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Good Lord

Sunday thoughtsBy Cathy Jameson

My son’s vaccine injury has kept me from believing in the system.  It’s also kept me from being grateful for pharmaceutical companies, especially ones that cannot be held responsible for damages their products cause.  So when I heard that a pharmaceutical company listened to the people and created something that the people wanted - and that we were being asked to thank them, my interest was piqued.  It stayed piqued when I learned that a morally acceptable vaccine, a vaccine that did not contain aborted fetal cell lines, was now on the market for consumers. 

I’ve written about how certain ingredients found in some vaccines go against my beliefs as a Catholic.  Aborted fetal cell lines?  In vaccines?  Yes.  That revelation was one of the first things that made me begin to question vaccines my children were scheduled to receive.  At the time, I was faithful to the schedule and hadn’t planned on deviating from it.  I can’t recall now who told me about the cell lines, but the more I started to read about the process the more horrified I became. 

I still have print outs of what I’d started to look up.  I still have emails between friends and a local doctor who shared the same concern that I did.  These other parents and I knew that we couldn’t opt for those vaccines.  But what could we do?  Our kids’ pediatricians were quick to tell us our children needed them.  Schools were even quicker to tell us young parents that our children needed those vaccines for school entry (which I later learned was not entirely true).  Some parents were beginning to delay their kids’ shots and others quietly opted out completely.  I respected their decision, but I was the one mom who planned to continue to take her children to their well-child visits religiously.  The problem of how to stay on schedule became a bigger problem though.  Determined to not veer from it, I remember doing everything I could to find vaccines not created with those cell lines.  I even called other pediatrician offices in other towns to ask which manufacturers they used.  Everyone used the ones we Catholics should not be using.  I was at a crossroads: give my kids the shots that go against my morals, or consider opting out.  I hadn’t planned on opting out, but I eventually had to.  In hindsight, I want to thank the Lord for that! 

Those who know our story already know that my son’s vaccine injury now shapes many decisions I make today.  To go along with what medicine deems is perfectly safe and effective is not something I do anymore – not for my children, not for myself either.  With how damaging vaccines were for Ronan, I am on the constant look out for any sort of news related to them.  Even though his injury occurred years ago, I still stay as updated as I can about vaccines, autism, and more.  I especially keep my eyes peeled for any sort of medical-related updates from Christian/pro-life groups.  But while some people were celebrating the latest discovery, that a morally approved adult vaccine was available,  I held off on offering any high fives. 

As promising as the headlines sounded, I still had some reservations.  Before investigating further, I recalled what I knew about the first FDA-approved shingles vaccine, Zostavax.

Zostavax came on the schedule in the mid-2000s.  Made by Merck, it’s offered to adults 60 years of age and older.  I also knew that it had questionable ingredients (listed as human diploid (MRC-5) cells on the package insert) and that it was not preventing shingles but actually causing it.  Since that vaccine was not on my radar like those on the childhood schedule are, it was only recently that I learned that adult vaccine consumers who’d been harmed by the Zostavax vaccine had filed lawsuits against Merck in civil court.

Having two options is better than having only one, but now that I’ve read a little bit more about the second option, Shingrix, I don’t think I can be swayed into getting it.  Other factors prevent me from wanting it.  The vaccine is still created with other ingredients (see section 11 I care not to have injected in my body.  It still comes with adverse reactions, and it, like all vaccines, still comes with risk.  I’m not sure about other maturing adults, but the older I get, the less risks I want to take. 

With how adults are being pressured to follow the schedule,  I will stay abreast with all vaccine news, especially when it’s perceived as good news.  Even though I’m still quite a few years away from when I’ll be asked if I want a shingles vaccine, I’ll pass on it.  Some pro-lifers are saying the new one is acceptable and still have nothing but praise for it.  It may be acceptable for them, but I just can’t place my trust in a pharmaceutical company to protect me.  As far as thanking GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer, for their efforts?  I don’t think so.  Too much is still at stake.  Too much is still being done in the name of business and not enough in the name of health.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


go Trump

Thanks Cathy,

The business model of our present AAP medical system now trashes the lives of 1 in 36.
The "number one item" is billing the insurance companies for vaccines

As a typical doctor is probably $500,000 in debt, and a typical hospital probably $500,000,000 in debt, they need a few hundred dollars from each patient visit before they even attempt to figure out what the problem may be.

They know exactly what they are doing, but like many "money junkies" they can't afford to stop.


Hi Harvard MD;
Without having done any research into the case, I also thought it sounded extremely strange.
What hospital was this person treated at, that (imo), was potentially so incompetent that it couldn't successfully treat pneumonia in a healthy adult?
What treatments did they provide? As a family member, I would be looking to investigate the hospital for possible medical malpractice if a healthy adult died of pneumonia, while receiving inpatient care.

Harvard MD

New England Journal of Medicine - most influential medical journal- published in Nov 29th a CDC opinion piece for the need for a new Universal Flu vaccine (this is not the first time also in August):

I think they are loosing the flu shoot market with a reported 10% efficacy this year. This is why they are drumming the Flu-apocalypse, deadlier than last year! A story went viral globally about a 20 yo young mother from Phoenix who died within 48hrs of first symptoms of flu, despite intubation and antibiotics for a few hours, she went into cardiac arrest. Alas she didn’t receive the flu vaccine- maybe the outcome would be different, so suggest the articles.

But as a physician, I find this very hard to believe: young, healthy people don’t suddenly die like this- especially when on life-support. Very odd. I tried to find the name of hospital or treating physician, wrote to the WaPo journalist for this info and the aunt if victim who launch a Go Fund me within 24 hrs and has almost reached goal of $22k US for funeral and for orphaned kids, 6 month old and 2 yo - heart-wrenching (also I couldn’t find obituary or funeral postings). No response.

This case is very suspect and I think may have been used as a scare tactic and is fake news.

Be very vigilant when reading MSM news that are short on detail and go viral. I could be wrong, this is why I am seeking confirmation and reading the medical literature on pneumonia deaths from flu- this is a very unusual case.

Harvard MD

Some thoughts on the herpes zoster and the chicken pox (varicella vaccine)-

The virus that causes zoster is the same that causes chicken pox. Since the introduction of the varicella vaccine, the incidence of zoster has been increasing in all age groups as documented by a public health official in California who subsequently had his work suppressed from publication- I think he did so anyway despite fighting legally with the CDC which claimed it was their data so he had no right to publish it (I saw a YouTube video with him). The most likely reason he reported for more cases of zoster is that the chicken pox vaccine is effective and thus many fewer kids get chicken pox now BUT turns out one of the benefits of kids getting varicella infections was that it kept adult immune systems primed to stave off this virus NOW without adults having contact with kids wih chicken pox they gradually loose immunity and the varicella virus they acquired in the past and may have remained hidden in certain nerve cells can now cause zoster.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, not to speak of yound mothers now at risk of getting varicella and nit conferring breastfed immunity against varicella.

I have never heard the medical establish admit to this type of knock-on effects of vaccines (similar for measles, in that measles infections can confer life-long protection for various conditions).

bob moffit

David ... sorry ... I forgot to show the links for articles ...

bob moffit

David .... here are two articles regarding the "outbreak" of the Zika virus causing deformed babies in Brazil .. one article links the "outbreak" of a formerly non-threatening virus .. Zika .. been around for decades without any noticeable link to "deformed babies .. but ... the second article suggests the problem in Brazil may have been caused by Brazil's introduction of a DPT vaccine for pregnant women.

From what we know about the dangerous .. "unintended consequences" of vaccinating pregnant women causing mis-carriages and such .. the sudden rise in "deformed babies in Brazil" from a virus that has been non-threatening since first discovered ... it is more than likely it was the VACCINE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN that was causing "deformed babies" not Zika.

Which would explain why a vaccine that was heralded as a BILLION DOLLAR investment .. was suddenly withdrawn from the market ... because ... the greatly anticipated GLOBAL OUTBREAK OF ZIKA DEFORMED BABIES NEVER MATERIALIZED.



Shingrix was made for one purpose-- to capture a market segment -- so that one day, soon, vaccine manufacturers will be able to brag that they found a creative way to eliminate the need for a religious exemption to vaccination, even though that would not be true as some people have other valid religious objections to vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers want 100% guaranteed, mandated profits every single year. That is their business model, sadly for those of us who think our bodies are divinely created, or those of us who philosophically think our bodies are actually ours. Once 100% vaccine profits are assured without any liability, of course, to increase their profits further, they will need to manufacture more vaccines and mandate those, too, as that will then be the only way they will be able to further increase their profits annually.

I can see it now--- new vaccines rolled out with haste and greed each year with specific, staggered, roll-out dates, sort of like when new movies are released in a theater. Every quarter could be profitable. All done to make more money, rather than to protect anyone's health. Just like the new Dengvaxia scandal in the Philippines given to hundreds of thousands of Dengue-naive children despite prior knowledge that the vaccine would make Dengue-naive recipients MORE susceptible to severe Dengue disease.–-gordon/ar-BBG1hjy

We have so much to look forward to, Cathy, and none of it is good or even slightly ethical.

david m burd


Apparently even the excellent, rare, honest journalist Sharyl Attkisson is unaware even the rarely honest US CDC cites the "background prevalence" of microcephaly in the United States is 7 per 10,000 births; this comes to 2,800 cases every year (for the usual 4 million yearly births).

Clearly the hysteria over a Zika virus, common forever, was simply manufactured to (falsely) set up our heroic CDC to yet again be a savior. AND, to sucker Congress to urgently fund $billions to CDC's coffers. Just another conjob by CDC.

bob moffit

Kathy .. your distrust of vaccines is well deserved .. as explained by Dr Richard Moskowitz in his excellent book .. "VACCINES .. A Reappraisal" .. which one "blurb" .. written by Stephanie Seneff, PhD, senior research scientist, MIT .. states:

"This book is a masterpiece and a must read for anyone with concerns about the safety and efficiency of vaccines. Engaging and highly accessible, it weaves together case histories from Dr. Moskowitz's own practice with detailed discussion of the scientifically proven links between vaccines and autoimmune disease. SIDS, neurological disorders like autism and ADHD, and the sordid backstory of mandatory vaccination in America".

Admittedly .. being totally ignorant of vaccines when I had my own children vaccinated without hesitation as a young father .. I have learned through EXPERIENCE that I had greatly MISTRUSTED those doctors .. who I believed KNEW the vaccines they were giving my children were .. indeed ... "safe and effective".

Indeed, over the last 15 or so years .. the more I have read on the subject of vaccines .. I now firmly believe there is absolutely no truth to the likelihood of science creating a "one size fits all vaccine" .. is not only improbable .. it is far more likely IMPOSSIBLE.

(By the way .. Shayrl Attkisson asks this week on her show .. "Full Measure" .. what happened to the ZIKA virus pandemic?

"Projections were dire. In July of last year, CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden called Puerto Rico’s Zika epidemic “horrifying.” He warned it could sicken 10,000 pregnant Puerto Rican women in 2016 alone, causing catastrophic birth defects in hundreds of babies.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. How could CDC have gotten it so wrong? And what happened to the $1.6 billion U.S. tax dollars spent on the Zika “crisis”?

This week on Full Measure, we report from Puerto Rico where some officials say the crisis was largely manufactured.

I thought I read of a "new ZIKA vaccine" being tested? Was I wrong?)

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