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Dublin Mom Begging for Placement and Care for Violent Autistic 12 Year Old Son

Irish break your heartNote: Our Media Editor Anne Dachel has been compiling an unending list of autism horror stories from around the world. The truth isn't just stranger than fiction, it's much more frightening.  These posts are meant to shed light on the severity of the problem families are facing. In this case, a violent 12 year old child whose mother is begging for a placement.  Families suffer in silence. Some parents snap and murder their children. 

We had another mass shooting in America yesterday, at a church outside of San Antonio. Last week a man rammed a truck into New Yorkers on a bike path. America has become either numb or blind to the violence. We tsk tsk and offer our "deepest condolences" are "saddened" by so many tragedies.  And nothing changes.  KIM

Nov 3, 2017, UK Mirror: 'He has given me black eyes and attacked me with a knife': Mum pleads for autistic 12-year-old son to be taken away"

The 12-year-old boy suffers from autism and his mum has had to call police to her home more than a dozen times because of his violent behaviour

A mum has launched a desperate appeal to have her son taken into care after she suffered several brutal assaults.

The 12-year-old boy suffers from autism and his mum has had to call police to her home more than a dozen times because of his violent behaviour.

She has been forced to barricade herself into her bedroom along with her three daughters.

The mum, who is not being named, told the Irish Mirror: "He has smashed up my windows and televisions several times.

"I have marks all over my body. I have to highlight this before my kids or me are dead."

And now, the Dublin mum is pleading with Tusla - the child and family agency - to put her son into a residential treatment centre.

She claims that her GP told her that her son, who has autism, ADHD and symptoms of manic depression, needs residential treatment.

She told the Irish Mirror: "He has been prescribed medication but is not taking it. Although he is only 12, he is the size of a grown man and is very strong.

"But they offered me counselling. I don't want counselling - I just want help for my son and for my family.

"He has given me black eyes and attacked me with a knife. He broke a bone in my hand and I was in a plaster for weeks.

"His sisters are terrified. He gave our babysitter a black eye."

She claims her son's violent behaviour began to worsen three years ago and the boy's father no longer lives in the family home.

The boy attended a local primary school before leaving to attend a special school but his alleged continued abuse of teachers and pupils meant he was no longer welcome there either.

The loving mum continued: "He received home tutoring and loved his tutor.

"In September he was given a place in a special unit in a secondary school but often arrived home within an hour and did not attend regularly."


sad with autism

People glamorize autism because they saw sensationalist drama shows like The Good Doctor...

After reading how this boy brutalized his family, I think there needs to be much more realistic and raw shows similar to With The Light* (Hikari to tomo ni/光とともに).

Hikari To Tomo Ni was the most sad yet honest and realistic autism drama i’ve seen. It’s about a mother living with her severely autistic son in Japan.

Aimee Doyle

I blame Pharma for causing, but I also blame the neurodiversity movement for not doing anything to help. If there weren't so much crap out there about how autism is a "difference" rather than a "disability" and that autism is a "gift" perhaps we would be further along with therapy and treatment. There might even be a cure for those who want one.

Where is the neurodiversity movement, when parents like this need help? So much for their care and support of - as they claim - "all autistic individuals." I have yet to meet anyone HFA or Aspergers who is actually willing to spend any time with a severely autistic individual, let alone actually help that person or the family.

Yes, I'm angry about this. I'm angry that my son's community, which should be there for him and for all those like him, practically refuses to admit severe autism exists. And, if it does exist, I've been told that it's the parents' fault, since they didn't "love and accept" the autism.

Teresa Conrick - To Jenny


Many here can relate. Please email me if you would like. tconrick@gmail.com

Jeannette Bishop

@Jenny, sending prayers for your family's situation!

I don't know if you've ever attempted biomedical interventions or dietary interventions...just in case there is something here that might lessen or lead to help with the aggressions you are facing...


This is exactly me..l could have writtrn this mothers post. I have 3 daughters and my son 12 aitistic. His violence and anger we are forever treading on egg shells he refuses to go to school refuses his respite hisfather stays at work 7 days a week so hasnt got to deal with it as he cant and me and my daughters..well my daughters love him so much but hes attacked them so many times hes so unpredictable they darnt be here..lm on my own fightibg for help and yep lmoffered all the counselling in the world..l want help not counselling. I know whats happening l see it everyday live with it everyday lm tired exhausted bruised and scared. Im lonely cannot leave the house as he refuses to and cannot invite people round due to fear of judgement...so many people do not understand and its easier without friends but lonely very lonely. Noone unless they live daily knows how restricting and isolating life is how scared and fearful we live nor how hard we work to try and avoid the slightest triggers. I am so so tired and when people say "oh well least hes in a special school now" no yes they try but if he refuses to go you cannot physically drag him yiu can spend hours coaxing trying but part of autism in my sobs case is hates leaving the house he cannot handle crowds and he misses out on so much school is the one place who do cater for him small groups etc and they are trained to restrain etc but me..the mothers..even if we could restrain its a fine line...hebce my husband now avoids all at home as there is nothong we can do..my husband has tried to restrain him but due to the strength and power if a 12 year old in meltdown..we always come of worse..my husband could knock him out if really needed to but obviously we dont..but trying to pin down and restrainwhen legs and feet kicking and spit and head butts..its hard. In school it takes 3 teachers at home..l cant no more his dad darnt. Its a sad lonely life..its no life..we love him and when hes good hes great but believe me l have tried everything..everything..and all the proffessionals do is talk.talk talk talk and the advice they give...unless they live with it theyve no idea..school see what l see and it helps but at school theres twenty staff or so..at home theres me. And yes lve had to barricade..lve had to stay in pjs all day to scared to go use the bathroom in case l upset him just by making a sound as its next to his bedroom..lve been hospitilised..lve been beaten..and l cant do nothing but sit and avoid until l know calm and evrn then...egg shells

Martha Moyer

Just wait until they are 6 foot tall adults and violent like this. My son age 44 has autism, IDD, and bi polar and it is hardly a day that goes by without dealing with violent outbursts. He is caught between the mental health and IDD systems, both aren't working together to address these type of people, especially adults. Hospitals won't take them because they aren't equipped to deal with people with dual diagnoses. What is needed is a complete overhaul of the mental health/idd system because more and more people will deal with they type of issues described by the Dublin issue.

Peter Miles

Our hearts go out to that family, a young boy who's illness drives him to do unspeakable things to those he loves, a mother who's love for her son endures unspeakable pain and anguish, a father who doesn't know where to turn for help and can no longer endure, sisters who would love their brother as well but live a life of fear. We know this first hand, we have endured the same, we are having some respite for now but our son is now in his twenties and we are in our sixties. We don't know yet what the final outcome will be but we know that there's not a lot of help out there and we have to carry on because there's no suitable alternative anywhere in sight.

Meanwhile, we are appalled at the apathetic approach to our collective problems when we see the financial states around the world. Huge bailouts to failing companies, irresponsible banking activities propped up by tax dollars, illegal wars spawning terrorist activities, tax havens hiding billions of dollars in un-collected taxes. Our governments have been expropriated by corporations who could care less what suffering is being endured by the citizens who's voices are no longer being heard.

Proverbs 31:8 ( The duty of a king [government?])
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
9 Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy.


It's classic chicken and egg. Which came first: mass mental illness or mass murder?

Shelley Tzorfas

As they continue to shoot innocent infants, toddlers, teens, and adults with Neurotoxic Aluminum, Thimerosal/Mercury, Cancer-promoting Formaldehyde, Human aborted fetal cell DNA, cells of animals insects and more, do NOT be surprised at their animalistic behaviors. After all, they shot animal traits and chemical traits into these innocent souls in the first place. Now single mothers and siblings are on "Lockdown!" This is becoming more like a war on mothers and children?

John Stone

The pain of children and their families never counts against the pain Princess Pharma suffers lying on a pea. Meanwhile, health politics in Dublin have taken a very nasty turn:


bob moffit

"And now, the Dublin mum is pleading with Tusla - the child and family agency - to put her son into a residential treatment centre."

Unfortunately .. the lack of "residential treatment centers" has become a major problem over the last two decades .. because .. I suspect .. our country seems unwilling to provide the public monies to create and sustain them .. and so .. instead of "residential treatment centers" .. the powers that be continue to invest heavily in "creating and sustaining" an ever increasing growth in prison populations.

Prison ought not be the official substitute for those families better served by "treatment centers".

Consider .. there are probably a few million families who are "forced to barricade themselves in their bedrooms each night" .. out of fear of their loved one who has become a danger to them .. as well as .. him/her self.

These justifiably fearful parents need extended TREATMENT for their troubled loved ones .. instead .. for decades .. they have been offered COUNSELLING .. while offered with the best of intentions .. does nothing to lessen the fear their loved one now presents.

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