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Is the Vagus Nerve the Culprit Behind Speech Delay?

Gen Rescue SquareGenerati0n Rescue has a provocative post running today on their blog. Is the Vagus Nerve the Culprit Behind Speech Delay?

Team GR: Part of a healthy routine is staying in alignment. We asked chiropractor Dr. David Foss to help explain the vagus nerve and how it may be affecting individuals with autism.

Written by David Foss, D.C.

As much as I love watching some classic Elvis shows in Vegas, new studies on the vagus nerve and its implications to those with autism spectrum disorders make me sing, “Viva Las Vagus!”  

We can now understand so much more about the reasoning behind some of the behaviors that those with autism exhibit because of their neurology.   

Science can now explain how “vagal tone” influences social behavior, immune function, digestion, detoxification and heart rate.  Having a better understanding of functional neurology allows doctors to give hope for autism recovery.  

Let’s first start with some understanding of the vagus nerve and what it’s responsible for. I’ll then introduce what can happen when the vagus nerve is stressed, what can cause stress to the vagus nerve and finally how to correct the imbalance to bring about an optimally functioning nervous system.

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body that originates in the brainstem.  It has branches that travel throughout the head and control a various amount of functions.

Some of these cranial branches travel to the ear affecting how we hear, our throat affecting how we speak and our eyes affecting how we focus and attend to other people.

The vagus nerve works in conjunction with oxytocin receptors in the brain, which stimulates feelings of bonding, attraction and love.  This is the “social” component of the vagus nerve.

When functioning to this critical component of the vagus nerve is compromised, it will have negative effects on sensory processing, socialization, speech, vision, hearing and focus.

The vagus nerve also has two branches that travel down each side of the neck and extend throughout the body.  This critical nerve is part of what is called the autonomic nervous system, which automatically regulates the functions our mind does not consciously control.

Working separate from our conscious mind, our autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling essential and vital body functions.  It consists of two components: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems.

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for stimulation when the body is at rest and ease- including digestion, salivation, immune response, reproduction and in the brain, it enhances mindfulness and executive functioning. Think of the parasympathetic nervous system as the brake pedal in your car, slowing things down.

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for stimulating activities associated with the fight or flight response and perceived danger.  It involves increased heart rate, blood pressure, muscle energy and stimulates the hind brain or the “survival” mind.  Think of this system as the gas pedal in your car, speeding things up.

The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system and when functioning properly, inhibits the sympathetic nervous system.

What Happens in Vagus Doesn’t Stay in Vagus…

What comes next is most critical in understanding this complex nerve.  A malfunctioning vagus nerve can cause the autonomic nervous system to be locked in a constant state of “fight or flight”.  

When the autonomic system is in “syspathetic overload,” a whole host of health problems can follow including but not limited to:  sensory processing disorder, sleep problems, speech problems, digestive disorders, difficulties with social interactions, immune system suppression and difficulty detoxifying…just to name a few!

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Was it damage to the vagus nerve too though?:

After all the vaccine injury has come and gone ; The spike of the high fever is over (which does harm the vagus nerve. After the brain injury has occurred, and we are left to try to heal; what part does the vagus nerve play? My guess a great deal when it comes to epilepsy.

I bet money that Dr. Pol is right and a good shot of vitamin B1, thiamine would be a good thing to a damaged vagus nerve. But then only veterinaries are knowledgeable
enough to do that. .


CIA Parker; that is what my understanding is too. But really do we know the exact mechanisms?

In my son's third go around, and his worse reaction; it took around six hours from the time the vaccine was given to the time my son spiked his temperature and he went catatonic.

Was it the aluminium that clogged the blood to his brain that night?
Was it the type of immune cells that gobble up aluminium and took the aluminium through the lymph system to another area of inflammation, the hypothalamus to release aluminium? And once there did they do what aluminium is know best to do and clot the blood?

Why did the first time reaction months earlier did it not effect the brain but his heart?

The whole cell whooping cough bacteria was terrible, and they turned to partial cell, fragments of the bacteria wall. With those parts of the bacteria wall they put a protein to; so we have a molecule that the immune system really reacts to. Is it that?

But what we do know because of Dr. William Thompson, that the mercury was causing tics. So on top of all health problems my kids had, and the lease I had to worry about was the odd blinking of their eyes, and snuffing of the nose; unless obsessive compulsive behavior is part of tics? It is for tourettes.

I am kind of getting the idea finally that vaccines production has been; IS, IS NOW; a Frankenstein story? Vaccines like Frankenstein's monster is made up of lots of lots of bad things, and there maybe no end to what does what.

Was it

cia parker

I should have said that the white blood cells triggered by the vaccine inflammation clog up the capillary beds in the brain, which are extremely small and narrow. So the vaccine inflammation triggers mini-strokes.


I don't think it is easier than that CIA Parker.
Yeah, for us too there is ischemia scars on two spots in the front, middle part of the brain.
But if I have to hear, epilepsy is an electrical storm of the brain one more time.

Yeah, Jeanette; I saw it. I am still thinking that theory over.

Jeannette Bishop

I really recommend this entire discussion by Mr. Maready regarding potential interactions between vaccine aluminum, other triggers, and the dorsal vagal complex:

It kind of hurts (especially the last half hour), but if true or even largely true, I doubt our health institutions are likely to consider and connect all of these aspects within research on their own.

cia parker

I think the explanation is easier than that. A vaccine irritates the immune system into producing inflammation and antibodies. This immune reaction causes a massive flood of white blood cells into the inflamed brain, blocks normal blood passage (i.e., stroke), and this encephalitic reaction often does stroke-like damage (which also blocks normal blood passage in the brain). The lack of oxygen in the normal blood flow can do extremely severe damage to the language and social centers of the brain, both in the case of autism and stroke.


Veterinary medicine is a lot more telling that human medicine.

For example: Just watching some TV for entertainment; Dr. Pol, the veterinary that serves the area of Mount Pleasant in Michigan, and is on TV; explained some things about the vagas nerve workings. He treated a calf that had diarrhea after a fever, and had pneumonia. Dr. Pol explained that the vagus nerve had been harm from the high fever which messed up the nerve running from the brain to the digestive system. . HE gave a big shot of thiamine - vitamin B 1 because that helps repair the nerve. The calf got better.

As usually the human medical profession sent out a psychologist to explain how the Parkinson disease that my father has is going to play out.

There has been some work on Parkinson disease that indicates that this disease begins at the vagas nerve near the stomach, and then slowly makes it way up and up into the brain. My own Father began shuffling his feet after he made the decision to reestablish his yearly flu shots. He stopped with the flu shots for a while after his heart attack ( that back story is that the flu shot was followed by five months of symptoms of inflammation, and then a heart attack).

As what ever it is that starts at the stomach area of the vagus nerve reaches the brain, those suffering from this disease begin to feel the presents of people in the room that are not there, or see things that are not there. Example; when driving my father down to see the pond in the golf cart, he mentioned seeing a buffalo, that was not there. As soon as I said what buffalo he tried to put it off as a joke.

But back to veterinary medicine:

Fever alone can hurt the vagus nerve, Probably a food allergy causes by vaccines is really what is going oh too, Antigen stuck onto the adjutant of aluminium would make our immune system in our gut to over react. Ruin your immune system to react to one microbe while another fills the niche.

The Vagus Nerve is One Route of Transneural Invasion for Intranasally Inoculated Influenza A Virus in Mice


This is something to keep in mind.
Back in 2002, the medical profession was all excited about installing metal coils around the vagus nerve so it could be electrically stimulated when some one could feel a seizure coming on.

Seizures is an ever present thread running through autism

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