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Perfectly Understandable

Perfectly understandableBy Cathy Jameson

The face a person makes when they learn that Ronan's "autism" really means that he was vaccine injured can be full of:

  1. a) bewilderment 
    b) doubt
    c) curiosity
    d) sadness 
    e) all of the above

When the answer is e and it's all those responses at once, you know you're in for a good follow-up conversation.  Thank you, new friend, for that convo, for asking a ton of questions about that "autism", and for some sympathy.  And like you said, you don't know until you know...

Yes.  That.

You don't know how your kid (or you) will react to vaccines until your kid (or you) do react to vaccines.  So know what your kid (or you) are getting into.  Because once you vaccinate, you can't unvaccinate.


That was a message I shared with family and friends one day last week.  Earlier that day, I had had 2 other conversations about Ronan and vaccines.  The other 2 convos were with mainstream pediatric nurses.  Both times, both nurses were sympathetic.  Sympathy can be hard to come by, especially when vaccines come up, especially when they’re brought up by a mainstream medical person.  When I politely decline a vaccine, sympathy is usually the last thing I’m offered.  Things were different time.

The first nurse wanted to know if Ronan has he had a flu shot this season.  I kept my answer short.  “He had a reaction to that shot,” is all I said.

Without asking for specifics, without giving me any grief, and without giving me the look I’m so used to getting, she said that declining this year’s flu shot was perfectly understandable.  After her quick and polite response, I added, “Yeah, we don’t opt for it anymore.”  She agreed that after having a reaction to it, Ronan probably shouldn’t get it.  I wanted to hug her.

The second nurse asked if Ronan’s immunizations were up-to-date.  I said, “He had reactions to some, so…he’s all set on them now.”  Without batting an eye, she said okay and moved on to the next question. 

People are telling me that they feel like “the tide is turning” meaning that we, parents of vaccine injured children, are actually being heard.  The three times I was able to safely share Ronan’s story last week – that he’d been vaccine injured and that this “autism” is not straight up autism but is the result of environmental exposure – I was heard.  Being heard was thrilling.  So was being told by a mainstream doctor that what I am currently doing for Ronan was to be commended.

“You’re fabulous.  You have so many supports in place for Ronan.  You’ve done a lot for him already…”

I blushed and thanked him.  I have done a lot, and I will continue to do whatever I can for my son.  It hasn’t been easy providing what we’ve been able to, but hard work is paying off.  One baby step at a time, Ronan’s made progress.  I’ve made progress, too.  So has our family.  Together, we’re managing a disorder that is full of challenges.  The challenges can be daily, but we’ve learned how to be patient and flexible.  We’ve learned to work through the difficulties.  We’ve learned to look past the disabilities that slow Ronan down so that we can focus on his abilities.  When we concentrate on what he is able to do, life is much more positive.  The doctor Ronan saw last week noted that, too.

“What can I help you do or get for Ronan?  I can see that he’s happy and that you’ve established good opportunities for him, but I don’t want to overlook anything.  Tell me your concerns, and let’s talk about what else we might be able to do for him.”

Hearing that he wanted to work with me and not against me was music to my ears.  Many doctors we’ve been referred to in the past haven’t had that same attitude, so I welcomed being able to collaborate care with this new provider.  Without skipping a beat, out spilled my thoughts, my concerns, and my hopes and dreams for Ronan.  I don’t usually share as much as I did, especially with a first-time doc, but in order to make sure he saw the big picture and that Ronan’s autism was medical, I was as honest as I could be.  He asked questions.  I answered every single one of them.  I had questions.  He answered every single one of them.  By the time the appointment was over, we discussed just about every medical issue Ronan has had, or could face, in his life.  Needless to say, we went over the 45-minutes we were allotted for the appointment.

Feeling upbeat, I walked out of the exam room feeling accomplished.  Since this was just the initial appointment, I pray that the next time we see this provider and his colleagues they stay on the same page with me.  For now, the nurses demonstrated that they were caring, the doctor showed that he was open-minded, and the answer I supplied about the flu shot – that Ronan reacted to it, seemed perfectly acceptable.  I’m keeping optimistic that we’ll continue to be welcomed with this group.  Time will tell if we are.

Time will also tell if other people I run into will accept or reject what happened to my child.  Talking about vaccines as openly as I have can get more than a little uncomfortable.  But if I don’t take the opportunity and speak up, I do a disservice to Ronan.  If I don’t brave the awkward stare, I lose out on planting a seed.  If I don’t address the misinformation the media has shared about vaccines, I lose out on making a new friend who wants to know the truth about them.  The new friend I made last week was genuinely interested in Ronan’s vaccine history.  At the end of our conversation, I could tell she had more questions about him, about that “autism”, and about those vaccines.  I’m thankful for her curiosity because she really didn’t know what she didn’t know until Ronan walked into her life.  He’s taught me and our little family so much about life.  I know that he taught this new friend quite a bit already.  I can’t wait to see what else he can teach her. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 




Excellent comment. Couldn't agree more!

go Trump

Thanks Cathy... one item I don't understand

Not sure what the President may have planned for American healthcare, but one issue he could look at is the ... unchanged since 1986 ... 75 cents per vaccine / Vaccine Court fund.

Someone can help with the math, but vaccines were a 600 million dollar ? industry in 1986 ??

It is now north of 20 Billion... and of course the “pathetic insurance rate” for the vaccine industry has not gone up in 31 years. Perhaps the President could write up an executive order to adjust this rate properly.

He at least needs to be aware of the issue.


I find it ironic, that somebody posts here a link to a video interview with a *psychiatrist*! Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Just as PhRMA seeks profit from vaxxes, so too do they sell every OTHER damn DRUG that they can, and that's the whole point of psychiatry, - invent bogus "mental illnesses" to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$....Their DSM-5 is a catalog of billing codes. Just look how "helpful" psychiatry is for autism....
I'm sorry things are difficult for Ronan and his Family, but the psychs and their drugs will only make things WORSE.....


Thank you Kathy! I really hope the "tide is turning". I haven't read the book, however in his description of Nazi doctors marching people off the the gas chamber Dr Lifton's description of the "malignant normal" draws so many chilling parallels (about min 31:00):

Margaret J. Jaeger

Our grandson was vaccine injured by newborn shots which had been kindly offered to,prepare him for being all set to go home. We knew nothing about vaccines until that happened and then we learned...everything available at the time. As for answering medical personnel, Mother developed her own answer similar to he up to date on his immunization shots...she answers, as far as I know he is. They never asked for a printed record. He is now 22 years old and improved a lot when we could afford all the alternative therapies but now just gfcfsoyf. As Cathy intimates, it got easier as time went by...for med personnel to not be prying for detailed reports.

Carolyn mcd

Thank you Kathy. My son was born in 2001. Because several people planted seeds, by 18 months I stopped his shots. And then my mother told me her brother had a shock reaction to a shot in 1940. And they stopped his shots and his brother never got any . And my sister was almost hospitalized after a shot at age 4. She didn't think about it again because our doctor stopped shots for all of us and I got mad in 2001 when she admitted I had never had a small pox shot due to our drs caution. But kyle reacted to the hep b at birth and recovered then every shot series after that but always bounced back until the set with the MMR started the baby Alzheimer's symptoms. Suddenly all the voices and stories came back to me. The moms who I thought were selfish letting others take the risk for the herd--until they admitted that the shots had hurt their own child. The moms who had autistic kids who meant well but --they needed an explanation to help them feel better right about that odd conincden of timing. But thankfully I was compassionate. I didn't believe them I thought they had every right to stop shots if that's what they thought but I didn't believe them. Finally when the third mom said there was mercury in the shots it all clicked. Neurotoxin. Me in high school losing my 4.0 after months of daily tuna fish sandwhiches . Wow. That made sense. Neurotoxins in shots??? I stopped his shots started reading autismbomed and gen rescue and getting a DAn Dr and started his long road back to mainstream. He will not have the future he would have but every time he laughs at a joke, tells a sophisticated joke, sings a song, gets a mainstream A, i sikently send a gratitude prayer to those moms who cared more about Kyle than what I might think of them and spoke up in time to save him . I send a prayer for you and for Kim and for those Moms and Dads and siblings in families with severe autistic children that we will get this identified and our their children cures and care and the research we need. I speak out in writing and in life risking rejection --and I have lost a few jobs in high tech as this must mean I am "anti science"--so I had to get stealthier --as i need the money for Kyles ongoing therapies.... but my point is you don't know who you are saving or the ripple you are sending out. Every time our truth meets someone's experience a ripple of change happens. And the obsession with mandates and pushing more and more vaccines will cause so many more to hit the tipping point sooner that the truth will emerge sooner and it will hit the families of those screaming rhe loudest. It will be like tobacco causing cancer finally so blatantly obvious that we laugh at their lies to their face . Though as an aside the truth about tobacco didn't happen until magazines and tv couldn't take tobacco ads. Anyhow Cathy the openness you are seeing is a ripple effect of your own speaking out. May Ronan and Kim's girls and everyone's children get their true voice and developmental age and share it to your joy. May my son complete his journey all the way back. Dear God lead us to the path to make this all happen for the victims. This was NOT the life you envisioned for our families. Help us get that life back. And thank you for all the brace parents out there who speak up in whatever way they safely can. Thank you that my son is so far on his path and that I stopped the vaccine assault so early. I deeply apologize for my skepticism.

Paul Thomas

" Once you vaccinate, you can't unvaccinate." What are the choices we make as parents that are most important for the health of our children?
What we eat and our own health before and during pregnancy comes to mind (yes for men too).
... in other words, getting the nutrients we need.
Learning how to avoid danger. Unlike our distant ancestors who had to watch out for the wild animal attacking our danger is all around us hidden in our food and water (pesticides, herbicides), stress and enless environmental toxins and then perhaps most dangerous of all - getting "healthcare"
Health and wellness depends on a healthy immune system, getting our nutrients, avoiding toxins and stress and being in community with peaceful, happy, healthy individuals living a life of purpose.
Vaccines - well ... until we have more data comparing the effects in today's world (New IRB registry starts this week) I would pay close attention to the advise given in this blog since "once you vaccinate, you can't unvaccinate."

bob moffit

'You don't know how your kid (or you) will react to vaccines until your kid (or you) do react to vaccines.'

Not only YOU don't know how your child (or you) will react to vaccines until your kid (or you) do react to vaccines .. NEITHER DOES THE DOCTOR OR PEDICATICIAN .. NOR THE CDC, FDA, HHS, IOM, ETC .. KNOW HOW YOU WILL REACT TO THE VACCINE


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