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Dog Flu Pet Threat Campaign Promotes Merck Vaccine

Dog fluAND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!!!!!  Good grief, Snoopy! Merck is now trying to convince you that your dog is in grave danger from the flu and you should be a responsible pet owner and get your dog vaccinated. Dog flu. Ever heard of it? Has your vet ever told you about this threat to your pet?  The website is 0wned by Merck (see below.)  Sounds like a cash cow product to me.

"Dog Flu is a growing concern across kennels and boarding facilities, learn more about prevention and containment.  AAHA reports on how kennels and boarding facilities are reacting to the Dog Flu outbreak in Trends Magazine."

Admin Organization: Merck and Co., Inc.
Admin Street: One Merck Drive,
Admin City: Whitehouse Station
Admin State/Province: NJ
Admin Postal Code: 08889


Grace Green

Gary Wall, you say vaccination is the only way to save your dog's life. Firstly, the article states that the flu is a concern in kennels, so the easiest and safest solution is to avoid leaving your dog in kennels. Secondly, I don't think the article suggests that the flu is 100% fatal. So the dog isn't guaranteed to die unless it gets the vaccine.

Gary Wall

You are not the only one susceptible to flu virus attack, your canine member is too. The canine influenza is an eminently communicable viral contamination that contains numerous unpleasant syndromes including- coughing, fever, sneezing, exhaustion etc. If it is left untreated, then it can be fatal. That's why I felt happy after knowing about the promotional event of ' Merck Vaccine '. I think it this campaign will create awareness among the pet parents about CIV and about its therapy. Since vaccination is the only way to save your pup's life, hence you should consult a competent veterinarian- who can suggest you the best neutralizer to dog flu.
With warm regards, .

Vaccine Information

I lost a cat to injection site cancers, at the shoulder and base of the tail.

When discussing this at the vet office the tech said they are now putting the shots in the legs or tail, so that they can be amputated easily. They are also systemizing which limb receives which injection so they can track the cancer rates for each vaccine.

"New vaccine protocols have been put forth by the American Association of Feline Practitioners that limit type and frequency of vaccinations given to cats.[14] Specifically, the vaccine for feline leukemia virus should only be given to kittens and high risk cats. Feline rhinotracheitis/panleukopenia/calicivirus vaccines should be given as kittens, a year later and then every three years. Also, vaccines should be given in areas making removal of VAS easier,[15] namely: as close as possible to the tip of the right rear paw for rabies, the tip of the left rear paw for feline leukemia (unless combined with rabies), and on the right shoulder—being careful to avoid the midline or interscapular space—for other vaccines (such as FVRCP."


No more good protien wild rabbit stew for us or the dogs dinner . Mixomatosis Myxo vaccine
Mixomytosis virus deliberately released into the enviroment 1950's .Culling through viral clearances because viewed as economic pests and useless eaters vermin!
Paulo Nutini - Coming Up Easy youtube .
Paulo and best chum Fluffy Jim out for "A Jolly!" Fluffy Jim's great grannie volunteered for the MYXO vaccine trials in the 1950's Recent scientific sector evaluation of longitudinal data failed to establish any "Causal Association" for a tentative diagnostic label of carrot-ism tendencies as buck teeth and big ears are relatively commonly encountered in the general population and are therfore of "No Clinical Significance?" to the conclusions of personal for profit medical opinions. This conclusion was forensically lab-otomized till reached for public presentation despite the fact that both human and newly revealed animal studies pointing towards a link were examined but lost and shredded ?


I am ashamed to say it .. but ... I have more faith and trust in how VETINARIANS care and treat animals .. than I do PEDIATRICIANS who care and treat our most precious resource .. our CHILDREN.


I see them both as narcissistic train wrecks. Too good to be told anything, especially by us lowly common folk.

Angus Files

In the un-united kingdom the animal vaccines are safer than the human vaccines as they have no mercury in them.One of the many dogs we have had was a Cocker Spaniel and it was Autistic it would eat non foods i.e. gyproc,rat poison,superglue all day every day! etc etc and would constantly F-off and not come back a true Autistic vanisher. Sadly he died aged 8 years old from eating rat poison for the 4th time that we knew of as we stayed in a farming area and the farmer used to put rat poison down regularly.

Pharma for Prison

Shelley Tzorfas

Health experts said that last year's flu shot for adults was only 20% effective because the virus mutated (As viruses do). So what did they do about it? They used the same flu shot this year! This was announced on all news radio-1080 fm. Wondering whether dogs will also get Alzheimer's from consecutive flu shots, where it is made, and what the percentage of efficacy is, and When dogs started getting the make believe flu?? Will it be shot into your innocent pet yearly? Will it contain Cocker Spaniel Kidney cells or aborted human fetal cells? It is just another way for vets to keep making money by shooting up your dogs with dangerous chemicals.

cia parker

I wouldn't have that much trust in them if I were you. I took the abandoned cat we adopted nearly five years ago to my neighbor's vet within the first few days because she takes pictures of all her patients which I wanted to use to see if Harley were a lost cat. I wanted him to get the feline distemper shot, and she obliged. As an adult cat around a year old, one was all he needed, but she sent cards to me for years telling me to bring him in for his second distemper shot, then boosters, then all the other many cat vaccines, even though I only took him in to her that once. I took him to our more obliging vet after the first time. My neighbor, on the other hand, takes her two cats to that vet every year on almost the same day every year, extremely conscientious, and gets both of them ALL the MANY recommended cat vaccines every single year. Ginger has had diabetes for many years now, and my neighbor injects insulin into him, tests his insulin levels every day. She feeds them dry food, despite my telling her that all the modern vets like Lisa Pierson ( and Elizabeth Hodgkins, says dry food is the worst thing you can give your cat, it causes diabetes and kidney failure in the long run. But she says she just does what her vet recommends. If her vet told her to give her cats this medication for a flea bite, even though it has a 50% chance of causing fatal cancer, she'd do it. Ginger's diabetes might be from the yearly distemper vaccine (two as a young kitten, the second after 16 weeks, or one as a adult is enough for life) or it might be from the dry food. In either case it's both the vet and my neighbor's excessive respect for authority which are to blame, just like in humans.



cia parker

Our vet gives only recombinant Merial vaccines both for cats and dogs. She swears that they cause no serious reactions. She's wrong on that, but they cause far FEWER reactions. She has no problem with me saying no to vaccines for our cats and dog. I got both cats the feline distemper shot with calicivirus and rhinotracheitis virus in it too. The kitten two of them a month apart. Both cats have had the Purevax Merial rabies shot, but after the one-year booster I'm going four years between them. The vet reminded me that Harley needs a rabies booster, but I'm not going to take him for it until March, when it will have been four years since the last one. The dog I got two each of Jean Dodds-recommended brands (the vet special-ordered some of them to accommodate me), two of canine distemper and two for canine parvovirus. She's had two rabies shots, the last one a year ago, the vet special-order the three-year Merial canine rabies booster (she usually prefers the one-year, for obvious reasons). I wouldn't get any of the others. I wouldn't let a kitten go outside the house until he's eight-twelve months old, to reduce the chances of his getting feline leukemia.

I think most vets will be cooperative if you tell them why you are leery of vaccines and that you want the minimum for your pet. And then tell THEM what your minimum is.

Look on Amazon, get Dr. Don Hamilton's Homeopathic Care for Dogs and Cats. The Natural Dog and The Natural Cat. Dr. Pitcairn's Natural Health Care for Dogs and Cats.

Rebecca Lee

I have become a kind of expert at spotting chronic mercury poisoning in people. But now I am noticing it in dogs! I see dogs all the time with anxiety disorder.


Dr William Falconer, DVM has a wonderful website and blog. I encourage everyone to read it! Stop letting these mainstream Vets destroy your pet's health with vaccines like the doctors have destroyed so many kids!


Go to a Homeopathic vet even if you have to travel a bit. STOP going to conventional vets. There's the answer. Conventional vets are no better than Pediatricians. Looking for the vaccine dollars out of you.


Yes. Dog flu is a thing.

bob moffit

@ Benedetta

"I think the vets are just as bad. It is just dogs and cats and not people, so who really cares. That is the truth."

Admittedly .. I haven't owned a pet for decades now ... so I am very sorry to hear of your experience with a veterinarian who insists on vaccinating your dog.

Perhaps I am wrong .. but .. I thought veterinarians were among the first .. long before pediatricians even had to answer questions regarding the dangers of giving "too many, too soon" .. when vets recognized the dangers of vaccines for pets .. I think specifically mercury at the time.

Sharon Kistler

Functional Medicine -- never conventional medicine -- for humans.

Holistic vets -- never conventionally trained vets -- for pets.

I'm so done with conventional medicine and all its fraud perpetuated on all living beings.


Well Bob
I think the vets are just as bad. It is just dogs and cats and not people, so who really cares. That is the truth.
Our dog went in overnight to get two skin tumors - probably cancer removed last week. I told my son, that took our dog in, to say something. Example would be to out right saying we don't want any more vaccines.

They asked my son if the dog was up on it's immunizations, and he comes home all pleased with himself because he tells them, "It is". Oh, yeah, like that is going to stop them. That is the worse thing about autism; they are men of few words. That sweet little smile, all pleased with himself, "It is". Problem solved.

Of course when my son went to pick the dog back up the next morning, they proudly give him the immunization papers, and collar tags of not just the dreaded yearly rabies vaccine, but another three or four in one vaccine for distemper, parvo-- I forget - I just shut down and went into the rage stage. Now the dog is laying out here on it's bed right now, and has not eaten in three days.

So, it makes no difference all the doctoring I have done for this dog in the last 8 years. that I have bathed that doggy in everything I could think of last year, or harken back to the year it got the manage, when it was only three years old (more immune problems), or all the doctoring i did when it got pancreatitis, or full blown cushings and went all crippled.

I have spent all of my time fixing a special raw diet, with internal organs, no grains, some veggies, and fruits for the dog along with the rest of my family's special diet needs too. . I never get out of the kitchen, or garden any more, or I would have taken the dog myself; and believe me I would have opened my mouth. .

My son was all upset then ---- yeah now that it is too late.

His Dad is not any better.
Last year my husband takes the dog in because she is eat up with hot spots , another symptom of cushings. I told him he was not to come home with that dog immunized. I guess he wanted to come home cause he managed to get it in and out with out the vaccines. Of course it was not out of his sight. But did he open his mouth? The answer was no.

They said, "it is due its vaccines". ___AND MEALLY MOUTH SAID - "not at this time." which set us up for later on down the line.

By the way; this vet told me a decade ago, that the MMR caused his daughter's chrons disease. Then went through a long explanation that a lot of these diseases will be taken care of by antibiotics and/or mild ,and really the vaccine is more dangerous that the disease. Well that don't stop him.

I called up the vet's office myself when my son came in all upset about his dog and scared of my reaction that he had allowed this to happen. They agreed no more vaccines. I seem to not be able to depend on those with vaccine injuries all around me to stand up to vaccines. I am darn well sick of it.

Yeah, make me the bad one - I should have been bad a long time ago and saved the dog.

david m burd

Pardon the the misspelling on my prior post about the pet flu vaccine "Nobivac" (due to the small keys on this small tablet and other distractions).

This recent pet flu vaccine (started 2+ years ago) would be laughable if it were not so dangerous and disabling, even deadly. Yet it perfectly mirrors and reinforces the flu-fear indoctrination pushing the human flu shot, and the ignoring for decades the Cochrane Collaboration (many scores of nongovernment medical centers around the world) citing flu shots to be completely ineffective as to preventing flu disease.

david m burd

Made by Merck, the pet flu vaccine is called "Nobivav" and cited as "thimerosal-free."

However, here's a rundown on Noivac's other ingredients.

Listed on Merck's Nobivac site are an unnamed adjuvant (other sources cite this adjuvant to be Aluminum-based).

Also named are the "preservatives" gentamicin and amphotericin, having toxic profiles including:

Bilateral vestibulopathy
Muscular paralysis
Respiratory depression
Chronic nephrotoxicity

Just like flu shots for humans!

bob moffit

I am ashamed to say it .. but ... I have more faith and trust in how VETINARIANS care and treat animals .. than I do PEDIATRICIANS who care and treat our most precious resource .. our CHILDREN.

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