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AHRP: Dissolving Illusions–“Authoritative” Medical Information Sources Are Corrupted

Alliance-for-Human-Research-ProtectionNOTE: We have excerpted this post with permission from Vera Sharav of AHRP.

A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth” — Albert Einstein

The wisdom of this observation is borne out by empirical evidence demonstrating that so-called “authoritative” sources of medical information are thoroughly corrupted not only by industry manipulation but by government officials, and biased, financially conflicted academic gatekeepers of medical science — i.e., “expert panels” and journal editors.  The most lucrative areas of medicine are the most corrupted by financial conflicts of interest. Our recent focus continues to be the untouchable subject; namely, the largely corrupted vaccine information base.

For me, the most troubling aspect of the corrupting influence of the powerful vaccine lobby is its apparent success in having averted the focus of the medical profession and academia: from the spiraling number of vaccine-injured children whose existence these authorities deny. However, evidence of their existence is demonstrated by the fraction of those who have been compensated by The U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). 

  •  The VICP has received 18,652 petitions for compensation for vaccine-injured children (and some adults) [This number represents at most 10% of actual serious vaccine injuries.]
  • Of these, 1,236 had died. The following deaths (double-digit or greater) include: 696 deaths attributed to DTP vaccine; 129 deaths due to the flu vaccine; 81 deaths due to DTaP; 61 deaths due to MMR; 57 deaths due to Hepatitis B; 32 deaths due to DTaP-Hep BIPV; 28 deaths due to OPV (polio) vaccine; 14 deaths due to HPV.
  • VICP has compensated 5,680 vaccine injured children in the amount of $3.5 billion — $3,488,760,578.73 
  • From January to October 2, 2017, VICP received 1,213 petitions for compensation by vaccine-injured children (and some adults). The amount compensated in 2017 was $252,650,932.78

Public trust in professed authoritative sources for information about vaccine safety has evaporated because the “authoritative” government and non-government agencies have consistently misrepresented the safety data. Internal documents, obtained over the years through FOIA requests, have uncovered the concealed evidence that government officials eliminated damning vaccine safety data from the vaccine information base.

Read the compilation: Betrayal of Public Trust & Institutional Corruption: Vaccine Safety Ratings & Vaccine Science – Falsified

(1) The latest uncovered layer of corruption in the professional sources of medical information was reported by Retraction Watch (November 2017). A study by Victoria Wong at The Queens Medical Center in Hawaii, reports that two-thirds of “top tier”

Please click here to read the full post at AHRP.


bob moffit

George B Shaw:

"Power does not corrupt men, fools, however, if they get into a position of power .. corrupt power"

As Malcom X wisely observed: "The greatest power of the press, is their power to ignore"

Obviously .. there are far too many "FOOLS" in positions of POWER .. which have successfully CORRUPTED what AHRP has justifiably identified .. "so-called "authoritative" sources of medical information .. specifically ... "government officials, biased and financially conflicted academic gatekeepers of medical science, expert panels and journal editors" .. culminating in a LARGELY CORRUPTED VACCINE INFORMATION BASE .. BETTER KNOWN AS THE SWAMP!!!!!

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