Sidelined No More
Dear David of 1932: What Factors Led to Your Autism?

The End of an Error

The endScienceBlogs is no more. Home to Orac and others who took a strange delight in the autism epidemic and vaccine injury denial, it appears to have published its last.  Blogging has changed dramatically post social media. Most of us look to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram for quick peek, fast read, easily digestible information and news. It's not necessarily a good thing. Long form reporting and blogging have changed.   I haven't written for HuffPo in a very long time - nor would they publish some of my autism posts even when I submitted them. I let my personal blog wind down too.  Yahoo groups bit the dust years ago. Facebook became King.

I'm sure Orac and others will find another home so that they can continue their missions.

For those ScienceBloggers who were blogging to improve lives and share meaningful information and who had a community, I'm sorry for your loss.   For those who spent their days trying to harm my children, my colleagues, me - good riddance.

Meanwhile, Age of Autism is here, strong as ever despite our great loss of Dan Olmsted last January. If you would like to support us, we welcome your donations and rely on them.  Thank you.




Wonder what happened over at National Geographic?

John Stone


Briefly we carried an item about this, but Natural News seems to be in error. The linked to source indicates on careful reading that the author of the articles is Dorit Reiss, which is what we previously believed.


Aye,good riddance to the poverty of their own crippled standards.
The litter runts of the normally,usuually well respected scientific sector have got some rats nests to get sniffed out ? Quite a line up of Institutionalized,commercialized,medicalized ERROR-ISTS waiting to get scoped out from nose to tail?
Snivelling wee creepers are easilly identified as well .
The Lacky of a Lackey always has been and always will be a 100 times worse than the servant of a servant.



I think we should coin the #Weinsteined, as in the bigger they are the harder they fall.
Gorski has been #Weinsteined.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Could this be a rat jumping overboard?

Jake Crosby


Except he was never able to prove 3 or 4 with any actual study. 5 is also wrong - papers showing "no link" are not studies, they're fraudulent propaganda.

David Foster

I'm not going to list it, but Respectful Insolence is simply moving to another domain that they expect to have up in a week or so. Orac himself states that the owners of Science Blogs were shutting down the site.


David Gorski always had the same MO when it came to studies:

1) Bash the author's credentials/history
2) Associate that person to other antivaxxers that they've attacked before. Guilt by association.
3) Bash the methods of the study: Sample size too small, bias, not randomized, etc
4) Bash the analysis: wrong statistical analysis used, results are meaningless due to the problems with the methods, etc.
5) Indicate that there are many studies that show no association between vaccine/adverse reaction, find other like-minded bloggers/ghost writers who agree with them, to show overwhelming "consensus" of vaccine safety.

Rinse and repeat.

I'm glad that the astroturf site is gone. Too many people use them in vaccine debates as if they were the gospel.

Peggy Jaeger

I never even knew it existed but I got enough guff from indefatigable defenders of vaccines as they are on any posts I did that were connected to a national post. Even from some family members who are in medical fields who still believe science is perfect.

And to nhokkanen, Whack a mole...! Lol big time...! Exact name for those who won't do any research into any adverse effects of vaccines.... like bubbles in a witches cauldron, too....

I've seen the truth first hand, not just my family but many other families, can't tolerate their deliberately closing their eyes to statistics collected, even from the CDC, about brain damage and the numbers of cases. I have not been good about writing letters to Federal or state government offices except when I get formletters to pass on, but we need to keep doing this, All affected care givers, so Tired of the victim status and lack of acknowledgment to get effective help even via government.

John Stone

I suppose if there is any reason to reference something which has been said it may be better to link - that said I have spent zero time monitoring Gorski in the last 5 years so I don't know what he said about anything almost. To my mind Gorski is a super troll pouring out bile. According to Wiki the operation enjoyed the hospitality of Seed Media, was run by National Geographic, which was majority owned by 21st Century Fox (Murdoch).

Managing Editor Kim

I was trying not to stoop to their level - no we won't be linking or welcoming anyone back to the blogosphere - certainly not David Gorski.

Jake Crosby

"ScienceBloggers who were blogging to improve lives and share meaningful information..."

Yeah, they don't exist.

Also - please don't link to any former "Science"Blogger's new domain, Kim. Let them all die out.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.

What a disappointment to read a “science” site’s relentless low-level trolling instead of the high-minded discourse one expects from supposedly educated people. The veracity of any factually defensible rebuttals ended up lost to their argumentum ad hominem. No point in reading articles and comments that amount to “Neener, Neener, Neener.”

And therein lies the frightening realization of autism parents — that presenting evidence on vaccine causality is perversely met with relentless pushback by defenders of scientific mediocrity focused on reputation, profit and control. No sympathy, no sense of moral responsibility to render aid to their fellow humans. Yet sadly these misanthropes will find the funding to pop up somewhere else, like some nasty rhetorical version of Whack-a-Mole.

Tim Lundeen

I'm glad you are still here! Thanks for all you do.


Oh dear, so many ghostbloggers out of work. I suppose they'll land on their feet.

Jenny Allan

Science Blogs was a horrible site. God help anyone who attempted to question vaccine safely. The trolls would all descend like hyenas. I stopped even looking at it some time ago, because I realised these sites, 'sponsored' by corporate interests including Big Pharma, are only viable if they can attract enough visitors.

Angus Files

Its very strange Kim I just wonder if they are going to delete it all in attempt to hide the compliance they showed in this genocide.

Maybe the rivers of money flowing from the CDC is no longer fast free and flowing to all who follow the CDC narrative.

Pharma For Prison


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