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Moms Upset After UH Nurse Posts to Facebook About Flu Shots and Autism

Coke Ad Nurse
Note: We are the lowest of the pecking order.  We have no protection. No respect. The autism community has no acceptance.  To think otherwise is nonsense. Nurses - the supposed kindest people in any hospital - the angels of mercy - the princesses of bedside manner - here is one nurse making fun of vaccine injury after administering flu shots. Where is the basic human empathy?

AMHERST, Ohio -- Megan Elder, of Amherst, is a mother of three and an advocate for those with special needs.

"I grew up in the disability community, so for me, to see a post like that, I felt like it was insensitive," said Elder.

Megan is upset by a recent Facebook post by a nurse at University Hospitals that quickly went viral.

The tongue-in-cheek post reads: "460 flu vaccines in 8 hours. That's nearly 1 autism a minute. I'm exhausted."

It was instantly screen grabbed and shared worldwide.

"My gut reaction was disappointment. I feel like nurses should be trained a little bit better and have empathy both personally and professionally on how to discuss sensitive topics like that," said Elder.

UH releasing a statement Friday saying, "The nurse who posted this item does not speak for the hospital in her personal social media accounts."

The statement goes on to read, "University Hospitals agrees with all major studies and stands firmly behind all medical associations, including the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics, that there is no known link between any vaccines and Autism."

Megan, who chooses not to vaccinate her children, says no matter where you stand on vaccinations and immunizations, you should never make fun of something like this.

"I think that nurse needs more empathy training. People decline the flu shot for all sorts of reasons, including religious. It's just a sensitivity issue, I guess," said Elder.



Naxis is right. I used to be a nurse assistant, and believe me there are many who are really that sick. You do not even want to know what they say behind closed doors.
Incidentally, I also worked with many wonderful and compassionate nurses and doctors, although the profession as a whole has been corrupted. We will see more of this, I'm afraid.

John Stone


It can happen - I have come across a few like that but also quite a lot who weren't. Actually, my experiences in hospital more than fifty year ago were much worse than recent ones. But then we don't yet in the UK have people running around after you with unwanted vaccinations in quite the same way.

Grace Green

All the nurses I have come across in the last fifty years are in that job because there aren't enough vacancies in Nazi concentration camps.

Susan, and everyone else here who advises reading the insert; please realize that if the medical practitioner has already drawn the "vaccine" into the syringe you have no idea what that clear liquid is - they could be lying!


It seems that these "health professionals can joke about killing white people and giving autism to children but of course the A o A picture of a baby symbolically put out as an offering at the Thanksgiving table was roundly objected to as offensive. Kind of a double standard it seems.

Jeannette Bishop

It may be that she's wanting to be congratulated for "saving so many lives" while being unjustly suspected of something she shouldn't have to deal with thinking about people out there thinking about. Rather than avoiding linking the two (vaccines and autism) publicly, she's seeking validation (through social support maybe or possibly through challenges she expects to receive as demonstration of the "craziness" out there), seemingly. Doesn't she get enough at work, validation that is?

the dave

The truth hurts.....


I think the nurse who posted that unacceptable comment is either a complete a$$hole, or a sociopath. Not sure which.

What kind of nurse posts the kind of mindblowingly insensitive crap this one at University Hospital did? Really. Inquiring minds want to know. If she is not a caring nurse, perhaps it is not the right career choice for her.

Donna L.

Thank you, Megan (and Kim) for getting this story out there. Young parents everywhere need to know that if they blindly follow the advice of medical personnel and have their children vaccinated into autism, seizures, and even death, this is the thanks they will receive.
To think that I had my son's entire life destroyed by nurses just like this one makes me want to throw up.


A lot of medical "professionals" seem unethical these days.
At the small town clinic where my elderly parents go, (my mother is 75, my father is 80), the doctor just gets the flu shot ready, has it laying there when his patients come in and casually TELLS them they are getting it. He doesn't even ask, let alone give informed consent. He has a lot of elderly patients in his practice and this is what he does to all of them. I had warned my mother about the flu shot so she didn't want it and she told the doctor she wasn't going to get it, so he brought out another vaccine, told her it was for pneumonia, and gave her that one instead. He must be getting kickbacks for every vaccine he gives.

David Weiner

This nurse does not need sensitivity training. She needs a new career.


I live in cleveland. Just called the UH Ombudsmen to voice my shock and disgust with this nurse. The phone number is 216-844-7502. This nurse is truly slime.

Shelley Tzorfas

The Link that The University Hospitals should say is...The University Hospitals disagrees with all links showing that kids develop Brain Encephalitis also known as Autism and all parents WHO claim that their children developed Paralysis, stopped breathing, lost speech, began vomiting, developed intermittent constipation diarrhea, Gastro Esophagitis Reflux disease, developed fevers of 105 or more, died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome before age 1, died of Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome after age 1, developed Seizures, cancers, Autism, or just died suddenly. ...The University Hospitals disagrees with most parents. We have University and Pharmaceutical PAID science on our side; Parents ONLY have Sick and Dead children!

Angus Fiiles

Megan you make it worth while.If by seeing the ones you have seen damaged killed by vaccines if getting our stories out helps one family not to vaccinate it seems good has been done and all is not in vain. Thank you.

Phama for Prison


Jeannette Bishop

(Somewhat OT but) Your the picture with this post reminded me there is something I've been meaning to look into further (possibly old news to everyone else here) regarding somewhat recent CDC practices:


Substitute any other disorder into that nurse's phrase and the cruelty reserved for autism becomes more evident.
"Nearly 1 Alzheimer's a minute!"
"Nearly 1 cancer a minute!"

That nurse is part of a sick culture, blind to her microaggression -- an often-used term nowadays that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as "a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority)."

I see parallels from the 1993 book “Transforming a Rape Culture,” a collection of essays on sex and violence in America. That nurse used shaming and intimidation in her attempt to ridicule vaccine/autism causality and retain dogmatic dominance.

The nurse is defensively protecting a flawed social system that operates to her benefit professionally and financially, rather than question her entrenched beliefs or show empathy toward the vulnerable. Bad qualities for anyone, much less a professional caregiver.


Stuff that for a care plan game plan ! and they wonder why public trust, confidence and respect for Health and Social Care Professionals is haemorrhaging and I really mean haemorrhaging "Totally gone for a burton sideways " Self licking lolipop awards for being organisational stoogies heading their way .
Vaccination fanatics galore "trip the light fantastic " professional standards sitting around one cm .above floor level .temple zealots of vaccine idols promoting toxic sludge, putty pathetic . What an embarrassment . scientific risk assessments that could not withstand a slap round the back of their own professional standards either, just like Paulo Nutini . youtube Pencil full of lead .Just fab .

Tracey RN

Interesting... I posted a picture of myself with my mask on during flu season and I had written across it " Not sick just refused the stick" Apparently we have someone in corporate all he does is watch employees social media sights and then goes after them.
As a nurse I'm appalled at the calluseness of this nurse. We go into nursing because we care and want to heal.. I wonder if she was paid for each flu vaccine given...
Last year I had ONE patient refuse my care because I refused the flu shot! I voiced my opinion loud and clear in front of a Doctor and a dad in the Newborn Nursery. I stated"Why do People think the UN-Vaccinated are sick when quite frankly we are the healthiest "!!!!
Hats off to Megan for voicing her concern and better yet getting it on the news.... We will win this battle....

Jeannette Bishop

Well, if she happened to be vaccinating only healthy adults, then she might have prevented 4 or 5 cases of flu, if the vaccine was a pretty good match for the year, on one hand (not so much if she was vaccinating a diverse group), while possibly causing an increased risk of other types of infections in whatever group she vaccinated and an increased risk for flu the next year. And it's pretty clear informed consent didn't happen for 460 people in 8 hours, unless someone else was covering that part of the job.

I wonder if the hospital will sensitively follow up with all the vaccinated to see if there ARE post vaccine adverse events to be reported to VAERS and informed them of the NVICP in case any of them suspect they were injured by the vaccine.


Yeah, All that I have been through, all that I have observed, all that I know-and the most collective help I admit that I have received has been with the help of others on Age of Autism. On top of that I have science degrees and can read the science too.

And I have a nurse that tells me, that what I have done; is selective reading. I have just - just -- researched and read in areas that just proved what I wanted to to prove. Sigh.

jan fletcher

I'm with you Megan.

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