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Hugh Hefner's Biggest Sin Was Being "Anti-Vaccine?"

Note. Dr. Sheri Tenpenny has a sharp post on following the death of Hugh Hefner.  Check out this obnoxious Tweet from Ian Higham. Specialist in SWEDISH media - a laughable dose of irony given Sweden's sexy reputation.  Higham is a health freedom PRUDE. Hefner hosted a Generation Rescue fundraiser many years ago. And this is what Ian Higham thought to wrote about his death - that he was repulsive for supporting families facing the struggles of autism. Wow, talk about your naked ignorance.  Ian really ought to read a couple of articles. ;)


Hugh Hefner, the iconic, the controversial, owner of Playboy magazine, passed away at 91 years of age on Wednesday. Though Hefner’s occupation consistently placed him in an epicenter of moral controversy, his passing has largely been used as a time to celebrate his life. Some have called him an advocate of free speech.

Of course, others have pointed out his “moral depravity,” assuring us that Hefner’s polarizing being has not passed for everyone.

But beyond the obvious, some chose to dig up Hefner’s potential “anti-vaccine” position.

Back in 2008, Hefner attended a fundraiser for “Jenny McCarthy’s autism charity Generation Rescue.” And since that moment, the staunchly pro-vaccine brigades have classified him as an “anti-vaxxer.” And it seems that even in death, some feel the need to go on the attack.... read more at Vaxxter.



CIA Parker;
At this time in history we can no longer trust the healers of our society.
Can we trust that they will just give us a safe tetanus vaccine?
Did my husband have a DPT at his work place that he reacted to on the first go around? Or was it just as they called it a tetanus vaccine?
We will never know.

Did he have a DPT vaccine or just a tetanus vaccine the second time around? This is after we told them he reacted to an earlier one: We called it "Tetanus vaccine".

Surely, the second go around; they gave him just a tetanus vaccine. After all we did tell them that he had seized all night long from the earlier tetanus .

What did they know? Perhaps noting? I would like to know if they knew there was the DTP and then there was just the single tetanus vaccine.

If so, and my husband was just given as they called it just a tetanus vaccine and yet he still ended up having an acquired mitochondria disease (same as Hannah Poling) then perhaps the tetanus shot is not as benign as we wish it.

Did our now dead mail carrier receive a DPT or a tetanus vaccine or there two of them in the same day?

Rather careless don't you think of our healers to give him two.

The attitudes are dangerous, and I wonder how far up the ladder these attitudes go.
Past the nurses and the doctors to those spitting and peeing in the vials of vaccine cause they can't be sued, ya know.

cia parker


I agree that every vaccine causes inflammation. But I believe that in some cases it is still a good idea to get certain vaccines, such as the tetanus series. As always, it's a question of risks vs. benefits. If you look at the many millions of people who got the tetanus series before the vaccine and autism epidemics began around 1990, you'll see that very few had obvious vaccine reactions, and most lived healthy lives. In the '60s, when virtually all children got the DPT series, those who reacted usually did so to the pertussis component. I'm certainly not saying that just the tetanus vaccine would always be safe: it wouldn't be, but it usually was. In the '60s, almost no one had autism and relatively few had asthma or allergies. And virtually no one got tetanus or diphtheria, both horrifyingly cruel diseases with high mortality even with hospital treatment. In the '60s schools were filled with millions of healthy, attractive, well-behaved children who could speak, answer questions, read, write, socialize, and grow up to become normal, productive adults. Thirty per class, and we all sat quietly and did our work respectfully and quietly. No aides or paras anywhere for anyone: no one needed them. And almost all of them had gotten the DPT series with kindergarten booster and also the polio series of vaccines. And we all got natural measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox.

Tetanus was never a common disease, but it still caused hundreds of cases a year, and before the vaccine was introduced, it had about a 50% death rate, even with hospital care. Diphtheria was much more common, called the children's angel of death, it killed thousands of children a year, choked to death. We've discussed polio: it was sometimes fatal, but not usually, but it paralyzed thousands of children every year before the vaccine. Hib meningitis killed one in a thousand babies thirty years ago, before the vaccine. The vaccines for them were effective, and they virtually wiped out the diseases. It may be that many of the children had lingering inflammatory states from the vaccines, but most of them never showed any signs of it. And they didn't die of the diseases.

I wouldn't recommend any of the other vaccines, and not polio unless it came back, and not Hib for breastfed babies not in daycare. And I recognize that the Hib vaccine causes peanut allergy in one in fifty children, but fewer die of peanut allergies than died of Hib disease before the vaccine. Every parent MUST consider all aspects of this issue before making a decision. The only definitely bad decision is to get all the recommended vaccines just because a doctor tells them to, and it would also be definitely bad if the parents didn't take vaccine damage seriously. But once there were even three or four unvaxxed children who died of tetanus, diphtheria, Hib disease, or were crippled by polio, their stories publicized, then people would flock back to the doctor to get their children all the vaccines, and we would lose much of the ground we've taken.


Every vaccine out there does cause inflammation.

That includes that tetanus vaccine. Which my poor mail carrier told me he had two of in one day cause of an accident ,and his kidneys were never the same. He died last year - rather young of cancer. He did not get his little daughter raised up into a teenager.

Inflammation causes ischemia somewhere in the body, every time. If you are lucky just a small amount of inflammation and if you are unlucky - well .
Inflammation can cause strokes, for all I know - every time. .
Not all strokes are obvious.
I saw Polly Tommy interview of Jenny McCarthy yesterday on the Vaxxed bus.
Geesh I was not aware that Jenny's son's second seizure caused him to stop breathing and emergency responders had to work with him, forever to get him to breath. Jenny was out driving to Palm Springs when he started seizing that second time, she pulled over, and called 911.

Jenny McCarthy then turned around and asked Polly Tommy what did she learn with all these interviews of people on the Vaxxed bus.

Polly Tommy said that it was so much bigger than just autism.
Oh, yes it is, so much bigger.

Harrison Coulter told us 30 or so years ago it was so much more bigger.
I know that it was the typhoid vaccine that caused the demise of the Appalachian mountains.
And now once again a tragedy; this very day!
The worse mass shooting in American history is what I woke up to this morning.

Tucker Carlson on his TV show keeps asking what has happened that all these mass shooting have occurred? It use to not be this way and now it is just common.

He had on a woman tonight that quoted stats of how many were on psych drugs, problems with the drug epidemic and she said we need to find out what is going on behind all of it?

Yes, indeedy.

David Weiner

You're welcome.

I fleshed out this idea of opposing the government vaccine program in an article a couple years ago. I think you will find it to be of interest.

At the time, my primary goal was to persuade libertarians to give high priority to vaccine matters, but people with other political orientations should also be able to relate to what I wrote.

Tom Petrie

I just wrote to NBC to challenge their ridiculous coverage of the recent protests against SB 277 in California. Of course, they'll not publish my comments. But ANYTIME someone shows support for "Safe Vaccines," they're automatically put into the category of being "Anti-Vaccine"!

I am NOT anti-vaccine! IF a vaccine can be shown to NOT increase any of the following ten issues in the CURRENT SCHEDULE IN WHICH THEY'RE USED, I am PRO-VACCINE: Again, show me that NONE of the vaccines--together or in combination--increase the incidence of ANY of the items below, then go for it! Give my son any of the vaccines that have been PROVEN to be safe and just to prove you're being honest, accept ALL liability IF anything bad happens to my child should anything terrible happen. Besides, you trust your vaccines, don't you?

1, Some sore of chronic illness in children (54 percent)
2. Allergies (1 in 6)
3. Asthma (1 in 9)
4. ADHD (1 in 10)
5. Depression (1 in 12)
6. Learning Disability (1 in 13)
7. Autism (between 1 in 38 and 1 in 68; higher in boys v. girls)
8. Type I Diabetes (1 in 300)
9. Cancer (1 in 333)
10. Serious in ability to behave in class (varies from school district to school district)

cia parker

I would not criticize Hugh Hefner for Playboy. I would point out that it was playful, as opposed to the truly brutal pornographic magazines like Penthouse. As far as I know, no woman was compelled to pose for or otherwise engage with the magazine. Sort of like prostitution, which is legal in some areas now. Certainly not the way I would want to make a living, but I think it should be legal.

He had children who were at his bedside when he died. He must have had a fairly positive relationship with them. He contributed to Jenny McCarthy's campaign. He was not a monster.

And as horrendous as many practices in the vaccine industry are and have been for over a century, the tetanus vaccine, at least, works to prevent tetanus in the vast majority of cases. Virtually every American child got the series from the '40s on, and very few of them had either an obvious reaction or a condition like autism, until the vaccine epidemic started around 1990, with more vaccines added to the schedule. And close to none of them got tetanus. In WWI, many thousands of soldiers died of tetanus, but in WWII, in which all the soldiers had been given the vaccine, close to none of them did. At a certain point, you have to say, Well, while it doesn't have God's imprimatur, it is really not reasonable to wait until the day it does to get it. It has worked to almost eliminate tetanus among the vaccinated, a horrible disease with no specific treatment even in hospitals, and a fairly high death rate, like ten to twenty percent, even with excellent hospital care. Billions of people have gotten the vaccine with no apparent reaction, and no tetanus.

And I think parents should use similar reasoning to research every vaccine. I don't think many pass the test, but if polio came back here, I'd say parents should give serious thought to giving their child the series, which wiped out polio here in just a few years. Ditto if diphtheria came back here, although since the tetanus vaccine is only given together with the diphtheria vaccine here at this time, it's academic. And parents should learn about Hib disease and the Hib vaccine (after the age of four months old). Read Heather Fraser's The Peanut Allergy Epidemic. The vaccine DOES cause peanut allergy in one in fifty people in the US now. However, in the '80s, only thirty years ago, one in 200 babies got a serious case of Hib disease, and one in a thousand died of it. The pathogen is in the respiratory tract of nearly everyone. Most of us get subclinical immunity to it by adulthood. Probably if babies did NOT get any other vaccines than the ones mentioned (and DT not before the age of two years old), if they were breastfed and NOT in group care, they would be pretty safe from Hib disease. But the vaccine wiped out Hib disease within a few years of its introduction. It can cause many adverse reactions, including autism, but most babies get it without reaction and do not get Hib disease.

I'd recommend that parents refuse all the other vaccines. But they MUST be aware that diseases like Hib and tetanus are still possible and still extremely serious, often fatal. The vaccines would probably protect them from these diseases, and only getting one or two vaccines (I'm assuming polio isn't going to come back, but it might) would be pretty safe.

While the vaccine companies testing is dishonest and untrustworthy, should be better, it would not be possible to EVER prove that any medical product is absolutely always safe for everyone, because that could never be the case. Parents must consider both sides, then make their choice.

cherry Misra

@ David Weiner- Thankyou, That is an important distinction.

David Weiner

Which is not to say that the vaccines themselves should not be criticized, only that we should emphasize that it is a fatally flawed system which gives rise to these damaging products.

David Weiner

Laura, I like that.

I think that it is appropriate to criticize the government vaccine program, because it is the whole PROCESS that fosters such havoc.

When governments do a poor job of assessing vaccine safety and try to centrally plan health care (through their vaccine "schedules"), add in mandates and exemptions from liability, and then promote them 24/7, misrepresenting the risks and benefits of vaccines, then we have a recipe for disaster on our hands.

To me, it makes a lot more sense to emphasize this dysfunctional apparatus (which I refer to as the government vaccine program) than to criticize vaccines per se.

Laura Hayes

David Weiner...I agree!

My definition for "anti-vaccine" is:
informed intelligence and principled ethics.

David Weiner

How shameful, Hefner assisted an organization that helps kids who have autism. Such a monster!

Still, I think that we should not get defensive when someone uses the "anti-vaccine" label. I always identify my position as being opposed to the government vaccine program. It is that apparatus that is the engine of destruction. I feel very comfortable taking that position. Perhaps others are not, afraid to come off as "anti-government". Not me.

Laura Hayes

"Safer vaccines"...until someone spells out, and definitively proves, exactly how it will ever be safe to purposefully tamper with the immune system, whose intricacies we know so little about, by injecting heinous, toxic, and damaging ingredients made in heinous ways, using products manufactured by one of the most fraudulent and evil industries on earth, I hope that people will stop using this phrase.

And for the record, "safer" is not an acceptable benchmark...only "safe and without ability to cause harm" is sufficient. And even then, always voluntary, without any government interference, coercion, penalty, or cost.

"Safe vaccines" is an oxymoron, and "safer vaccines"' is not an acceptable standard...we must not sugarcoat those facts.


That is a very interesting article.
So much irony here that it is really just a mad, mad world. Do not question authority; they have ways of making the majority of people go along while making the rest that know; shunned.

You have a man that made his living on ; well he took a tainted business, and made it down right respectable?
Yet; Yet: (mad, mad world) when it came to some kind of what should be a open public subject like safer vaccines; he is down right tainted.

You know; I am beginning to understand that it is not just individuals hat have mental illness; but a whole society can becomes mental ill; starting with those in power.

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