An Interview with Richard Moskowitz MD Author of Vaccines: A Reappraisal
Autism and the Mark of Thimerosal – a Hypothesis

The US Government Believes That Flu Shots In Babies Are Safe, But Flu Shots On The Ground Is Terrorism.

Flu shot halloween
By Ginger Taylor

Shelley Hendrix, formerly of Autism Speaks, and currently with Unlocking Autism, shares her story of asking for a permit to protest vaccine safety in front of the Department of Health and Human Services building, by squirting a mercury containing flu shot on the ground.




Oh, Gosh; Bob you are right. They wanted her to know. They wanted to intimidate her. Big powerful bullies that can't do their real job. What a shame.


Home land security, FBI and such are Following around poor, broke, as well as broken hearted parents, but they can not arrest CDC scientists that have broken the law and thrown data in the trash can and changed data.

The FBI, Home land -- the LAW all knows that she had three glasses of wine -- that dangerous little mother, but they can't get their handcuffs around the wrist of Thorsen.

Our law man on a pedestals, our untouchables.

John Stone

Thanks Jeannette

Jeannette Bishop

@Alyssa, new link for the video:


Disappointed that the video is gone :(

John Stone

I remember once doing the calculation, and the amount of mercury in a vaccine vial was 250 times the threshold level for toxic waste. So it probably would be pretty bad to "inject" it on to the concrete but nothing like as bad as injecting it into a baby.

Loraine Fishel

I still hope and pray that something will stop this 10 out of 10 nightmare. After 22 years I still cry about it often. I know that nothing will change my personal situation....still I want this destruction of others lives to stop more than anything. I see so so many many people affected everywhere I go. I guess in some pitiful way I am still a hopeful optimist. I spend time almost daily looking for what my heros are up to. They are a big part of what keeps me going on.

bob moffit

It is positively frightening to learn our Homeland Security applies the label "terrorist" to a mom who wanted to do nothing more than spill a vaccine containing mercury onto the plaza in front of HHS.

Duh .. message to Homeland Security .. the real "terrorist" are not on the plaza in front of HHS .. the real "terrorists" occupy the inside of that building

Think about the .. not so subtle .. "message" mom was given ... THEY wanted her to know .. THEY knew how many drinks she had the night before ..

God help us as a nation

Laura Hayes

This is great! Thank you, Ginger and Shelley. It is information such as this that might just speak to those who refuse to believe they have been lied to regarding the safety, efficacy, and necessity of vaccines.

In my most-recent interview with Jeanie Keltner, I gave a similar example. I stated that if I were in the room at a doctor's office with a mother who was about to permit a mercury-containing flu vaccine (or any of the Hg-laden vaccines) for her child, despite my warning that it contains neurotoxic, immune-system-damaging mercury, this same mother would grab her baby and flee from the room at top speed if I purposefully broke a Hg-containing thermometer on the ground in front of her. That example, which would hold true for MANY parents, shows just how resistant the average parent in America is to hearing the horrid truth about vaccines, and how resistant they are to acknowledging and understanding that they have been LIED TO by our government, the pharmaceutical companies, their doctors and nurses, and the media.

In the words of a fellow advocate, who is excellent at summing things up in a sentence or two:

"According to government regulators, the only safe repository for toxic mercury-containing vaccines is your child."

Think on that if you will, and then employ some common sense, is what I would say to any parent considering permitting a vaccine for their child. And remember, it's not just the "safety" of the mercury that they have lied about.


The world just gets more bizarre by the minute!

Many readers might recall that Mercury in our MOUTHS is "safe," (Silver Amalgam fillings are 48-52 percent mercury, 30 percent silver), BUT if the materials are spilled, it's considered a hazardous waste! The dentists also must handle it with extreme care, but once it's in your mouth (and vaporizes constantly), it magically becomes "safe."

Same with fluoride toothpastes! When Colgate or Crest has a "bad' batch of toothpaste, they can't just dump it anywhere, it has to be disposed of as a hazardous waste. The irony here is that initially, fluoridation came about as a means to dispose of a dangerous waste product from the aluminum processing industry. However, the ADDITION of fluoride to toothpaste is a "solution" to the fluoride pollution problem in the first place, a fact about which few people are aware since the truth on this topic, like the truth about vaccines is rarely discussed in the media in an OBJECTIVE way. (For more on this topic, see link below.)

Sorry you didn't get your permit. So much for "freedom of speech" in America.

Keep up the good fight!

Mark Wax

While I love Shelley, I'd guess that she would agree that no amount of "theatrics" will change a thing. Our "government" has already admitted that many vaccines, especially mercury containing, are dangerous. Heck, Merck admitted it. So has Eli Lilly and Sigma Aldrich. Our sons and daughters are merely collateral damage in the propagandized edicts promoted by Pharma, that the greater good has been served,...... at the lowest possible cost to the rest of the population.
We should never give up the fight for truth and justice. It can only come from legislative action and/or judicial reform. The American people are just too preoccupied to bring "revolution." As a aging musician icon of my era of the 60's said of the rich and powerful: "They have the rest of us just where they want us." From my view, the Rolling Stones were prescient with the lyrics "Rape, Murder,...... it's just a SHOT away."

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