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HPV Vaccine inventor Ian Frazer Backs UK’s “Jabs for the Boys” Lobbyist Group – Conflict of Interest?

Dr. Ian FrazerBy Eileen Iorio

After Peter Doshi’s recent exposé article in the British Medical Journal on how government agencies and vaccine manufacturers use grass roots organizations to push their vaccine agenda, I took a closer look at an upcoming decision about to be made in the UK by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization on whether boys should be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. A decision is expected next week after the same Committee voted against such an extension to the program in July. Currently the vaccine is given in schools to all 12 year old girls with a high uptake rate of 90%. It is also offered free in certain clinics to men who have sex with men under a special National Health Service pilot program.

 Lobbyist group has been the most vocal in recent years, using its 48-member strong network to push the government to adopt a “gender-neutral” policy for this vaccine by making it available to all boys. A statement from the group recently, outlined the many reasons that the JCVI should add boys to the schedule in a comprehensive policy statement, submitted to the department of health ahead of next week’s decision. They argue, with a slightly threatening undertone, that the current policy “may be in breach” of sexual equality laws.

 According to the website “whois”, the person behind HPVAction is Jamie Rae, a Scottish businessman and philanthropist. Rae has a long history in Scottish politics as a former member of the Scottish National Party. Rae was convicted of fraud in the late 90s and served 15 months in prison on various charges relating to mortgage and benefits fraud. After serving his time, Rae turned his luck around and started up many successful businesses. After developing and overcoming throat cancer in 2010, Rae set up the Throat Cancer Foundation in 2012, to raise awareness for this rare condition and to campaign for the inclusion of males in the HPV vaccination program.  

 The Throat Cancer Foundation (TCF) is a charity but also acts as a lobbying group  and by extension, supports the position of HPVAction as owner of the site and also as TCF is a member. The story begins to get more complicated when two of TCF’s advisory board members have direct conflicts of interest with the vaccine – Co-inventor of the HPV vaccine Ian Frazer, and MERCK/GSK consultant and JCVI advisor Dr. Margaret Stanley, OBE.

 Ian Frazer, a Scottish virologist now an Australian citizen, along with co-inventor, the late Jian Zhou and others, owns rights to the sale of both HPV vaccines in Australia and New Zealand. They also own exclusive rights over the vaccine technology used by Merck and GSK. Expanding the vaccine program to boys would bolster the credibility of his own country’s program and promote this “gender neutral” policy worldwide as so few countries have adopted such an expensive public health measure thus far. In the US, uptake among boys is hovering around 20%. Improving uptake in boys will also offset the dramatic reduction in sales as a result of reducing the dose from three to two in recent years.

 Professor Margaret Stanley, OBE is a British virologist at the University of Cambridge who has been intimately involved in the development of both vaccines with Merck and GSK and served on the special HPV advisory group to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, which recommended that the vaccine program go ahead for girls in 2008. Dr. Stanley has a vested interest in ensuring that boys are included in the program, one which she has invested her entire career in propagating, both with the WHO, the IARC and various other institutions around the world. She has benefited financially from her relationship with both manufacturers as a consultant and as a speaker on behalf of the vaccines.

 The Throat Cancer Foundation states in its policy on ethics that it be transparent in its dealings with partners and sponsors, both public and private, “ensuring that the Throat Cancer Foundation remains independent and autonomous so that there can be no influence – either actual or perceived…” So how does the TCF ensure that their charity is independent and autonomous when two of the HPV vaccine’s heaviest hitters are on its advisory board? At what point is the TCF working for Frazer and Stanley to further their interests?

Rae himself has another company, Nugensis, which has accepted business solution contracts from the NHS and was embroiled in an accusation of cronyism from government ministers in 2015, after Rae made donations to the Scottish National Party before the million pound contract was awarded. The SNP denied all charges of cronyism and no action was taken.

It is difficult to say if the JCVI will be sufficiently influenced by and by extension the Throat Cancer Foundation, backed by direct profiteers of the vaccine and key stakeholders with influence on policy. However, what is clear is that the public is unaware that such an influence – either actual or perceived - exists. It is this semi-transparency which results in public loss of confidence once such conflicts are revealed, causing more damage to the vaccine program.

Eileen Iorio is co-author of the upcoming book, “The HPV Vaccine On Trial, Weighing The Evidence” published by Skyhorse Publishing.



Han Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | November 10, 2017 at 02:52 PM

However, the Vatican and the RC Church have not been outspoken about nor instituted an alternative choice campaign, which could have dramatic impact considering the RC Church has a global membership/congregation of approximately 1,253,926,000 [4]. That represents almost one-seventh of the world’s population, which could make a significant difference regarding vaccine pseudoscience IF the RC Church were to act upon legitimate science and not “go along to get along.” The Kenya hCG-laced-TT-vaccine problem should have been a huge wakeup call for the RC Church, but apparently Church fathers decided it wasn’t.]


Actually in the case of Gardasil, it appears that using the end point of cervical disease , then according to their own science, the vaccine will increase the cancer risk in individuals who are previously infected.
Talk about 'weasel words" in the study, though.
In previously HPV positive people the vaccine "enhances" the disease. You know it makes the disease look prettier. ( Sarcasm alert.. ) Funny how more accurate words ( based on the actual scientific study) like "seriously increase the cancer risk" or "damages the patients health " weren't used.
It is strange, isn't it; $300 for a shot to prevent cancer, considered well worth it, and worth considering mandating. $100 for a test so that people whose cancer risk would be increased by getting the shot could be identified, ( which would result in them not spending approx $300) is apparently not worth the money.
Suddenly protecting people against cancer isn't important? Almost make you think that the only important thing is selling the vaccine.
I wonder what will actually happen to the cancer rates in the 10 to 20 year span needed to get real results?

susan welch The attached is a brilliant 'Open letter of complaint' to the BBC re a popular UK television morning programme basically promoting the HPV vaccine. The BBC are becoming more and more of a propaganda machine for Govt/pharma. Over the last year I have had extensive correspondence with them resulting with them telling me that they cannot deal with my complaint and that I need to take it 'further up'. The same happened with Dept. of Health. It seems that when they realise they cannot fob you off with their usual stock answers, they say they will no longer respond to you.

Please read and, if possible, share the above link. Thank you


I meant big way out of taxes and vaccines are involved?


My cousin who has a tax business says that Gates is doing nothing more that Ted Turner did some years back when he donated a billion dollars to the UN.

His family kept the money and would donate it to causes that they deemed fit by UN. and it was mostly vaccines for Africa. It gave them a tax shelter and kept them paying a lot of money on a billion dollars, plus they still had control of the billion dollars and what ever deal that was worked out with the big pharma that own the vaccines.

So, I have to wonder if vaccines has some special place among the rich to help them write off taxes?

By the way Bono is donating and in big time with all the humanitarian gifting of vaccines and GMOs and all of that.
Maybe they all know there is the one big way of of taxes and it is vaccines?


My friend had nodules or growths in her throat. They wasted upwards of 3 months of her time treating her for throat (HPV) cancer. After time some fairly intrusive treatment she was actually found to have Non- Hodgkin's. Idiots. It seemed like their little pet theory.


It was on the BBC news this very morning that the HPV vaccine is known to prevent 70% of cervical cancers! How could they possibly know that so soon after its introduction? Blatant propaganda.


There is no scientific proof that any vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that people willing to inject poisons into people, should have no issues whatsoever with blatantly lying.

Hans Litten

I wonder how many of the African women were intended to receive those vaccines.

Posted by: Grace Green | November 10, 2017 at 02:52 PM

It is my understanding that 2/3M DID actually receive those vaccines before the project came to a halt after intervention from the Kenyan Catholic hierarchy, but the Roman Catholic hierarchy out of Rome has tried to put those Kenyan Bishops and priests down , and even backed the resuming of the Tetanus drive. Also I understand that the % of vaccines testing positive for BetaHCG is something like 60-80% (so they are deliberately contaminating a sizable proportion but not all).
The skulduggery is absolutely astounding, and although the story has been widely reported in the lamestream (even the BBC), they have this clever knack of hiding away these stories so that very few notice the story and even fewer understand the significance of it .

Grace Green

Hans, that's very interesting. I've said on here before that I think I became autistic after a Yellow Fever vaccine in my infancy. My mother suffered an injury on the same occasion, when she contracted an ME-like illness. When we returned from Africa two years later, my parents, who hoped to expand the family, found they were unable to conceive, although they'd had no problems the first two times. This was back in 1953. I believe these reactions have been known about a lot longer than people think, there were just fewer of them. I wonder how many of the African women were intended to receive those vaccines.

Han Litten

I saw that too Grace at 08.10 , stomach turning listening to the BBC lies .

CAUGHT: WHO's Anti-fertility Vaccination Program Chronicled In New Paper

Has the World Health Organization (WHO) been purposely misleading women in developing countries into thinking they are protecting them and their future children from tetanus while in fact robbing women of their fertility and the very children they wanted to protect?

A highly concerning new paper has been published in The Open Access Library Journal titled, "HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World." The implications of the information contained within this paper, if true, have the potential to shift paradigms and threaten the hegemony of global organizations who are ostensibly concerned about the health and welfare of the world's populations. What findings can threaten to do such a thing?

To understand the full breadth of the findings, it is first important to know some key historical facts. The World Health Organization was established in 1945 and immediately embraced the tenet of family planning, which was later referred to as “planned parenthood as a necessity for world health.”

If this is true (& I believe it is) it invalidates all vaccination .

Grace Green

It was on the BBC news this very morning that the HPV vaccine is known to prevent 70% of cervical cancers! How could they possibly know that so soon after its introduction? Blatant propaganda.

Han Litten

Posted by: Pietro | November 10, 2017 at 04:26 AM

I agree completely sir .
In fact I would go further , and say it has been shown that this vaccine does not prevent any cancers.
This vaccine is a complete and total fraud , just like the "relative risk" flu vaccine (67% efficacy my rear) ! This vaccine is completely and entirely about delivering the 750 mcg payload of aluminium and what ever other poisons are contained within. It is a crime against humanity .

Can I ask what is the latest news on the Vaccine Mandates in Italy ?
Mandates does not seem a strong enough word to me (I am looking for another) .

susan welch

Right side of history: thank you for making me laugh!


If it is not proven that the HPV vaccine prevents even the cancer it is supposed to prevent in the first place - and it is not proven - how can we assume it prevents the others?
By simple extension of an already faulted argument?
You see this is done routinely with vaccines.
Once a vaccine gets into the schedule for a more or less selected group of recipients
then the extension to other population groups (other age, sex, medical condition, whatever) is fast-tracked and bypasses even the lousy approval process that threw the vaccine in to start with. The HPV vaccine is a blatant example but there are others like the whooping cough vaccine for pregnant women or the hexavalent vaccines not tested for kids above a certain age extended to older kids on the basis of similarities with other (different) products.


Five things you should know before consenting to HPV Vaccination .
Excellent article to read about re same topic at Alliance for Natural Health International .
Also ANH -Intl Feature .HPV Vaccine . The Risk of Uninformed Consent By Robert Verkerk Phd ,
Just Fab common sense information and Top Notch Professional Standards always .
Get informed Get Educated .uninformed consent does not meet even basic Professional Codes of Conduct .

Eileen Iorio

Dear Bob Moffit,

Q: Does oral sex cause throat cancer?
A: In very rare cases as a recent article shows, it does NOT warrant vaccinating every boy especially when duration of the vaccine's effectiveness is unknown :

As to why they want to vaccinate all boys when they are aware of the risk is primarily for the MSM community... Basically the reason is, is that they want to give them the vaccine before exposure and targeting gay boys at that age is problematic on every level, from discriminatory to ethical to psychological. They know that gay men will not benefit from the "herd immunity" effect of vaccinating girls so the only solution would be to give it to all boys and no girls or both. There is no way that this international one-size-fits-all vaccine for girls will be switched over to a male only program and so the answer is to give it to all children, especially due to declining uptake rates in girls. There are other cancers associated with HPV which are not predominately a risk factor for the MSM community.
Source, Margaret Stanley herself:

However not all such cancers are caused by vaccine-strain HPV. It is not yet known the exact stats and clinical trials for the vaccine failed to show that it prevented any clinical end points for penile or anal cancers for men. The vaccine is not FDA or EMA approved to help prevent head, neck, throat or penile cancer.




This product is a danger to EVERYONE!

Shelley Tzorfas

Many infants are BORN with HPV. They call it "Vertical Transmission." It might be as high as 30%? It is nice to see that vaccine maker's want "Gender-Neutral" outcomes so they can make up for the money losses when girls were getting 3 expensive HPV shots but it was rolled back to 2 as many girls had seizures, became paralyzed or died from it. The vaccine is far more damaging to health than the virus. By rolling it back to 2 deadly injections they can keep it out of the news for a while longer, at least until the time when they add it to the NEWBORN VACCINE schedule as then it is too late to leak..


Sorry Angus,
Apologies, I was meaning to address that to Bob Moffitt.
Need more coffee!


Hi Angus,

The problem though is that people can be born with HPV infections ( maternal transmission), but no one is screening for them before vaccination.

On page 13, of the 30 page article, they discuss

1. Evaluation of the potential of Gardasil™ to enhance cervical disease in
subjects who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine-relevant HPV
types prior to vaccination.

The results of exploratory subgroup analyses for study 013 suggested a concern that
subjects who were seropositive and PCR-positive for the vaccine-relevant HPV types had
a greater number of CIN 2/3 or worse cases as demonstrated in the following table:
Table 17. Study 013: Applicant’s analysis of efficacy against vaccine-relevant HPV
types CIN 2/3 or worse among subjects who were PCR positive and seropositive for
relevant HPV types at day 1. [From original BLA, study 013 CSR, Table 11-88, p. 636]

I couldn't find what the placebo actually contained in a quick read through, but the fact that in previously infected HPV people, the vaccine actually increased the chance of cervical disease ( i.e. potential for cancer) according to their figures is pretty significant and scary.
hard to see how this is even protective if you are actually increasing cancer risk in some of your population.
they managed to combine some tables on the next pages to make it look better, but the potential to cause increased rates of cancer is a pretty huge concern imo.

Frederic Chopin


You don't have to have oral sex to get HPV. Once you get HPV it can go pretty much anywhere in the body that has a blood supply. And yes there are lot's of studies showing HPV causes laryngeal cancer - roughly 25% of them.

Mary Holland

Excellent information! Thanks, Eileen.
Mary Holland

Hans Litten

Margaret Stanley (Professor of what ? criminology in my opinion) .
She has seen the carnage and damage her work has done with her own eyes and she refused to even apologise for the wrecking of someones health. Margaret you should be in prison for biological GBH .
Oxford & Cambridge Universities are as guilty as hell and are at the centre of this Hg-enocide .

They are sterilizing peoples sons and daughters , right in front of their parents eyes .
(Teenage pregnancies are falling at an rate not seen before.)
Useless Eaters are no longer required , and there will not be jobs for them anyway in the planned future of tomorrow .

They are building themselves a personal safari park . That is the plan .


I am sick of the Australian PM and Health Minister pushing the new HPV vaccine Guardasil 9 on TV with Ian Fraser standing next to them and being introduced as a Nobel Prize winner.
Obviously this was done in order to boost vaccine sales but for Frazer to stand next to the PM and not correct the error of him being Nobel Prize winner is an absolute disgrace. He should have corrected the PM and the News station that interviewed him on an earlier day. I knew he was not a Nobel Prize winner but I searched this anyway at and Wikipedia and I was right he has not received a Nobel Prize. Two other Australian Doctors got it in 2005 for discovering Helicobacter pylori caused ulcers and another immunoligist some years ago but not Frazer for sure. I feel like writing to the Nobel organisation to tell them how their award is being by used by an imposter and the Australian Government to sell a very dangerous vaccine that has harmed many young girls and boys.

bob moffit

"...upcoming decision about to be made in the UK by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization on whether boys should be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. A decision is expected next week after the same Committee voted against such an extension to the program in July. Currently the vaccine is given in schools to all 12 year old girls with a high uptake rate of 90%. It is also offered free in certain clinics to men who have sex with men under a special National Health Service pilot program."

Not too long ago .. Michael Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer .. and .. when asked if he regretted his life long use of alcohol and smoking .. he stated he believe that his form of throat cancer was caused by HPV .. after having oral sex with his wife .. a charge he has since fully retracted .. after being publicly shamed for .. more or less .. blaming his wife for his cancer.

The following article is his original statement regarding HPV as causing his throat cancer:">">

And so .. my question .. are there any studies or statistics to support Michael Douglas' theory that HPV due to oral sex is causing throat cancer? If so .. that would explain why the HPV vaccine is offered free in certain clinics to men who have sex with men under a special National Health Service pilot program .. but .. in my opinion .. ought not be a reason that ALL boys be administered HPV.

It is probably just a n unfortunate coincidence that .. "after developing and overcoming throat cancer in 2010, Rae set up the Throat Cancer Foundation in 2012, to raise awareness for this rare condition and to campaign for the inclusion of males in the HPV vaccination program".

Developing HPV to prevent diseases more prevalent in certain life-styles or voluntary behaviors is one very helpful thing .. but .. to then subject ALL boys to the uncertain adverse reactions to HPV vaccine is .. in my humble opinion .. far more "problem than solution".

Angus Files

And his Pharma mummy and daddy are very proud of him.

Pharma For Prison

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