The Science Behind Dental Mercury and Other Environmental Toxicants
HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World

Trump Drains the Swamp to Make Room for More Pharma Gold

Drain the swampPresident Trump promised to "drain the swamp" during his campaign. His hard talk about pharmaceutical influence on our lives was a strong pull for many within the autism community from conservatives, to moderates to staunch liberals. Many held their noses and voted for Trump with a longing for true help and change for this generation of kids and the future.

The nominee for HHS secretary is Alex Azar, former top executive with Eli Lilly, the creator and manufacturer of Thimerosal. Thimerosal. Thimerosal: the  mercury-based preservative used in vaccinations and the launching pad for autism.   Azar was also in HHS under President George W. Bush.   The good news is that his orientation will be a snap. He already knows how to find the bathroom and supply closet.

Even the mainstream media sees the significance of appointing a captain of industry to run a government organization as large as HHS.   From the NY Times:

President Trump, who has repeatedly assailed pharmaceutical companies for the high cost of prescription medications in the United States, nominated on Monday a former executive of one of the nation’s largest drug companies to be secretary of health and human services, which has responsibility for regulating the pharmaceutical industry. Read more here.

I'm reminded of the lyric from the song "The Circle Game." 

And the seasons, they go round and round and the painted ponies go up and down.
We're captives on the carousel of time.
We can't return. We can only look.
Behind from where we came.
And go round and round and round in the circle game.



stop the colonialists

Trump doesn’t care about your kids or anybody besides the elitist, colonialist white house members. Capitalism can not produce safe vaccines cause those aren’t profitable in the long term.

The U.S. empire’s wickedness and White House’s terror operations has been made obvious to the whole world, especially with U.S. empire’s severe failure in handling the COVID19 pandemic, having the most deaths in the world from this pathogen with overpriced healthcare and no social safety net.

Not to mention the BL.M things going on, and the White House’s malicious terror plans such as the EARN it bill (mass surveillance internet censorship by Trump, the GOP and so-called Democratic Party).

Colonialism and capitalism (and their offspring, like industrialism and misinformation) are destroying society, especially in the west.

Angus Files

Alex Jones


Pharma For Prison



Candidacy for HHS secretary of a former executive of genocidal company, responsible for poisoning with mercury of millions of people in the US, is a slap in face of vaccine injured children and adults. This in unacceptable! Nothing is more important in the US now than saving young generations of Americans from vaccine holocaust.

John Stone

Autism Investigated

Well, he will certainly know where the bodies are buried (to use Hillary Clinton's phrase).

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

This interview gives some insight as to what the President (if he is indeed genuine in his intent) is up against:


Azar's Eli Lilly resume:
selling recombinant growth hormone (rBGH), Thimerosal and Prozac.
spiked insulin prices.


I like the tax bill that gives billionaires a break but saves money by cutting the tax break for teachers buying school supplies. Also cutting out medical deductions for families dealing with a chronically ill child or elderly person. Sad!

Autism Investigated

MSM are hypocritical, degenerate dirtbags looking to attack Trump on everything. We shouldn't be quoting them to attack the POTUS.

Also, why are we getting so uppity about the HHS nominee's connection to Lilly when various prominent people in our movement have backtracked heavily on thimerosal? And we can't criticize them because of "infighting," but we can criticize the president for nominating someone who worked for Lilly and cite thimerosal as the reason? I'm not naming any names, but it's incredibly odd that we do that and don't pressure those people who identify with our cause to stay strong on thimerosal if they want to stay meaningfully involved.

go Trump

Our present medical system now trashes about 2% of the population with Autism & 10% with ADHD, with no end in sight.

Those who “own and control of the United States” simply provide funds for the 535 members of Congress. This is done by simply printing money and handing it out to those who speak & perform correctly.

Anyone who does not conform to this system will be removed in some manner.

Congress and the News media simply wait for funds so they can advertise for their next run at public office. It provides us a small break from all the drug ads....

Aimee Doyle

To all those Trump supporters saying "give him time" and "don't give up on him" - remember that a child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes (statistic from Autism Speaks) and that the majority of those on the spectrum will need lifelong care and support. Shouldn't this be a matter of some urgency? How much time do you want to give him?

Whether Tom Price was unfairly driven from office or not, he was certainly never a friend to our cause. In his confirmation hearings before the Senate he denied there was any connection between vaccines and autism.

And Trump's appointees to FDA (Scott Gottlieb) and CDC (Brenda Fitzgerald) were both pro-vax. I can't see that he has done ONE thing to help families like ours.

Angus Files

Why the vaccines cost so much and they dont want generic competition from India...

For all the talk from President Trump on the campaign trail of "draining the swamp," the swamp seems to be thriving in his first year in office. The administration has enacted some minor lobbying and ethics rules by executive order early in Trump's presidency, but has not pushed for major legislation regulating lobbying. Advocates are hopeful that the administration and Congress will push campaign and lobbying reform plans after completing tax reform.

Publicly available records, which must be filed every quarter, show that companies and interest groups spent $1.67 billion on lobbying through June this year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington research group that tracks money in politics and publishes the records on its website.

If the second half of the year keeps the same pace, the total for 2017 would be about $200 million more than the $3.15 billion spent last year and the most since the beginning of the Obama administration. The highest amount on record was in 2009, when lobbyists spent $3.5 billion. That was the year President Barack Obama took office with solid Democratic control of the House and Senate.

Pharma For Prison



Son In Recovery - Couldn't agree with you more! Neither side gives a damn about the vaccine issue. But since I have a son who will need support the rest of his life I vote based on who is at least willing to put money into supporting the disabled. I work the vaccine issue in other ways, talking to new parents is the easiest. If nothing else I try to get them to go with a slower vaccine schedule, one vaccine at a time, don't start until the child is 3 or 4 months old, drop the flu vaccine and to never give a vaccine if a child has even the slight hint of a cold or upset stomach. I also tell them if the child has been on antibiotics to give probiotics and wait at least a month before giving another shot and if the child is colicky to wait, something is unbalanced in the gut which is a large portion of the immune system. I figure if I save even one person from this hell I've made a difference.


Patrick Joseph O'Brien [(9/27/36 - 12/19/97) - my dad - circa '85/ - '86]:

"The telling of the "whole truth and nothing but"
is an individual judgement

as the greatest journalist to walk this earth
(no offense to all here - past and present - obviously I'm biased),
dad had his moments.


After the November 2004 election, my neighbor posted a hand-made sign in her yard reading "Barack Obama for President." At that point the Illinois Senator was not a household name, but his momentum gradually was built.

What names should we be posting in our yards now?

Autism Investigated

Trump: "I'll fix it." He will fix it, not a surrogate. Use this as an opportunity to pressure the pres, not give up on him.


oops, sorry! posted my prev comment to wrong article


Morag - contaminated cell line! I hadn't heard about this one in particular, but I wonder if that could mean that if a polio vaccine made from a HeLac cell line (taken from woman who died of cervical cancer) can cause an HPV 18 infection or cancer from an HPV infection decades down the line? Has the age of onset for HPV been decreasing since the newer polio vaccine came on the market? In orther words, if it was the live polio vaccine that used the HeLac cell line, did HPV rates go up in the U.S. and then drop again when the non-oral polio vaccine started being used. And should we be looking at India's HPV 18 pattern and be comparing it to their recently discontinued oral polio campaign. AND if this is a confounding issues for HPV infection/cancer rates, if the polio vaccine is switched there, is there the possibility that potentially decreasing rates over the near short term in HPV would be mis-attributed to the scandal ridden HPV vaccine campaign there as opposed to being attributed to a switch in polio vaccine?

bob moffit

Former HHS Secretary Price was more or less driven from office after having been accused of accepting "corporate favors" ... such as ... flying somewhere on someone else's dime.

I say good riddance to Price .. and ... I am more than a little disappointed in the man our President has nominated to replace him.

My litmus test is the creation of an "independent scientific commission to investigate the "safety and efficiency" of vaccines ... as our President has mentioned when RUNNING for office.

Unfortunately .. most of President Trump's campaign promise remain unfulfilled .. the wall, repeal and replace ACA, DACA, tax cuts .. on and on. The aforementioned commission is probably way down on the President's priority list .. still .. he is now "on the clock" and the clock is running.


I have lost all faith in Trump now. If he does not understand that to make America great again means above all to save US population from vaccine induced holocaust, he understands nothing and is useless. I would not vote for him again. We must not search for any political solution to autism epidemic, because basically all politicians are corrupt, moronic crooks. US democracy is a farce. We must organize and resist all attempts of the fascist pharma-regime mafia to poison our children and us with toxic vaccines. If resistance if not enough, we must fight. There is nothing more important than saving life and health of young generations. This is our personal and patriotic duty.

Angus Files

I think Trump is trying to get some order or maybe just wishful thinking from me..

FBI seeks Senate documents, signaling possible probe into sale of fetal tissue

Also heard this one the other day -Weinstein is running for President 2020 as he has the same qualifications as Bill Clinton - rape!

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

I also recall that Bernie Marcus - CDC board member emeritus and bank roller of Autism Speaks - was a Trump supporter.

John Stone


We do not know whether Weinstein was helping De Niro make a film - it was mentioned once many moons ago. De Niro is not of course an investigative journalist. A film by Sharyl Attkisson getting finance and distribution would be infinitely more interesting.

Angus Files

I think whoever is appointed will find out the sleeper cells are still in place to continue the pharma politics and we have a log jam situation where Trump cant get the thing moving his way due to the previous administration this across the board it seems opioid below.Mind you I guess he could always give Pfizer back the million or so donation and not be beholding to them.

"In his attack on drug company money in American politics, Trump failed to mention that the companies were among the leading donors to his inauguration alongside tobacco and oil companies.

Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, was the largest pharmaceutical donor, giving $1m."

Pharma for Prison



Trump's game is, always has been, and always will be money. I think he and his crowd ran the numbers and the financial truth is that there is more money to be made (and campaign coffers to be filled) maintaining a religious devotion to the practice of vaccination then there is allowing for a scientific understanding of it.

Thing is, in order to put a satellite in the sky (ok, not now, cell phone haters - I know you're right, but, please, maybe later) we needed to acknowledge that the earth revolves around the sun. To deny the reality of vaccine induced autism at this point is to deny science - science usually means money. More so then ever we keep seeing the expression "biological plausibility". I believe it's in the Thompson transcripts, and Mr Handley referenced this reality in his interview on Highwire. Also, I think, a handful of scientists have used this expression in studies they have published. We need to be able to acknowledge how it is that inundating an infant with antigens and the preservatives and adjuvants that doing that requires can affect the way their brain develops so we can acknowledge that flooding a cancer victim with measles antigens can reverse the progression of her particular cancer (remember that news crawl).

Maybe the new money to be made has to do with profiting from how virus cures and prevents disease? A shilling of prevention, after all, is worth a pound of cure.


This has been my litmus test for whether Trump was the real deal or not. I don't mean to downplay Hollywood sexual abuse, it us a very serious issue, but too many people are over-thinking about the wrong swamps. I guess whether or not it's getting drained is a matter of perspective. We all know Weinstein was helping Deniro make a film.....
I'm a proud political atheist and remain skeptical after all I've seen. Trump supporters are passionate and say give it time, well I've got nothing but time. My heart breaks, however, for those babies today that will be hurt while those in the know wait and wade through the political show. All of what we are seeing with Q on 4chan, wikileaks, podesta, DNC crapshow, Saudi Arabia....great stuff for those sucked into the left/right scene, but I'm waiting for the one thing that matters to our community and to me.
It's looking bleak, but I still have hope that all of this other draining will affect the pharma swamp in unforseen ways.

for Hans

Hans, point taken; still it is very disappointing that we are not doing more for the health of our population, meanwhile Putin appears to be putting health of citizens above the corporations, banning gmo's etc.

Son in Recovery

If you think that either side gives a damn about us you have got to be joking. There are no good guys or bad guys.. it's just business as usual in Washington with Big Pharma, Monsanto & the Oil and Chemical companies stealing our health and futures! Open your eyes....


Totally what I expected when he was a candidate. Trump will say, promise and do anything to enrich and/or promote himself even if it is exactly the opposite of what he just said or promised. I just hope our democracy survives him.

david m burd

Kim, Yes - it seems Pres. Trump has forgotten his concerns about vaccines with his two HHS appointees so far. Tom Price was first, but for reasons I don't know resigned, and now Azar. I am profoundly disappointed at this point.

I would hope someone on RFK, Jr.'s World Mercury Project keeps abreast of our AoA website/newspaper, and can respond here regarding the current relationship between Pres. Trump and RFK, Jr., and the World Mercury Project.

John Stone

What's odd is that Alex Azar left Eli Lilly in January to "pursue other career opportunities".

Did someone know that Tom Price would bite the dust?

Han Litten

Surely everyone can see the rock and a hard place situation that Donald Trump finds himself in.
Never has a President been so mistreated (since JFK & everyone knows what happened there.)
The message has been clear, don't try to change anything Donald, or we will be forced to destroy you.

Yes I agree this appointment is very bad for us.
But everything is still better than "bluesky" - I am sure of that.

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