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Dengvaxia Vaccine Controversy In Philippines

Note: Thank you to AHRP for this report on the controversial Dengue fever vaccination program in the Philippines. Even if you are fully pro-vaccination, this story should make you pause for a moment or several.  Children ages 2 - 5 ran a risk of contracting Dengue fever post vaccination. This reminds us of the MMR data that showed a higher autism risk in African American males under the age of 3 - data that was scrubbed clean.


This is a developing news story focusing on the corruption of industry-initiated government vaccination policies. The case involves Sanofi and the launching of its Dengvaxia vaccine in a massive school-based Dengvaxia vaccination campaign in 830,000 Philippino school children.

The World Health Organization reports that dengue, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, is endemic in 100 countries, and the number of reported dengue cases has skyrocketed. In 1996, less than half a million (0.4); in 2005, 1.3 million; in 2010, 2.2 million; and in 2015, there were 3.2 million reported cases.

Sanofi Pasteur tested its vaccine Dengvaxia (CYD-TDV) in two parallel Phase 3 randomized trials (June 2011 – March 2012). CYD14 was tested in 5 Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam), in 10,275 children aged 2–14 years. CYD15 was conducted at in 5 Latin American countries (Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, in 20,869 children aged 9–16 years.

But Sanofi failed to examine the reason that young children aged 2 to 5 were at increased risk of severe dengue infection; the company encouraged the Philippine government to initiate a massive, school-based Dengvaxia vaccination program. One year after 830,000 children in the Philippines were vaccinated, and a major scandal erupted in the Philippines, the World Health Organization changed its initial equivocating recommendation (by the same Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety) regarding Sanofi’s dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia:  Read more here.



"The justice department statement did not say Dengvaxia had caused the deaths, but it quoted excerpts from a resolution by prosecutors that said the 20 individuals had exhibited an “inexcusable lack of precaution and foresight”. "


Another friend found herself cut out of a family elder’s will because, as he argued before the entire family (minus her and her affected son), she had fabricated her son’s autism to leech off the state


Yes, that's right. While most expecting parents were wishing for healthy children, we were all wishing for vaccine injured children. So we could, you know, bask in the 'easy street' existence of using our disabled child, as an excuse to leech off the state .

Geez, some people really are stupid.

cia parker

Homeopathy is different from herbal medicine. You are not taking arsenic when you take arsenicum. Homeopathy potentizes the original substances. So they take one part arsenic and nine parts water, shake them together (succuss) a certain number of times (the number needed for the ultimate product). Then they take one tenth of that solution, mix it with nine-tenths water, then succuss that. Then take one-tenth of THAT solution, mix it with nine-tenths water, and so one. You can see that by the time you've done that thirty times, there are only a few molecules of arsenic left in the remedy. The more you do that, the higher the potency. The key is that the succussing gives the energy of the substance to the solution, and the more you succuss it, the higher the potency of the energy. So really high potencies are 10M or even higher, and work at a very deep level for correcting the imbalance causing the problem.

The body at some level knows what to do when it's afflicted by symptoms of disease. Homeopathy has tested thousands of substances to see what symptoms they cause when taken straight. Then it potentizes that substance, and it is given to treat conditions producing that symptom. The body recognizes on an energetic level what the remedy is telling it the problem is, and it reacts in a way which corrects the underlying problem. Allopathic medicine can only treat symptoms, not cure, except in the case of antibiotics. Sometimes just treating the symptom is lifesaving, as when you open the airways in the case of an asthma attack or pneumonia. But most of the time you're just dragging out the problem, with new problems caused by the drug used.

Homeopathy uses low potencies, like 6x, for acute problems, as this potency acts quickly, but needs to be repeated often. I have shingles now, and bought mercurius vivus 6x to treat it. I've also ordered mercurius vivus in higher potencies for chronic, less urgent conditions: 30c, 200c, and 200M, to try to cure the underlying problem of varicella virus (from natural chickenpox) being permanently stored in my body.

Homeopathy works. It's worked for us many times. It can be hard to choose the right remedy, as you have to look at the entire symptoms picture. Someone who has flu and is very restless may need gelsemium, while someone with flu who is very weak and still may need bryonia instead. Bryonia has pulled me back from the edge of apparent death when I had a bad case of flu in 2011. There are many excellent books on homeopathy, with descriptions of diseases and then typical symptom pictures for each of them. Our rabbit had GI stasis several years ago: belladonna was the most recommended remedy for GI stasis, but seemed to do nothing. Then I noticed he was drinking a lot of water, went back and read my books again, and saw that stasis with great thirst called for chamomilla. I gave it to him, and he was cured immediately!

Arsenicum as a homeopathic remedy is completely harmless even for young children. And the astounding success of the homeopathic treatment in reducing dengue fever in Macaé to a stunning degree, compared to the disease increasing in the rest of the state at the same time, shows the power of homeopathy.

I recommend that everyone read the book The Solution, by Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott, which explains all this and gives a schedule for protecting babies with homeopathic nosodes, starting with the pertussis nosode at one month and two months old. They give charts from the Australian homeopath Isaac Golden, comparing outcomes for children who got only nosodes (the best outcomes), those who got only vaccines, those who got constitutional remedies as well as nosodes and vaccines, and so on. With data on how government-sponsored programs of homeoopathic prophylaxis against meningitis in Brazil, polio in Mexico, and leptospirosis in Cuba showed how EXTREMELY effective homeopathy was at preventing the diseases, in every case those who did NOT get the nosodes had high rates of disease, while those who got them got little or none.


Can one also presume that this new vaccine would have an aluminum adjuvant added automatically?
My husband was born and raised in Jamaica of colonial british parents. He contracted dengue fever there when he was 28 and says it was truly horrendous and well worthy of its name 'breakbone fever'. Rather like the hurricane, halfway through it gives the body a respite of a day but then comes back even worse in severity. He says he can recall nothing of how long it lasted, he grew a beard during the fever so it must have been longer than a week.
These small children in the Phillipines are no doubt already undernourished and immune threatened.


Eight hundred thirty thousand children harmed in one fell swoop - one vaccine that did the opposite of what it was supposed to do - that may end up killing them. This disaster should cause anyone with 1/2 a brain to think twice about any vaccine program, especially with so many parents worldwide crying foul.


CIA Parker; It would be a difficult choice between a vaccine or arsenicum

cia parker

What they should do is to follow Brazil's example and give the homeopathic nosode for dengue fever. In the state of Rio de Janeiro in 2008, there were 250,000 confirmed cases of dengue, when in 2007 there had been only 67,000 cases. What followed shows how effective governments in many countries have found both homeopathic treatment and prophylaxis (nosodes for prevention). The city of Macaé, sixty miles north of Rio, was chosen for this test, with 188,000 inhabitants. They used, formulas or separately, eupatorium, phosphorus, crotalus, nat mur, and arsenicum. The preparations were given freely to the citizens of Macaé in five separate campaigns. In April-May 2007, 156,000 doses were distributed. In Nov-Dec 2007, 60,000 were given, In April 2008, 200,000 were distributed. In Nov-Dec 2008, 26,000 were given. In 2009, it was 98,708 doses. In January through March 2008, incidence of dengue in Macaé fell 93% compared to January-March 2007, while in the rest of the state of Rio incidence increased 128%. The homeopathic preparations are cheap, quick to produce, and safe. Much better in every way than the vaccines.


It seems there is so much we just do not know; except that vaccines are the bottom basement bargain, and a cash cow to pharma companies; now that that almost every country has further immunized pharmas from deadly, pathogenic, company killing; but very best safety measures called
law suits.

White Rose

Every single one of those children in the Philippines is entitled to substantial compensation for this debacle. To the extent that it should bankrupt Sanofi.

bob moffit

These were the most encouraging words I read in this .. "report on the controversial Dengue fever vaccination program in the Philippines".

From the report:

"Several investigations are underway, including a criminal probe, to determine whether Philippine officials who launched this devastating vaccination drive were corrupt. GMA News reported that Susan Mercado, a former undersecretary of the Department of Health stated that the government’s purchase of Dengvaxia for 3.5 billion pesos ($69 million) had not gone through the required approval process.

Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption in the Philippines received at least three deaths reports of children vaccinated with Dengvaxia; VACC requested the Justice Department to investigate the dengue vaccine deal.

On Dec. 5, 2017, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Senator Dick Gordon, chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee, said that former President Aquino and former Health Secretary Garin could be held criminally liable for implementing a dengue immunization program that had been halted over safety concerns."


Wonder if same "criminal charges" could be filed in United States .. where the US Supreme Court majority decided that vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" .. therefore defying COMMON SENSE .. denied citizens their Constitutional Right to seek legal redress from vaccine manufacturers?

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