Divorce and Vaccination
Michigan Mother Jailed for Not Vaccinating. Exclusive Video of Father Post Court.

RIP Maryanne Godboldo, Champion of Children's Medical Rights

Maryanne-Godboldo-300x209 NOTE: We are sad to report that Maryanne has passed away.  She was a Michigan Mom dedicated to her daughter's well being - and willing to fight even a SWAT team to defend her daughter's medical rights.   She was exonerated of all charges in 2011. You can read the timeline of the events here.

“The family of Maryanne Godboldo is deeply saddened to announce that she passed away this morning. This has been a long journey and many of you have shown your immense support for Maryanne and Ariana. For that, we are eternally grateful. We know that she appreciated each and every one of you. At this time we ask for time to grieve. We will provide a more formal statement in the coming weeks. During this time, we remind you that it is vital for you all to continue to be Maryanne’s voice for the fight for parental rights.”


Margaret J. Jaeger

CPS has been given way too much authority in this country. We also had a run in with them over grandson when the local school complained over Many things they didn't like.
After reading this article, I wondered how many of these children and families threatened were black families. I'm suspicious ... I think the negro race and poorer families of any color, maybe are being targeted for some vile reasons.....


Maryanne Godboldo was murdered by a vicious corrupt system. May she rest in peace and may her daughter be comforted.

Angus Files

By simply telling the truth you are a revolutionary these days.

Thanks Maryann

Pharma for Prison

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