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Daily Mail UK Stunner On Gardasil Injury

The Rest is Silence - My Letter to Ian Birrell

Ian BirrellBy John Stone

Ian Birrell is not a minor journalist and he has experience with the disability scene. Years ago I used to see his wife and daughter at my son’s music therapy sessions and I know the family had to cope with difficulties of a special order. But he is also well connected, and was David Cameron’s speech writer during the 2010 election.

This weekend I was dismayed to see a journalist – in this case Birrell -  once again smear Andrew Wakefield. Birrell is capable of doing research but instead he just repeats the old whispers. I noticed that back in May he had written an excellent piece on the contaminated blood scandal with which the United Kingdom Department of Health in the early 1980s wiped out a generation of haemophiliacs, and went on to try and pull the wool for more than three decades. Quite rightly he is outraged, but what he does not seem to understand is the flawed culture that leads to such things. Another example was the Camelford water disaster, in which at exactly moment that DH was arranging to import a known to be faulty version of the MMR vaccine, they began a twenty-five year cover up of the poisoning of residents by aluminium sulphate in a Cornish village – they may not in this instance have got the media to believe them, but from the legal point of view it was perfectly executed exercise in time wasting.

One thing that Birrell could learn from the contaminated blood incident is that things that are supposed to be good for you are not always. Preventing disease is a fine idea, but what happens if the products are neither as  safer or effective as claimed in the propaganda, and what happens when there ever more of them?

Birrell can state that Wakefield was disgraced (I suppose Jan Hus was disgraced when the Papal inquisition put a dunce's cap on his head and set light to him) and that the General Medical Council erased him from the register, but that is superficial stuff. History asks intelligent people to ask serious questions. The reality is that the proceedings against Wakefield and colleagues were based substantially on false allegations and these were shown in detail to be false allegations when they were reviewed by a High Court judge, Sir John Mitting, in the case of Wakefield’s senior colleague Prof Walker-Smith. Though neither Wakefield or Prof Murch was in a position to appeal it does not mean that claims which were inherently false were somehow true about them. If the products are so wonderful, why this incredible litany of lies which has to be endlessly repeated?

The safety of vaccines has become a required belief of the political and journalistic class: if you want a place in public life I suppose that is what you do. But nothing would make more certain that the products are unsafe than this totemistic devotion, and this ugly witch-hunt which is not only against Wakefield but anyone with testimony of adverse experiences, and finally against a public being re-assured about faulty products.

The bigger problem for our society now is not infectious disease but neuro-developmental disorders.

Well, I wrote to Ian Birrell I asked him to tell me where I was wrong, and have yet to hear back.

Dear Ian,

Daily Mail Disgraced British doctor fights against child vaccinations

You have not read this situation right and you have not drawn correct conclusions. The DH will sell vaccine injured children down the river just as they sold the haemophiliacs down the river or the people of Camelford, as they did in those cases with sadistically obfuscating inquiries which went on for decades finding nothing. Welcome to Dickens's Circumlocution Office.

Apart from anything else the main findings against AW at the GMC were shown to be false when his senior colleague Prof Walker-Smith appealed, so essentially you are just repeating rumour.

Vaccines are a nice idea but in the real world there are no damage free medical interventions. Possibly unwittingly, what an article such as yours becomes is an exercise in social repression and control. The message is that if you dare attack vaccines, whatever your experience, you will be subject to media/social hostility. That is also something else which warps the scientific evidence base. In a liberal democracy - which we scarcely live in any more - everyone would have the right to be heard.

This is my column, which I have written for many years without financial reward.

Nothing human is ever error free but if want to dispute anything I have written I am very willing to answer you.

I well remember your wife and daughter from Nordoff-Robbins two decades ago. I know that you also have had to fight many battles but please understand other people have rights too, and you are presently trying to shout them down.

With all good wishes,

John Stone, UK Editor, Age of Autism



Ian Birrell lost for words- I hope he replies to you John very least he could do.They are losing displine all over the Pharma shop just now and its superb when Pharma washes its dirty washing in Public..


"On the bare-bones, an angry and vengeful Shkreli lists instances of greed, criminal behavior, and other sleaziness of individual members of the pharmaceutical trade group PhRMA. Not all his claims are backed up, explained, or accurate. But the site still offers an embarrassing catalogue of bad deeds, which Shkreli told STAT he would continually update."

Pharma for Prison


John Stone

I think maybe the message is nevertheless on the verge of getting through. The moral position of someone like Ian Birrell repeating such errors is interesting.


I think Dr Wakefield coined it many years ago he was here for" the long haul".I always look at Thalidomide 50 years for an apology and look at the evidence they had but as Shelly wrote last night disabilities don`t prove anything whats found in the lab stay's in the lab or so-o they would like to think so.You have Dr Mc Bride Australia and what they have done and many others Drs who still speak out.Seroxat the list goes on...If you got a reprieve quickly everyone would know your a Pharma dealer like Southall and his infamous history destroying Sally Clark and others..



Brian Deers lies spread fast but they will never last.

He they and know that.

Pharma for Prison



Andrew Wakefield might wish to differ with you on that

John Stone

Thanks Grandma Peg!

John (more than old enough to be a Grandpa, but haven't made it yet).

Margaret J. Jaeger

Whenever new movies, books and articles come out by Wakefield or in substance in defense of Wakefield, the graves open up and the cadaverous news people step out. I would guess that the powers behind the Wakefield scathing to him, this current newsperson willing to jump into the expose waters. Nevertheless, all movies, etc. about the qualities and damages done by the current vaccines must stilll be told over and over until someone with real guts develops tenacity of telling the truth and explaining the real expose, with all the rapidly compiling truthful sciences discoveries. The same flagon of truth serum should also be drunk for attesting to Dr. Wakefield's truths, from the first basic ones he published on through today's reports from him or about him. Keep on keepin on..Age of Autism....wherever in the world you're found ...and specifically for John Stone of the U.K. Office..(from grandma peg)


Brian Deers lies spread fast but they will never last.

He they and know that.

Pharma for Prison



The dam is breaking. Use this document:

to expose the Birells of the world.


Why? Nothing is ever going to happen to them.

Just ask Brian Deer


The dam is breaking. Use this document:

to expose the Birells of the world.

John Stone


Sir Walter Scott 1808 - you've hit the nail on the head. All those years ago a cabal within the British establishment set a muck-raking journalist on Andrew Wakefield. And there were those that were fearful the untruths wouldn't hold. It started out with Ben Goldacre in 2005 but by 2006 Jeremy Laurence (Birrell's colleague at the Independent), Michael Fitzpatrick, Fiona Godlee at BMJ were apprehensive the whole pack of lies would unravel, and when the insane GMC stuck to their brief the trouble just grew. In 2017 they are all still stuck with maintaining the facade. But it won't hold and eventually what all these cowardly busybodies have achieved for our children will be out in the open.


Thanks John, your hard work, as always ,very much appreciated .
"Oh! what a tangled web we weave,when first we practice to deceive.
Marmion Sir Walter Scot 1808 " Great stuff to read " I think the message explains that anything based on a foundation of Lies, Half Truths and deceit ,will eventually create its own unforseen out of control complications and problems and end up on the "not fit for purpose scrap heap " Just like vaccination safe and effective mantras based on little more than a for profit "Hope and a promise "with lucky bag lucky dip longituditional studies . Where are the health and safety risk assessments for the current reccomendations ? as no risk assessments available means no consent re same .


Brilliant letter! As always, thank you so much for all you do Mr Stone!

In all the hit pieces against Dr. Wakefield that exploit the measles outbreak among the Somalian immigrants in MN, I'm still waiting to read something along the lines of..."despite plummeting rates of vaccination an the ensuing outbreak of measles, autism rates, which at one point were the highest in America among this population, have remained the same". You know if any of these pathetic excuses for journalists could make that claim they would be screaming it from the rooftops.

Where are the unvaccinated children with autism in this population of people? Logic would dictate that there must be at least one, or two, considering the rate of autism prior to the decline in vaccination.


All these years later, look what prestigious university is studying exactly what Dr. Wakefield said someone should research.


Something that most of us parents knew, even before Dr. Wakefield figured it out.

In some ways parents who know and yet stand by like they don't, are worse than the journalists who are being paid to pretend they don't know.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm posting this twice, though somewhat off topic, as it seems it would be appropriate for a more positive discussion to take place in the comment section:

Angus Files

Aye Price is gone bye byee,,just careful in what we wish for..hopefully somebody that isn't owned by Pharma like Price was - getting his water injection for the press before leaving ..fooled by that one anyone?

Pharma for Prison


John Stone


But I believe Price is already gone and awaiting replacement.

Angus Files

Incredible your right John.For me it was ,did he just say that- moment!Still shaking my head just now writing this...then again possibly I should have been a bit more subtle in my delivery when breaking the Thorsen CDC RFK request noted on a piece of paper

"“World Mercury Project calls upon Attorney General Jeff Sessions to extradite Thorsen back to the U.S. to face prosecution. We also call upon Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Tom Price to retract the Thorsen-affiliated autism research papers that are the fruit of illegally conducted research.”

Pharma for Prison

John Stone


Thank, you so much for the appreciative comment.


No it is not his job to work for the manufacturers, it his job to represent the interests an concerns of his constituents/electors! Incredible.


It is utterly amazing to me that anyone who researches vaccines does not dig deep enough to get the true story. Perhaps from years of trusting doctors and trusting the establishment, they don't reach out to enough sources or they choose to not speak the truth when they find it for personal reasons. It is so evil what is happening to our children and even to adults. I am very fortunate that I do not have autism, instead I have several autoimmune diseases as a direct result of vaccines. I so much appreciate good people like you; thank you for everything you do.

Angus Files

I was speaking to a politician last week who defends vaccines and knows via myself and others that vaccines =autism, his reply "I`m just doing my job,I have to work with these manufacturers" .I suppose Mr Birrell feels the same way I couldn't do that knowing what I know and having skin in the game.

Great article and letter thanks John.

Pharma for Prison

Teresa Conrick

Excellent, John! There are many "Ian Birells"s in our lives. They need a fresh dose of reality and facts. Thank you for so nicely doing just that.

Allison Edwards



Thank you, John, for writing to Ian Birrell. If only he, like you, would present well-researched facts and logic with civility and gravity rather than resorting to buzzwords and inflammatory rhetoric.

Sad that his article trots out the usual cliches defending government and industry, but it’s not unexpected considering the rather lurid nature of the Daily Mail website (e.g. the alliterative sing-song pejorative “fanatical followers”). In Minneapolis Polly Tommey told me “The Mailman” had stopped by to interview her at the VaxXed bus; when I realized who she was talking about, I grimaced.

Autism is the elephant in the room: barely mentioned and unexamined. No description of onset, symptoms, and the lifetime disability’s devastating 24/7 effects on victims, families and society.

Birrell, Stinchfield, Osterholm and their cronies may never realize how their career-induced tunnel vision is paradoxically damaging and killing children — they are too enmeshed in their chosen hero narrative. A few dozen temporary cases of measles is a flimsy shield against the millions damaged by vaccines in varying degrees. Years from now when the science of immunity is more advanced, people will wonder at the driving forces behind such egotistic barbarism.

David Weiner


The deconstruction that you provided is a good example of "Rational ignorance", a type of analysis set forth by economists of the "public choice" school.

John Stone


I doubt whether Ian Birrell is incapable of understanding that a medicine or a "biologic" can do harm, he is just running away from the fact that this one is doing harm.

Dennis Picknett

I think these journalists decide in advance which way they are going to lean. Even if they have one open to the truth it is so alien to them to countenance the idea that ALL they had ever assumed about Wakefield could be wrong that they snap back into the default stance. And it's a hell of a powerful meme that they're snapping back into. The whole philosophical materialist medical belief system (which sees disease as an exterior assault on the 'victim' which necessitates barriers and banishments in the form of a world full of antibiotics, vaccines, antibacterial wet-wipes and hand gel) could never conceive of it's own fundamental misconception. And it would take a soul much greater than that of Birrel too brave the unknown and stare truth in the face. Someone like Wakefield for example.

Jeannette Bishop

Perhaps Mr. Birrell will be interested in the findings of the Mawson survey in which vaccination rather than preterm birth appears to be a factor in the risk of developing an ND.

"No association was found between preterm birth and NDD in the absence of vaccination, but vaccination was significantly associated with NDD in children born at term (OR 2.7, 95% CI: 1.2, 6.0). However, vaccination coupled with preterm birth was associated with increasing odds of NDD, ranging from 5.4 (95% CI: 2.5, 11.9) compared to vaccinated but non-preterm children, to 14.5 (95% CI: 5.4, 38.7) compared to children who were neither preterm nor vaccinated. The results of this pilot study suggest clues to the epidemiology and causation of NDD but question the safety of current vaccination practices for preterm infants."

John Stone


Let's do a "deconstruction" on this. Underpinning such an attitude are mantras (contradictory), like "vaccines are safe", or more intellectual sounding "the benefits greatly outweigh the risks". But there are also class and status issues: there no advantages to entertaining other ideas, so while there are huge pressures to continue thinking in a certain way it may seem that while holding onto something which may be false the you are being completely reasonable. The editors don't want it, and they stand to be attacked by politicians, health officials and quasi-Nazi public relations agencies posing as "the voice of science". To keep everybody in line everybody has to be potentially under attack.

Naturally, someone with no class or status as myself - any I might have had has been relinquished - does not have to be replied to.


"...he said that he did not have any room in his luggage.

No room in his head.

John Stone


This is very interesting. It takes me back to c.2000 when I had been co-opted to various local SEN groups and committees. We were told by our local education authority (Haringey) that there were two distinct expensive new groups that they were having to fork out for: ASDs and children with birth defects who hitherto would not have survived. I suspect the latter group, while placing considerable financial demands was not as numerous as the former. In particular, I cannot recall ever meeting with ASD parents where their child's survival at birth was an issue - there must be some (including pre-termers) but Ian Birrell is evidently fusing too basically different issues.

Yael Cohen

All these years later, look what prestigious university is studying exactly what Dr. Wakefield said someone should research.

Wayne Rohde


I interviewed Ian Birrell in late August while he was in Minneapolis covering the VaXXed Bus tour stop. At first, we were able to share how both of our countries fail to plan and accommodate those with disabilities and their transitions from childhood into adults.

When I switched gears and talked about vaccine injured and the explosion of numbers in the US with learned disabilities, he descended into a programmed mantra to explain why. His reasoning and logic was very simple. "Previously, many of the children would have died by crib death". That caught me off guard. To have a very accomplished investigative journalist sum up the entire epidemic of autism and learned disability with one sentence.

But here is where his logic breaks down. He could not explain why the US leads the industrial world in infant mortality and still maintain his reasoning of prior crib death. He could not explain why we have a large increase in regressive autism, not born with it, and how that could relate to crib death.

And when asked if he would like a copy of my book, The Vaccine Court or Dr. Suzanne Humphries book, he said that he did not have any room in his luggage. Denial is strong with him.

He ended the interview.

Shawn Siegel

The problem goes beyond uninformed, close-minded journalists. A few years ago I contacted a journalist about a mainstream-coloured vaccine article he'd authored, but one in which he actually gave an inch, mentioning the possibility of some adverse reactions. I thanked him for at least including a glimmer of the truth in his article, but pointed out that what parents need isn't the inch, but the mile; they need to be aware, for starters, of the full panoply of catastrophic vaccine damage, and I included examples of such injury and links to academic support.

His response was actually quite unabashed, basically telling me be glad we got the inch. He didn't deny or argue any of the information I'd provided, in essence acknowledging both the truth of what I'd written and the simple fact that he would not be allowed to publish anything truly meaningful about vaccines. There's a chokehold on the media.


We all know Andrew Wakefield is a hero. And he must know that we feel that way.

I wonder why the Catholic Church, with their stand against abortion, has not, over the years, spoken out against vaccines with their aborted babies as 'ingredients'. So horrible and bizarre and possibly why abortion became 'legal'.

John Stone


Yes, apparently they go back to 1959. On reflection I think they were too psycho-analytic, too school of Freud - at least at that time - to understand disability.

Grace Green

I more and more think that the science is all out there for anyone who can use a computer, and the only people still talking rubbish about vaccines are the journalists. If any of them are too scared to write the truth they should just shut up and leave the conversation to braver souls like John Stone, and the many others we all know of.
John, I think I remember hearing about Nordoff-Robbins a lot longer than two decades ago (but maybe it was their fore-runner). I thought about becoming a music therapist but in the end didn't. I wish I had - I might have seen the problem sooner, and spared my own kids the consequences. You're right to write to this fellow. He has no excuse for not finding out.

John Stone


I think you describe the general condition, but I don't think Ian Birrell was told what to say: he was acting as a freelance. So, I believe he needs to consider what he is doing. He is probably so prejudiced that he has not even delved into the matter. But he needs to. How, long after all can the deception hold?

Jenny Allan

An excellent letter John, but we must all bear in mind the intense pressure put on journalists and politicians, in addition to doctors, nurses and other health workers, to 'toe the party and establishment lines'. The old days of journalistic 'free thinking' are over, and these days stepping 'out of line' is not only a sackable offence, it can result in verbal abuse and threats of violence, to both the journalists and their families. Newspapers are also publicly smeared and denigrated.

I suspect Birrell was more or less told what to write in his article. I was very disappointed with the previously fair Daily Mail vaccine coverage, of the recent ridiculous DoH claim that measles had been 'eliminated' in the UK; (completely untrue - there are still measles outbreaks in the UK, including fully vaccinated persons; apparently this is caused by unvaccinated immigrants.)

The article trotted out the same old rubbish about Andrew Wakefield, although there WAS a paragraph at the end with quotes from Polly Tommey. Most folks just read (and stupidly believe) the headlines.

bob moffit

"One thing that Birrell could learn from the contaminated blood incident is that things that are supposed to be good for you are not always. Preventing disease is a fine idea, but what happens if the products are neither as safer or effective as claimed in the propaganda, and what happens when there ever more of them?"

Unfortunately .. Ian Birrell is just ONE .. of a vast majority of "experienced journalists" who have been professionally disabled by the same malady .. that being the wise old adage .. "there are none so blind as those who simply refuse to see".

It has been sad to witness the continuing failure of "journalism" .. most especially the critical "investigative journalism" upon which the entire free .. fully developed .. FIRST world populace .. has relied upon for generations to keep them "well informed" ... while holding accountable those in high level government service wherever .. whenever .. they fail.

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