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Psychotropic Medication use in Autism Spectrum Disorders may Affect Functional Brain Connectivity

Early Childhood Adversities Linked to Health Problems

Joan crawford2By Anne Dachel

A study from the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis has solved the mystery surrounding the decline in the health of America’s children and the explosion in behavioral/developmental disorders overwhelming our schools.

A report released on Oct 30, 2017 entitled, Early childhood adversities linked to health problems in tweens, teens   gave us the details of the study which has already been talked about in the media over the last several months.

Here the opening:

“Study is first to point to brain changes that underlie poor health in some children.”

“Brain Changes”

What that actually means is “adverse childhood events” (ACEs) cause brain damage in early childhood and this can result in all kinds of problems like “severe depression by their preteen and early teen years and …physical health problems, such as asthma and gastrointestinal disorders.”

ACEs are the things that happen to kids in their home environment and they ‘can have serious health consequences evident as early as the teen and preteen years,’ according to senior investigator and Washington University child psychiatrist Joan L. Luby, MD. 

We’re seeing more children with behavioral problems in schools and this could tell us why. Dr. Luby went on to say, ‘People exposed to adversity early in life experience changes in the volume of the inferior frontal gyrus that probably can make children more vulnerable to behavioral issues and bad decision-making. We suspect that such changes are associated with issues such as poor diet, risky and more dangerous behavior and generally not taking very good care of yourself, and overall, this contributes to poorer mental and physical health outcomes.’

We’ve seen huge increases in physical health problems in children that can’t be dismissed with the claim of “better diagnosing,” like they’ve done with autism, and what this study does is lay the blame for asthma, GI disease and more on childhood trauma. It’s a deceptively clever way to further marginalize anyone who says that the toxins our children are exposed to everywhere have any ill effects on them, and it puts parents on the defensive.

IF parents are poor or divorced, IF there’s been a death in the family, IF anyone has had mental health problems or addiction—any of these things could cause mental or physical illness in children.

Forget the toxic foods we feed children daily or the multiple toxics we routinely inject into their little bodies and developing brains. INSTEAD, IT’S “TOXIC STRESS” FROM HOME THAT’S HURTING THEM. (“Toxic stress” is another new term often used with “adverse childhood event,” so get used to them.)

Luby explained how the tables have been turned on us: ‘We know toxins in the environment can contribute to disease, but this study suggests that kids can experience physical and mental health problems from exposure to psychosocial toxins, too.’ 

Luby is going to continue to study these children AND to begin “a multidisciplinary study to follow pregnant women and their infants to see whether psychosocial stressors and adversity experienced during pregnancy and the first three years of a child’s life also affect brain development and overall health.”

We were told that these findings could "alter the way doctors and researchers think about the development of disease."  

I’m sure they will. They can just blame parents for whatever is wrong with their children. I’ve already been convinced because of the massive amount of news stories about how childhood trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression are affecting schools around the world.

We’ll be spending piles of money on more studies, programs, teacher workshops and services that focus on undoing the bad things parents are doing to their kids. All this is well coordinated with experts and sources around the world all saying the same thing. And no one will be allowed to argue that stress has always been around, and so has poverty. Everyone will jump on board with this neat, simple explanation for all our ills. I can’t wait to read about ACEs triggering autism.

We just need more counseling and sensory/calming rooms in schools, a later start to the school day, and elimination of homework—all the things that will reduce the stress levels in vulnerable, traumatized children.

It’s happening already:

Oct 30, 2017, Hartford Courant: West Hartford, Simsbury Looking At Changing School Start Times

Oct 30, 2017, UK Telegraph & Argus: Young people have shorter waiting times in Bradford for mental health support

Oct 30, 2017, WHYY Philadelphia: Burlington City, N.J., schools to push back start times by 20 minutes

 Oct 30, 2017, Cincinnati Radio WVXU/WMUB: How To Address Childhood Trauma

Oct 29, 2017, Plattsburgh (NY) Press Republican: Student mental health issues now a growing concern for school leaders

Oct 29. 2017, Williamson (WV) Daily News: Educators look into adverse childhood experiences

Oct 29, 2017, Beckley (WV) Register-Herald: Handle with Care: A trauma-informed approach to help students succeed

Oct 29, 2017, Concord (NH) Monitor: N.H. educators are getting a crash course in trauma

Oct 29, 2017, New Zealand Herald: More mental health issues being seen at an earlier age, counselor says.

Oct 28, 2017, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA, The Rocket: Mental health initiatives should match student needs

Oct 28, 2017, UK Guardian: Campus Confidential: The counselors on the frontline of the student mental health crisis

Oct 27, 2017, UK) Sunderland Echo: New sensory room to meet increasing mental health needs in school

Oct 27, 2017, British Psychological Society: The rise of ADHD: An educational psychology perspective

Oct 27, 2017, Independent Irish News (Dublin): Increase in students with a disability in third-level - but no change in funding

Oct 27, 2017, CBS New York:  Patchogue Schools Experiment With Expanded Recess, Less Homework

Oct 27, 2017, (Canada) CBC: P.E.I. to hire private psychologists to assess students as wait list swells

Oct 26, 2017, UK Independent: Children and young people with mental health problems waiting up to 18 months before they get help, finds report

Oct 27, 2017, Ottumwa (IA) Courier: New program gives disruptive students more structure

Oct 26, 2017, UK Family Law: Government builds on commitment to bring mental health first aid to schools

Oct 26, 2017, (Hawthorne, NV) Mineral County Independent-News: Local Counselor Attends Summer Conference on Identifying Mental Health Concerns

Oct 25, 2017, Naples (FL) Daily News: Study: Florida economy would gain $9 billion with later middle and high school start times

Oct 25, 2017, (UK) TES: 'Our schools are drowning under a tidal wave of human misery'

Oct 23, 2017, (MI) Why all Metro Detroit adults should learn to recognize the symptoms of childhood trauma

Oct 23, 2017, Ontario, Catholic Register: King's University College puts focus on mental health

Oct 23, 2017, (UK) Huffington: Compulsory Mental Health Education Is Essential In Schools

Oct 22, 2017, Lockport (NY) Union-Sun & Journal: Student mental health issues a growing concern

Oct 21, 2017, La Salle (IL) News Tribune: Survey: childhood trauma is widespread

Oct 20, 2017, Ashland (NE) Gazette: Special needs student population still rising

Oct 20, 2017, Newsweek: Children’s Mental Health: Nearly Half of U.S. Kids Have Experienced Trauma

Oct 20, 2017, WDBJ Roanoke, VA: Montgomery County Schools staff become more mental health aware

Oct 19, 2017, Washington Post: Almost half of D.C. children have suffered a traumatic experience, according to federal survey

Oct 18, 2017, Centerville (IA) Daily Iowegian: How does childhood trauma impact our community?

Oct 18, 2017, UK Rugby Advertiser: 'Worrying increase' in children across Warwickshire seeking help for mental health issues

Oct 18, 2017, (St. Louis) Lincoln County Journal: LCRB approves $1.3 million for childrens mental health services

Oct 18, 2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: West Allis-West Milwaukee focusing on students' mental health needs this school year 

Oct 18, 2017, Australia, Bendigo Advertiser: New training to help teachers support trauma-affected students

Oct 17, 2017, Lexington (NE) Clipper-Herald: Therapeutic space: school sensory rooms

This is just what’s come out there in the last couple of weeks.. All these stories tell us about trauma and mental health in children, and what schools are doing to address the problem. I have more months of stories just these, numbering in the thousands.

Soon we’ll all be believers.

For more stories, see my October 18th piece.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Cynthia Cournoyer

When the truth overpowers the status quo, you change the truth. New truth: It's the parents' fault!

Remember we STARTED with "It's the parents' fault." Truth obliterated that theory, so we move to pollution, truth obliterated that, we moved to better diagnosis, truth obliterated that, so here we are! Back to parents' fault! Keep changing the socially acceptable reason for declining health of children and avoid the real truth at all costs!

What protects the real truth of vaccine damage? People WANT vaccines to be safe and effective and they will hold on to that philosophy to the death.


Re the Republican plan to raise taxes on the sick by taking away their tax deduction, I imagine Dickens looking down wishing he had thought of a tactic so cruel - makes Scrooge look benevolent.


And if they don't get lumped into the traumatically challenged category they'll catch 'em in the "must be concussed" category. I wonder what would happen if the NFL did a concussion injury / suicide comparison of players who regularly get vaccines versus the players that skip the annual flu vaccine. Those players are money making commodities - what would the owners do if they found out vaccine adverse reaction cause similar behavioral manifestations as concussions. Head crunches on a brain that is already in a state of inflammation will obviously be a more serious situation and be more likely to result in changes in behavior. In our state, if a highschool child participates in sports they sign a concussion form which actually advises that once a person has had one concussion it increases their risk of having another one. Maybe highschools should run some research: are children more likely to get a concussion from a sports accident if they were say, vaccinated within the past week? past 2 weeks? past 4 weeks? past 3 months?


Know your own value and worth! If that's the standard of work getting produced by Schools of Medicine in 2017 That's got to be the biggest load of forensically fondled tosh I've read yet since starting basic Nurse training in 1975. A pitiful and feeble minded attempt to create adiversion and a distraction away from the main issues ,ie vaccine risk assessments and other toxic sludge enviromental hazards . Who is supplying the cash and resources to fund these dimensionally deranged
"In full rampant panic mode and control freak top-down social eingeneering in full public display as well" As of 2013 NHS Hospital "Chaplains" and "Padre's" no longer considered of value of NHS resources to be given/allocated office/room space . "Not scientific enough apparently !"
You want to hear them as well " Flashing eyes and cussing the air blue" No blinking wonder as well considering the subject matter involved .


In 1956 when the first antidepressant drug was accidentally discovered, the pharmeceutical industry decided against marketing the drug for depression because the number of people affected by clinical depression was supposed to be so low. The condition was extremly rare according to their research.

In 2017 10% of the population are on antidepressant drugs and depression is the most common disability worldwide according to the WHO. It is no longer uncommon that kids are on SSRIs.

Depression is believed to be linked to inflammation, perhaps an overreactive immune system.

Makes you wonder what role vaccines and toxins play in this epidemic.

Another thing: Eli Lilly invented Thimerosa andl also started the SSRI mass medication era by introducing Prozac.


Its seems that just by observation alone vaccinations for some(more than are acknowledged or recognized) constitute an "adverse........ childhood........ event...., that gets repeated, kind of like child abuse. Hook up an EEG on children before they are vaccinated and then as they are repeatedly vaccinated, and I think that EEGs would reveal some correlations we really ought to know.

Jeannette Bishop

I wonder where these researchers would rank vaccination baby visits where they inject a needle into every limb with something or other on an adverse experience scale? What about the vaccine reactions that involve swelling, burning limbs, encephalitic reactions, etc? What about experiencing sensory processing overload? Is that an adverse and rather ever-present inexplicable threat, often exacerabated by the generally well-meaning but poorly understanding world a sensitized child cannot filter out adequately?

Aimee Doyle


"It is time to allow mothers the right to be at home raising their children with honor & respect."

We need to do more than respect mothers. Might be helpful if mothers (or dads who want to) could actually AFFORD to stay home with their children. I live in the DC area, where the cost of living is very high. No way could my husband and I ever have made it on one income...even without having a son with special needs. Across the country, wages have been flat since the 70's but the price of food, rent, clothes, education, etc. has gone up. Might also be helpful to have mandated paid maternity/paternity leave.

I don't know that there's a "war on women and children" - there's certainly plenty of lip service regarding importance of family. But I do think the profit motive (whether it's salaries, family-friendly schedules, maternity leave, or indifference toxins ) of corporate America seems to overwhelm every other consideration.


An additional, timely comment on the economics of illness: The new Republican tax bill poised to pass next week eliminates medical deductions. I quote the New York Times: "Its elimination of the deduction for medical expenses could hit some families particularly hard because medical bills can be so large, unpredictable and unavoidable. Of the roughly 6.5 millions middle-class families whose taxes would rise in 2018 under the bill, about 800,000 took advantage of the medical expense provision, deducting more than $17,000 on average from their taxes. Nearly 200,000 middles-class families owed no income tax under the current law at least in part because the medical-expense exemption offset their taxable income."
So if you have a chronically ill child and are middle-class, prepare to shoulder more of the burden yourself.

Sharon Kistler

This is a great argument that will allow those in control to "treat" your children with psychiatric drugs, and tell them that they now have a chemical brain imbalance (never been shown to have any science supporting this theory) and will need to take these drugs for their lifetimes (in other words, you are now an annuity for Big Pharma).

Vaccines and environmental toxins create the abnormal behaviors and mind-body-spirit dysfunctions of our children. Then Big Pharma will tell the families that their children have XYZ "mental illness" diagnosis by checking off some random checklist of behaviors sanctified by the ridiculous DSM-V. Next, they will be told that ACEs and your faulty parenting caused these problems with your children, so the children will be taken over by the government. Last, these children will now be permanently damaged by the additional vaccines, SAD diet and toxic lifestyle, and neuroleptics for life.

Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker.....the epidemic is exploding


Soooooo the duress of frontier life or the great depression must have created an explosion of kids with neurological disorders, right? RIGHT? No? Well, that's confusing but I'm just an average joe so what do I know. I'll stop yelling at my kids and make sure I tell all the families I know with kids on the spectrum, depressed, or sick with autoimmune issues that they better stop, too.

Grace Green

This is a deliberate attempt to intimidate parents into keeping quiet about their children's vaccine reactions. In the UK it is not uncommon for autistic children to be taken into care on the grounds of "emotional abuse" which is usually non-existent. I myself have been battling these type of allegations for more than twenty years. Recently the Department for Work and Pensions and the Dept. of Health were found to have lied about the data from a study which was designed to prove that ME is psychological. But they are STILL going ahead with the CBT treatments. If you don't go along with the myth that your illness is psychological your welfare benefits are stopped.


Stress is bad, for sure, however, as we know, injecting countless toxins, GMO viral particles, animal DNA and retroviruses, neurotoxic metals, etc. into babies, children and adults does nothing to relieve that stress, but surely augments the damage from outside stressors like those forced onto children due to school requirements (including way-too-early start times, excessive homework, excessive projects, group projects which are difficult for all children, social or not, excessive school and state level testing, etc.). Schools need to back off on their ridiculous, time-wasting requirements of our children, too. The "Race to Nowhere" movie was about a beautiful, neurotypical, teenage girl who was popular with many friends, and had hobbies, and was intelligent, but she got one "F" on a Math test, and that didn't jive with her perception of herself and it was too much for her to overcome emotionally. Why? In my opinion, her school made too many demands of her. She worked so hard at being what was expected of her that she couldn't handle not being perceived of as perfect in every single conceivable way. That's the unhealthy stress brought upon neurotypical children, and what, sadly, we as parents of children with autism seemingly aspire to achieve for our own children. I see what is happening to my atypical kids in that unhealthy environment, and I am thinking ever more seriously about homeschooling. We need to find a much better way to achieve a proper education for all of our children, typical or not. In other words, and in my opinion, it's not US; it's THEM. Dr. Luby should open her eyes to the pathetic stress-inducing state of the public school system in our country, and perhaps then she'll see reality. It sure ain't pretty.

david m burd

Hi Laura (Hayes), I viewed the https: " you thankfully provided in your earlier comment, and found it to 100% ignore vaccines' damages, clearly generated by the backers/hucksters/zombies per their CDC sponsors. Their hocus-pocus rationale for our terribly stricken children just shows "The bigger the lies, the easier the public will swallow" (since vaccine-damage apparently doesn't exist).

Generations born from the 1940's through the 1970's virtually all grew up with both father/mother bringing them up, virtually no vaccines, and with all children going through the usual tribulations that youngsters have always through time have been tempered by. And even single-parent kids did darn good also - and elementary schools back then were perfect settings of calm schooling; with essentially ZERO discipline problems. Today's horrendous situation began escalating in the late 1980s, with the Child Immunization Schedule ramping, and skyrocketing, up.

Shelley Tzorfas

It is time to allow mothers the right to be at home raising their children with honor & respect. After all, the Pediatricians and Institutional Day Care Centers are doing a pretty lousy job of it. I base my thoughts on the Results of children's development-physical, emotional or psychological. Children simply cannot raise themselves. I think that if more mothers were home-they might not tolerate 70 vaccines with Aluminum, mercury, cancer-promoting formaldehyde, human aborted fetal cell DNA, cells of insects and animals. The origins of children's behavior might stem from the fact that they are being repeatedly shot with animal cells? There might really be a war on women and children?


Is there any kind of record of "brain changes" among Holocaust survivors? How about children in refugee camps? Or teenage and adult refugees in general? What is the rate of "brain changes", asthma, allergies, diabetes, leukemia, ADHD, and autism among these populations of people?


I have been watching this subtley-placed form of quack psychiatry creeping in over the past year or so in various organizations, even some that typically would be advocating for the health benefits of clean food. Absolutely steering the focus of the Democratic party, playing on their heartstrings.

What none of them say is this: why are some people fine and dandy after being exposed to traumatic situations, get over them and on with their lives and seem to have strong natural coping capabilities, while others are less resilient to trauma and languish in disfunctional lives as a result? Just like we don't hear about the 99% of people who recover from the flu with no issues but the media spouts the faked statistics regarding people who didn't recover from the flu as if they were the majority. Which is a dead give away as to who is fronting the wide exposure of this "new" societal problem. Psychiatry must be in a frenzy over the fast pace of microbiome research as a potential solution to all sorts of past medical inconsistencies and pharmaceutical failings and this is their latest effort to create as many "psychological victims" as fast as possible who will embrace their assigned victim hood and become the new psych med customers, at the same time as redirecting potential finger pointers to focus on what historically have been transient emotional challenges due to the imperfections of real people in real life situations, or the friends and families around them, with dis-proportionally negative judgement. They are redefining, redefining, redefining - always rewriting life to fit their pharmaceutical narrative. Building a society receptive to a pharmaceutical regime.


to fullspecmama,
there is research associating genetic susceptibility to RA may be activated by some vaccinations, MMR, hep b and lymerix, for certain hla types.


Yes, there is some truth to adverse childhood experiences leading to trauma that can cause permanent harm. The problem is that the CDC is using this one source of injury and using it to cover all other sources that they'd rather not acknowledge. They say every adult illness, every early death even from chronic illness, is directly related to adverse childhood experiences and they say that ACEs are so common that they happen in most families. Their solution? Government oversight of child rearing to make sure it's done right. What the devil does is he takes a little bit of truth and twists it into a hook...

It comes from the CDC/Kaiser research published in 1998. They've been incubating this monster for almost 20 years.

People are reporting that they are having ACE training classes at work and they aren't seeing the whole picture. I am very glad to see Anne and AOA exposing another scam.

Han Litten

The Vaccine insert sheet readily admits:
there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.

There’s even more. If you keep reading the FLULAVAL insert, it says in black and white text, “Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL in pediatric patients have not been established.”

The same insert also says, “FLULAVAL has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.”

Bonnie Camo MD

Back to "refrigerator mothers"?


Hi there! I’m with you 100% that this feels a bit like a cover up... but, don’t you think that there’s an element of truth to the fact that toxic stress (or whatever you want to call it...) can be incredibly damaging to children? I have such mixed feelings because I feel as though I had a super stressful childhood and it kind of did a number on my social skills and self esteem. I’m 30 and I’m still getting over it.

Laura Hayes

They have wasted no time in whipping out a movie about ACEs as part of their new, aggressive propaganda campaign:


Has anyone seen this study before, from May 2017 by the Children's Medical Safety Research Institute ?
It's a study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

It’s difficult to comprehend how we as a society can stand by & watch our young children develop all of these physical, behavioral, developmental & mental health problems and yet refuse to identify the real culprits! 87,000 chemicals created in the past 100 years (most never tested for safety) genetically modified food sprayed with toxic glyphosate, the overuse of antibiotics (more given to livestock than people), 3 billion pounds of pesticides sprayed on our crops each year, processed foods & 26 vaccines containing neurotoxins injected into the bodies of our babies in their first year of life! When will we wake the hell up?

Gary Ogden

This, then, is the latest gibberish. Is this nonsense funded by NIH? Wouldn't be surprised. Thanks, Anne. Your work here is greatly appreciated. Fake news is pretty much all the news now, or perhaps it has long been so?

Full Spectrum Mama


I know full well that my childhood trauma led to my rheumatoid arthritis - and that my son's sensory challenges are linked to his stay in the NICU...We are both on the spectrum, but I feel for us that is genetic.

bob moffit

'Luby is going to continue to study these children AND to begin “a multidisciplinary study to follow pregnant women and their infants to see whether psychosocial stressors and adversity experienced during pregnancy and the first three years of a child’s life also affect brain development and overall health.”


Nah ... never gonna happen .. much easier to blame PARENTS than VACCINES.


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