to “internment camps,” sterilized them, refused them the right to vote, and let’s not forget McCarthyism...

Dorit, Offit, and Pan are the next generation of that heritage.


Thank you Kim for trying to open that locked door.
To those who do not wish a former Connaught Lyme vaccine investigator, Dr Gary Wormser, to be on the Tick Borne Disease Committee please consider signing the Lyme disease dot org petition to have him removed

Rebecca Lee

Misogyny is alive and well in the United States.

bob moffit

Kim ... I too am desperately "looking forward to our day of reckoning"

Unfortunately .. the SWAMP was created over DECADES .. and .. I fear it will take as many DECADES to even begin draining it. Having said that .. none the less .. I truly believe OUR DAY OF RECKONING WILL COME.

In any event ... consider .. much has been written and said .. pro and con .. about the establishment of "sanctuary cities" determined to protect illegal immigrants from being deported.

However .. we the people are just now learning that CONGRESS has been living within a "sanctuary city" .. ostensibly determined to protect CONGRESS from being publicly accused and prosecuted for sexually harassing their employees .. such as .. the latest revelation .. maintaining a "shush fund" of MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to pay victims of Congressional sexual harassment to KEEP QUIET regarding who, where and when .. the victim was sexually harassed.


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