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Dan Olmsted's: Six Bad Ideas that Triggered the Autism Epidemic

"Constant Race To Keep Ahead of Him," Tot with Autism Drowns

Paul Kevin Rozier

NOTE: Imagine the agony of losing a child, on Christmas no less. Paul Rozier drowned in a nearby pool. A story as oft repeated as A Visit from St. Nicholas is in December. In fact, my "On this  Day" that dumb Facebook reminder of ghosts of every day past, showed a similar drowning in 2014. Where is the outcry from our Public Health officials, our Pediatricians, Nurses, School Teachers and media on the scourge of autism drownings? Where is the demand for a cure so that these kids have a chance at something other than a watery grave with the Sirens’  call? Had this boy died from measles, we'd be on a red alert. There is no BLUE alert for autism. It just happens. What a shame. Time to check out the post Christmas sales. Make sure you get your flu shot. The lack of genuine concern is criminal.

On this day drowning

MILILANI, OAHU -- The body of a missing 7-year-old boy on Oahu was found in a backyard pool at a vacant house Christmas morning, according to police. CBS Honolulu affiliate KGMB reports Paul Kevin Rozier had wandered about a half mile away from his home.

Investigators believe Rozier drowned, and there are no signs of foul play.

His family went out shopping on Christmas Eve, leaving Rozier home with cousins when he disappeared. They say he was autistic, and sometimes left the home.

"It was a constant race to keep ahead of him and to be able to keep him in the house," said Paul Rozier, the boy's father. "Though he was only partially verbal, he was extremely smart."

The boy's family asked for help on social media, so strangers from all over the island came to help look for him.

"His teachers, his therapists and behavioral techs and just random people who heard us calling for him on the street and asked what was happening were searching," said Rozier.  Read more here.


Angus Files

Hi Benedetta

A very scary documentary The Age Of Aluminium

Pharma For Prion



I did not know that it was more easily absorbed through the skin than the GI track either?

To think, my daughter and all her friends when they got to be the young age of using deorderant, carried it around with them at all times and used it a lot. After taking a load of them to amusement park one day, I found several had left them in the van and they were melted all over my seats, cause they were left open for quick and constant use.

Many with breast cancer suspects their deodorant

Angus Files

Thanks Benadetta for the info.I wouldn’t worry too much about Aspirin because I heard Prof Exley explain that through the gut is the hardest way to absorb aluminium. It is much easier absorbed through face make up, skin products, sun screens, vaccines, smoke legal and illegal etc.I think most Aspirin are coated with the starch like aluminium hydroxide so to pass through the acidic gut into the small intestine as the aspirin wont work in to high an acidic environment such as the gut. Ant -acids have a much higher coating of aluminium on them than Aspirin, I read. I couldn’t believe it but I read the other night that Alzheimer’s drugs are coated with (drum roll) Aluminium hydroxide -mad!.
Some of the Pharma poison below which contain aluminium hydroxide, in the link below.

I remember our sons classically trained homeopath who we will always be so indebted to for sharing with us lots of natural remedy knowledge.And one of them being the milk willow white willow bark products taken orally that convert in the liver to the active salicylic acid. Now its salicylic that removes aluminium. Its a pity I couldn’t have joined up the dots for myself years ago but then I am no scientist.

Pharma for Prison



Yeah aspirin is not a cure for sure; only a prevention of further damage. .
We all are so on task about anti inflammatory foods, golden milk, curcumin from turmeric, ginger tea and all of that. Yet no one seems to suggest the stuff from the willow bark; LOL.

That is a good point though about the aluminium, Angus. I had not thought about aluminium in the - is it the coated kind, to protect the stomach? Cause too much aspirin will tear a stomach all to pieces.
Because we had been through it with Kawasaki disease we only used plain old non or un buffered and un coated aspirin. That is because that was the kind used in the treatment for Kawasaki disease studies and was recommended to us.

I see that in the very plain type of aspirin it is listed is silicon dioxides, magnesium, cellulose and the one I don't like, but I often find is titanium dioxide., but no aluminium is mentioned. I don't have any coated aspirin in the house though to see. that label. I guess that is what buffered aspirin would be?


I agree Kim that we need a CURE NOW for our children who are in constant need of supervision!

Angus Files

We managed to body swerve that missile Benadetta as well.

Aspirin is coated(buffered) with aluminium to get it past the acidic stomach and into the small intestine anything with `fast relief` on the box usually has aluminium in /on it.

Lots of improvement can be made and relief for the sufferer and the carers .But a cure is a different ball game i.e. from regressive low functioning autistic to straight A`s at a Uni or just a normal behaving human -ain`t seen it.So sorry again.

Then again I haven't been paying too much attention to aluminium its all been mercury.Even although Dr Wakefield was talking about aluminium at the Birmingham conference he held in 2002 where he said they interfere on each other..(mercury aluminium)

But how to remove it as Prof Exley from Keele Uni ,has demonstrated simply by drinking mineral water high in Silicic` gotta to be worth a throw of the dice`.

Pharma for Prison


Immune cycles do exist.


There is a lot going on to confuse a parent. First of all how bad is our children if they have brain swelling, immediate or near immediate reactions? My gosh, mine lost the ability to walk for a while, and even now his fine motor skills and gross motor skills are not all what they should be. Nor did he speak until he was well into the fourth grade.

In addition to an immediate, severe reaction to wake a parent up about vaccines there is something else more sneaky going on too.

Yeah, there was something that continued to go with both my son and my daughter too. There was some kind of cycle of inflammation that seem to occur every three to four weeks, with a high fever. This went on for years, and I believe down deep inside that if that is not stopped, or dealt with; there is a good chance they will get worse and never recover even a little bit.
Not vaccinating would help, but taking aspirin -

I started giving mine during these cycling times aspirin. Now I know we are worried about flu, chicken pox and rye's syndrome. I did not give much aspirin though because I knew from my daughter's Kawasaki disease that just a little goes a long way. That is what the studies on Kawasaki disease showed. Kind of like a small amount of aspirin goes a long way in preventing heart attacks. At least that is what we have been told. I think that is the only reason that we came out of this as well as we did. I am not saying we are all wonderful and fuzzy and normal here, cause we are not, but not so bad either.

Oh, I did mess up though, and did not listen to Bernard Rimland about diet, that was a big mistake. We might not be on seizure medicines around here, and thyroid medicine.

But keeping down that inflammation and it's cycles; I just wonder.

Jeannette Bishop


I don't have much personal experience to add. I've been short on resources and support and I feel like I've been managing at best a forestallment or only a slowing down of regressions, personally. Polly Tommey said somewhere among all the Vaxxed TV videos that for many mothers she's talked to with "recovered" youth, they are holding things together with band-aids, have to keep watching the diet, taking supplements, etc. or their children often go downhill quickly. IOW it's a managed recovery.

It would be difficult to scientifically establish what works for each individual child IMO, but the Suramin trials saw such significant improvements, they had failed to plan to measure for many of them, and at doses well below what has been used for other applications. I think access to that with careful monitoring of effects could and should be fast-tracked. I also think one could readily establish supporting data for cannabis oil in seizures, etc. I also think clinical perceptions of value seen in stopping vaccination, using many supplements not requiring FDA approval should be disseminated as treatment options, and coverable by insurance just as all psychiatric drugs are used (sometimes longer than any trials established safety and without the patient being certain they are being helped by them) and covered without data establishing actual value, for autism particularly.

Angus Files

I have never seen a low functioning kid with autism recover with before and after pictures,sorry to say.Many of the kids having hundreds of thousands of pounds thrown at no object but still no cure.

The water attraction is fascinating for our son its something that he can control a flood,a place of calm,a drink,not to go out in if its falling from the sky which it does a lot round here etc and its probably the last place where he was normal surrounded by water prior to birth and vaccines.

Pharma For Prison


Aimee Doyle

@Jeanette -

"JB Handley told Del Bigtree ...that Generation Rescue is trying to help kids out of the river..."

Just curious. Does anyone know what the actual full recovery rate (or cure) for autism is? Based on my reading and personal experience, I'd say it's less than 10%, but that's just an educated guess.

It's been sad - in my 25+ years in the autism trenches, I've seen kids with lots of intervention make little progress, and some kids with little intervention make lots of progress. Our son has had every treatment in autism from the conventional to the alternative to the downright fringe. He's made moderate progress, but he will need lifelong care and support. I've never personally seen a kid cured, although I've read about a few. And there doesn't seem to be one magic bullet that works for every kid - it's very individualized which treatments work and which ones don't.

Not sure why this isn't being studied. I'm particularly interested in interventions and therapies that work on kids (or adults) with severe autism.

Martha Moyer

What I keep thinking about is the question, "What is it about water with people with autism and the constant draw to it?" My 44 year old son with autism is constantly playing in water. There must be something in the makeup of people with autism that draws them to the water.

Angus Files

Poor lad vanishers in more sense than one and the government`s have a total different spin on it.


Pharma for Prison


bob moffit

"Where is the outcry from our Public Health officials, our Pediatricians, Nurses, School Teachers and media on the scourge of autism drownings? Where is the demand for a cure so that these kids have a chance at something other than a watery grave with the Sirens’ call? Had this boy died from measles, we'd be on a red alert. There is no BLUE alert for autism. It just happens. What a shame."

Just consider for a moment the sheer NUMBER of .. "Public Health Officials, Pediatricians, Nurses,
School Teachers and MEDIA" ... who have remained SILENT for DECADES .. while the "scourge of autism drownings" continued .. unabated and unaddressed?

How many? Entire 20 - 30 year CAREERS .. remaining SILENT? MILLIONS?

Common sense .. and .. science .. has clearly proven the "cure" for reducing the unhealthy BEHAVIORABLE "scourges" .. such as .. "smoking, AIDS, drug abuse, drunk driving" .. was to curtail the BEHAVIORS that greatly increased the "risk" of "causing" those "scourges" ..

Yet .. curiously .. these very same "professionals" .. were and remain quite vocal regarding other public health .. non-communicable BEHAVIORABLE "scourges".. such as .. smoking, herpes, obesity, AIDS, drug abuse, drunk driving, on and on.

And therein lies the rub .. since .. common sense and science .. given the opportunity to do so .. would clearly prove the "cure" for reducing the "scourge of autism drownings" .. would be to "cure" the BEHAVIORS that "cause autism" .. which are .. in my humble opinion .. an opinion widely shared by a growing number of "Pediatricians, Nurses and Teachers" .. who have become openly critical of the approval, recommendation and administration of .. "too many, too soon" VACCINES!

As I often say .. it is probably just cynical old me .. but .. we are long past the SILENCE regarding the "scourge of autism drownings" simply being SHAMEFUL .. it is .. and .. has been for a long time .. CRIMINAL.

Jeannette Bishop

Prayers for peace and comfort for this family.

J.B. Handley told Del Bigtree in one of his interviews that Generation Rescue is trying to help kids out of the river, but we need to stop pushing them in. The rate of autism should be back to about 1 in 10,000 for today's five year olds shouldn't it, based on the knowledge that has been out there and that should have been disseminated, expanded upon, and acted upon?

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