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FirstFreedoms.org Files Human Rights Complaint Against Italy for Mandatory Vaccination Law

Italian GestureNOTE: From Kevin Barry of FirstFreedoms.org:

On Christmas Day, we filed a human rights complaint against Italy.  The mandatory vaccination law Italy passed violates international human rights and bioethics standards for Italy's almost 60 million citizens.

We will be filing a human rights complaint against France in the coming days because its recent mandatory vaccination rules violate the same standards for France's almost 65 million citizens.

We need your financial help to see this through!  The goal is to reverse the policies in Italy and France and to educate policy makers worldwide that vaccine mandates violate human rights and bioethics.  Parents are having their human rights taken away by the millions at one time.  We have to draw the line in 2018!!

Please give what you can to help this critically important project either via PayPal or GoFundMe.  (Thank you to Stephanie Stock for starting the Go Fund Me!)

Donations are tax deductible. 

Happy New Year to you and your families!

Kevin Barry


Grace Green

Linda 1, you're right. I'm sending prayers instead, as I have no money. I think this is a great initiative, though I, like Laura Hayes, was puzzled why USA states were not included. However, one brick at a time and it'll come down like the Berlin wall. I'm ready to march when the time comes.

susan welch

Linda1. Thank you for pricking my conscience - and jogging my memory. I had seen this soon after Christmas, but had forgotten.


With everything that's happened, we have an attorney, known to us, who is stepping up to go to the mat as countries fall all around us, and only 9 people pitch in to help?


I know money is tight for many, but if everyone concerned threw just $3 into the pot, there would be more than $100,000 to fund this fight. It is very discouraging to see the lack of support.

Same thing with funding this blog that benefits us all every day.


So sorry Benedetta. I hope your husband is better.

Angus Files

Bitcoin and vaccines?We have all the criminals Gates Soros et-al with all the spoils from harming our kids and harming the world wide populations of the world.So what I believe is that there is a big rush to get some of the ill gotten gains hidden before Trump does a Saudi purge and confiscates all the ill gotten gain's back from the monster criminals and slam them in the slammer.Hence the rise in Bitcoin which I beilieve is harder to track and trace who owns what.Trump will take the ill gotten gains back and pay off the money unaccounted for at the Pentagon and the lesser official national debt.How many billionaires will it take to do that ,not many.As we all know on here there are a few at the top making a pile of money whilst nations are starving and dying and being controlled and being made nonfunctional through vaccine induced disabilities these abuses are about to be punished.

This article below describes as above but its not where I get my info from on this...


Pharma for Prison



Reading Is Fundamental
Trumps on it Thorsen,Soros,Gates,Murdoch no wonder Bitcoins going through the roof..lol

I'm not sure what Bitcoin has to do with the subject of the post, but the bubble is deflating fast, right along with the introduction of futures trading. It's useless as a currency due to transaction fees and processing times, not to mention the possibility of just mining empty blocks for BTC 12.5.


Mercola wrote an article about Gates .

He mentioned down in the middle that Laurel Bush was involved in Merck - front groups involved in the HPV vaccine.

That is pretty sneaky; since she was so quiet, unpolitical, likable, and well just a librarian.

We have had a long history of Democrats and Republicans very bought, so very sneaky about it, and so very quiet as they let pharma do what ever.

Now we have an ophoid addiction crisis and all that.
By the way we have; in my own family been through that too. I might as well fess up and tell you all that the vaccine injury of my husband lead to some pretty serious muscle problems that after a deep metal rod probe told the doctors he needed pain management. The pain clinic did not mind one bit giving him more and more and more. Myclonic jerks by the way is not just epilepsy, but a sign of a toxicity point has been reached. I could not reason with the pain clinic, I had to get mean; I had to have a nurse my daughter calling them too, it took us being aggressive to save my husband's life from the pain clinic.

Angus Files

Trumps on it Thorsen,Soros,Gates,Murdoch no wonder Bitcoins going through the roof..lol

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption


Pharma For Prison



It's the human rights of the children that are being violated.

go Trump

The "vaccine mandate intellects" have now become the "Vaccine Nazis" who want to conquer the world with their programs.

False scientists


Laura Hayes

Oops, meant on the list to have a human rights complaint filed against them, versus sued.

Laura Hayes

Curious to know why California, Mississippi, West Virginia, and the U.S. as a whole, including the U.S. military complex, are not also on the list to be sued?


khz, it is here : - https://www.gofundme.com/human-rights-complaint-re-italy


How (where) do we Paypal?

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