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Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology: Aluminium in brain tissue in autism "Extraordinarily High"

“The Problem is the Problem”, Not Vladimir Putin

Ministry of truthBy John Stone

The United Kingdom House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee have now published John Stone's submission on behalf of Age of Autism to its inquiry on the topic of "Fake News". It can be read here.

So, yesterday it finally happened. A bottom grade journalist from a UK national newspaper, Russell Myers of the Daily Mirror, alleged – briefed by two government officials – that criticisms of the vaccine program on the web are inspired by Vladimir Putin trying to undermine the British government: 'Russian cyber-units 'spreading false information about flu and measles jabs in the UK''. Well, in my case British government officials know that I have been in touch with them since the beginning of the millennium, so it is an odd time to start bringing it up. If I am a Russian agent they have been watching me a long time without cottoning on.

In those early days things were somewhat more gentlemanly than they are now, but I could not escape the problem - in British civil service jargon – that they were being “economical with the truth”. “The problem” as Jim Carrey stated a few years ago in a rather Shakespearian way “is the problem”: it is that their story is internally inconsistent, it does not add up. In my very earliest encounters with the British civil service I did not even mention vaccines, I was expressing concern about the rising tide of autism: it was they who were apparently backed into a corner about MMR and Andrew Wakefield. If they had not given the game away, I suppose I might have found some more rewarding trade. As it was I was appalled that these people were locked into something they did not know how to escape.

Seventeen years later, of course, it is all so much worse. In retrospect Wakefield had interfered with policy in two crucial ways: he and his colleagues had broken the already established taboo in British medicine of considering vaccine events as a possible contributory history towards sickness and disability. The other was that he had placed a question over the safety of a multivalent vaccine, MMR, when the development of an industry depended on their acceptance. While Wakefield had to be witch-hunted and made an example of, the British and American governments particularly were caught up into a set of policies: an expanding program, forceful denial of harms, ever closer connections between government and industry. Like Macbeth they had to go on compounding the original sin, and like Macbeth the fall out gets ever greater. To sustain the great project all harms have to be dismissed.

But Mr Myers, who is styled the Mirror’s “investigative journalist”, not to mention the British government, really have to swallow that at least in the case of Flu vaccine it is not only fifth column Russian backed parents like you and me who are calling foul but mainstream sources like the Cochrane Collaboration, even intermittently the British Medical Journal – not to mention the fact that most medical professionals back away as well from having it.

By now, of course, the case is hopeless. Everyone in the mainstream media has become as stupid as Mr Myers. No one dare report the truth. Also, yesterday the BBC carried a report that children should be given nasal flu vaccine to protect their elders “Give child 'super-spreaders' flu vaccine, say experts” failing to mention that even the EMC warn that those who have received the vaccine remain a hazard to immune compromised for two weeks.

Vaccine recipients should be informed that Fluenz Tetra is an attenuated live virus vaccine and has the potential for transmission to immunocompromised contacts. Vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid, whenever possible, close association with severely immunocompromised individuals (e.g. bone marrow transplant recipients requiring isolation) for 1-2 weeks following vaccination.

According to a fact sheet for the US version of the product (which has been withdrawn by the CDC):

In clinical studies with trivalent FluMist, transmission of vaccine viruses to close contacts has occurred only rarely. The current estimated risk of getting infected with vaccine virus after close contact with a person vaccinated with FluMist Quadrivalent is low (1%-2%).

So, if you are giving it to millions of children it seems likely you are actually spreading the virus in tens of thousands of cases. It is clear that the BBC and their adviser, Dr Cosford, have given very uncertain information. The only consistency is not the protection of populations but the handing over of huge quantities of the public’s money to the pharmaceutical industry. What I am saying is only what a competent journalist with integrity who had actually investigated it would report.

The situation spins ever further out of control, almost by the day. Suddenly, we have a new state agency for fast tracking the licensing of pharmaceutical products, superintended by Sir Andrew Witty, who just a few months ago was still CEO of GlaxoSmithKline. No one has mentioned conflict, while the difference between government and industry has effectively been finally abolished without debate. It even looks as if the new body can be set up without special legislation. Almost no one reports apart from a far away blog, almost no one questions.

The problem is not Putin, but an out of control bureaucracy which cannot tolerate any kind of examination for what it does. And we get the risible, fake, scare-mongering journalism of Russell Myers. I wish these people were funny.

 John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism



John Stone, you sexy Russian spy. LOL.
Who knew!
--- and your son is just faking his illness too. What a spy team you two make. .


Perhaps Putin will petition the Hague on our behalf?


"What I am saying is only what a competent journalist with integrity who had actually investigated it would report." Yes precisely!

I certainly haven't seen one-- "a competent journalist" in a long time. Are they extinct?

John Stone


I think at that level it might even be a mistake to get drawn in. It is much easier to legislate against people telling the truth than to stop people telling lies. I expect to read a lot of things I don't believe on the internet, just like in newspapers.


Dennis Picknett

John, I take your point that there might be no corroborating evidence of the 'ground zero' comment by Putin, (I gather vaccination is pretty high priority in Russia) but if it turns out to be fake news, the question of tracing it's origin must follow the principle of 'who benefits'?. If our quoting it makes us out to be gullible fools, then it's 'job done' and one more justification for a blanket ban on dissenting voices. There are plenty other examples of seemingly 'on-side' posts and articles which upon examination are wholly or partially erroneous. This is a classic disinformation tactic and muddles the field. If there is to be a proper and sophisticated examination of 'Fake News' it should recognise that it occurs as the latest phenomenon in an ancient history of using false flags to befuddle an enemy.

Dennis Picknett

Fast forwarding to an imagined state where the government/media complex has finally triumphed over dissent in social media and painstakingly and thoroughly weeded out offending websites, annoying blathermouths and all lectures, interviews, and documentaries that mention ideas contrary to the ‘settled science’ that they wish to prevail . . . . what next? I remember a story I heard about when the internet and mobile phone network was closed down in Cairo in one of the first Arab Spring uprisings. People, with no easy private contact, in order to inform protesters about the place and times of rallies without being ‘seen to’ used the ruse of merely mentioning in (slightly over-loud) conversations held in taxi cabs the places and times, and then left it to the gossip-addicted drivers to complete an excellent job of disseminating the information widely. It worked (although the Arab Spring didn’t). Nevertheless, if our electronic freedom of speech is corked we will, needs must, resort to time honoured methods. Postal mail, meeting each other, talking, taking to the streets, doorstepping, forming large crowds. This issue not going to go away just because of some bots scouring the internet for keywords. The issue is real and growing and cannot be slyly varnished over. All attempts at totalitarianism sooner or later founder by their own lie.

John Stone

Dear Dennis,

Thank you so much for your efforts!


Dennis Picknett

John, your letter is clearly and solidly put together and better than anything Vladimir Putin could have penned! I have taken the liberty of forwarding it to all Kent MP's (being a resident). But I see no reason not to send it to all MP's, even though a few may have read the published letter.

John Stone


Yes, anything that has been published may be used, and should be.

Han Litten

Sterility is also soaring in America and our government says it does not have a clue why! It is a well known and documented fact that a biotech company Epicyte (in conjunction with the US government) patented a genetically modified corn that causes the host body to produce antibody’s to sperm, rendering males who eat it sterile, and women who eat it … killers of sperm … Yet if you try to find out if the corn you are eating is in fact this corn … that request for information is ILLEGAL! … REALLY? … WHY ???

Han Litten

Posted by: Jenny Allan | November 29, 2017 at 05:31 AM

I am convinced the Oxbridge universities are at the centre of this atrocity .
Margaret Stanley
Andy Pollard

If this ever breaks , those 2 institutions can close their doors for good !

Jenny Allan

It looks like Merck's proposed new London Headquarters is about research and administration rather than manufacturing. Another cosy corporate/ government deal.

Monday 27 November 2017 12:05am
From above link:-
Pharmaceutical giant Merck picks London for new HQ
“We believe London to be a unique bioscience centre of excellence and a key component of the established golden triangle for academic science of London-Oxford-Cambridge,” said Louise Houson, managing director, Merck in the UK and Ireland.
Merck chose London as part of a life sciences sector deal with the government.


Thanks John, what a lot of hard work with clear aims and objectives -Pinpointing vaccine risk assessment total systematic failure. Gossip mongering sector displaying overt signs and symptoms of evidence crisis failure,resulting in an implosion into an altered emotional state of outright freaked out hysterics. Shuffle a big step sideways to Sky News documentary Grenfell - Britain's Fire Safety Crisis .
Looks like ,sounds like and reads like a very similar [ Menu eingeneered template ] of total systematic regulatory failure of insulation covering on high flats with ongoing basic safety concerns . Industry writing and marking it's own exam papers for a pass mark?
Flashmob Moscow [Russia] Putting On The Ritz 2012 youtube The plain clothes police man or somthing or other ,his wee facial expression is a picture!
And Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk youtube Very well done . Same singing, same dancing, different vaccination agenda /schedule John, I wonder if UK will be barred from The eurovision song contest in 2018

Jenny Allan

John -Your letter to the UK Government is excellent. I have copied and highlighted, and with your permission might forward it to my own MP & MSP in future. Our politicians of all political colours are woefully ignorant and completely unaware of their own manipulation by corporate and other unelected vested interests.

For example - Merck is setting up a manufacturing base in London. No one in our Government cares about the corruption and fines levied in the US. All they care about is jobs. The offer of jobs and investments in Italy by the also fined in the US and exposed for corrupt practices GSK, more or less forced the Italian Government to impose draconian child vaccination policies on its citizens. Huge demonstrations against this in Italy were ignored. No good will come of this.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thanks for carrying on every day, AoA! I am quite pleased to see Jon Rappoport being mentioned here. John Stone, thank you for your continued fearless devotion to the truth.

susan welch

John, Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on this subject. One of my Twitter contacts from Australia recommended your above link (the UK House of Commons Digital, Cultural......) and it is, indeed, excellent.

There is a lot going on at the moment........

Angus Files

Since they like to play gotcha! what we could do in the vaccine world is pick a company for instance Disney and boycott it.Just spread the word don`t buy Disney amongst the autism community,dont watch the films when were meant to world wide.Language is no barrier,disability is no barrier with this radical action.Or maybe a list of companies to boycott .We still have the power of spend and possibly we can get a voice again through our pockets and back at the corporate monsters poisoning our kids..

What company is linked most to vaccines start with that one see what power we have.

Pharma For Prison


False scientists

It must be exhausting for them, plugging all the holes in the dike.
The new Keele University study showing lower doses of aluminum enter the blood brain barrier rather than concentrating at the injection site, must have them worried.

Jeannette Bishop

I hear there are Putin for President t-shirts out there, so maybe one of the problems is that Putin comes across as a better leader to some watching global events, possibly in part because he does not appear so anxious to poison, I mean vaccinate his populace. More on the study Han Litten linked regarding:

Jonathan Rose

This is what Sharyl Attkission in "The Smear" called "The New McCarthyism", and it may well be more dangerous than the old version. Robert Welch, the head of the John Birch Society, once called President Eisenhower an agent of Moscow and became a figure of ridicule; more responsible conservatives like William F. Buckley repudiated the Birchers. But today we have several ongoing investigations, promoted by various media outlets, all trying to portray President Trump as an agent of Moscow. Old McCarthyites charged that Hollywood scriptwriters were subverting America, a notion we today recognize as laughable, even if a few of them were Communists. But today we're asked to believe that a handful of phony Facebook posts changed the result of the 2016 election. Joe McCarthy was fairly good at manipulating the press, for a while, but he was a clumsy amateur compared to PR flacks today. He made the mistake of taking on the Democratic establishment, the Republican establishment, and the US Army, and after running wild for a few years he self-destructed. Today Media Matters and similar operations are far more sophisticated and better funded, and they work hand in glove with political, medical, and pharmaceutical establishments. So of course they're going to portray us as agents of Moscow: that was also done to the early civil rights movement.

Tim Lundeen

Just when you think things couldn't get any crazier. Geez...

Louis Conte

I agree.

However, I think that the phrase “Fake News” really doesn’t work.

Much of what I see in MSM is sort of factual, albeit often slanted to the political leanings of the network or venue running the story.

What I do see is “news” that is not well researched, spits out the government/corporate theme and that usually lines up with corporate interests.

Classic example:
Putin did not trigger America’s opiod addiction crisis. American Pharmaceutical companies did. And thousands of people have died and billions of dollars have been wasted. The 60 Minutes story was huge but what has been done about what was revealed?


This is the same industry that has given us the autism epidemic.

This industry is out of control.

The leadership of this industry should be prosecuted and held responsible.

Yet Our MSM has been almost entirely focused on Russian meddling in our affairs as if this was the real threat to our nation’s health.

It’s shocking and outrageous.

Jenny Allan

As John points out, accurate information about what is happening in Russia is very hard to come by. Take GMO's. I found at least 20 internet web sites claiming Russia had banned them, but NO mainstream news reports.
Media Blackout as France and Russia Both Announce Monsanto GMO Bans
By Nick Meyer On September 19, 2015
From above:- "When two of the most modernized and economically powerful countries in the world decide to ban a type of food crop that has made its way into roughly 70-80% or more of the U.S. food supply, you’d think it would be considered newsworthy."

Fast food? From Fox news's report, McDonalds is a considered a 'foreign agent' requiring-overseas-media-to-register-as-foreign-agents.html
From above link:-
"Russia to declare McDonald's a 'foreign agent' for misleading advertisements
A Russian bill recently approved by lawmakers requiring all American news organizations to register as “foreign agents,” may be expanded to include fast food chains as well.
On Friday, a Russian politician proposed labellng American fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC as foreign agents because of marketing materials deemed manipulative or misleading.
"The food sold by American fast food restaurants, according to some studies, negatively affects the body and human health," Boris Chernyshov, a Moscow lawmaker in the federal Russian Assembly, said to RBC. "In advertising, a positive image of consumption of these products is presented."

It seems the Russians are just as suspicious of us as we are of them for 'subversive' propaganda!

From above link:-
"Russian lawmakers pass bill requiring overseas media to register as 'foreign.
Russian lawmakers approved legislation Wednesday that would allow authorities to force any foreign media organization to register as a “foreign agent”, signalling an increasingly hostile relationship between the U.S. and Russia.
The bill passed the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, unanimously in retaliation of the U.S. government pressuring Russian state-funded TV channel RT – formerly Russia Today – to register with the Justice Department as a foreign agent, the Washington Post reported.
RT will now have to disclose the sources of its funding and activities intended to influence a lawmaker or other government official, the New York Times reported. It remained unclear what the designation will mean for RT's journalists."

As for up to date Russian vaccine policies and schedules, it seems they ONCE followed the WHO dictates, but all the information I found on the web was well out of date.

What does seem certain is the two "government officials" who apparently briefed Russell Myers claiming 'Russian cyber-units are spreading false information about flu and measles jabs in the UK' are plainly blaming Vladimir Putin and his government, and it's not just vaccines, GMOs and 'fast foods' are also in the frame. What I can't understand is the logic behind Putin spreading false concerns about vaccines and GMOs. If his concerns are genuine, (and on these two issues I share them), then if Putin wants to undermine the US and European populations, his best course of action would surely be to 'keep stum' and implement immunisation reforms in his own country. Maybe-just maybe- he is already doing that.

John Stone

Harvard MD

You remind me of Brecht's 'The Solution'

The Solution

By Berthold Brecht

After the uprising of the 17th June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

John Stone


I much prefer it if people tell the truth but if our governments publish fake news I don't see it is a big deal if the Russian government does as well.

Louis Conte

This is getting really embarrassing.

But I guess this was inevitable because our oligarchs must really resent being out-oligarched by Putin and his oligarchs.

John Stone

The United Kingdom House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee have just published my submission on behalf of Age of Autism to its inquiry on the topic of "Fake News".

Han Litten

“These are some of the highest values for aluminium in human brain tissue yet recorded.” — Professor Chris Exley of Keele University, discussing new findings of Aluminum levels in the brains of people with autism
BY J.B. HANDLEY November 27, 2017
STAFFORDSHIRE, England — Professor Chris Exley is a formidable scientist, which is perhaps more important than you think, because a study he published today with his colleagues in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology may just be the “smoking gun” to prove that vaccines are triggering autism that we’ve all been waiting for. Professor Exley is a Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University in Staffordshire, England. He received a Ph.D. in a subject that makes him highly qualified to author this latest paper: “the ecotoxicology of aluminium.”

Laura Hayes

Thank you for reporting on this latest attempt to increase censorship of vaccine truths, John.

Apparently, governments are becoming quite convinced that they have done an excellent job dumbing down the population if they think garbage like this latest will fly. Sadly, it's possible they are correct. Common sense, maternal instincts, desire to take responsibility for one's life and one's family seem mostly to be traits of the past.

The majority of the population seems to have no trouble believing what should be obvious fallacies at this point in time, i.e. the government protects us (the understanding that the government in the U.S. is supposed to protect our rights seems all but gone), regulatory agencies are not controlled by the corporations they are charged with regulating, doctors never cause harm, hospitals aren't in it for profit, pharmaceutical companies found guilty of heinous fraud and deception are magically ethical and not profit-driven when it comes to vaccines, it's normal for babies, children, and teens to be sick, disabled, and miserable, I could go on.

There seems to be a well-coordinated global effort underway to monitor and highly censor social media and the internet. Let's pray that Age of Autism and other such truth-telling, lie-exposing sites survive.

David Weiner

History repeats itself, or at least rhymes. In Dr. Strangelove, Hollywood found a way to attack the critics of water fluoridation as paranoid conspiracy theorists fighting against a Commie plot.

bob moffit

"The problem is not Putin, but an out of control bureaucracy which cannot tolerate any kind of examination for what it does."

It must be me .. but .. I think western democracies have adopted Joseph Stalin's philosophy:

"Ideas are more powerful than guns, why should we let them have ideas"

It was Stalin's Russia .. not Putin's .. that recognized killing "ideas" that question policies of those "out of control bureaucracies" would not be TOLERATED.

Angus Files

Aye John your right,I meant too write that that they don`t like people doing research on the internet and coming to their own conclusions.Our brains are meant to be in complete control of the state by now.A desperate attempt by the establishment to roll out the same old, same old clinging on to it by their nails.

Pharma for Prison


Gary Ogden

Sounds like the Hillary/DNC/MediaMatters cabal is at it in the UK. The thugs are truly getting desperate.


"Your search "We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory" did not match any news articles."

Search result on alleged Putin statement.

So they did not even bother to publish the claim as fake news but still make the claim its all Putin's fault. LOL.


Across the world the establishment are out in force over recent weeks claiming "fake news" comes from social media and the web and refusing to acknowledge they - government officials as well as the established media - are the major sources of most of the fake news we get fed.
We are now getting faked "fake news".
Who is fooled?
The problem is this. They invent [fake] fake news to blame the blameless so they can bring in laws to prevent real news and truth going out on social media and the web whilse they keep on doing what they always have.
And they were surprised Trump was elected?
The world would probably elect a chimpanzee if it promised to "clean up the swamp".

Harvard MD

This fake news is great news! I can now point to this ridiculous piece as evidence that “they” are so desperate not to rationally engage on this topic that they point to the Russians. I cannot believe that the average person is so gullible... yes to following orders from doctors and CDC but not this Russian scare. In my opinion, the flu shot is the one vaccine that many (most?) are willing to forgo and question on their own, no help from Russia needed.

This is so silly, I have to entertain the possibility this is done on purpose, to turn people away from MSM. But why would they do that? Maybe so they can later claim, publically or privately, that the public is not to be trusted, need to curb access to the internet, monitor its use.

Then again maybe they are just running scared, pulling out their last defense, because the tide is turning against this charade!

John Stone


I have to admit, even with the crummy Snopes, that I am in considerable doubt about whether Putin said this. I have never been able to link to a Russian government source. Also, I was forwarded a comment from someone who had a friend in Moscow, who poured cold water on it.

On balance, unless we can identify a credible source (ie in this case one controlled by Putin himself) I would be inclined to leave it alone.

Han Litten

“In an apparent attempt to erode trust in US and European governments, state-sponsored units are using social media to spread lies, the Mirror reported. The Kremlin is believed to be attempting to foster distrust over flu jabs and the MMR measles vaccines.”

We don't need the Ruskies for that !
We have Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat & Senator Elizabeth Warren .
Colleen Boyle and Paul Offit , DeStafano , Gerberding , Marsha Allsop , TanyaK et al
Mind you , they couldn't all be Russian spies could they ?

John Stone


The Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport Committee of the House of Commons is supposed to be having an inquiry into "Fake News". This has recently been delayed by an attempt to look at allegations about interference from the Putin and the Russians. I am not sure whether they are taken in by this silliness, but we shall see. I am, of course, not an admirer of Putin, but I am not sure given that it is supposed to be a world wide web that I would not expect them to use it. That said it is ridiculous to suggest that this is anything to do with ordinary citizens sharing information on the web.

Frankly, people have to assess for themselves the validity of information whether they get it from the net or from governments or pharma PR agencies. The idea that our one time liberal democracies could be well protected by having bureaucracies decide what is true is ridiculous. We will be abolishing the printing press next.

Jenny Allan

The following is the original statement attributed to Vladimir Putin:-

"We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”
We must fight this. A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests."

The mainstream news and media outlets ignored it, although it was widely reported on social media. Pro vaccine Snopes stepped in to claim Putin said no such thing and this was fake news. I wonder what their position is now??
We found no evidence the Russian president issued a statement accusing Western countries of using GMOs and vaccines that slow evolution."

PS - The Rappaport Blog (John's link) is hilarious!!

Angus Files

It’s almost getting comical how everything that happens in the United States and the United Kingdom gets blamed on Russia! Russia! Russia!And, if anyone points out the absurdity of this argument, he or she must be a“Moscow stooge” or a “Putin puppet.”People become more informed that’s because of the internet and react.It seems this article is softening us up for a global restriction to computers- COMRADES!!
And as always blame your enemies for the crimes you intend or have committed...

Pharma for Prison


John Stone

It seems Jon Rappoport's reaction was almost exactly similar to mine

He was reacting to another version in International Business Tribune.

Han Litten

Don't you mean Sir Walter Mitty ?

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