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New York Times Said to Have Covered Up Weinstein Accusations

The Wrap WaxmanIt comes as no surprise to AofA'ers that the New York Times would cover up disgusting, dirty, dangerous, threatening actions to protect advertisers and their almighty dollars. As a woman and dedicated martial artist, it makes me furious to read that the Times THE GRAY LADY would throw all women under the bus of ad revenue. As an autism Mom, it surprises me not a whit. They protect pharma even more vociferously in that they publish article after article (press release after press release) extolling the safe magic of vaccination while slamming the door on injury, side effects and death. Imagine if the Times had columnists and industry insiders proclaiming that sexual harassment and assault - outright assault - not only never happened, but the women who dare to accuse men of such mythical crimes are crazy, ignorant, hysterical, have an axe to grind and worse. We know this world because we live it, yes? 

WHERE are the reporters who are ready to say, "I was told to cover up vaccine injury and the autism link." There was a WSJ reporter many years ago who told us as much, quietly. Where is the man or woman with courage?  The autism/vaccine injury story is really a tale of vicious misogyny.

The former Times Editor "pushed back" against the accusation made by a female former reporter and The Wrap founder Sharon Waxman. Sour grapes? Could be. But really, what does she have to gain except copious amounts of grief?   Remember, the boys club must not be disturbed. Right Poul Thorsen? Right Paul Offit? Right Tom Insel? Right Richard Pan?

I wonder if Ms. Waxman would listen to our stories now, knowing that her former paper will protect it's source (of income) at all costs?


A former New York Times reporter claims the paper ordered up a story in 2004 about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct — but then “stripped” it of any reference to the accusations after being pressured by him to do so.

After intense pressure from Weinstein … the story was gutted,” Sharon Waxman wrote Sunday in an article for The Wrap, a site she founded in 2009.

“I was told at the time that Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure known,” Waxman added. “I knew he was a major advertiser in the Times, and that he was a powerful person overall.”

The Times did not return a request for comment Sunday night.

And the response:

From Politico:

Jonathan Landman, a former high-ranking New York Times editor, pushed back Monday against The Wrap founder and CEO Sharon Waxman’s claim that the Times spiked her reporting 13 years ago on allegations of sexual misconduct involving Harvey Weinstein following pressure from the Hollywood mogul. 



Excellent article. Thank you for sharing. I recently did a video on The Weinstein Company hiring advisors to get ready for filing for bankruptcy protection. I hope you enjoy it.


Excellent article. Thank you for sharing. I recently did a video on The Weinstein Company hiring advisors to get ready for filing for bankruptcy protection. I hope you enjoy it.


Maybe this is a para-Trump effort with Steve Bannon greasing some skids. Deniro has been full out anti-Trump and Weinstein being tarred may spread to others and cripple their political and financial ties to the Dems. Weinstein was already a prominent Dem supporter and contributor. Since Trump had made vaccine safety overtures in this scenario it would not be vaccine related as Deniro and Weinstein(at least by association) would have been on the vaccine safety side. The real purpose was to destroy a political enemy and taint Hollywood and its power structure. It could be worse if some central Dems were involved in more than just receiving money and quashing dirty laundry about Weinstein.


From Visitor's article:

"The source continued, saying "[Weinstein] believes they are financing a team of lawyers who are digging up these stories. There's a political agenda behind this. Harvey feels it's a conspiracy and that's the most interesting part of this, where it originated from, not the erroneous reporting that's going on."

"He won't be the last, other people like him will be targeted too," the source added.

You see, the real problem here isn't the decades of misconduct that Weinstein ostensibly apologized for this week. The real problem is that there are people – shadowy, strange people – who would like to destroy him."

That's exactly what I think this is. He was reportedly working against Chris Christie for reelection. Who knows what else. You think Christie's pals, which may include our President, aren't capable of digging up dirt and hurling it at an enemy?

Thanks for posting the article, Visitor.


Weinstein points to another foe according to this artic. It seems more of a dodge in political terms, but could be true in part. If it is true then kudo's to those who helped end his ways., I think> I admit to thinking some of those who reported on his offenses could have not been too offended given the entertainment culture. I thoroughly sympathize with those wounded by his actions. I don't associate this supposed right wing attack with a vaccine protection.


I am not defending Weinstein. I am saying I don't believe the official story, which is not to say there isn't some truth to all these reports. I think there's something else going on. One thing we all know for sure is that the media is extremely unreliable and manipulative.

A $30+ billion dollar industry would definitely go out of its way to protect itself.

The real reason would be hidden.



I immediately considered that he may have been a target for some reason, but a vaccine relation does not appear supported. The corruption and a political agendas along with sexual abuse very well may be at play as "the past is prologue". It also may be Farrow took an interest in him due to the vaccine rumblings from he and Deniro, but that was only incidental to Farrow having Hollywood ties and knowing of a lot of his behavior and attacking him to further his journalistic career. Just a possibility. Taking down a noted power player elevates ones status in this world. I don't think Weinstein is Andrew Wakefield in any degree.

Some could easily have blackmailed Weinstein without divulging their identity.

Cait from Canada

I am just shaking my head after reading the comments on this article. Are people really prepared to defend or at least brush off Weinstein's behaviour because he might have been contemplating a documentary with de Niro? Do you really think his "outing" is a just a smear campaign? Weinstein himself was all too willing smear and undermine the careers of the young women who avoided or refused his advances. Do you really want this creep in your corner?

What the article suggests to me is that in the past, until his accusers reached a critical mass, Weinstein was powerful enough to suppress media coverage of his predatory behaviour, the same way Pharma has been powerful enough to suppress media coverage of research supporting a vaccine-autism link.


You may be right. I'm at the point where I expect every news story to be a sales pitch or some type of manipulation. Everything we're told has an agenda. So what is the purpose of this media explosion? This article may also be a clue:

I believe he has been inappropriate. I don't believe that he is being destroyed for that reason though. I think his behavior is being used as a weapon against him for some other reason. I could be wrong.

Jeannette Bishop

The corrupt and control culture protecting ones of its biggest sources of funding, the mass sickening and further drugging until death of infants, children, and adults?

Sad in America

I agree with anyone who is saying this business has the quality of a stage managed event. Whether it has any connection with DeNiro's proposed film or directly to do with vaccination is much more conjectural: very likely not. What is frightening is the synthetic quality of the news event which tell us so much about the political theater of our time, that we see on the one hand demonstrations of mega-hypocrisy and on the other we do not really know why it is happening at all. Rather like Andrew Wakefield no one had ever heard of this guy (except of course in elite circles) and now he is being outed across the global news-media for things that are apparently quite normal among that class of person, and has been for centuries (which does not make it OK). What it is, irrespective of whether he did these things (he probably did), is fake news.

Grace Green

Visitor, no, "they" wouldn't say anything directly to their victim because that would reveal who "they" are. They would however pay those with a private grievance to go public on it. That way no-one knows what the scandal is really about (except us!)

I once read a biography about a famous conductor who met his second wife when she was a journalist. She went to his hotel to interview him and he let her into his room dressed only in a towel. After they married he became Sir ____ and she was then Lady ____. Everyone considered them a respectable couple. I hate to say it, but sometimes successful women can change their minds when it's too late. I refused similar "promotion opportunities" when I worked at the (highly respectable) BBC. That's probably why I've lived in poverty, my talents unrecognized!


It is hard to see how any entity did this to silence Harvey. If a company or industry wanted to silence him they could have blackmailed him without exposing him if they new of some of his behavior, unless you believe the accusations are all fabricated. Are all these accusers only speaking now due to some business interest direction and would have kept silent otherwise? If "they" wanted to silence him they could have said "drop the vaccine thing or face harassment and rape charges". The idea that people who whistle blow are smeared has merit, but it does not click here imho. While it was reported he and Deniro were mulling a vaccine documentary there was no indication as to its possible presentation on the subject. This was floated right after Deniro pulled Vaxxed from the film festival and since then all from Deniro has been anti-Trump and not a peep from Weinstein about Vaccines. This very main report at AoA says that media was spiking the story not trying to bring Harvey down. There is always a possible convoluted scenario that reveals a smear, but that would be a biased and very forced speculation I think.


Re your points and the article you posted - exactly.
Even Clinton had the gall to lash into Weinstein. And look who she's married to.


"I want to point out too, that just a couple of weeks ago the same entities that are now mercilessly beating up Weinstein were holding up Hugh Hefner as some kind of saint."

Oh yeah - and let's not forget when Meryl Street stood up and clapped when Polanski won his Oscar. SHE STOOD UP FOR HIM AND CLAPPED.

Then, in a follow-up interview after this, she stated that she did not feel Polanski should have served jail time for the rape of this 13 year old girl.

Excellent article about the above, here:


I want to point out too, that just a couple of weeks ago the same entities that are now mercilessly beating up Weinstein were holding up Hugh Hefner as some kind of saint.

It is ludicrous.



You said, ..." I just don't think this is about sex at all. It appears to be what Sharyl Atkisson calls a "smear". .."

Oh, believe me, I get it. Sexual harassment IS NEVER, EVER ABOUT SEX. It's always been about POWER and CONTROL.

Word has it that Weinstein has fled to Europe, ostensibly for 'treatment.' Truthfully, I hope he DOES get 'treatment.' He needs it - desperately. Hopefully, his behavior and that of so many others out there (woman are just as guilty in some cases of sexual harassment as well), will be borne out for what it truly is and this sort of behavior will no longer be tolerated in ANY environment, let alone Hollywood.

This type of behavior, however, has been tolerated (and used to gain power/control) throughout the ages. But truly, if those of whom have been subjected to this type of behavior learn to speak out immediately after these events occur, it will help stop this once and for all. Women AND men need to come together on this one. There is power in numbers, as we are now seeing with the sudden downfall of a once really powerful Hollywood mogul.

Interesting to see how quickly someone like Weinstein is hoisted up onto that pedestal, yet how quickly those of whom have hoisted the hoist, yank him back down to save their sorry souls.

The hypocrisy in Hollywood is deafening...


I'm sorry if I came off that way. I didn't mean to talk down to you. I was just expressing my point of view. I also didn't mean to imply that sexual harrassment doesn't exist or isn't important. I just don't think this is about sex at all. It appears to be what Sharyl Atkisson calls a "smear".

I don't know how much of the condemnation is blown out of proportion by the press or is the genuine sentiment of those quoted, but I really do think it's all bullshit. Not making excuses, and not lecturing, but people pursue other people to have sex all the time. And there is no way that Weinstein is the only powerful person who has taken advantage of his position.

How many child actors have committed suicide and/or have become drug addicts after being victimized by powerful pedophiles? There are many still living who report that pedophilia is rampant and they say they are afraid to name names. This has been going on for decades. Where have Meryl Streep and Ashley Judd and the other outraged sudden Victorians been on sexual abuse of children in their industry? Crickets. So, no, I don't have respect for these people who are so disgusted with Mr. Weinstein because they say nothing about the abuse of children, which is far worse than what Weinstein is being accused of. And as pointed out here, they also remain silent while children are poisoned and killed by vaccines. It looks to me that this was all to shut Weinstein up and discredit him because he was going to blow the whistle on Pharma, medicine and the CDC, or he stepped on some other toes, or both.

We don't know what Weinstein knows about vaccines. We do know that he is friends with DeNiro who has a severely injured son, and that DeNiro and he were planning on collaborating, so he must know something. Weinstein also has very young children.



Why the lecture? Have you not remembered at all the lengthy comments here in the past that I have made about my own family history with government, etc.? I think you have generally misread my intentions re your comment. Believe me, I GET how our government and political power structures run in this country and around the world. In fact, many of my comments here on this blog have been about having my own eyes laid wide open about corruption within our entire power structures within our country and on a global basis. I have seen far too much in my own personal life which has exposed the ruthlessness of those of whom are in power; I dare say that if I were to share w/you what I know to be the truth as far how far and widespread Thai corruption really is , you probably wouldn't believe me.

What I meant to convey in that last comment of mine is that Weinstein's sexual exploits in his industry are by no means a conspiracy in nature (meaning a figment of a select group's imagination). I don't hesitate in my belief that what these brave women have stated, is true.

But this issue w/sexual perversions in Hollywood goes far beyond the perimeters of Hollywood. This issue with sexual conquest being used as a weapon of choice by so many as a means to exert power over the defenseless has been a tool of choice for these fools for a very long time. I am glad to see these women standing up for themselves. There is great integrity and strength in NUMBERS.

Lastly, I, too, am a victim of sexual harassment, years ago. I still remember the pain I was forced to deal with at that time. I will live with those memories for the rest of my life.

John Stone

The Murdoch owned London Times had the least flattering portrait of Gwyneth Paltrow possible on top of the report of her comments - so presumably they are rooting for Weinstein.


I would add it is a bit hard to see Weinstein being willing to take the slings and arrows of a vaccine expose when he would have had little reason to have know a lot about the subject, and secondly he had to know the scrutiny and attacks it would generate towards him. Given what appears to be a callousness about women it is hard to see him being this noble about vaccines. It does depend a good deal on just how malicious his sexual behavior was.


I have not decided whether Harvey was outed due to vaccine documentary and there are conflicting reasons why it is hard to decide for me. Some media was ostensibly trying to spike the story and they would seem to suggest that he had some business protection while the fact that Farrow was the source of the instigator damaging info lends credence to your idea.


Damn, all these smart responses! Somebody wrote: "The media silence on vaccine injury is way more disgusting and pathetic than anything Weinstein has ever done to any woman."

Many stories have come out about protests across Europe over attempts at mandatory vaccination, for example in Italy and France; hundreds of thousands in the streets; Italian court rules autism caused by vaccines; corruption at the CDC; theft of millions by Thorsen; mass protests in California over SB277; 54 percent of our children chronically ill (easily 90 percent vaccines, 10 percent the usual suspects); HUGE association between glyphosate exposure and Autism; Sickest children in two generations and on and on and on. These and so many other stories, just ignored by the Mainstream media.

Yes, Malcolm X was write as was Anne Dachel in her awesome book, "The Big Autism Cover-Up." Journalists have long ago sold their souls for the almighty dollar. But can we blame them? IF they step out of line, they're out of a job!


It's no conspiracy. It's how business and politics are done in this country. You step out of line, and this is what happens. Assange had sex with 2 women and he was made out to be a monster. Wienstein did what powerful men and sometimes women do, and some, not all, knew about it (or claim to have known about it), and it becomes a full 3 ring media circus, on cue, lights, camera, action, destroy Weinstein because he did something. I think we know what it is. To think that all this is because he wanted to have sex with starlets is patently ridiculous.

He may have been threatened.

Angus Files

helps if I give the link what a bozo..

Angus Files

No agenda against us vaccine concerned-the BBC has a policy to call anyone who is worried about terrorism “far-right”. Tommy Robinson talking to a BBC camera man on Saturday past peaceful demo in London- well done Tommy.

Pharma for Prison


Doug Troutman

You can tell the Weinstein thing has been orchestrated.


"JesseLee, Fort Worth, United States, 7 minutes ago
This is the Democratic Party and their voters on full display!!! Lol! Thank you G O D LOL!!!"

That's just one of the thousands of comments regarding the Weinstein situation that's right on target. You notice the liberals in Hollywood covered for this vile human Weinstein and the liberals run the NY Times. The liberals, for the most part, are also pro vaccine. Think of all the Aholes on TV promoting vaccines and condemning those of us who have vaccine injured kids (e.g. the repulsive Jimmy Kimmel). It all falls into place. Look at the autism blogging world. There is a pattern of the liberal big mouthed bloggers bashing anti vaccine parents (e.g. remember that disgusting Kristina Chew, Shannon Rosa De Roches, Diary of a Mom and on and on). Flaming liberals who have a pro vaccine stance. Such disturbing people. All of them! I hope they all implode.


@Linda1- Very interesting comment. So, if it is true that the reason Weinstein is being persecuted at this time is the fact that he was about to make a movie about vaccines and autism, wouldn't it be great if Weinstein, himself, brought that connection/association out into the open? What more does he have to lose, reputation-wise, at this point? Now that would be quite the headline!:

Hollywood Mogul Attacked and Impugned Due to Forthcoming Anti-Vaxx Movie


"Remember what Julian Assange said about how it works. If they want to discredit someone, they create a sex scandal. That's what happened to Assange. The exact same thing."

Yes, but with Weinstein, there is no creation of a sex scandal. In his case, the allegations are most likely true.

IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THE TIMING. Timing is everything. Hollywood and its minions have long ago known about Weinstein's issues. They've known all along.

I just asked my husband the other day 'why' these allegations are just NOW coming out. But then I read your comment, Linda, and realized that I'd forgotten about the movie deal w/Weinstein and DeNiro. THEN this all made sense.

Normally, I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this all makes so much sense...

Shelley Tzorfas

If the Times position is to lie or ignore some truths about Hollywood Inside Jobs-then their position is likely to be to ignore or lie about Pharmaceutical inside jobs. The difference is that parents can actually SEE the effects of Vaccines as children become paralyzed, develop seizures, or die right after them. It as if it is believed that Paralysis, seizures, injury and Death is NOT Proof of anything medical? Somehow scientific proof that happens in a lab is evidence-not babies and children dying. I guess what "Happens in a Lab must Stay in a Lab?" Now that 54% of our children are chronically ill, how can the public continue to fall for this?


In an earlier comment that has not posted yet, I said that Harvey Weinstein bought the rights to Andy Wakefield's book. I was mistaken. It was Terry Rossio. But, thank you Annie, for pointing out that Robert DeNiro is working on a film about autism and vaccines with Weinstein. That is where I heard Weinstein's name connected with our cause.

This isn't about sex. But it is about "bad behavior". It's about Weinstein daring to reveal the truth about vaccines and autism - a crime against the establishment that must be punished. This is Big Brother's boot coming down on Weinstein. They are making an example of him for all the other producers and actors to see and note what will happen to them, because I promise you there is not one of them that has not, at least, groped someone that can be brought out of the closet.

Remember what Julian Assange said about how it works. If they want to discredit someone, they create a sex scandal. That's what happened to Assange. The exact same thing.


Money and power.

From former NYT journalist Chris Hedges at Truthdig, 10-8-17:
“The Times was always an elitist publication… [that] propagated the absurd idea that we would all be better off if we prostrated every sector of society before the dictates of the marketplace… It was due to a bankrupt and amoral elite, and the criminal financial institutions that make them rich… Careerism is the paper’s biggest Achilles heel. 
”The White House would leak some bogus story to Judy Miller or Michael Gordon, and then go on the talk shows to say, ‘as [The New York] Times reported….’ It gave these lies the veneer of independence and reputable journalism. This was a massive institutional failing, and one the paper has never faced."


I try really hard to at least not let the rabbit hole cave in on me, but I do recall DeNiro briefly mentioning that he may collaborate with Weinstein on a movie about vaccine induced autism and this whole scandal does beg the question, why now?


What saddens me most of all regarding this NY Times/Weinstein scandal is that if it weren't about a person's sexual perversion and abuse, no one would even care at all about it, and there would be no outrage expressed about it. Contrast the Weinstein sex scandal coverage with the lack of media coverage or even concern regarding vaccine injury.

Sorry, but I do not care about the sexual abuse of the Hollywood elite, any more than the Hollywood elite care about all of our vaccine-injured children (with a few exceptions of course-- Jenny and Donnie, Jim, and Robert come to mind.) I have way more pressing issues to worry about regarding my children than they do about a single inappropriate and disgusting encounter with one particular man, an encounter that they can just shake off and find a way to get past. What is truly gross is how the press doesn't care about children and babies who are repeatedly, irreparably harmed by a class of medical products given to "healthy" children. The media silence on vaccine injury is way more disgusting and pathetic than anything Weinstein has ever done to any woman.

Rebecca Lee

Yes. The vaccine injury denial agenda is profoundly mysogynistic.

bob moffit

That the NY Times "buried" credible allegations of sexual harassment .. including assault .. for decades regarding Weinstein should surprise no one .. absolutely no one.

I hate repeating myself .. but .. it appears every day brings a new example to justify Malcolm X's observation regarding our supposed independent "free media" .. which was:

"The greatest power of the press .. is their power to ignore".

That "power to ignore" all but ensures the people WILL remain ignorant of the information withheld .. affecting the people's ability to make sound judgements on numerous topics .. most notably .. the NY Times will continue exercising their "power to ignore" regarding the corrupt pharmaceutical industry .. especially their vaccine products .. for one reason only .. because THEY CAN.

The really sad reality is .. those who read the NY Times apparently don't care "all the news fit to print" .. has a sordid history on world events .. such as ... their correspondent in Stalin's Russia was reporting .. for years ... how wonderful Stalin's Russia was .. ignoring his purges of all who disagreed with his regime .. while at the same time ignoring the millions who were literally starving to death. Remember .. this is the very same NY Times that published daily reports on Saddam's vast arsenal of "weapons of mass destruction" .. which gave license for our invasion of Iraq .. an arsenal that has never been found.

And so .. there is absolutely no reason to expect the NY Times to change ... NONE.

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