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First Hockey, Now Lacrosse as Mumps "Sticks" Around

Mumps can't playThe NHL had an outbreak of the Mumps a few years ago that continues today. Now it seems mumps has sought another stick handling sport - lacrosse. Students at Syracuse are dealing with "isolation" (this used to be called quarantine) as this "vaccine preventable" disease seems to be scoring on an open net.  We wish all of the student well - mumps are no fun! 

Syracuse U Students Infected with Mumps




during which the unnatural "immunity" a vaccine provides eventually wanes


How does a scientist tell the difference between vaccine immunity that eventually wanes, and vaccine immunity that was never conferred in the first place?

bob moffit

Dr Richard Moskowitz's recent book .. "Vaccines .. A Reappraisal" .. offers clear and convincing argument that childhood vaccines interfere with a child's developing natural immune system .. an interruption that lasts a life-time .. during which the unnatural "immunity" a vaccine provides eventually wanes .. causing a long list of unintended consequences .. such as .. contracting mumps as a young adult rather than as a child. Unfortunately, mumps later in life is just ONE of many others the fully vaccinated child is at risk as an adult.

It would be interesting to learn how many of these unfortunate athlete's were vaccinated against mumps as children .. more importantly to learn if any of them had not been vaccinated?

THAT is a question that will NEVER be asked ..

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