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Mother Sets 4 Year Old with Autism on Fire

WeepNote: Under no circumstances do we ever, ever condone or gloss over the horrors of a parent, Mother or Father, harming or murdering his or her child with autism. Not Gigi Jordan, not Dorothy Spourdalakis. Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow.  That said, parents can snap. We are human. Even when we do something inhumane. I worry that the push to gloss autism into a "difference" has meant a lack of concern and real focus on the needs of families.  Between my three girls I have 60 sum total cumulative years of autism experience and exhaustion.  I want to know what happened to this mother  to turn her into a monster. Was she abusing him from birth?  Did his autism play a role? Her little boy was only 4.  Abuse and neglect is not new. Autism as an epidemic is just 25 years old.  Here, the two have overlapped. God rest this boy's young soul.

A Milwaukee woman suspected of killing her 4-year-old son with autism is accused of bounding him with belts and setting him on fire before his death, according to court documents.

Amelia Di Stasio, 23, faces a charge of first-degree intentional homicide in the killing of Antonio Di Stasio, her only child, KTLA sister station WITI in Milwaukee reported Wednesday.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by WITI, Milwaukee firefighters found the child's lifeless body, with his hands bound behind his back with several belts and a garbage bag over his head, in a bathtub after responding to a report of "smoke" at an apartment on the morning of Sept. 28.

"The majority of his body was burned," the complaint stated.  Read more here.



Horror of horrors Yet no one wants' to talk about this savage brain disintegretation of a Mother
What Happened here ? and What was the lead up to this out of control Horror
Whatever happens to this woman I sincerely hope that she gets cared for in her containment in an appropriate placement Carstairs or Broadmoor equivilant will be the best protective situation for this woman.Ordinary prison situation will shred her alive if she hasn't sucessfully committed end of life self harm before hand
Will we ever hear what happened here ?what was the circumstances to lead to such incomprehensible horror.

cia parker

Pure evil. Unforgivable.

Joy B

"25 years". The first victims of vaccine injury are having their own children. Chaos follows.

Angus Files


Pharma for Prison


bob moffit

This is simply a horrific event .. crime .. and there is no absolutely no rational explanation for what this mom has done .. none.

The only extenuating circumstance that I would be interested in learning .. was mom taking prescribed medications which have been so closely associated with other cruel .. criminal conduct or seemingly incomprehensible behavior?

I would much prefer to learn that SSRI's have been "ruled out" as a contributing factor .. than be left with not knowing.

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