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Richard Farretta

In Arizona we have to choose between guardianship and our sons right to vote.

Sher DeGenova

our 22 yr old has voted since age 18 and will continue to vote as long as he expresses an interest (which we foster). We talk about the issues, and the candidates as a family anyway. I do help him in the ballot place, and I have to explain that I am his guardian, but we live in a small town and no one has ever questioned us.

Warrior Mom

Like Bob Moffitt said...our 18 yo son is not "blessed" with autism. It is definitely not a "gift." Just went through Guardianship and his right to vote was revoked. Sure wish I could vote for him!


Yes all three of my autistic adult children are registered to vote. They vote by absentee ballot after much discussion and often one may cancel out the vote of the other. They have very different opinions on politics and my oldest is often disappointed when politicians don't have a position on autism and vaccines or if they accept money from drug companies for their campaign.

Pam Byrne

Yes, my 25-year-old son with autism is registered to vote, which he does proudly and regularly. He follows current events and politics closely and likes taking part in the process. However, he votes at home through absentee ballot (allowed by our state due to his disability of autism) to avoid having to wait in line.

Jeanne J

No, my 22 year old son is not registered to vote. He has, however, been called up for jury duty. We've responded to the appropriate paperwork to remove him from the process, but briefly thought about taking him and letting them figure it out for themselves. Thanks K. Weisman for the state info.

Martha Moyer

NO my 44 year old son with autism and multiple disabilities including IDD wouldn't understand the process. He is blessed not to even know who is President despite coaching to learn.

Anna Quandt

Hi. My 26 year old is registered to vote. He voted in the last presidential election and made fairly reasonable decisions about the ballot issues. We voted early.


Of note may be pointing out that pedetricians are running in for governors. One of the more hotly contested races in Virginia is being touted as a bellwether for the Republican Party with the pederrician Democrat thus far ahead in the polls. In the redder than red state of Idaho the expected Republican winner is also a pedeatrician. I sense a very dangerous trend.

Jeannette Bishop

No, the state of California has made the effort to determine that my child is not capable of voting.

Jeanmarie Beno

My now 21 YO registered when he turned 18 and has voted in all elections since. We vote Republican and he does too.

K. Weisman

Yes, all three of our boys are registered and have voted several times now. Made sure that they were as soon as they turned 18. In New York, a guardian can help a disabled young adult with the process. Here's a link to the laws state by state:

L  Land


Aimee Doyle

No. My son is not registered to vote. I could probably coach him through the process, but it would be me voting twice.

bob moffit

Unfortunately .. our grandson has not been "blessed" with the "gift" of autism ... in fact just the opposite .. which means .. at 18 years of age .. he would be incapable of registering to vote.

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