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Happy Thanksgiving from Age of Autism

AofA ThankfulDear friends, readers, families, colleagues and supporters, we at AofA would like to wish you each a very happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for your readership, your likes, links, reTweets and comments throughout the year.

The winds change, and we constantly readjust our sails, don't we?

Thank you.

Kim, Mark, John and the entire AofA team



Aimee Doyle

Thanks to the AoA Community.

I am very grateful this website and this community exist. I read it most days, and I comment often. I have been a reader/commenter for almost as long as Bob!

It is good not to feel alone.

Maria Russo

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you AoA for existing.

Jeannette Bishop

Happy Thanksgiving!


Bob, your are often my morning wake up! 😂😂😂 Have a happy day. Kim

bob moffit

I remember one of my very first comments on AoA was on Thanksgiving Day .. approximately 14 years ago I believe .. comments in which I gave THANKS to all who had done so much in educating my family regarding our then recently .. pediatrician's assured ..nothing to worry about he's just "late talking" grandson .. was finally diagnosed autistic .. who turned 18 this year.

I clearly remember thanking David Kirby for his excellent book .. "Evidence of Harm" ... which sounded the first alarm regarding what was happening to an entire generation of our children.

What ever happened to David Kirby? I believe the "film rights" to his excellent book were purchased ... obviously to make certain a documentary film of his book would never see the light of day.


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