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Action Alert! Senate Should Reject Alex Azar

Urgent call to actionThank you to Autism Action Network for this action alert. You may be able to help stop this appointment by sharing your concerns with your Senator.  The action alert below includes a link, and letter you can use through the convenience automatic system.  Please, take 5 minutes to use the action alert.  The AHA  just changed blood pressure standards to lower them - meaning MORE Americans will test as "hypertensive."  That means millions of additional prescriptions written for drugs and swamp gold for pharma. As head of HHS, Azar, an Eli Lilly alum, will be able to manage American healthcare for the express benefit of his industry.  Don't be naive enough to think our health will be taken into any account other than the pharma bank account.  Thank you.



President Trump just nominated former chief lobbyist and President of the US division of drug company Eli Lilly to be the next Secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS). Eli Lilly is the inventor and was the primary manufacturer of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines that is linked to autism and other neurological disorders. Prior to employment at Eli Lilly, under George W. Bush, Azar was general counsel and later deputy secretary of HHS at the time the decision was made to give an expedited efficacy and safety review to Gardasil, a vaccine for human papilloma virus produced by Merck that has enormous safety issues. As general counsel (head attorney) for HHS, Azar participated in the Autism Omnibus Proceeding that denied more than 5000 claims of vaccine injury, even though HHS settled one of the test cases that found that Hannah Poling's autism was indeed caused by vaccine injury.

Azar is exactly the wrong person to head HHS. Azar must be approved by the Senate, and the Autism Action Network will be working hard to stop his confirmation.

Please click on the Take Action link to send an email to the President expressing your disappointment with this nomination, and encouraging the two United States Senators from your state, who must vote on Azar's appointment, to oppose his confirmation.

While the head of Eli Lily in the US, Azar was also on the board of directors of the Biotechnology Innovation Association, a trade and lobbying association for manufacturers of biological products including drugs, vaccines and GMOs.  Azar's career perfectly mirrors the "revolving door" door between regulatory agencies and the industries that they supposedly regulate in the public interest. The revolving door is one of the clearest indicators of government corruption.  And Azar is only 50 years old, so we can probably expect several more trips through the revolving door before his career is done.

Azar has the wrong experience, the wrong track record, the wrong associations, and the wrong personal financial and career interests to head HHS. America has the most expensive healthcare and drugs in the world, yet our indicators of public health are among the lowest found in developed countries. A former lobbyist for one of America's largest drug companies is not the person who will bring desperately needed reform. The head of HHS should be an advocate for allowing research to go wherever honest science leads, regulatory policy that puts the safety and health of the public before corporate and physician's profits, transparency in all medical research and regulatory reviews, informed consent as the basis for all medical procedures, and aggressive policies to end the epidemics of autism, juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer's, asthma, and on and on.

As a candidate, and in office, President Trump said he would "drain the swamp of government corruption." In his tweet announcing the Azar's nomination, Trump wrote,  "He will be a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices!" But according to the Dow Jones Newswires, "during Alex Azar's tenure Eli Lilly & Co. executive prices rose dramatically for some of the company's top drugs." The last person we need heading HHS is a drug company fox guarding the hen house. Alex Azar should not be confirmed as Secretary of HHS.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post to social networks.





Thats the budget passed bye bye CDC rivers of blood money.


Pharma for Prison


Angus Files

Vaccines haven't been stopped yet but cutting the free money at the CDC it is going to cut down Pharmas development and profits maybe the investors will look elsewhere for better deals and Pharma will no longer be a lucrative sure bet for the hegde fund managers at the expense of our kids health.

We are winning the fight slowly very slowly in my opinion.


"The administration’s idea of “America First” also entails drastic cuts to global health, including a $2 billion decrease in the State Department’s global health portfolio and a $225 million reduction for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Fogarty International Center, a national treasure for global health capacity building, would be entirely eliminated."

Pharma for Prison



I think it is fair to have thought that Trump was interested in the hugely important topic of vaccine safety based on his campaign. I liked his statements on drug prices. Unfortunately it was either a con job to get elected and/or he caved. That is what I see with my eyes.


@Grace Green. On DeVos: I doubt very much she was appointed for her independence but more likely for her money. Independence is great but having zero experience is usually not considered a plus when applying for a high level job. Don't know about you but I don't want a surgeon doing his first operation or a pilot on his first flight. Also, most women in this country have to work and don't have the option of home schooling like a wealthy heiress, even if the were so inclined. We need our schools to function. On The Apprentice, Trump was all about how to hire the right people. I never heard him mention get someone with no relevant experience.

Angus Files

Fitzgerald isnt as hard line as the pro-vaccine cult believers would like..she was a private practitioner in her last 4 years practicing alternative medicine.Sure she came out and said vaccinate the world but sounds like she was coerced into that one..or else (she fooled them well).Remember Trump always said he isn't going to show his cards like the previous administration for all his enemies to see- so we dont know whats going on at the CDC etc.

I think the cult of Offit are more worried than we are on here as you can see with the cut to the PPHF the CDC gets its vaccine funding a lot OFFIT from PPHF.Other pro pharma organisations have calls of actions out for institutions to write objecting to the cuts to many to list.Pharma is rattled cuts are a coming for sure.

I apologize for reading blog below it as I never do and for circulating the link.


The Trump White House is on the verge of delivering a one-two punch to one of the most important health care programs in the United States: childhood immunizations.

The first punch would come from the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act, which eliminates the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF). The PPHF, which was created in 2010 as part of the Affordable Care Act, was originally intended to supplement several core public-health programs. During the past few years, however, the PPHF has evolved to be one of the most important government programs in support of vaccines. In fiscal 2016, for example, $324 million, or about 53 percent of immunization funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), came from the PPHF.

The second blow will come from the president’s proposed budget, which would reduce funds for the CDC to support vaccines, to $521 million in 2018 from $606 million in 2017. Most legislators have claimed that the president’s proposed budget is dead on arrival in Congress. Nonetheless, his budget makes clear the administration doesn’t value public health. Even if the final cuts are only a fraction of what is proposed, tens of millions of dollars will no longer be available for immunizations.

What would happen if the CDC’s immunization budget lost $100 million from the proposed budget and $324 million from the PPHF? One could expect the following:

• States will have less money to purchase vaccines.

• States will have less money to train personnel to administer vaccines.

• States will have less money to support the staff and technologies necessary to track immunization coverage.

Pharma for Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Trump is for vaccines, or so he said in the Republican debate, fewer over a longer period of time. I have no idea how he feels about mandating those fewer spread out vaccinations, whichever ones. I hope he doesn't like mandates. Didn't we hope he would be elected (many of us) because he was not as bad as we suspected Hilary to be?

My guess would be Trump made compromises trying to get along with everyone in the early days of his administration on some appointments (trying to get everyone on board the train to pitch in and work to put it in reverse and redirect it, MAGA!, rather than send it off the cliff, trouble is I think some plan to jump ship or parachute out and on to wherever the globalists plan to set up shop next) and Trump got some appointees that appear to align with some of his campaign statements. I do think Price was one of these, and they went after him. He let people set up nice expensive chartered flights on public funds for some of his travel, or something like that. So now instead of having someone we couldn't get a good feel for where he thinks "the science" is or what should be done (can't let the guy say anything potentially not affirming the consensus-Science):


...so, we are faced with potentially someone that would fill the "health" agencies line-up nicely, as far as pharma and probably about all major shareholders are concerned.

I don't know what to say to my democratic senators. They're probably getting signals that their leadership likes this guy more than less and unless it's politically too risky for them individually to support this nomination to act all bi-partisan and not be too obstructionistic. If I bring up vaccination safety concerns, that might actually be motivation for them to support the guy...

Aimee Doyle


You could be right - perhaps Trump did consider nominating some individuals who politely said "no" because they didn't want to be subjected to scrutiny and criticism. Not everyone is as brave as Andy Wakefield.

But is there any evidence that Trump even considered open-minded or anti-vax nominees before nominating his hard-line pro-vaxxers to HHS, FDA, and CDC?

And why did he drop Robert Kennedy and the vaccine safety commission? Like I said, criticism and controversy don't usually stop Trump when he believes in something.

bob moffit

@ Aimee

"On the vaccination issue there are open-minded people in the scientific and medical professions, like Robert Kennedy, or Andrew Wakefield, or William Thompson. I am certain they know others .... sure, Trump has been and would be criticized for nominating an open-minded candidate for HHS, FDA, or CDC. But, when has criticism ever stopped Trump?"

I don't think it fair to accuse him of allowing "criticism" of his nominees .. since we are not aware of who he has "considered" for nominating? Suppose some of those he preferred for having an "open mind on vaccines" did not want to submit themselves to the grueling nomination process where their entire professional and personal lives would be subject to the SWAMP'S attack dog politicians, medical organizations and main-stream media outlets?

I do WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with your comment:

"Trump can speak directly to the American people anytime he wants. He has a Twitter account with something like a zillion followers. He uses Twitter to make other pronouncements - no one is stopping him from raising the vaccine-autism issue on Twitter and keeping it in the public consciousness."

THAT is exactly what I prefer he do .. keep "raising the too many too soon" vaccine problems .. on Twitter .. thereby keeping the issue in the public's consciousness .. and .. you are right .. there is NOTHING stopping him from doing so.


Oh, Bob; it seems soooooo.

And with medicine and health and all; there seems to be only a select set of experts to draw from.
I heard something like that years ago.

Even in the book "Polio, an American Story" the NIH government guys were depending on; and trusting that the private, pharma guys to know their trade.

and when I read the transcripts from the CDC on the meeting about mercury and the other one about aluminium in the vaccines; the one that stuck out to me was all of our government, smart medical experts were ALL - looking at the opinions and guidance from the real experts - the pharmaceutical guys in the room.

What to do?
Can a person that has worked in the pharmaceutical industry turn around and care and really work for the people?

So far it does not seem so?

Grace Green

Person, I would have thought an appointee to education who has experience in homeschooling would have a healthy independence of the state system. Isn't this what we were hoping for in the other departments?

Aimee Doyle


On the vaccination issue there are open-minded people in the scientific and medical professions, like Robert Kennedy, or Andrew Wakefield, or William Thompson. I am certain they know others.

Sure, Trump has been and would be criticized for nominating an open-minded candidate for HHS, FDA, or CDC. But, when has criticism ever stopped Trump? When has controversy ever stopped Trump? He has been successful with controversial nominees (Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court, Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education) and has been pretty much solidly supported by the Republican Congress in every single one of his nominations. But on the vax issue, with HHS, FDA, and CDC, he didn't even TRY.

I'm curious what you think of my proposal that Trump should take this directly to the American people - by speaking out and by using Twitter. This way he can leapfrog the "swamp". Congress would have to address the issue if enough of their constituents were aware and outraged and contacted them on the matter. And, like Trump has been supported with his nominees, the Republican Congress has supported him with every one of his policy proposals.

If he cares (I actually don't think he does), he needs to lead on this issue.


I don't think Trump is the victim here. Obama was called every name in the book and thwarted at every turn but poor Trump--people are giving him a hard time. He couldn't go to Vietnam or have his kids in the military but has time to insult McCain. He could have appointed someone competent to oversee education. Instead he picked a rich donor who had never sent her kids to public school or attended or taught at one herself. She was all about homeschooling. How does that help American kids compete in a global economy? Trump just says anything that serves his interest. He shows zero caring. Check out his tax bill which helps himself and his friends and makes life more expensive for the middle class. His new Pharma appointee? For anyone who is still waiting for him to drain the swamp, I've got a bridge to sell you.

bob moffit

I forgot to address my last post to AIMEE'S comment she had addressed to me.

Sorry for not doing so ....

bob moffit

Your description of the depth of the swamp seems apt - but I do think Trump has more power than you give him credit for. Even from the current pool of likely nominees, he could have appointed people to HHS, FDA, CDC who were at least open-minded on the vax issue - but everyone he has nominated has been pro-vax."

How many "open minded people on the vax issue" .. are among the leaders and are highly respected by their peers in whatever SWAMP they have served? I can't name a single LEADER .. who is widely recognized for having an "open mind on the vax issue"? Can you?

Simply suggesting an "outsider" like Robert Kennedy was met immediately with the SWAMP viciously .. predictably .. attacking him precisely BECAUSE he has challenged the SWAMP on vaccines .. and we all know what happens to someone's "reputation" .. when they dare question the HOLY GRAIL of the SWAMP as I tried to define it.

Indeed .. name ONE (swamp) bureaucracy .. that would openly support someone like Robert Kennedy who has an "open mind on vaccines"?

Aimee Doyle


Your description of the depth of the swamp seems apt - but I do think Trump has more power than you give him credit for. Even from the current pool of likely nominees, he could have appointed people to HHS, FDA, CDC who were at least open-minded on the vax issue - but everyone he has nominated has been pro-vax. He could have continued his work with Robert F. Kennedy and a vaccine safety commission.

Finally, Trump can speak directly to the American people anytime he wants. He has a Twitter account with something like a zillion followers. He uses Twitter to make other pronouncements - no one is stopping him from raising the vaccine-autism issue on Twitter and keeping it in the public consciousness. If he raises the issue, Republicans will support him as they have done on every other policy pronouncement.


@ Bob Moffit:

So, Bob, what you are saying is that all appointees and nominees are essentially "swampees". I think you are right-- sadly.

bob moffit

I think our President is finding his initial goal to "drain the swamp" a far more daunting task than he .. or those that voted for him (myself) .. understood just how deep that swamp is proving itself to be.


How can ANYONE be expected to drain THAT swamp .. because .. WHOEVER is nominated to lead HHS, CDC, FDA, EPA, etc .. will somehow .. someway ... sometime .. have earned their reputations from their own service within the very swamp they are now being tasked with draining.

In other words .. the SWAMP is a training ground to make certain THEY will not only survive .. but .. THEY will continue to PROVIDE future nominees and appointees .. to the exclusion of anyone who hasn't been immersed in their SWAMP .. as lacking required "experience".

Angus Files

I think the swamp is draining slowly ans so long as Trump dosent go down the plug hole as well there is hope..

"The Constitution makes clear that the power to legislate resides with Congress and the power to adjudicate rests with the courts. Yet we have dozens of agencies that have been acting like legislators, judges, juries, and executioners for decades with little to no oversight."


Pharma for Prison



News Analysis: Bill Signals Top Tax Priority of G.O.P. Is to Help Corporations
When does the swamp-draining begin?


Thank you, Gary! Difn’t the AHA head just suffer a heart attack? I wish him no ill. Still it’s.... Kim

Gary Ogden

Kim: It should say "AHA" (American Heart Association), rather than AMA. NIH used to set these guidelines, but gave up after 2003 (I think). Meaningless, anyway.


Please take the time to do this people. It is important.

Gary Ogden

Zoe Harcombe (UK researcher) has written a good piece thoroughly demolishing the SPRINT trial results; that is, that they have any value in the AHA's lowering blood pressure guidelines. The AHA (whose president suffered a heart attack, which he thankfully survived, during their current meetings) is just as blatantly a pharma marketing arm as CDC, except they have the pseudo-food industry in their portfolio, too.
Not sure Trump is going to actually drain the swamp; may have just been a campaign slogan. He sure has made some horrid appointments. And the propaganda organ called the U.S. media spends every waking hour coming up with new ways to attack him, for they work for pharma, too. The good news is, a lot more Americans have become knowledgeable about the vaccine holocaust thanks to the hard work of many people, and thanks to the internet!
Funny thing, my two Senators, both in the opposition party, may be amenable to stopping this appointment, while being entirely ignorant of vaccine injury. Oh, the irony!

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