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Vaccines and Pregnancy

Vax PregnantNote: I'm at an age where my friends kids are beginning to get married and have their own children. While, the girls' Dad and I will never have grandchildren thanks to autism, such is not the case for most AofA readers.  Today's young women experience fully medicalized pregnancy from conception, often assisted, through delivery. When I had my first baby in 1994, I was to ingest nothing resembling medicine. No aspirin. No allergy medication.  No prescriptions outside of those horsepill vitamins. No over the counter anything. I was told not to eat tuna, not to drink coffee or alcohol. Cigarettes were long off the table as an option. Rightly so.  Today? Young woman are shamed  encouraged to get a flu vaccine at the very least. World Mercury Project takes on pregnancy vaccination and safety in this blog piece below. If you have your own story to share, comment here at AofA and on the WMP blog too. Thank you to Robert Kennedy Jr. and his team for their work.  Kim


In recent years the CDC has made recommendations that women receive flu vaccines and TDaP vaccines during their pregnancy even though the package inserts state there are no long term safety studies to justify this practice. Mothers are reporting miscarriage, pre-term labor and health issues for themselves and their children following these vaccines. A recent CDC study found that pregnant women vaccinated with the influenza vaccine had 2 times greater odds of miscarrying their babies compared to women who did not receive flu vaccine. Here’s one mother’s story of her twins after a flu vaccine in pregnancy. Share your story and hashtag it #restorechildhealth #worldmercuryproject.   Read more at World Mercury Project.



Thanks Alber, a seriously dark and disturbing picture, psychedelic wellies "Picture of a barren landscape". This chunk of consciouscientious hard work/research is difficult reading .
Sounds like "just fab" David Bowie . from the album Hunky Dory 1971 "Quicksand".
Icy shudders on top of chilled goosebumps. I 'm sure these scientist's will get funding for their work from somewhere .
That's not "Harry Pottering "about with it .
That's the real "Dark Dubh-ans.

Han Litten

The Sackler Family & Purdue Pharma">">

Despite its many risks, which include birth defects and the risk of addiction, nearly one-third of American women of childbearing age are now prescribed opioid painkillers32 and more than 14 percent of pregnant women were prescribed opioids during their pregnancy.33 Clearly, if you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant, you should go to great lengths to avoid narcotic drugs. If you wouldn't consider taking heroin, you really should not take a narcotic pain reliever either.

The most common drugs involved in prescription opioid overdose deaths include methadone, oxycodone (such as OxyContin®) and hydrocodone (such as Vicodin®). As noted by Dr. Tom Frieden, former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): "We know of no other medication routinely used for a nonfatal condition that kills patients so frequently."


@Andrea I found from my daughter's ABA center that the most ignorant bunch of people regarding vaccine safety are BCBA's and the ABA therapists! What a bunch of idiots. All of them that I know of vaccinate their kids and themselves fully despite serving vaccine damaged kids Goes to show you the ignorant follow the ignorant (Doctors) and do not learn from the examples right in front of them.

Rebecca Lee

"A breathtaking exercise in criminal irresponsibility."
Andy Cutler


Now we know that the horse pills contained folic acid that 40% of the population can't metabolize. Of course, despite that understanding folic acid is still on the market and pushed during pregnancy.

While an Amish farmer serves 7 years in federal prison for selling homemade salve that never hurt anyone.

Han Litten

India : 1.2 Billion without vaccines and now its imperative everyone vaccinate (all so obvious)

New Delhi: Lack of resources, infrastructure and strategy is hindering the government to formulate a policy on adult immunisation when the burden of vaccine preventable diseases such as Japanese Encephalitis, tetanus, Hepatitis etc is increasing everyday. With its latest experience of offering vaccination for Japanese Encephalitis (JE) for adults, where the turn up was only 50% of the adult population targeted in 2016

Japanese Encephalitis vaccination was expanded in adult population of districts with high disease burden of adult JE. Recently, 21 high burden districts from Assam, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal have been identified for adult JE vaccination. The vaccination campaign activity has been completed in 3 districts of Assam (Darrang, Nagaon and Sonitpur) and selected blocks of 3 districts (Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar) of West Bengal, and is ongoing in selected blocks of 6 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The ministry of health and family welfare is in doldrums on rolling out a policy for adult immunisation. GOOD



I have read that it is not only the flu and TDaP vaccines they wish to give to pregnant women. There are three more in development that they wish to force on pregnant women: Group B Streptococcus, RSV, and Cytomegalovirus, because the manufacturers see that there is an untapped market to exploit.

How many vaccines will it take before every single pregnant woman aborts her fetus? For some women, it will be only one. How many vaccines will women agree to take, before they wise up, and how long will it be before OB/Gyns see such a dramatic loss in their revenue streams (as there will be no babies to deliver) that they finally find the impetus to speak out against the barbaric practice of vaccinating their pregnant patients until fetal death results? How many fetuses will die due to the insatiable annual profit demands of an industry, before this criticality in thinking is reached?


I too was pregnant in 1994 with my first. There was a small list of OTC meds like Sudafed or Robitussin You could take "IF YOU ARE DEADLY ILL".
Of course I'd never take any of it. Now Moms take all kinds of meds during pregnancy and get vaccinated. It's truly nuts because nothing has changed with pregnancy. Less is best.
I reached out to a former home ABA therapist after finding out she was pregnant with twins. It was on the day she had just gotten her flu shot. She said she had no choice because the OB group and NICU required it. Thankfully babies never needed the NICU. I'm guessing she's getting her kids fully vaxxed. I wish them well because they have a concerning maternal medical background. Grandma has been a dietician at a hospital and can no longer get vaccines due to autoimmune issues. Mom came down with shingles at the age of 25 after getting a slew of vaxes required by her first post Master's hospital affiliated employer.
I peek at her FB from time to time. She did one of those post pediatrician posts saying babies got vaxes. Everyone thanked her for vaccinating. The whole thing makes me sick. Vaccines destroyed my son and so many more.

bob moffit

Heart-breaking story about this woman who was SHAMED into receiving her doctor's strong recommendation to receive a flu shot while pregnant .. claiming her continuing refusal to do so was nothing less than SELFISH.

Would like to know if this mom has been COMPENSATED for the loss of her son by the powers that be? I think her immediate miscarriage within HOURS of receiving the RECOMMENDED FLU SHOT .. is clear and convincing evidence of a deadly adverse reaction. After all .. it is one thing to claim "coincidence" is not evidence of "causation" .. but .. in this case .. one would have to be deliberately STUPID not to see what happened.

Knowing the power and determination of the global "population control" tyrants ... such as .. BILL GATES .. who have labelled "population control" as the "greatest threat to the future of mankind" .. causes the cynic in me to believe recommending vaccines during pregnancy is just another way of achieving their goal of diminishing the world's population.

In fact .. it appears to be a "win-win" for "population control zealots" .. should the pregnancy survive and the surviving child be so severely damaged their possibility of having children themselves is far less likely to occur.

I can't believe THEY would actually pursue this form of "population control" .. but .. as I said .. as long as the BAND PLAYS ON AND ON AND ON .. the cynic in me will persist and GROW.

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