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Autism in Black and.... Pink

Pink black
By Kim Rossi

What does autism look like in your home?  I have three flavors here, having three daughters on the spectrum.  This is Mia's closet. She wears blue jeans and a pink top during the day, and changes into black yoga pants and a solid black top after her adult day program. Every day. 365 days a year. It makes dressing both easy and difficult.

The push to neurodiversity ignores people like Mia. She has no super powers. She's not a testable genius. She can't argue with me on Twitter that her autism is a gift.

Mia matters. All of our children matter. And that's the black and pink of autism.


Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



Janet Presson

Our autism is much like Aimee's. Our 25 year old son loves the Disney classics. If I had a dollar for every time we have watched Robin Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Aristocats, etc. I would be RICH!!!!!

Donna L.

Our version is blue and blue....light blue pocket tshirt with navy Adidas track pants, 478 days a year (I'm convinced there are more days in an autism year). The best is when well-meaning observers ask if we've ever tried offering him other types of clothes to wear. Grrr.

Aimee Doyle

Our autism comes Disney style.

We live in a Disney universe, since that's the place my son loves the most. He owns every Disney video ever made and will watch them over and over again. We also have all the Disney children's books, since when he's not watching Disney, he likes having Disney read to him. The music is a constant too - currently we listen to the soundtrack from Frozen every morning on the drive in to his day program.

He's 28 years old.

bob moffit

Hi Andrea .. thanks for your kind comments.

I always enjoy reading your own comments .. and .. wholeheartedly agree that so many YEARS have passed so quickly .. we began our autism journey when our grandson was 3 years old .. about 15 years ago .. and ... without the support of our AoA community our journey would have been a hell of a lot TOUGHER.

A Files

Left to himself he wouldn't get so far as the wardrobe how long he would stay in his bed we havent explored but I would imagine he would remain in bed beyond my imagination.The wardrobe it doesnt matter to him what he puts on and my wife has a huge amount of different clothing for the each day.His pants he has a full double drawer.At one time if he got the slightest dribble running down his leg after being to the loo- off would come the pants and a fresh pair 12 a day until we caught on to what was going on and remedied it.
The autism kids always seem to be sorted but what about the parents- the mother autism tired look as somebody`s son once coined it many moons ago she doesn`t look like your friend mum she doesn`t have the autism mum tired look that all your other Autism mums have.

The joys

Pharma for Prison


John Stone

Hi Grace

Kim is away at the moment but I fear the annual temperature range in NE US is much more extreme even than Scotland.


Grace Green

Kim, for all your stresses and strains I can see one thing for you to be thankful for - where you live there must be a very stable climate. Here in Scotland my winter wardrobe is at least four layers thicker than my summer one!


I can't believe your grandson is 18 already. I've been reading you comments since he was eight if not younger. I'm glad he seems happy.

Kim, I don't know how you do it? I'm sure you hate hearing that. You have to be a super human. So much respect for everything you do.

Autism at least my son's flavor is exhausting. It's stressful and heartbreaking.

God help us all.

bob moffit

What does autism look like in your home?

My beloved grandson is now 18 years of age .. remains non-verbal .. remains fixated on ELMO .. yet .. a seemingly very happy young man ... surrounded with the love of his mom, dad and sister.

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