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Did You educate Vaccinate
By Cathy Jameson

When I was growing up, we were taught four seasons:  spring, summer, autumn, winter.  Lasting 3 months each, they make up our year.  At some point in time, the medical and the advertising industry created a new season.  They call it the Flu Season.  Starting in October and lasting well into spring, a better term to use for those months of the year is Flu Shot Season. 

Even earlier, depending on where you live, this man-made season begins with signage.  Never advertising simple tips—like hand washing, avoiding contact with others while feeling under the weather, or covering sneezes—Flu Shot Season advertising goes into full force around the time that school begins.  Steadily increasing during the holidays, the advertising becomes more in-your-face.  So do the monetary incentives for flu shot consumers. Flu shot halloween

A quick internet search of “flu shot incentives” and “flu shot freebies” brings listing upon listing of how to cash in on free or reduced products.  How this is ethical is beyond me.  We’re not usually offered $5 off of groceries for other medical procedures, like for allergy testing or testicular cancer screenings; why, then, just for vaccines?  

Flu shot target

Flu shot sign images source: Google

No matter when, and no matter how many signs are placed or how many commercial spots are aired, the flu shot has, once again, received failing marks.  Straight from the CDC’s mouth, this year’s flu shot has been reported as ineffective.

Flu shot graphic

Image source: CDC

Even with that news, advertising continues.  It’s push, push, push that failed shot one more Flu Shot Season in a row.  If any of my children come home with academic scores similar to the yearly efficacy—or better said, the inefficacy—of the flu shot (“Adjusted Overall VE %” column), my eyebrows would be raised.  My patience would be worn thin.  My head would be spinning, and you know that there will be tons of questions – why is your average so low?  Did you miss class that day?  Were you goofing off?  Did you forget your book?  Notes?  To study?  My children know that they are responsible for their studies and that consequences follow low scores.  That doesn’t seem to be the case for the US vaccine program’s watchdogs. 

Parents will usually hold their children to high standards.  Employers hold their employees to high standards.  Why, then, does the public, not hold the CDC to similar standards especially where our health is concerned?  Instead of our nation’s “premier public health agency” scrapping that vaccine, and others that seem to be waning in efficacy, we continue to be bombarded with propaganda.  Even though the flu shot efficacy is nowhere near 100%—and in fact equivalent to failing grades—the medical and healthcare industry brazenly push their flu-shot agenda.  Insurance companies loudly chime in, too.

Flu shot get your flu shot flyers
Image:  Envelopes from insurance companies, representing one month’s worth of Ronan’s explanation of benefits

Sometimes the agenda steps over the line and becomes relentless, insolent indoctrination.  A recent egregious example comes from a dermatologist whose corporate title is director of health care transformation. His approach easily falls under a “Grab them, stab them” mentality, an approach that completely dismisses a basic element of patient care as well as patient respect.  If my child spoke to me like that dermatologist is encouraging his peers to speak to their patients, there would be hell to pay. 

But what are patient needs in the face of financial gain?  Vaccines most certainly can and do bring in a profit. (image below) When that happens, the patient becomes a cash cow and is therefore no longer a human worth an ounce of the medical establishment’s respect. 

Vaccines shot in the arm

We’re in a world where fear tactics and medical bullying have become the norm.  I know it’s not the case in every clinic, but as a patient when I read articles like the ones I’ve read recently about the flu shot, no longer are my patients’ rights considered.  No longer is my family’s care a top priority.  No longer is the provider’s bedside manner positive or supportive.  It’s demand, demean, and deny that anything can go wrong or is wrong. 

The flu shot is deemed effective in the CDC’s eyes and in the opinion of its myriad supporters, especially those that benefit financially.  So expect during this Flu Shot Season to be bombarded with new propaganda, more tempting incentives, and further insults … but don’t hold your breath waiting for those efficacy scores to improve.  Fixing a failing vaccine doesn’t seem a priority at all. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



Am I late? Great article! Makes me feel awesome to say no!!!

False scientists

A close senior friend suddenly developed kidney problems. Someone asked why this might be. I asked if they had recently had a flu vaccine and the person confirmed they had indeed received one within the last ten days.

david m burd


Many hospitals - if not most - have "standing orders" to push the flu shot on incoming patients, unless it is clearly rejected. Of course the vast majority of today's conned/brainwashed public are then injected with this toxic brew.


It's a huge con job. They even tried to give a flu shot to my elderly father when he was having a stroke in the emergency room. Later the billing department asked me if he had had a flu shot. I appreciated all this information. Thanks!

David Weiner

Anyone worried about getting the flu can protect himself by taking vitamin D, iodine, and bovine colostrum. There is certainly no need to resort to a dangerous and ineffective vaccine.

Angus Files

Ryan can have mine and everyone else on AOA`s flu shot.Dont worry its OK Offit said a baby can have 10,000 shots at one time soooo nothing to worry about Ryan-H-O-N-E-S-T .

Pharma for Prison


david m burd

2nd answer to Harvard MD, (and, to Ryan)

You are correct: The HIDA documents don't mention Hg. However, even recent FDA and Vaccine Maker documents cite most of the "prefilled" .50 ml doses are made from large production batches and can contain 1 microgram (or less) of Hg, supposedly claiming most Hg has been filtered out.

Recent FDA documents on vaccines state a "trace"** of mercury (Hg) may be 1 microgram. Of course, it's impossible for all Lots of flu vaccines to be checked (each Lot consists of 400,000 to 500,00 vaccine doses). Also,even though the makers of the pre-filled .50 ml doses claim they have filtered out most of the Hg, and as the esteemed toxicologist Boyd Haley, Phd says, it is not biochemically possible to remove all mercury. Thus, it's very plausible there are many millions of the pre-filled .50 ml shots have more than a trace, because no documents are available as to such quality-control testing.

**This 1 microgram trace contains 3,000 Quadrillion Hg atoms, a few thousand for every human cell.

Flu shot, anyone? Ryan - you can have mine.

david m burd

@ Harvard MD,

Here's one of many "toxicity" references for Triton X100:

Note in particular how toxic it is to all aquatic organisms, and the many other cautions when exposed to human skin and breathing.

Further, many (if not the majority) of the plethora of the other excipients in vaccines have similar toxic profiles, many VERY toxic. And, almost all these Toxicology Profiles list applications of such chemicals, but almost NONE cite they are commonly used in vaccines! I find this more than a curious coincidence.

For your self-education just put the name of each excipient and "toxicity" in your search line.
Please email me if you like:

Han Litten

US Nurses are Refusing the Flu Vaccine (opting to wear the mask).
But I do hope the doctors agree to take it (is that wrong of me , ah well !)

In a recent article, Dr. Nass described the complaint and resulting settlement of seven health care workers in Erie, PA who were fired for refusing flu vaccines for religious reasons. They won an EEOC settlement of $300,000 which requires them to be reinstated and receive back pay and compensatory damages for alleged religious discrimination.


The US and New Zealand are the only developed countries that allow direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising.


Seriously? Side effects explained by homeopathy? Flu shots aren't the best vaccine. They give you enjoy a coin flip additional chance at avoiding flu. They do that with almost no side effects. It's a no brainer. Get your flu shot. If more people got their flu shot we'd see a whole lot less flu in the world.

Harvard MD

Cathy - thank you for posting that table from the CDC, could come in handy.

David- thank you also for sharing the HIDA doc which I glanced thru, interesting also to read of US Medicare (CMS) requirement for reporting flu shots given and % of patients receiving it, as linked to CMS physician payment.

I had a question about the ethylmercury content- are you getting your figures from the individual product info sheets or the HIDA document (I didn’t see it in the document). Last year I convinced my dad to stop taking the senior flu vaccine even though I reassured him after reading the product insert that no ethylmercury, even in traces amounts, were used...however, TritonX, a surfactant from DuPont was used known human safety data that I could find. Nevertheless, did I miss or was I mislead, are all senior vaccines tainted with ethylmercury?? Thank you

go Trump

Someone could check my math, but I believe they bill Medicare $77+ for a Senior flu shot and that was a few years back.

With give or take with 7,500 doses per gallon .... a gallon of flu vaccine sells for $577,000.

david m burd

All, let me completely clarify my prior statement citing:

** 70.11% of shots are from 'multi-dose' 5.0 ml vials, each having 10 .50 ml shots, or 20 .25ml shots for infants/toddlers up to 35 month. In fact, Sanofi Pasteur plainly directs .25ml pediatric shots, each having 12.5 micrograms of Hg be injected to babies at 6 months, at 7 months and every year until the age of 35 months.

Further clarification: Sanofi Pasteur, and the entire U.S. pediatric world is actually instructed to draw infant flu doses of .25 ml FROM 5.0 multi-dose vials that are full of ethylmercury, resulting in each pediatric dose having 12.5 micrograms of Hg. This comes to 3 or 4 flu shot doses by 35 months, all having such Hg. Then, at the magic age of 36 months, toddlers are then injected with .50 ml doses having 25 micrograms of Hg. The HIDA information provided for many years is irrefutable, and exposes the lies of the CDC.

david m burd

Cathy and everyone, Somehow the CDC has conned the public that the vast majority of flu shots no longer have Thimerosal with its ethylmercury. However, the Vaccine Makers tell the opposite, here on the following url: (for the 2015-2016 flu season)

For those who need interpretation of their data and Pie Charts, it comes to this:

**Only .33% of shots are .25 ml doses for infants age 6 months to 35 months.,

** 21.4% of "pre-filled" "single dose" shots are .50 ml, virtually all containing 1 microgram of ethylmercury (Hg).

** 70.11% of shots are from 'multi-dose' 5.0 ml vials, each having 10 .50 ml shots, or 20 .25ml shots for infants/toddlers up to 35 month. In fact, Sanofi Pasteur plainly directs .25ml pediatric shots, each having 12.5 micrograms of Hg be injected to babies at 6 months, at 7 months and every year until the age of 35 months.

It's right there, disclosed by the HIDA (Health Industry Distribution Association) documents. They don't even try to hide this atrocity -- only equaled by the CDC's atrocity pushing parents to get their mercury-loaded flu shots for their babies.

Equally atrocious is the flu shot coerced onto tens of millions of seniors each year, virtually all loaded with 25 micrograms of Hg (eythlmercury), as shown by this HIDA document. The timeline of pushing Hg flu shots on seniors for the last 30 years perfectly coincides with the emergence and explosion of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS, and many neurological damages in our seniors and elderly. It's all right there, right in tandem with the flu-shot mania that started way back in 1976 with the insane Swine Flu Scare at that time.

Anybody can please contact me on this information and its data. email:

Shelley Tzorfas

As I was driving the other day while listening to all News radio (1080 FM) the person announced; it turned out that last year's flu shot was only 20% effective because the virus mutated. He said they are using the same one this year. Then it went on to explain that health experts still say it is better to get a flu shot than to not get a flu shot??? Naturally, not one word of your risk of getting Alzheimer's from the mercury/thimerosal components that accumulate in your brain. Some pharmacists and consumers actually believe that if the label says "Preservative Free" then it does not contain thimerosal/mercury, but that is not correct. What they did was to change the Definition to state that if it is below .5 mcg-they can say it is free from Thimerosal/Mercury but anyone who understands homeopathy knows how a small amount of a substance can have a large effect.

Jeannette Bishop

Summary: don't even bother to ask, stab from behind, and then shrug...

I'm not sure one can go into a doctor's office anymore without seriously gambling with one's health... I pray the consciousness of vaccine risks and inefficacies spreads widely into the mainstream soon.


I call it CA$H $EA$ON. What else could it be?
Trying to scare people by saying we can get the flu and that's enough reason to get a flu shot. Huge corporations would do anything to get people on their side and pay them for whatever they offer in order for us to "stay well".


Great article Cathy ,showing the seasonal sales pitch up in it's true colours, and along with being taught the 4 seasons we had it hammered home to us not to accept sweeties from strangers or to accept the offer of a lift in peoples cars to and from school and to always look both ways before crossing a road . This reminds me of
The Transatlantic Anthology . Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice youtube Hamish Imlach
Hamish educating young vulnerable naive woman not to believe the myth that bees knees vitamins D and C was a contraceptive syrup ?
Also Hamish Imlach and Iain MacIntosh Dance Band of The Titanic youtube
I'm sure there would have been a good few more songs in the pipeline if Hamish had been alive to see
Documentary 2017 Titanic the new evidence channel 4 youtube fascinating evidence .

Cathy Jameson

So true, Gary. We're inundated with toxins in our foods, beauty products, and cleaning products. I know it's more expensive to buy the cleaner, 'greener' products, but to me and my family, it's so worth it. As my Mom once said to me, Better to pay the grocer now than the doctor later.
I actually look forward to some of Ronan's appointments now knowing I'll get to plant a seed and tell my son's story one more time. Best of luck at your appointment next month! I know that you will stand strong in telling them what you need and what you don't need.

bob moffit

It has become so bad .. the FLU SEASON is as heavily promoted by the vaccine industry & public health bureaucracies .. as the CHRISTMAS SEASON is promoted by the merchandizing industry.

Unfortunately .. spending MILLONS UPON MILLONS OF ADVERTISING DOLLARS CONTINUES TO WORK .. as many senior citizens line up every year for their "free flu shot" .. as they do for "early bird dinners". Apparently .. if it's "free" .. it's something worth having.

I think the end of MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF ADVERTISING DOLLARS SPENT BY CIGARETTE INDUSTRY FOR DECADES .. has been a disaster ... as that lost advertising money has been replaced by even more MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BY DRUG MANUFACTURERS.

Am I wrong .. or is the United States the ONLY country that allows drug manufactures to advertise on television in developed countries?

Gary Ogden

Cathy: It's even worse than this. According to Peter Doshi (BMJ), only 16% of flu-like illnesses, on average, are influenza related, so in 2010, their banner year for efficacy (60%), the VE was actually an underwhelming 9.6%. The worst year, 2004 (10%), was actually 1.6%! A seventy-year fraud. No wonder they have to pay people with Target coupons! I have a really great doctor. In a month I'll be going in for the usual visit, and like every year, they'll ask if I want the flu shot. I think they've come to expect the anti-vax lecture, short version. They're very good about it, bless their hearts. I can't recall ever having had the flu. Perhaps in childhood. And perhaps, having had all the usual childhood infectious diseases (in the 1950's), this is part of the explanation for my robust immune system. I don't get sick, which is remarkable, considering the sea of toxins we all live in.

susan welch

Great article, Cathy. Thank you.

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