Institutions of Learning Are Becoming Mental Illness Institutions
Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) or Autism?

Has the HHS Capped Reports on VAERS?

image from upload.wikimedia.orgBy John Stone

Earlier this year I happened to note in a letter (dated 26 May 2017) to British Medical Journal Rapid Responses that 599,972 reports had accumulated on US Vaccine Adverse Events System since it started back in 1990 and out of curiosity decided to see how it had advanced (using the Medalerts website  rather than the CDC’s) and found on 17 October 2017 that it had progressed to 607,223. On this basis I made the calculation that almost exactly 50 cases a day had been added in the interim. My first thought was that this was rather a lot, when actually it was rather a little. This would yield a rate of 18,250 cases a year whereas in the previous two years the rate had been close to 50,000 or around 130 reports a day.

I do not know whether the problem is that the database is just incomplete for later reports, but then you would have expected more cases to have accumulated from earlier in the year as well. It maybe if we look back in six months a further 80 cases per day will have accumulated for the period, or about 11,500 cases. What does not seem likely is that there was a dramatic spontaneous decline in case reporting.

Either way it is a daunting proposition. The database has in recent year been accumulating at more than 100 reports a day and as I pointed out back in May 2015  and as Del Bigtree pointed out in his new TV program last week because VAERS is a passive reporting system it may only represent 1% of cases.

Of course, health officials and web trolls will always point out that these are not confirmed cases, but the truth is that within the official system there are never any confirmed cases, even cases where awards have been made for damage. The fundamental flaw is that unless there is an independent system of active monitoring “they” will be left playing the game of hit and run – of automatic denial – till Kingdom Come. Meanwhile, we can assume that 130 cases a day is a very small percentage of the true figure. And not to have an independent active monitoring system - so long as we have a program, or even allow products to be marketed - is a fraud on the public.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Angus Files

This report says

Shockingly Higher Rates of Autism and Developmental Delays in Asia

"Japanese children have developmental delays 2x higher than the US. "

Would be good to know where she got the figures from.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

I see in this report which states the need to not tell the truth and for example it says as below.I think if they can do this on diagnosis they can do it to any cases that might be classed as adverse.

Autism Rates across the Developed World

And this matter of America’s real “number” is about to be further complicated in five years because Asperger’s Syndrome was removed from the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2013. This means that the more severe cases of Asperger’s were merged into the autism spectrum but less severely affected children may now go without an autism-related diagnosis entirely.

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John Stone

Hi Peg

It is basically an adverse events reporting system and in most cases it is only going to pick up harm if it is pretty immediate as opposed to emergent (which is what happens with so many infants).

The Japanese case was slightly different. It was identified that certain versions of MMR vaccine containing the Urabe mumps strain (but not Merck's MMR2) were giving rise to mumps meningitis: products were withdrawn in Canada, the UK and Japan. In the Japanese case as public faith collapsed it was replaced with measles and rubella vaccines administered separately. Although the Japanese experience was used to show that the MMR did not cause autism the data was misleading. The autism rate declined as MMR uptake dropped off, but then rose again with separate measles and rubella vaccines administered in close temporal proximity, plus soon afterwards the introduction of a Japanese Encephalitis vaccine containing mercury. But it wasn't replaced by the Merck version as in Canada and the UK, or by another Japanese product.

The problem, of course, with MMR2 is that it has little long term effectiveness which means boys can catch the disease when it is more hazardous to them - a rather delayed adverse event?

Margaret J. Jaeger

It's been awhile since I've kept up,with the collection of such stats from different sources on my own ...but...what I recall is that the CDC took their stats from school demands for special ed placements, physicians weren't obligated to report any cases of vaccine injury or suspected vaccine injury that resulted in a later diagnosis of Autism. Worse,,their stats were taken from numbers that were 2-3 years back, no current data.

It was also a report..I read...that there were some 2000 new cases for Each of the United States states....and the timing I'm not recalling accurately, was every...Month.? Year..? Surely neither...? That alone would amount to 50,000 per time frame. And I don't recall if it was said to be New cases or just the number of demands for special ed placements. (I lost my saved data when I changed online devices too so have no files to check).That, of course, doesn't take into account the territories.

It also,doesn't take into account the huge numbers of new Autism cases reported in foreign countries who had never had a case of Autism ... until after modern vaccines were introduced. They were baffled. Only Japan made the news because they moved on the first MMR vaccine casualties reports in their country. They found many cases of brain and neurological damage reported from it. So...they got busy and invented one for their selves and used only their own MMR. But I've never seen a follow up report on the results of their own MMR vaccine.

Curious that news media still seems to think ADD is either mis diagnosed or non existent but for sure...they report that Autism is...misdiagnosed as to cause and they don't report at all unless there's a chance to do more defaming of Dr. Wakefield with the skewed info they have issued over and over.

Only in such reports that come from 'alternative health care' do we hear of massive case amounts of brain damage caused by vaccines. More curious...and maybe the reason for the spates of murders or suspicious deaths of alternative physicians that have occurred since the Wakefield scathing. Grandma peg.


Angus; that is a great deal of money.


John Stone:
Yeah, but I missed it and I thank you for pointing it out to me.

Angus Files

The Panama Papers affair in which the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia journalist was blown to bits in her car on Monday is well worth following ...all our Pharma friends in sheeps clothing`s companies are mentioned...also Kilary and uranium 1.

Oxfam's report, ‘Broken at the Top – How America’s dysfunctional tax system costs billions in corporate tax dodging,’ is available here.

Oxfam analysed the tax affairs of the 50 largest public companies in the US including: Alphabet (Google), American Express, American International Group (AIG), Amgen, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, Berkshire Hathaway, Boeing, Capital One Financial, Caterpillar, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Comcast, ConocoPhillips, CVS Health, Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobil, Ford Motor, General Electric, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, Honeywell International, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, Merck, MetLife, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Phillips 66, Procter & Gamble, Prudential Financial, Qualcomm, Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc., United Technologies, UnitedHealth Group, US Bancorp, Verizon Communications, Wal-Mart Stores, Walt Disney, and Wells Fargo.

Transparency International's conservative estimate of the amount spent on EU lobbying each year is €1.5 billion ($1.7 billion)

Pharma For Prison

John Stone

Hi Benedetta

I believe this will befound in one of Dan's old columns, not something I am reporting for the first time.


Patients First
Blog heading -The Life Cycle of the whistle-blower By Roger Kline Amended and shortened version to the whistleblowing commission .
Full study to read http/
the inside story
Research by Public concern at work
Whistleblowing The inside story .A Study of the experiences of 1,000 whistleblowers ,familiar no doubt to Dr Andrew Wakefield .
Get informed,get savvy ,get organised get co-ordinated and don't accept "THE ANGRY SMILE" from Professionals over vaccine risk injuries it is not acceptible neither is disparging families with vaccine injuries to deal with yon "Angry Smile is very passive aggressive" let it knock it's own his and hers lip gloss sideways and stand your ground with it .
Frankfurt School subversion techniques are easily spotted once you are familiar with them
predictibly pathethic as well forewarned and informed is helpful not for if you come up against definately when .


John Stone: Thanks for that tidbit. I often wondered if Dan had long before beat us all to that conclusion, and you finally told me that yes, he did have super powers of deduction..

I know about the phrase: "coming out of the closet", but it just might be akin to "neurodiveristy"

Thanks Angus. I notice that on down in your link it says that " the population aged 16 to 24, there were 3.3% identifying themselves as LGB, the largest percentage within any age group in 2015."

And John Stone: We all have wondered for a very long time "WHEN" and not IF VAERS would start cheating. It was not much of a system to begin with really. Kind of like the IAAC. It was just a Volunteer reporting but not by doctors, or nurses or medical professions - it was left to only the parents that are just barely awake, confused if they were awake, and if they just happened up on the very fact VAER even existed by a wild hare chance. .

Angus Files

I think as well we have all the figures and statistics in the world showing the carnage but the problem lies with the media not reporting it.

Pharma for Prison

Angus Files


I seen this link sorry I meant to post it earlier on Gays in the UK 1.7% of the population in 2015 which I thought was quite high then again I know 20 or so people with or without partners that are gay more women than men I dont know if thats a statistical trend or not- ill have a look.

Pharma for Prion


John Stone


With nations across the globe and particularly the US nation in health and neurological breakdown I wish it was a bigger problem than it is. Given the vast cultural and institution antagonism to recognising vaccine harm even when it is happening before your eyes it could easily be of that order. Slightly under half of the recorded cases are said to have recovered, but we don't know about the long term depredation of consequences which we are instructed not to recognise. Nations are being created by whatever means in which the dependent are going to be far too big a burden on the able.


There's one small point: You say that VAERS might be only reporting "1%" of cases....
Well, at over 600,000 cases, that's 1% of 60,000,000, which is about 20% of the U.S. population... I seriously doubt there are THAT many cases!....
Let's say VAERS collects 10%. That's more reasonable.
Either way, CDC = *COVER*-*UP*!....


How hypocritical of HHS to do so little to accurately document vaccine adverse reactions while doing so much to document people’s vaccination status.

State departments of health are pushing citizens to give their private medical information to a massive public info dump. For example, the Texas Immunization Registry ImmTrac2 “contains over 120 million immunization records and continues to rapidly grow with increased participation.”

Note the cutesy acronym “CAIR” for the California Immunization Registry, which also includes TB tests such as the Mantoux. Here’s how this vaccine registry handles the tricky issue of consent:
“CAIR is an 'opt out' registry, meaning that patient information will be shared with other authorized CAIR users unless the patient/parent specifically requests that it not be shared. If a patient declines to share, the Organization is still authorized to input the patient information into CAIR but must ‘lock’ the record.”

CAIR describes people’s choice to not vaccinate as “missed opportunities” — which sounds like product marketing jargon. But the most egregious missed opportunity to rectify is this: compel the CDC to stop ignoring vaccine adverse events, start studying them and prevent any more injuries. Which could start with a major shift in funding priorities, and the willingness to learn from the errors of oneself and others.


Great but chilling article John. Rupturing the silence of selectively sliced and spliced stats.
Misled by faulty evidence selling us a hope and a promise based on wishful thinking ,poor professional judgement ,crippled criteria by conjecture and suppurating supposition.
NHS Choises site Vaccine side effects states Side effects of unknown frequency. It is not possible to reliably estimate how frequently side effects occur. This is because information is recieved from people reporting side effects themselves,rather than controlled clinical trials ,
The Green Book -Immunisation against infectious disease GOV.UK
Chapter 8 Vaccine Safety and adverse events .
Chapter 9 Survelliance and monitoring for vaccine safety . states . It is a matter of clinical judgement whether a suspected ADR should be reported or not.
These will take into account an assessment of the balance of benifits of vaccination versus the risks.
Seriously fails a basic standards apprasial/evaluation of S,M,A,R,T eg Goals, Aims and objective
[S] -Not specific ,significant "very sloppy" [M] Measurable meaningless "Stats mush"
[A] absent action not acceptable not achievable " utter systematic safety failure"
[R] urealistic from all assessment angles possible " Professional conduct not fit for purpose ?
[T] Time specific Their games a bogie so game over
Capping the ommissions has not been effective or efficient they cant plug it, won't work ,put a lid on it, too late, cover it up. too slow Vaccine risk assessment has been left like an unemptied bed pan that no one wants to go near be accountable or take responsibility for but the longer its left the more serious the omissions are !

Angus Files

Grace and John, I cant see if they include mental health but on page 37 they give statistics quite worrying infact which they seeem to give seperately.

The same old question as in Blackadder "This Guy Fawkes bloke, do we let him off, or wot",very worrying indeed.

Pharma for Prisson


Cynthia Cournoyer

In our culture, vaccines are commonly accepted, to the point of oppressing dissenters. It is socially acceptable to bully a non-vaccinator. It is socially acceptable to shun and punish an anti-vaxer. Tactics to shame the non-conformers are employed daily. One could argue that these pressures have discouraged people from making reports. But what is more likely is a manipulation of the data or a back-seat approach to "managing" the system. Ignore it, and maybe it will go away.

Jeannette Bishop

In Rising From the Dead, Dr. Humphries describes learning about VAERS from a "friend outside of medicine" in 2006. She had entered medical school in 1989. When she started recognizing that probable vaccine reactions were occurring, she started reporting them, and had colleagues who wanted her to do some reporting for them also. Then she got a chain of calls from the CDC including the Maine director who seemed only interested in making these reports about some change Dr. Humphries must have gone through.

"The fact was that in 2009, not one doctor in my midst, other than my partners whom I had informed, and the Maine CDC director, appeared to know that the VAERS reporting system existed and what it was."
"Even after I informed hospital doctors about VAERS, most refused to use the system." (p. 211-212)

Dr. Humphries also recalls prior probable vaccine reactions that weren't even considered by herself or her colleagues as vaccine related, nevermind not knowing there was a reporting system for such events.

Things could be slightly different in pediatrics, but I bet that there doctors are also often given signals that if they report one or two adverse events they've surely reported their career quota if not beyond because real adverse events are "1 in a million" and there seems to be something wrong with THEM if they continue. There may be a few in the CDC and probably other places proactively engaged in putting these signals out right now particularly?

As Del Bigtree explains, the CDC's attempt to fund an automated trial system found that the adverse event post vaccination reporting rate would be 10%, so it does seem globally that the industry filters potential reporting with a combination of ignorance, bias and active discouragement.

John Stone


While I am not saying it is not an interesting point a big confounder is that once there were great social pressures not to be homosexual and there are not any more.

I think it was also said by Dan somewhere - who was both gay and a liberal - that he was concerned nevertheless that the toxic burden was altering people's sexual biology.


AND I am not a bit surprised that VAERS has been capped. We all suspected that they would do such a thing.
At first they took our complaints and kept them safe, cause I called for many of a year to see if they could find our complaint. I was checking on them.

Now that we have the internet and can tell parents that have awakened or waking up they are getting too many complaints and of course they are going to cap it.


And by the way; I am a biologist trained; but I am also an observer on this planet as it circles and follows the sun as the sun makes is trip around the Milky Way.

I raise geese. Geese are a very sophisticated, social and complicated sexual bird.

Once upon a time I loaded up an incubator with eggs, and I should not have. I was far too busy with my life to watch that incubator's temperature like I should have. I lost all of the eggs except two.
The two that were left had to be helped out of the egg. They were covered with green slime - a product, I am sure of a bacteria infection. Bacteria is very sensitive to temperatures - some grow better than others at certain temperatures. These little goslings would not have made it either if I had not helped them a great deal; they laid lifeless for a long time. They were so sweet growing up and then they sexually bonded with each other - these ganders. These two ganders teamed up and became bullies of the barnyard, and after they managed to kill a female - a goose, I banished these two, to the pond far away from my other geese. These are not people, and I am just talking about geese that have a limited brain, but they were hatched that way, they were made by the environment.

Way back the estimate was that 10 percent of the human population was homosexual.
Way back the estimate of those that reacted to vaccines - 1985 from - the health department (when we still all used them to get our vaccines) Said a vaccine reaction happened 1 out of 11,000. Not one million. I know cause my kids had been having some reactions and I was not awake, but waking up.

At that time that very time they were saying 1 out of 11,000 -- the true stat there according to Barbara Fisher was 1 out of 300 , 1 out of 350.

Barbara Fisher with her limited resources was closer to the real truth than the health department (CDC) at that time, cause it can easily be seen in the rising tide of autism.


I pay my tax dollars to the likes of the HHS = CDC to keep up with "ANY" health issue especially if it involves even "SOFT" brain injuries, neurological damage and death.

That is their sole, only true purpose of existence.

Does anyone know what percentage of the population is homosexual and if that group is rising?
I don't think we know that either. Back in 1981 when they were all dying of AIDS, we knew that number cause they were ending up in the hospital.

I do wonder if they bothered to trace back to see if the AIDS patient or their partner had a Hep B vaccine.

Here is a couple of tidbits for me.
12 or so years ago when I was going to buy crappy individual health insurance, I decided to try to get a cholesterol test from the local health department. It cost me five dollars less than Wal Mart and the health department was in my local home town and Wal Mart is no at all local. . I was paying cash , for that simple test - plus I paid that five dollars back too in another way - cause they asked me all kinds of filthy sexual questions about my sexual preferences. Is this how the CDC tracks such stuff? A person randomly coming in for some small service from the Health department that their tax dollars pay for to begin with. I was made to feel - several times that I was not suppose to use the health department. It is for only the very poor and destitute. I am pretty sure they are not to be trusted. The CDC has taken control of our local health departments and just ruined them and made them dangerous places.

John Stone


I very much take your point. What does strike me, however, is that people struggling with physical or neurological disability insufficiently or inappropriately supported are going to wind up with what are defined as mental health issues.

One of the things which terrifies me at the moment - apart from the relentless expansion of the vaccine program - is the recruitment campaign to get people almost indiscriminately on SSRIs so when you hear about the extension of mental health services from students you worry. Almost anyone under stress - away from home, trying to keep up with study program, new social relationships etc. - could be snapped up.

John Stone


"So it could be a sinister global conspiracy or...can you think of any other possibility?"

I am simply documenting and commenting on policy, on unaccountability etc. If you have any sensible criticism could you possibly be more specific? To fall back on the parrot cry of "conspiracy theory" is lazy - you could claim that about any story reported in mainstream media. In the real world people plan things - they like to make money, they like to cover their backs when things go wrong etc. The original charge of "conspiracy theorist" was laid against people who linked things inappropriately and across great swathes of time, whereas I am just modestly reporting. I am showing exactly how the system systematically fails to recognise harm, in fact has no means for doing so.

Perhaps you could go back to writing polonaises and mazurkas...

Grace Green

John and Angus, I did wonder whether the statistic for "mental health" in Angus's quote included mental disability, presumably it did, as the information is about disability. They should separate the two out. No-
one would say someone with eg. Downs' Syndrome has a mental illness. Would they?
Thanks for identifying the building - I was wondering. It certainly looks sinister from that perspective!

Frederic Chopin

"...but the truth is that within the official system there are never any confirmed cases..."

So it could be a sinister global conspiracy or...can you think of any other possibility?

John Stone


Also, in terms of disability we need to look at the measurable rise in neurological conditions in children and young adults.

And many, many articles here by Anne Dachel including yesterday's.

Then one needs to look at the rise of chronic diseases in children:

No doubt, cancer rates too.

John Stone


That is perhaps another part of the problem - the long term monitoring of reactions. A simple example I have used before is LeBaron (2006). LeBaron (a CDC official) records that 6 in 100 toddlers receiving MMR got a temperature of 39.5C or greater, but monitoring did not go beyond 28 days. If they had looked at the sample a year or two years later they might very well have found something they didn't like, rather than just a temporary high fever (no doubt treated with Tylenol or Paracetamol as we call it in the UK).

I doubt whether VAERS even run in good faith is up to monitoring such a fundamental issue.

BTW the illustration in this and the earlier article is the CDC from behind the glassy front - all chimneys.

Angus Files

I think it is also under reported it doesn't correlate to the rise in disabilities as below.I had a friend who wanted to report an adverse reaction that her husband and herself had to the same flu vaccine given at the same time.She told the Dr who said he would register it -he never the next time she visited 8 weeks later.I said I would come round and register it online at her house which I did do.How many more like that the Drs deliberately NOT recording the adverse shame on them.


There are around 11.9 million disabled people in the UK. Almost 1 in 5 people (19%) in the UK have a disability; this figure has remained relatively constant over time (12.2 million in 2012/13).1
• The prevalence of disability rises with age: in 2012/13, 7% of children were disabled (0.9 million), compared to 16% of adults of working age (6.1 million), and 42% of adults over state pension age (5.1 million). There are more disabled women than men in the UK.2
• In 2014/15, the most common impairments that disabled people had were: mobility (57%), stamina/breathing/fatigue (38%), dexterity (28%) and mental health (16%). Some people had more than one impairment but were asked to identify which one had the most impact on daily life.3
• The distribution of disabled people is fairly evenly spread across the UK. The North East, Wales, the North West and East Midlands have the highest rates of disability, while London, the South East and the East of England have the lowest.4
• People from white ethnic groups are almost twice as likely as those from non-white ethnic groups to have a limiting long-standing illness or disability (20% compared with 11%).5
• Disabled people are less likely to be in employment. In January 2016, the UK employment rate among working age disabled people was 46.5% (4.1 million), compared to 84%% of non-disabled people. 6
• 44.3% of working age disabled people are economically inactive. This figure is nearly 4 times higher than for nondisabled people (11.5 %).7
• The 2 most commonly stated needs for employment among adults with impairments are modified hours or days or reduced work hours, and tax credits.8
• The 2 most common barriers to work amongst adults with impairments are a lack of job opportunities (43%) and difficulty with transport (29%). 9
• Disabled adults are nearly 3 times as likely as non-disabled adults to have no formal qualifications,

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


That too.

bob moffit

John writes:

"Meanwhile, we can assume that 130 cases a day is a very small percentage of the true figure. And not to have an independent active monitoring system - so long as we have a program, or even allow products to be marketed - is a fraud on the public."

I wholeheartedly agree .. my only suggestion would be to change the last words .. from .. "is a fraud on the public" .. to .. "is a crime against humanity".

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