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The European Health Parliament: Bogus Institution Is Industry Front

image from www.healthparliament.euBy John Stone

Our elected politicians may not be a class I collectively respect, but at least they bother to get themselves elected. Recently our friends at the British based journal and group The Informed Parent received a letter announcing:

“My name is Alice Pignacca, Member of the European Vaccine Committee of the European Health Parliament, a platform of 55 young professionals and students with the goal of shaping the future of healthcare in Europe. We work in 5 committees around various topics. Specifically, our committee intends to provide recommendations on vaccination plans, taking into account the reasons for not trusting vaccines.”

What Ms Pignacca – who is requesting information -  does not mention is that the European Health Parliament (which no one had heard of before) but which sounds vaguely plausible, is no more a parliament than you or I are a parliament. It does not have representatives elected by citizens, and it is not an institution of the European Union: it is an unelected body affiliated to Johnson and Johnson, Google, POLITICO, the College of Europe, the European Patients Forum (a group which receives significant funding from most of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers)and Euro40 (a group of Euro MPs under the age of 40). The letter is copied to Matteo Pedralli, who like Pignacca seems to be a student at the 'the College of Europe', an independent educational institution situated in Brussels (one of the two homes of the real European Parliament) and to Chiara Danelli, who works for Johnson and Johnson .

Johnson and Johnson may not be a name much associated with vaccines but they make Quinvaxem (DTPHibHep)  and Hepavax  (a single Hepatitis B vaccine), and are trying to expand into the sector:

“Johnson & Johnson currently has relatively low vaccine revenues, reflecting its small portfolio size, volume of doses sold and geographic scope. However, its pipeline and R&D investments indicate a growing focus on vaccines.”

So, in order to add their new products to an already obscenely crowded schedule they are going to have to lobby hard.

Among the questions that Pignacca asks:

“For which reason don’t you trust scientists, doctors, and institutions on this?..”

I am not speaking for the Informed Parent but of course if you write from an industry sponsored lobby organization pretending to be a legitimate public body it scarcely helps your case.

‘Would you agree that the scientific method has helped human progress?”

Well, yes but that does not mean that every industrial product manufactured is an example of progress or necessarily safe. I do not know why Ms Pignacca would expect anyone to respect such naive or twisted logic.

The European Health Parliament seems have been launched as a project in 2015 with the motto echoing the 'Occupy Wall Street' campaign 'Occupy Health Street' but the pretence of being a citizens’ body is ridiculous, another Trojan horse.

Or perhaps European Health Parliament is just a rather up-market youth employment scheme: the door-to-door sales-people of the cyber age.

The government pharmaceutical complex cannot play it straight to save their lives.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


John Stone

Thanks everyone for your comments. Every day the fundamental criminality of this culture becomes more blatant and manifest. No doubt, the this is just one self-parodic example. I feel a little sorry for those young people made to feel important by their powerful sponsors.


Deepest condolences to the Beck family. Please stay safe and well all of you brilliant, beautiful, brave people fighting for our human rights. I am so incredibly grateful for you all!

Jonathan Rose

It's happening everywhere, John. A journal devoted to environmental health has evidently been censored by its publisher at the bidding of the chemical industry:

And the editors of half of all US medical journals are on the payroll of pharmaceutical and medical device companies:

Han Litten

J.B. Handley - Breaking NEWS!! Nobel Laureate Luc... | Facebook
15 hours ago - Breaking NEWS!! Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier says,. "We risk with vaccines to poison little by little all the population that will succeed us, children, babies.".

John Stone


No, but parading as something calling itself a "parliament" is to claim a false status. It is a fraud, it is dishonest. But in your strange mindset as post modern doctor - in which mercury isn't poisonous - it might not bother you.

False scientists

"For which reason don't you trust scientists, doctors and institutions..."
When you are even asking questions like this you have lost the battle. I can think of far too many reasons, including fraud, collusion, profiteering, murder to name a few.

Frederic Chopin


Eventually they're planning to present recommendations "to the European Commission as possible legislative proposals". They don't have the authority to change policy any more than you do.

Dennis Picknett

It is plain that the tendrils of the giant Hogweed - Big Pharma - are rampantly bolting as big grey, sun-denying clouds mass overhead. Promotion and marketing is the primary draw on Pharma funds, and now as public confidence is daily eroded by new revelations about their malevolent habits they are diverting money to the destruction of the enemy ("where they live"). The dead fingers of 77 holistic practitioners are pointing one way - to the greatest ever generators of coincidence - Big Pharmafaia.

John Stone


So what? They are a bunch of industry hoods hi-jacking policy. It is very easy with anything to do with medicine to pretend to inhabit the high moral ground but these people will manipulate anything to suit their own agenda. As I said, they can’t play straight to save their lives. Just creating an institution calling itself the European Health Parliament without constitutional or democratic basis is devious. You don’t think so?

Frederic Chopin


That letter is from one of 5 committees of the European Health Parliament. The other 4 are looking into recommendations for health workforce planning, antimicrobial resistance, outcomes-based healthcare systems and robotics/AI/precision medicine.

Han Litten

Have you seen this : (are they coming for us now ? 77 doctors dead & now this)

We regret to report to you that a well-known advocate for autism people – Jeana Beck – died approximately November 17th near an Oregon hotel room where she had been staying.

Beck was the founder of Unlocking Autism and was traveling with her 23-year-old autistic son for a work trip and staying at Rodeway Inn.

She reportedly went outside for a smoke break and never returned. She was reported missing. Tragically, her body was found the next night in a canal behind the hotel.

Strangely, police almost immediately ruled out foul play, according to health writer Erin Elizabeth of Healthnut News who has delved deeper in the strange string of deaths that has rocked the alternative health community in the last year or so.

Angus Files

Thats funny reminds me of the life of Brian only that the Life of Brian was meant to be funny.Here we have yet another pharma body dressing up as what ?and asking us questions about where our brains and solidarity are .
What they want is for us to play the roll of total Pharma dominance.Similar to the Life Of Brian when the Judean Peoples Front crack Suicide Squad turn up at the end of the movie when Brian is nailed to the cross.Pharma wants us to be the Pharma Judean Peoples Front crack Suicide Squad shout Attack! and as in the movie then stab ourselves to death showing complete subjugation and solidarity to Pharma.

Not today not tomorrow or the next day n-e-v-e-r!

Pharma for Prison


bob moffit

'The European Health Parliament seems have been launched as a project in 2015 with the motto echoing the 'Occupy Wall Street' campaign 'Occupy Health Street' but the pretence of being a citizens’ body is ridiculous, another Trojan horse."

Or .. as we across the pond now say ... what once was called a "Trojan horse" .. is now called the "SWAMP".

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