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Win a Copy of Vaccines A Reappraisal By Dr. Richard Moskowitz, MD

Vaccines Richard Moskowitz“This book is a masterpiece and a must-read for anyone with concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.”

—Stephanie Seneff, PhD, senior research scientist, MIT

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Richard Moskowitz, MD, is a family physician who received his BA from Harvard, Phi Beta Kappa, his MD from New York University, and a US Steel Fellowship in Philosophy at the University of Colorado. He has been in private practice since 1967. After studying herbs, Japanese acupuncture, and other holistic modalities, he has specialized in homeopathic medicine since 1974, and has written four previous books and over a hundred articles on homeopathy, midwifery, natural healing, and the philosophy of medicine. He resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

An experienced family doctor reexamines the risks and benefits of vaccines and our public health policy.

Dr. Richard Moskowitz, a Harvard-educated family doctor with more than forty-five years of clinical experience treating children, examines vaccines and our current policy regarding them. His book Vaccines (Skyhorse Publishing hardcover; September 19, 2017; $27.99) offers an ensemble of observed facts, clinical and basic science research, news reports from the media, and actual cases from his practice, Dr. Moskowitz provides an overview of the subject in a respectful and thoughtfully reasoned manner.

He shows how vaccines, by their very nature, have a major downside that has largely been ignored and is built into their design, and explores how it is reckless to continue mandating them until their dangers are taken seriously, understood in a broader context, and assessed in a more careful and systematic fashion.

He also presents evidence that the risks of vaccination are compounded by the concerted efforts of pharmaceutical companies, the CDC, and the doctors who speak for them to keep them hidden. Writing with a sense of urgency, Dr. Moskowitz advocates for making vaccines optional, while the country seems to be moving in the opposite direction. He believes that parents should be able to exercise their moral and legal right to choose which treatments are appropriate for their children, and which diseases, if any, to vaccinate their children against. Above all, he hopes to promote a healthy debate and to encourage more of the rigorous scientific work that still needs to be done.


Friederike Stenning

I finally am exploring a more holistic and energy-based modality not found in Western Allopathy and this book seems to echo my thoughts exactly. I would love to own it.

Heather George

I will share this book with many other healthcare professionals as well as all parents and anyone considering vaccines. I'm grateful to have had an excellent immunology professor in med school.
Winning a copy of this book as I set up my new practice and build an online presence would be very helpful.

Sommer Lapitsky

Sounds like an amazing wealth of info!


Would like to add this to my ever growing collection of anti-vaccine literature.

Thank you!


Would love to win this book. Thank you


Sounds like another excellent one for the christmas present wish list , but in the meantime Thank you Dr Richard Moskowitz.
PEAT STACK BUILDING youtube My granny Georgina Gunn's next door neighbours in Lamigo,Skerray don't blinken well need a universal flu,pnumonia ,shingles and goodness knows what else toxic sludge vacccine of sales and marketing "Barra Boys" offerings .
They don't even need a "Cap in hand" winter fuel allowance offering from the UK Government either .
Skerray folk are all co-ordinated and organised already in September for the cold winter months ahead their own sensible selfies.
Vaccination fanatics "Barra Boys " are now considered "Persona Non Grata " for sure !
Elderly people are not a burdon ,as they are currently being described from the back benches of The House of Commons UK "They are an Asset " so them down in the southern slums of Edinburgh .Glasgow and London should hear well. Mandated vaccinations will not get accepted in Great Britain at all ,Not now Not ever .


To the Deers and the Proffits of this world: The truth will prevail. It always does.

Jeanne J

I would love to have a copy of this book.

Steve B.

Absolutely would love to read this. The more critical analysis of this abomination, the better.


6) when the true extent of these is recognized and accurately measured, vaccination can be shown to
be a major hidden cause of why our health-care system is so exorbitantly expensive, as well as
shockingly dangerous;


I hate to keep repeating myself, but vaccines are the billion dollar industry... that pharma uses to create its trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

The myth of vaccine efficacy, is just the hook that's been used to get people lining up... voluntarily no less ... for their injections of immune disabling toxins.


This one would look at home with all my other informative non-pro phama books.

Pharma for Prison



Would love to read this

Barbara Bucknam

I look forward to reading this book.


Me! Me! Me! I want it! Please!

David Weiner

This book sounds like it covers a lot of valuable ground and I appreciate his position that the vaccine mandates must go.

Still, I think that some of Dr. Moskowitz' politics are counterproductive: "health care is and should be a basic human right, rather than a commodity for sale to the few who can afford it."

This is basically saying that government should have total control of health care. Well, if that is your position, then you shouldn't be surprised when the "health care" system is designed to satisfy the wishes of the ruling elite rather than to serve the needs of patients.

If we want a sound health care system, we need a genuine free market where the consumer is king. And in such a system, health care would be readily affordable, not just to the few who can afford it, as with today's fascist medical system.

Marxism is not the answer.

Ted Kuntz

This should be required reading for every physician and politician.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Thank you for this! The light of science in a world dominated by dogma and voodoo where vaccines are concerned.
We most urgently need this approach to prevail, worldwide, and fast!

Jennifer Horne-Roberts, Counsel for vaccine-injured children in the UK,US and Europe
Keith Roberts, Architect
devastated parents of our beloved Harry Horne-Roberts, a victim of MMR Pluserix and then psychotropic drugs, whose tragic death in December 2009, aged 20, has featured in AofA posts.

The fight continues, or is it the World War(?).

Michelle A Wandrack

This will go to my vaccine "lending library" for all my friends and yes, even family members, who still vaccinate. Thank you for another opportunity to get the word out about unavoidably unsafe vaccines that don't even work ( at least in the case of pertussis). Keep doing what you do best AOA.

trina aurin

Would like to read this book.

Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

The book has several major themes that run throughout the text:
1) the "science" used to promote vaccination is bad science;
2) the safety studies rule out almost all chronic disease by definition;
3) parents who are convinced that vaccines killed or maimed their child are either lying, ignorant, or (at
best) misled by their misfortune, which amounts to a rare genetic hypersensitivity, a "coincidence;"
4) mandatory vaccination in the absence of a genuine public health emergency is a violation of basic
human rights;
5) the hypothesis that all vaccines act by producing autoimmune phenomena, which often result in
overt autoimmune disease, brain damage and/or death;
6) when the true extent of these is recognized and accurately measured, vaccination can be shown to
be a major hidden cause of why our health-care system is so exorbitantly expensive, as well as
shockingly dangerous;
7) the major culprit is not this or that vaccine, but is built into the nature of the vaccination process
per se, is directly proportional to the total vaccine load, the number of vaccines given;
8) the safest and wisest course is simply to make the vaccines optional, available to those who want
them, after being fully apprised of these risks, at least until proper scientific studies are done (after
which many if not all of them will hopefully be discontinued); and finally
9) the experiment of injecting diseases, foreign DNA, and toxic chemicals into the blood is far too
dangerous to give a free ride and indeed a blank check to industry, much less an industry
notorious for bad science, deception, and primarily commercial motives, just as health care is and
should be a basic human right, rather than a commodity for sale to the few who can afford it.


Great...can't wait to read this book!

By the way, the headlines said, "Win a copy...." How do we enter the contest?


Add this one to my vaccine holocaust collection of 50 books, articles, pamphlets, and documentaries. Another doctor who speaks the truth. Thank you Stephanie!

bob moffit

Ordered today .. thanks for review.

jan fletcher

Stephanie Seneff says this book is a "masterpiece"... I need to read it.

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